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  1. I've found out that samples from a3 tools works. When I export p3d/fbx or other formats from blender it doesnt work : ( edit: Fix: I had my p3d on C drive, while A3 tools on D, I had to move files to D and they open fine. JESUS... :)
  2. Hello, I've just installed arma 3 tools from steam after like one year break from modding. I'm working on win 7, new PC - the problem is that I can't open p3d (my own, not binarized) - when I try to, I get error "unable to load file. error". Any idea what is wrong?
  3. riten

    Jetpack v1

    It doesn't matter, no need to give him more attention - not worth my time
  4. riten

    Jetpack v1

    Nope he just stolen it, DMCA sent. Thanks for information.
  5. Just add +0.5 height on respawn and it should be fine :)
  6. @up Problem is that maxspeed / acceleration values doesn't works at this point. Is there any other variable in cfg for speed?
  7. Are there any limitations for motorcycle class in A3? So far I can't change max speed, even if I set max speed 99999 and accelereation 99999 it still has max speed of 80 km/h. Also I can't setup sound, it works fine at pilot(driver) view, but outside it's just no sound.
  8. riten

    Close Quaters MOD Server - Alpha

    That's the problem, I need players :) I'd love to upgrade this game mode, but I'm waiting for some ppl who will actualy play it.
  9. CLOSE QUATERS PVP - ALPHA Server IP: Server skill: Veteran / no 3rd person Round time: 10 min Rounds per match: 10 Spectator mode for dead players *no mods required to join game I have just started working on new PvP game mode where your main task is to defuse bomb as Anti-Terrorists or kill everyone or defend bomb as Terrorist. You can destroy any wall as AT to get inside the main building. It is going to be mix of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, but more realistic since this is Arma so we can do more. It is Alpha - there aren't many features yet, but I'm waiting for any suggestions.
  10. Try verify game files on steam
  11. guidance, I have some questions ;) It's pretty hard to talk here with moderation so just add me steam if you can help: http://steamcommunity.com/id/riten/
  12. Main conception and shop is done. It will be sector control game mode with frontline pushing ;) More info soon. Still looking for someone who could help me with extDB3.
  13. riten

    Jets DLC Terrains

    I'd like to use some of these maps for my jets mod, but is there any chance to put there airport/airstrip textures? At least one map with it, would be great.
  14. Hi, As in topic, I'm looking for someone who could help me setup extDB3 for custom Jets mission/mod. I know MySQL, but have some troubles understanding extDB3.
  15. riten

    Jets dlc - AG MACER

    I have had same problems during my tests, macers seems to be pretty useless to be honest. I mean, I can understand BI conception, but in Arma enviroment.... It is easier to lock with gbu :)