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  1. I'd need some cool ppeffect 😄
  2. Added first weapon (defensive) -
  3. Beta has arrived.
  4. Added first preview video 🙂
  5. Hello, I've been away from Arma modding/playing for quite some time, but I started recently working on new mod for my crazy aviation steam collection - "Anti Gravity Craft". Motivation for this mod was video published by US Navy and Bob Lazar stories. I just thought that it's cool and we should have it in Arma for some sci-fi scenarios! If you like this idea, feel free to join discussion. I have already many ideas about how it should work, but I'll update this post as soon as I have more to show. More videos: Features (so far): Toggle between areodynamic and anti-gravity flight "physics", which means you can travel conventionally or do crazy maneuvers like typical "UFO". [defensive weapon] Auto gravity invertor Images: STEAM Workshop
  6. Hello, I'm wondering, is there any way of executing mission scripting commands via RCON on dedicated servers? For example lets say I want to remote send: hint "test" I can't really find out how to do this. I don't want to use any tools, need to understand this so I could build fun functions.
  7. I've found out that samples from a3 tools works. When I export p3d/fbx or other formats from blender it doesnt work : ( edit: Fix: I had my p3d on C drive, while A3 tools on D, I had to move files to D and they open fine. JESUS... :)
  8. Hello, I've just installed arma 3 tools from steam after like one year break from modding. I'm working on win 7, new PC - the problem is that I can't open p3d (my own, not binarized) - when I try to, I get error "unable to load file. error". Any idea what is wrong?
  9. riten

    Jetpack v1

    It doesn't matter, no need to give him more attention - not worth my time
  10. riten

    Jetpack v1

    Nope he just stolen it, DMCA sent. Thanks for information.
  11. Just add +0.5 height on respawn and it should be fine :)
  12. @up Problem is that maxspeed / acceleration values doesn't works at this point. Is there any other variable in cfg for speed?
  13. Are there any limitations for motorcycle class in A3? So far I can't change max speed, even if I set max speed 99999 and accelereation 99999 it still has max speed of 80 km/h. Also I can't setup sound, it works fine at pilot(driver) view, but outside it's just no sound.
  14. riten

    Close Quaters MOD Server - Alpha

    That's the problem, I need players :) I'd love to upgrade this game mode, but I'm waiting for some ppl who will actualy play it.
  15. CLOSE QUATERS PVP - ALPHA Server IP: Server skill: Veteran / no 3rd person Round time: 10 min Rounds per match: 10 Spectator mode for dead players *no mods required to join game I have just started working on new PvP game mode where your main task is to defuse bomb as Anti-Terrorists or kill everyone or defend bomb as Terrorist. You can destroy any wall as AT to get inside the main building. It is going to be mix of Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six, but more realistic since this is Arma so we can do more. It is Alpha - there aren't many features yet, but I'm waiting for any suggestions.