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  1. SpaceNavy


    Nice. I had the "Alien drone" part on my personal to-do list. Xenos have the same skeleton and are approximately the same size as humans so that wouldn't be a big deal. Making new animations for walking, running, crawling, etc would be the real challenge. Looking forward to new updates.
  2. SpaceNavy


    When this mod does get 'finished' or released, you should definitely include some source files so the rest of us can make more uniforms that are compatible with the new body size.
  3. SpaceNavy

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    Incredible. This will definitely go well with my current project.
  4. SpaceNavy

    Project OPFOR

    "Keep in mind with your requests we want to have full docummentation included and we will not react to messages like "PLIZ BRING UZ AMERICAN MILITIA" Oh man... Now I want American militia units. But keeway can you elaborate on what you want in terms of documentation for faction requests? You also mention that you want them on your forums, could we get a link to that? I have a few ideas for possible factions, but I just want to get them to you in the format you prefer. Factions I have in mind are: FARC (Colombian guerillas), Mexican Army (of course for the upcoming 2nd Mexican Wall War), Mexican Cartels, Iranians (which I believe you said were in progress), and the North Koreans. Of course I don't except all to be made; just some ideas to ponder. Also, if you are looking for any extra help I might be interested. Just PM me if you're interested.
  5. SpaceNavy

    A plea from someone with lazy, stubborn friends

    A lot of you talk to me as if I have no idea what modding is... I've already put my fair share of hours into my former mod. And you know what? It was on all the mod sharing platforms: Armaholic, PW6 and even Steam. Why? Because I want people to play my creation. Not to act like an entitled and mighter-than-you child saying "if you can't do this you don't deserve it". Also to clarify, I wanted to share some of these smaller mods with my friends. Friends who know how to install the mods too. But why go through the process if they don't even know if they want to use it? Especially if there are multiple mods. It makes it easier for everyone if you can just click a single button and not have to worry about anything else. I understand that some mods may be too complicated for this or the author may not agree with the Steam Workshop EULA. HELL I don't even care if you are certain developers with your own website who want to generate ad revenue from hits on your site! That is all completely fine and your decision, literally no one is forcing you to. I simply asked for people to take Steam Workshop into more consideration when trying to increase visibility for your mod (which I assumed modding was about, getting more people to play your hard worked creation instead of the few people you deem worthy to) for its ease of use.. Foxhound, I was honestly appalled by your extremely childish response to my criticism in the OP. I really thought you were above that. I guess not. Good luck to you and I hope you fix your server issues.
  6. SpaceNavy

    A plea from someone with lazy, stubborn friends

    Sorry, can you repeat that? Database connection failed. Never said anything about it being difficult for ME to install.
  7. People, please upload your mods to the Steam Workshop. Basically all limitations have been lifted now so there is very little reason for you not to. It is so much easier to convince your friends to test a mod out if all they have to do is click a button to install it rather than go through Armaholic's hit-and-miss servers and the initially difficult Arma mod installation process.
  8. Project is on hiatus until further notice due to personal and team issues. Follow pomigit's mod in the interim: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190840-Star-Wars-Imperial-Assault-Upcoming-Star-Wars-Mod
  9. Announcing the addition of Bugzee to the team! Bugzee will be doing mostly some organic modelling for us and is currently working on the Imperial Navy TIE fighter pilot as well as the AT-AT driver.
  10. In the first post under planned assets you'll find all the info you need. We are planning for 3 "simple" climate maps: Endor, Hoth and Tatooine and a more complex Dantooine map.
  11. Announcing "Freelancer" as the newest addition to the FHS team. He'll be modelling (and possibly texturing later) weapons for us. Current assignment is the A280 blaster rifle: http://www.studiocreations.com/howto/endorrebelsoldier/images/endor_hoth_rifle_comparison.jpg http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080425164951/starwars/images/b/b6/Hoth_trenches.jpg
  12. My favorite part was the Forward Unto Dawn suddenly changing designs while floating through space. You know, how it changed from this: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130912001345/halo/images/d/d5/H3_UNSC_FUD_HigherSide.png To this: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131214203835/halo/images/9/9b/H4-Concept-Charon-Frigate.jpg With no explanation. 343i is incompetent.
  13. Mcruppert is no longer working on that mod and is likely taking a break from kidding. I have talked to him though so I already know how to make the ATAT work like you see in the video.
  14. Yes, we have the sounds down pat. Support for JSRS? Sure.
  15. When we have something we want to show I'll share it.