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  1. Once I get home from class today, I'm gonna mess around with the map maker to mess around with it abit. If it goes well i might remake a large scale blood gulch. ---------- Post added at 18:32 ---------- Previous post was at 17:55 ---------- Just realized that my name is misspelled on the Dev team list Haha! Also, we should put the screenshots into dedicated albums to keep from cluttering the main post.
  2. That can work. I just want to make vehicle transport smooth but not silly like in the wasteland mod. ---------- Post added at 06:20 ---------- Previous post was at 06:18 ---------- Well, before i go to bed, I'll leave you with my favorite thing to work on. beep beep ;)
  3. Hopefully there is a way to transport vehicles and supplies with the elephant somehow. I'll leave that to the programmers.
  4. Right now I'm working on some vehicles and buildings. Ill try and keep everyone here updated on stuff that I'm working on. ---------- Post added at 05:38 ---------- Previous post was at 05:33 ---------- Did someone ask for an elephant? ;) http://i.gyazo.com/c407b5e7d770821617844cdd2d734270.png (183 kB) Or a watch tower? http://i.gyazo.com/37f02765e9db18260868ad8e17bf1009.png (105 kB)