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  1. Its dependent of your view of "enemies cant use it", theres more to the ArmA 3 combat than player vs AI. and even then static ai would still work. He also iirc said he was working on pathing for some areas for AI so technically AI should be able to walk around with it during combat and such. An underground terrain is actually a pretty big deal if you have been in the community long enough
  2. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    I havnt noticed it since, could just be a rare bug or just a glitch on my end
  3. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    What i've seen in my tests so far is strange AI behavior. Such as an AI who was dragging another one start healing them just to suddenly start rolling to the left with the body still attached to him for a good 10 seconds before he suddenly glitched back into the healing animation and finished reviving
  4. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    I feel the place this mod will shine the most is AI vs AI combat or Warlords
  5. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    I think it should depend on the injury, hand injury he should drop it and come back for it. any other have it get slung on his back so he can just pull it back out
  6. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    Okay as the reason i ask is because it could end up disorienting to some players suddenly falling down and/or having their gun fly out of their hand. While some may appreciate it it can potentially be very annoying to those who just want their AI to be more realistic. Another question is will the AI pick back up their guns?
  7. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    Will the player's use whenever that is added be optional?
  8. LykosMactire

    Tactical Panda Helmet

    Minecraft: Adds pandas in next update ArmA III modding community: Hold my beer
  9. LykosMactire

    Nassau 1715

    you "need" to add a weapon that is a jar as an easter egg to Pirates of the Caribbean (joking)
  10. LykosMactire

    LM_OPFOR, A Generic OPFOR faction pack

    Some new pics showing different mix-matches of the NEMESIS company's uniform
  11. LykosMactire

    LM_OPFOR, A Generic OPFOR faction pack

    Yes, at most it would require CBA, and thats only if i decide to add some weapons instead of using ones in the base game
  12. As seen in the LM channels in the A3 HUB discord WHAT IS LM_OPFOR? LM_OPFOR is a work in progress mod built around the theme of introducing OPFOR factions that give you the vibe looking at them that they are the enemy. Taking inspiration from COD MW2's Shadow Company and Russian Armed Forces. And will contain 3 factions, The Charon Organization, A generic western insurgent/criminal faction known as the Red Band, and a middle eastern themed insurgent faction yet to be named. The Charon Organization has 3 Sub-Factions and some lore behind them. This mod was started as my first project with my new computer after a electrical incident took out my old desktop WIP pics (Charon Organization) This mod at most would require only CBA to work Credits: @A3Hub discord for the support and feedback @MrSkellington for his CBRN defense units source @Avery/Nightmare515 for the assistance @AlexF1 for the uniform model @Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA II samples
  13. I agree. All that i know is its going to be a living hell doing CQB in this map with your suppression mod on
  14. LykosMactire

    RSO Buildings pack

    I would suggest maybe entrusting someone as a contributor for you mod and have them dedicated to flagging any reuploads so you can keep developing while a trusted individual handles the issue and (if persists) brings it up to BI on the A3 discord or forums
  15. Screw pathfinding, even standing still AI would be enough for me in this beautiful mess. Is there any news on the specs and map size? along with key points of interest