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  1. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1587285171 LM_CSAT Is the sister mod to TEC_CSAT by TheEvanCat LM_CSAT contains the Chinese and Korean branches of the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT). This is the ALPHA Build of the mod so expect some bugs and slight optimization issues. NOTICE: I suck at using a translator so sorry if any of the names seem wrong in their translations NOTICE #2: There is no key yet Credits: @BI for ArmA II samples and ArmA In general @Theevancat for the constant help @Avery/Nightmare515 for constant help @AlexF1 for the uniform model @The A3 HUB discord (Not to be confused with the official A3 discord) for the constant support Known Bugs To Do
  2. The flickering is a ArmA III issue itself, although more common on modded maps. Nearly got me banned from KOTH on malden once because in certain cases it can make players disappear and reappear. Its something with the processing and/or destroyed buildings
  3. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Not sure if this goes here or not, but RC build: Windsock ( windsock_01_f) does not work, the pole is there but the sock apparently got blown away or something
  4. Replacing vanilla items

    It cannot be done as that would require modifying the game itself. and the configworks that go into the game. In simplest terms, you have to have the mod active if you wanna use it, you cannot replace something vanilla without a mod
  5. any chance for stance adjustment based leans? like the sniper crouch (prone + Control-W) raising a bit above character more Disregard previous. However bug report: cannot Remote control units in zeus when using this mod
  6. Love the feeling of this. But here's some things i noticed in my short tests, some may fall under known catagories already -Cant change firemode in third person (Atleast when i tested it only did semi auto, even when i changed it in first person to full) -Zooming in with holding right click (not aiming down sights) forces you back into first person
  7. Changealbe magazine models for ArmA 3 weapons

    I dont know much about it myself but i have heard whispers among multiple modding communities im in that Proxymagazines could work for guns too. May want to ask around the reddit perhaps if nobody knows for sure here
  8. Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    iirc it was the other map and it was due to someone trying to re-release the buildings as theirs somewhere else.
  9. Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Just a heads up its against forum rules to ask about updates. Some people may see the thread active and get the wrong idea just to see its someone asking.
  10. LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    The final update to OPCAN has been released. THere are incomplete assets but none game breaking. But i will not be continuing development of OPCAN any further
  11. Welcome to Glasgow

    My only complaint is the apartment complexes at the corners, they will clip with the ones next to them and make it very... interesting for AI to spawn or path other than that this is amazing
  12. Man you are quickly becoming one of the "Greats" of map making. I wonder what other kinds of terrains we can see in the future from you
  13. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Wrong thread (requests), but what you are looking for is the OPTRE (OPERATION:TREBUCHET) mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=769440155
  14. you wouldnt see what we mean from your view distance. At longer View distances the trees and grass in the distance blend in too much due to the haze. It makes it very annoying for people who play on larger view distances, makes it look smokey