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  1. Its like Recolor on crack (in a good way)
  2. LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    Hotfix to prementioned update just pushed on OP
  3. LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    update on OP
  4. LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    Updated on OP
  5. LM Mods OPCAN2.0: OPTRE Reskin pack

    OPCAN Revival 1.0 build released, no vehicle reskins just yet
  6. (WIP) Ruha terrain

    My only suggestion would be more open buildings. Other than that it is very beautiful
  7. LM_AAF, A greenback overhaul

    Sorry for the lack of news on this recently. I'm currently waiting for the Tanks DLC samples to be released and working on other projects atm. but i'm still working on this
  8. Halo 3 Marine and Bravo-Kilos

    I can explain, as one of his constant annoyances on discord, that this was NOT an April fools joke. He's too determined to have time for something like april fools
  9. LM_AAF, A greenback overhaul

    If i were to add soft armored ground vehicles i would do the Humvee over the Land Rover. As the Hellenic Army actually uses them. Although i will take the Tatra truck into consideration as they are indeed used by the Hellenic army. I'm leaning more towards their origins inspiration wise for their design (The Hellenic Army) and patching up the rest with British vehicles. Other news i decided to make the M4A3 port specific to the AAF Specops which is still unnamed atm.
  10. LM_AAF, A greenback overhaul

    Thanks, I've considered expanding more to include perhaps a "Post-War" faction based on the ArmA 3 S_A_W campaign if you get the canon ending. and a UN faction spun off of that one.
  11. Taking a break from other mods i came to the Conclusion the AAF could really use a new coat of paint. Inspired by TEC_CSAT. the LM_AAF overhaul will include new weapons, Gear, and vehicles for the AAF to give them a fresh feel. This mod will NOT require other mods to use Plans/ Features. (* means not done yet) Gear: ArmA 2 PASGT/LWH port with goggles varaint ArmA 2 Coyote pack port* Uniforms in 3 AAF themed Lizard Variants Weapons: CR-4A3 Series rifles (M4A3 port from ArmA 2 OA) with CC-4A3 variant retextured Mk200 LMG * retextured Mk20 and Mk20C rifles * Vehicles: Spartan AH1 (AH-64D port from ArmA 2) APC-113 chelóna (M113 port from ArmA 2)* Reskins of current AAF vehicles* Units: (gear is in for most part just not all of it) Altisian Armed Forces Army (AAF-A)* Altisian Armed Forces Air Force (AAF-AF) Altisian Armed Forces Airborne (AAF-AB)* Altisian Armed Forges Guard corps (AAF-G)* yet to be named Altisian Armed Forces SF group * Republic of Altis and Stratis Army (RoAS-A) (Based on the canon ending to ArmA 3's main campaign, BLUFOR)* Republic of Altis and Stratis United Nations contingent (RoAS-UN)* Generic pictures AAF Airborne Post-East Wind AAF (RoAS-A and RoAS-UN) Credits: Camo @ Facepunch camouflage thread V2, i cant remember the original author of the pattern i modified but credit is to them BI @ ArmA 2 Samples PolyG @ assistance with the project (Will be helping with vehicles)
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Dont have much info on the turret but it is real and is a 120mm
  13. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Really digging what this update brings, however one major issue in my books, something so easily fixed.... There is no Tanoan skins for the Hunter and the HEMTT...
  14. LM UNited Rebirth

    Due to unexpected computer errors, all data i had was lost. all assets for this mod was lost and are unrecoverable. i do not know if i will revive this mod or not.
  15. Laws of War DLC Assets

    Is there any plan to add samples for the Basic helmet, i had some plans for it but never could act upon them due to LOW still being EBO encrypted