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  1. LykosMactire

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Judging by the sunset it appears more like the Livonian Lighting from contact
  2. LykosMactire

    [1RA] Ramadi City Terrain (Iraq)

    Except it wont fit the setting at all or the scale of a middle eastern city. I think RSO is the best bet in this case
  3. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    Have you considered adding an alternative way for the AI to move wounded, like carrying them on their backs? Adding some variety would be nice
  4. Any chance we can get the Patrol waypoint moved to the free content section? I dont see any point to a waypoint being only usable when the DLC is loaded, when the animations the Patrol waypoint uses are part of the free platform update.
  5. Not sure if anyone said this but please if possible find a fix for the wheat view distance, it really ruins stealth if the enemy can see you crawling from 30 m away when in all reality you should be covered from everything view wise but overhead
  6. LykosMactire

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Can we please get the ability to use the Promet carryhandle attachment on the other weapons, even trying to code it to appear on another weapon doenst work
  7. LykosMactire

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    will the promet's carryhandle work like any other optic (ie. being able to be placed on other weapons)
  8. LykosMactire

    KOTH spawnpoints to close

    KOTH isnt a mod. its a mission file on a server, thus needs to be taken up with the people running the server, not on the BIForums mod section
  9. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    Is it possible to make it so that if you dont have a FAK you can use the one on the unit thats down if they have one? And if you dont, the ability to stabilize them until a medic gets to them
  10. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    I can second this, ive seen it quite often. AI wont do anything after loosing their gun or rolling back over and just sit there like this unable to be interacted with
  11. LykosMactire

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Take your time man, Its just good to hear there is at least some breath in this beautiful project. If you ever need moral support or troubleshooting support the community is very supportive!
  12. LykosMactire

    Lykos Mods OPFOR pack (LM_OPFOR)

    Yea, my goal was as little dependencies as possible. While still adding in content that made the faction unique. Im waiting on a friend who is porting some vehicles for me but i have no ETA on when a vehicle update will drop
  13. LykosMactire

    Lykos Mods OPFOR pack (LM_OPFOR)

    A hotfix was just pushed for the helmets RVMat issues. had paths from another folder in the model for some reason
  14. LM OPFOR Screenshots::: LM_OPFOR is a pack based on the goal of creating the "generic" OPFOR guys that you would be able to tell from their appearance were the "Bad Guys". the primary faction of the mod, NEMESIS company is the only faction as of the moment. And has a backstory to go along with them. NEMESIS company started out as a european private security firm known as Charon Serives back in the 1990s. During the early 2000's they moved their headquarters from Greece to Africa originally with the intent to give the pirates and warlords they had been fighting the proverbial "Middle finger". However it didnt take long before the money began to seep in and they became corrupt. Vanishing off the face of the earth in 2013. By 2018 they had expanded and taken over all of the warlords, cartels, and pirates in the region which led to the "Scar sunday Massacare" In which a UN team from france responding to severe flooding in the region were ambushed and killed by a force dubbing themselves NEMESIS company. A US citizen whom is in protective custody had stumbled upon the bodies and found a still functioning dashcam off a destroyed civilian vehicle the UN forces were inspecting. NATO forces continue to monitor them as of 2035, in which their influence has spread to eastern europe, the middle east, and south america. !!! At the moment this mod is only infantry and groups and gear, no vehicles yet !!! Credits @Bohemia Interactive- ArmA 3, ArnA 2 resource models @Avery/Nightmare515-Assistance and texture help @Mr Skellington-Gas mask @Zenger-Uniforms @A3 Hub Discord-Support @TheEvanCat - Comedic Relief while modding (aka help) @CG ARTStudio - M92 Helmet model and texture base Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1700243807 For more information and to find other projects in the work, along with projects from many other modders in the A3 community check the A3 Hub discord (Not the A3 Official discord) : https://discord.gg/dyXnZ8u Known Bugs:
  15. LykosMactire

    OPXL - American Building Pack

    He said they arnt released, as in the mod is not out yet. @opteryx , Looks great!