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  1. LykosMactire

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    Have you considered something like old, run down embassies? Would add a interesting point of interest in the city for people to attack/defend
  2. I feel you on this. Map makers are the worst affected by the careless, childish behaviors of the lifemod communities. A mere shadow of how Life servers were before the rips. But your work has always given me some of the greatest visuals i have seen in Arma and your work has always been top notch. Keep up the good work in whatever lane you go down!
  3. Really like how it is turning out! i feel like i can make some great screenshots here with the MARAR faction from the Atlas addon for the Aegis mod.
  4. LykosMactire

    Project injury reaction

    Is there any plans to make it so people can toggle the turning animations and the dynamic idle animations so players don't do them. I have been using this mod for a long time but ever since those features were added in I felt it has been messing with the flow to me. With AI i am fine with the idles but it gets kind of clunky in first person and any slight movement tends to mess with it more. And the turning animations, while nice, just don't work for my tastes of the flow of the game. I know others might like it hence why I am asking if there are plans for a toggle.
  5. LykosMactire

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    How is the framerate looking so far?
  6. LykosMactire

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    Man I cant wait to charge through this in a warhound class titan purging heretics- i mean what?
  7. LykosMactire

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    Just a suggestion, as it is something i see in some Scifi megacities or megacities in general is a park area. If not that is fine, just think it would be cool for a "Capital park" or something like that
  8. LykosMactire

    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    I have a strange feeling i will be seeing a lot of 40k themed missions with this also. It is a really interesting idea and cant wait to see it!
  9. LykosMactire


    next thing you know you are going to be making wildlife mods like the sharks. Or that one arma 2 mod with the aligators. Though everything looks great so far keep up the work!
  10. LykosMactire

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Ive had them drop torpedoes rarely. But i will tell you here the most horrifying sight is when you are anything ground based on a shoreline and these ships open up on you
  11. LykosMactire


    Had an interesting idea for makeshift weapon attachments. A civilian FLIR system (using thermal mode 7 for the full spectrum thermal) that is essentially taped to a mount to be a makeshift thermal sight to spot the phantoms
  12. LykosMactire


    Will there be factions like Ravage had? it would be interesting seeing some ai desperately fighting the phantoms
  13. Is the A2 Animation pack needed to play this mod or is it optional? As personally i would prefer to stick with the A3 animations when i play
  14. So me and a few friends have been wanting to run the Contact DLC on our server so we can play the Invaders mod. Command line and mods all appear to be correct but when we try joining we get an error that says something along the lines of "Vehicle class inv_spawner no longer exists". If anyone would be able to help that would be appreciated
  15. LykosMactire

    Dark Zone Terrain WIP

    Map is great so far. Though some bugs and stuff to point out for you to check up on in future updates: -in the NW section of the map, theres a large grey building covering the road -in the mid southern part of the map in the park area theres trees on the walkways and roads -And this one heres a bit more of a personal suggestion, Any chance you can remove the CH-47's just littering the helipads on the map? they kind of contrast quite a bit with the setting if you arnt using the fog