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  1. Due to lack of time, this mod is no longer being developed by me or any of the previous developers. Here is the new team behind ADF.
  2. Thank you for taking over the mod and good luck from all of Day0.
  3. If anyone has any bugs related to ADFUncut please contact me ASAP.
  4. G'day everyone, As most of you know the development of ADF Uncut seized in productivity due to a lack of content creators. I have been talking to some people that want to start contributing to the mod which will hopefully kick start it back into gear. I'm writing this message to inform others that we are still looking for content creators that are keen to help out. If you are interested please PM me or find me on Day0's TeamSpeak @ TS.day0.com.au for a chat. Regards, Raid
  5. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Raid

    Cheytac M200

    That UAV would be really simple. ^_^
  7. Raid

    Cheytac M200

    If you planned to do such a thing you can do what's called an optional config. It's a second config that when run, will override the original.
  8. Raid

    Cheytac M200

    Looking great, hit me up if you need any help with it.
  9. Someone didn't read the main post :D http://www.day0.com.au/forum/trouble-shooting/2708-bug-reports
  10. It would seem something has gone wrong with your version, have a look inside the Addons folder and see if there are still the other weapon .pbo's. Otherwise I suggest re-downloading. Sorry mate.
  11. That is the plan, however it will be updated quite a bit.
  12. I love how you always one up me. :P However I always love to read what you have to say.
  13. Raid

    Wheel/Animation Help

    *I was wrong*
  14. I probably wouldn't go above 1k Tri's on a piece of furniture, in all honesty it is small and kinda irrelevant in Arma, hence making it as low poly as possible. For example, a helmet would be about 2k Tri.