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    Love insurgency gamemodes, Love BF3, Love huskys :) BMX is my side sport aside from football & MMA
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    Love aviation, love to fly and train on advanced flight model. Currently setting up a new decked out helicopter/pilot feeling computer setup. Hit me up on Steam if you want helicopter lessons or just want to chill and play: KI11ERSHARK18
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  1. Hello guys, MrHuachuca here with another small script. As you may know a few hours ago I released a script called Mobile HQ Script which allowed the use of Mobile HQ's in the battlefield. Before I go to bed, I thought I would whip up a small script to help out more of the MILSIM community of Arma 3. This script (NoMineMarker Script or The NMM Script), allows you to disable mine markers that appear on your screen and on your map. Very annoying and I take it a lot as a little cheat. This script works very simple and gets all the markers on the map, finds all the ones within an certain radius of a player seeing and those mines that have a prefix of bis_fnc_minedrawf, and intializes an delete to that marker before an player can see it happen. Note, there is some moving parts to this but you make think, LAG, FPS? This script will not affect any FPS or LAG, I tested after 1 hour of FPS monitoring and LAG Monitoring. ================================================== ================================================== ======== To intiate the script inside your mission, place the noMineMarker.sqf file inside your mission root folder. In the init file, copy and paste or type out: ============================================= nul = [] execVM "noMineMarker.sqf"; ===================================== Note: Before anyone says, Yes I know simpily turn on Veteran Mode and you won't see the mine markers. My only concern about that however is those who want to disable mine markers but at the same time go all out with veteran mode. Now you may be asking, How is this different from other No Mine Marker scripts out there? Well, this script firstly shows the IED and doesent disable it and only deletes the marker. This IED as well still allows you to call out Mine Markers for A.I. For instance if you are within 5 meters - 10 meters of an IED and you are looking straight at it, your Rifleman will radio in there's a IED Detected and all soldiers in your squad will change to Aware and they will go around the IED or pull security. With regular No Mine Marker scripts it will not spot the IED even within 1 meter, and the Soldiers/AI will not know what to do. README.TXT Preview User Agreement Known Bugs Sample Mission can be simpily placed in your MPMISSIONS or MISSIONS folder. The sample mission in inside the download folder and is named: MineMarker%20Sample%20Mission.Stratis. Don't forget to go check out the Mods Complete section tomorrow. I am releasing an Objects mod for realism units tomorrow night. Without total spoilers the mod will include special structures including Arma 2 Structures imported as well as special and custom structures. No.... plants, rocks, and the actual Arma 2 Maps arent included. This mod is being released to help those who like to do template building yet don't like to download a large folder to get some GB's of supplies.
  2. MrHuachuca

    Mobile HQ Script

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it. Let me know if you see any bugs.
  3. Hello guys! MrHuachuca here. For now I've "taken a break" from modding and went to scripting! A lot more easier then I thought it would be. Lots of research though! Quickly let me introduce myself for those new scripters I can meet. I'm Tristen, 15, Fort Huachuca Army Base. I currently play lots of Arma 3 and love to game and ride dirt bikes. I just began Java Programming, Computer Science, and Gaming Scripting classes in High School. In 2014 in 7th grade I got rewarded #1 Scripter of my grade out of my whole school. The script that won it all was a basic counter that I now use today which helps and detects problems with .sqs files, .sqm files, .txt files, .sqf files, and .ext files. Now to introduce my first script. It's a very basic script that allows you to teleport to a mobile HQ from your Base's HQ. The mobile HQ can be transported around and if you ever wanted to useful for an F.O.B building scenario as you can simpily add any SATCOM, R3F Factory, etc script to the Mobile HQ. The mobile HQ ( I ) reccommend to be set to a HEMMT but it can be set to any vehicle you want even an Jet! (though you wont be able to TPA to the jet unless it was empty). Read below for more information. Sample Mission can be simpily placed in your MPMISSIONS or MISSIONS folder. The sample mission in inside the download folder and is named: MobileHQ%20Script%20Sample.Altis. Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!RwsVBAjT!BDFT-G-pn5PRpEjBEkeUJtinum6WXhWqsxlE258z4cY Readme.txt file preview. User Agreement Please note what I said in the User Agreement. Please credit me for any scripts you add into your server. No I don't mean make a giant marker in your mission saying "This script was made by this person" I mean if someone ask's you what the script is called please don't say "I made this script". I took some effort into learning scripting and finally I came to the conclusion of this nice little script :) If you guys have any questions or concerns or suggestions please let me know! Note, stay tuned for more scripts as I'm currently finishing up a checkpoint script that allows you to seize drugs, interogate civilians, check for bombs, and more. Known Bugs Future Plans for this script (will be released this weekend possibly)
  4. You can use the Simple Earplugs Script and that will reduce the sound, however near a helicopter in real life the rotor wash will completely hurt your ears. Also if your not quite looking for a script, install the ACE3 or AGM mod which add the abilitie to carry and put in ear plugs and that will reduce the sound a bunch, but watch out they run out and it catches you when you are a near a helicopter. All in all TFAR as well will help communicating with other players near loud places. I always love to play Arma 3 with full sound! ;)
  5. MrHuachuca

    Weapon Damage too low?

    Yes, take off the armor. There is no way to change the weapon level and how much damage it does. Now with AI, you can set them to general and fully skilled. That will kill them faster, but also note that bullets land on their weapons it might seem that they are bullet proof especially can happen when you are taking them head on since there is a greater chance of collision.
  6. MrHuachuca

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    That's awesome I can't wait. Also read on the next update confirmed ejection seats, yay! Can't wait as well for the cockpit lighting. Thanks for the response. Also noticed here on the wiki page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/USAF_Mod that you removed plans for the B-52 as well as the F-15. Currently messing around with Arma Tools and getting into a project of a F-15. If you would like I will PM the model aircraft to you guys for download and you guy's can use It, spruce it up, add afterburners. Well already scripted in afterburners and hopefully attempting to add a little camera in the aircraft nose where like the UAV arma 3 camera you can view it from the jet for long rage/high altitude bomb drops.
  7. MrHuachuca

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Yay! I was gone for only a few weeks and so many awesome mods came out including this one! So excited to see the E-3 Sentry in game. Few questions.... Does the E-3 AWACS Sentry Plane do anything like detect people on the map? Are you thinking of continuing this project? I heard from some sources you were not going to continue this project anymore
  8. MrHuachuca

    A3 PMC Reborn

    Yes I was thinking about that and currently in the state of leaving the thread be, as in 1 or 2 weeks will start to be the releases, updates, tons of WIP pictures, etc. The state im in right now and attempting to learn what's wrong is my vehicles is unfortuanetly setting back on a more earlier release date. Also, thanks about that spelling check! lol. Edited.
  9. MrHuachuca

    A3 PMC Reborn

    It's all good man! I understand completey.
  10. MrHuachuca

    A3 PMC Reborn

    In Arma 3 Tools, they do allow you to edit only the sample files, however you are not allowed to edit non sample files. Which would be things like the Pawnee, or the Hunter, etc. Mod Pack delayed this weekend. Currently testing out the vehicle platforms and having a ton of errors and it's being sorta a pain now due to so much proxys inside with the vehicles. In that case, the mod pack will not come out this week but next weekend.
  11. MrHuachuca

    A3 PMC Reborn

    Yes the two models are source files/samples. However the other files are built from ground up. Not imports. (only the vehicles are imports with little work done to them to make them compatiable. I do plan on however to increase model and sound for the vehicles eventually when's it's actually released)
  12. MrHuachuca

    A3 PMC Reborn

    I decided to tamper around and mess with a few existing arma 3 models. Soon retexturing however the hunter to make a white "PMC" version of it. Arma 2 PMC suv however car wise is still being worked on. Created the A-143 Buzzard with only the bombs. PMC armies after doing large amounts of research, do however use jets.. BUT! There is only one PMC company out there that messes with Jets, which all it does have is bombs on it. Most however of attack jet, cas jet, and attack helicopters are mostly called in support with the pakistani/ana or US aviation men and women. I would add ANA and US jets and stuff however that would sort of get out the topic "PMC Reborn". I picked the buzzard for one reason, foreign jet. It seems that most PMC jets are foreign. I mean really I'm not going to add a PMC A10 lol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9pedzx5cbcdce3/jetremake.PNG?dl=0 Then i also added with messing around with vests added a basic belt buckel for "Off duty" PMC's and military personnel when they are sitting ducks at a firebase. However I do not plan on making really a large arsenal of vests in this mod pack due to huge carrier rigs bohemia added in marksman as well as the basic vests in Arma 3 are very similiar to the vest PMC's use over seas. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sh35obsxsb9t7gj/pmcvest.PNG?dl=0
  13. A3 PMC Reborn Mod Pack By MrHuachuca (please remember this addon is still a WIP, I expect to release this mod anywhere from this weekend (4/18/2015, to next weekend (4/25/2015) I'd like to get at least several weapons done and 1 vehicle done! To release it and do further updates! More and More updates will come along the way! I've put a lot of work into this mod and plan on updating it a lot and continueing the exciment! Hello everyone and thank you for visiting! This is my second released mod. This mod is complete but I will still be doing small and big updates in the future. This mod is PMC Reborn. PMC Reborn adds in a large arsenal of fighting equipment that the PMC/Contractors in real life use over seas. Adds in things like new weapons, vehicles, and more! As said, this mod is completed but I will be updating it more and more. I personally took a lot of time on this mod to create what it is and proud of it. So why not make it better? Want to stay tuned up on the updates? Vist the changelog or "To Do List/Buildlog" in the @mh_PMC folder. There are currently no requirments as well. I did not contain zargabad or proving grounds for certain reasons. (AIA TP, is a bit big and didn't want to make that a requirment) Features: +Lots of new vehicles! +HD Textured units, vehicles, and more from Arma 2 and Arma 2:OA +New weapons and attachments +Adds in PMC Gear +Fully Playable Campaign, Multiplayer Gamemode, SinglePlayer shooting range, and a testing template! +Supports Multiple Languages such as Korean, Spanish, French, Sweden, and more! Bad grammar?! Sorry I'm english ;) Let me know if I screwed up on a word! "To Do" List: Add back PMC Dirtbike ----------------------------------- Add back ANA MI-7 Helicopter supporter ------------------------------------ Create PMC Pirate Flag ------------------------------------ Texture M14 and Add ------------------------------------ Finishing creating the civilian PMC AR15 ------------------------------------ Re-edit and fix all broken vehicles and fix gun sounds - WIP USAGE Units are available in the Editor under Units and Vehicles > Blufor > Air, Infantry, Cars, or planes. Groups > Blufor > Infantry If you have any suggestions of more vehicles, weapons, ANYTHING! Please let me know! *Please do not ask for me to add in Proving Grounds and Zargabad. I don't want downloaders to go through the hassle of having AIA TP as a downloading requirment* More info below Screenshots and Videos (because I've been so busy lately I will have screenshots of development tonight! Pictures will mostly just have the main things I have done such as AA12, Retextured Vehicles, Blackhawk, etc. I do plan on however releasing a video of one campaign mission around mid next week! I have AIMS/AzMerit big testing yearly and of course, it's this week (untill, 4/17/2015) Changelog User Agreement and Credits Known Issues Installation: ((NOT RELEASED YET; COMING SOON)) Credit and Thanks: Bohemia Interactive for standalone creating the model. I only did the retexturing, importing, and minor editing! :) Bohemia Interactive for creating an amazing game Bohemia Interactive Tools Developers for creating a fast and easy way to create mods Adobe for creating a amazing retexturing program NIVIDIA and Fraps for creating a versible and easy recording system For more information about the mod pack or help please comment below or look inside the @mh_PMC folder for multiple help files, Thank you for downloading, and have a wonderful day. Compability List: -MrHuachuca Download Links: "Coming Soon" MEGA: Dropbox: ALSO! Don't forget to please take a moment of your time and check out the 2-75th Ranger BN and 160th SOAR Milsim Unit. We play not only Arma 3 but multiple games in a fun, realism matter, and american patriotic way. Come join us now! www.2-75thrangers.com or vist us on teamspeak at: ts.2-75thrangers.com .
  14. Is it just me.... or am I in heaven? Seriously. CANTTTT WAITTTTT!!!! :pet13:
  15. MrHuachuca

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd die if I tried to make it so, I think it would be interesting if a modder like Saul created a NORAD mod with Air Defense Textured NORAD Jets. Just a thought... sorry. lol