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  1. I am currently working on implementing a M224 mortar into game, I have all the basics working, rotation, elevation, rounds firing in the correct direction and all splashing within about 50m, when using the artillery computer it shows 450m > 499m. Can anyone suggest what is causing this narrow range and how to rectify it, this is currently what I have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmUCX2n2MOE The current config I have is simply there for me to get the model in game to test and is inheriting from B_Mortar_01_F as I know that currently works class cfgVehicles { class B_Mortar_01_F; class 506th_weap_m224mortar : B_Mortar_01_F { scope = 2; displayname = "M224 60mm Mortar"; model = "\506th_weap_m224\models\506th_m224_mortar.p3d"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "506th_weap_m224\data\mortar\mortar_co.paa" }; }; } model.cfg When I use the Virtual Arsenal I can use the projectile tracking lines to see what the rounds are doing, By the way the rounds are going and based on the basic config I have used I am guessing that it is something wrong with the model. If there is anyone who is able to help it would be greatly appreciated
  2. I am currently looking for someone to import a vest and its textures into Arma, I have the 3D models and texture files, however, I have been having issues getting it in myself. The models and textures are ready to go and should have all the bits and pieces that are needed. This is a paid job and you can contact me via DM's or on Discord Diver#9999
  3. I am currently in the process of creating an addon weapon for Arma3 and am coming across this error in the ACE Arsenal. I have logged the parameters that are used within that script and come up with the following; Script (from ace_arsenal.pbo): #include "script_component.hpp" /* * Author: Alganthe * Generic bar statement for stats. * * Arguments: * 0: stat (STRING) * 1: item config path (CONFIG) * 2: Args for configExtreme * 2.1: Stat limits (ARRAY of BOOL) * 2.2: Bar limits (ARRAY of SCALAR) * 2.3: Evaluate as a logarithmic number (BOOL) * * Return Value: * Number * * Public: Yes */ params ["_stat", "_config", "_args"]; _args params ["_statMinMax", "_barLimits", "_configExtremeBool"]; private _statValues = [ [_config], [_stat], [_configExtremeBool], [_statMinMax select 0] ] call BIS_fnc_configExtremes; diag_log format ["_statMinMax select 0: %1", _statMinMax select 0]; diag_log format ["_statMinMax select 1: %1", _statMinMax select 1]; diag_log format ["(_statValues select 1) select 0: %1", (_statValues select 1) select 0]; diag_log format ["_statValues select 1: %1", _statValues select 1]; diag_log format ["_statValues: %1", _statValues]; diag_log format ["_barLimits select 0: %1", _barLimits select 0]; diag_log format ["_barLimits select 1: %1", _barLimits select 1]; linearConversion [_statMinMax select 0, _statMinMax select 1, (_statValues select 1) select 0, _barLimits select 0, _barLimits select 1] Results: 12:18:13 "_statMinMax select 0: 0" 12:18:13 "_statMinMax select 1: 2500" 12:18:13 "(_statValues select 1) select 0: <null>" 12:18:13 "_statValues select 1: [<null>]" 12:18:13 "_statValues: [[0],[<null>]]" 12:18:13 "_barLimits select 0: 0.01" 12:18:13 "_barLimits select 1: 1" I am guessing that I have missed something in the weapons config as I have created other weapons and have not had this issue, I have compared the configs but have been unable to find what is causing this issue. Cheers in advance
  4. I have been trying to export images of maps (at the moment I have been trying without mods however I will need to do this with mods) using this guide http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-how-to-export-topography/however it does not want to write to the C: Root folder, I am running as Administrator using both Windows 10 Pro and primarily Windows 10 Enterprise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPN_QrH0IfI This is a screen recording I have just done on my pc, it comes up with Activated TOPOGRAPHY and Activated EXPORTNOGRID however I am not getting a file in my root drive I am able to copy files directly to the C: Drive root with Admin permissions, I have also unsubscribed from all mods and run it from a new install, however, I am still not getting anywhere. Has anyone else had a similar problem that they have been able to fix, if so how? Is there some sort of Parameter (or something similar) I can use to tell Arma 3 to save these files to a different location (e.g. C:\temp\)
  5. Diver_

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I have fixed the issue with the A-10 so that it now works with the 64 bit version of Arma. I have also updated the version with a working TGP and Radar, these have been sent to Peral so hopefully there will be a update in the coming weeks.
  6. Love your work, love the model and love the armament, I have been fiddling with this today, can you please confirm at the moment that the very centre weapons holder can not be used. At the moment I can only get the outside two on the fuselage for weapons attachment. If this is the case and it currently doesn't work will it in future releases.
  7. Diver_

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Has anyone had any issues with 1.68, I have not been able to get this to work correctly. Everytime I place it down Arma freezes then I have to restart?