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Found 34 results

  1. For making structures and also maps, that work well ingame it's important to know what metrics the infantry has, what it can navigate and so on. Today i made some tests with following results: Wall heigth: 50cm - look over:"high prone", shootover: "high prone", totally covered: "regular prone" 80cm - look over:"regular crouch", shootover:"regular crouch", totally covered:"high prone" (the sitting animation). Bipod deployable. 110cm - look over:"high crouch", shootover:"high crouch", totally covered:"low crouch". Bipod deployable. 130cm - look over:"low stand", shootover:"regular stand", totally covered:"high crouch". Bipod deployable. 145cm - look over:"stand", shootover:"high stand", totally covered:"high crouch". Bipod deployable. the heigths listed here are the VR Obstacle objects, you can use them as reference totally covered and shoot over depends on what heigth the target is at. I used Infantry targets at same heigth (flat VR map) at 100m as reference for this. Ceiling/ Gap heigth (e.g. in a fence, wall, door frame or room height) 20cm - can shoot below in "low prone", enemy feet past 50m barely hittable 50cm - minimum for moving through in prone 110cm - minimum for moving through in crouch, BUT bad clipping with head. Better use 120cm 170cm - minimum for moveing through in standing, BUT bad clipping with head. Better use 180cm (no clipping, even in high stand) Corridor Width: 90cm - minimum width for walking through. Turning in "regular stand" and "regular crouch" is possible but very twitchy (due to wall collisions of the weapon). Better use 100cm. Crouched turning causes head to clip through wall 130cm - minimum for turning in "low crouch" and "high crouch" (but twitchy). Better use 140cm. 170cm - minimum for turning in "regular prone", but twitchy (only is gone at 200cm). No "high prone" or "low prone" turning possible. 200cm - minimum for turning in "high prone" and "low prone" , no twitching. Corridor Width - walking past another standing soldier close to the wall, both facing along the corridor: 150cm - only using "step" function - pretty glitchy. 160cm - only using "step" but only 1 step required 180cm - passing without "step" possible. note that depending on orientation and stance of both soldiers, it may be easier or harder to pass When 2 seperate buildings/objects walls are 180cm apart from each other, the AI seems to be able to navigate this corridor (better use 2m in this case though). For interior of buildings (with paths LOD and roadway LOD) smaller corridors are no issue for AI, because they can walk through Geometry when on a path The tests where conducted with the 1x1x1m VR Block, and the 10x5x4m VR Block. So if their geometry doesnt properly match these results are slightly sqewed. Edit: It seems that for the VR Block skews the results a little bit (or the crouched stance got increased geometry model in some patch). I was not able to turn 360° in a gap of 1m in regular crouched stance inside a building. 1.1meter is fine however. Weapon Deployment Limits: You can definitely deploy weapons between 0.8m heigth (maybe even lower) and 1.45 meter heigth (maybe even higher). You need minimum clearance for the muzzle when deployed. Imagine you place a 130cm tall "resting block" in front of a 2m tall wall and you try to deploy the weapon on the resting block, facing in the direction of the wall. You will only be able to deploy if the space between restingblock and wall is somewhere between 35cm and 40cm (37.5cm worked in my case). Of note here is that this space needs to be in the firegeometry LOD, normal geometry LOD does not affect this particular case. Walkable Slope: Slope angle on Roadway LOD to be still walkable up to 50° from horizontal - no problem getting on the slope and walking on it at least up to 65° from horizontal (possibly steeper, test stopped at 65°) - can walk on the slope itself, but difficulty getting on it from horizontal level. Without using "step over" key (or glitching/walking diagonal) it's not possible to get on the slope from a horizontal place, when standing at the bottom. Generally avoid steep slopes where possible, because infantry are "turboboosted" when walking up or down (looks real goofy), as their walking speed is constant and referenced to the horizontal plane. Feel free to contribute 🙂
  2. Is there a way to stop the map loading with the player in the centre of the view ? Im making a Orienteering scenario and i cant have the map loading like this and giving the players general position away like that its ruining the fun, is there a way to stop the map loading this way ? Maybe theres a way to have it centre its view around a marker or something ?
  3. IceCubeJr1998

    Arma 3 Antistasi

    Anybody working on porting antistasi to fapovo island, I think this map would be perfect for it.
  4. SunlessPenny

    New Map(s)

    I love the maps that can be played, but I think there should be maybe 1 or 2 more. One idea that I have is a city map, a small central city location with lots of cars and large buildings. It would definitely be loved for electronic parts as they are always needed in the shelter. Having big buildings would also be fun too, not knowing if someone is on the floor above or below you would definitely create a challenge for those making there way up. Designer wise maybe have some chunks missing out of the buildings and rock pieces on the ground, making is seem more so run down.
  5. Can you change the hierarchy of elements placed on a map ?. For example, when placing the yellow lines on a track made with decals, some are above and others are below.
  6. About [RATS.ins] jujurat presents Port Lyautey, a 4km terrain that seeks to provide a playable, atmospheric, and engaging take on Port Lyautey, French Morocco during Operation Torch. Port Lyautey was one of the first territories of battle during the US' entrance to WW2. This terrain attempts to recreate that location and the areas around it in the approximate time period using real world data, and of course some fictional liberties taken to make the map playable for Arma. The terrain includes notorious locations such as the Kasba and the fated lighthouse, which held up the 9th Infantry Division during the storming of the beaches and subsequent control of the port. Battle of Port Lyautey The Battle of Port Lyautey began on 8 November 1942 for the city of Port Lyautey, today known as Kenitra, in French Morocco. The battle ended with its capture and occupation by American troops, overrunning French forces after more than two days of fierce fighting. Features Beaches that were used in US landings. Jungles and dry plains. A few villages, the castle, light house. A few trenches and defensive positions. General terrain area that is miscellaneous enough to be used for multiple purposes. Custom lighting config. Real geographical infromation such as the heightmap, gathered from QGIS with the assistance of Adanteh's Game Terrain plugin. Plans for the Future I will likely polish this a tad more in the future. Known Issues The mask is not correct in some areas. This is due to more than five materials being used in a cell. Trees/foliage on some roads. These will be fixed in due time. Foliage can be easily hidden via the Hide Terrain Objects module in 3DEN. Stats for Nerds 4km Cell Size 2 Credits and Thanks For providing great information and help at times of need: Mondkalb Ice Adanteh Temppa Icebreakr brg_africa/mbg A3 Discord Terrain Channel HorribleGoat Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD Current mirror: Steam Workshop. I don't intend on uploading it to Armaholic, but if someone would like to do so, that's fine. Just use all of the information posted here. 🙂
  7. clinical_dish2

    Confusion Regarding Season8

    I am a casual gamer so I haven't played in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering why I can't seem to find any matches on Fiske. I personally love this map it is the one I know the best. I am also working on collecting the lighters, trolls, and records in game. If you did away with this map, I would appreciate it if you bring it back. If its still in game I would apricate it if you explain how the match generation works.
  8. Erik24

    Where Are The Maps?

    I don't mind the new rotation of maps to help eliminate the teaming, but where did all the other maps go? It appears that Fiske Fabrikk, and a few others are no longer in the rotation!
  9. kd_odk

    Visual Settings

    Idk what is going on with the lighting in the game but no matter what game mode I am in at the beginning of every match I have to adjust the brightness and contrast. I cant seem to find a setting that will cover day/night and snow/grass. It's all over the place. Once in awhile in eliminations I accidently kill a teammate because their name tag blends in with the snow and then I get killed by them because they think I am being a jerk but there isn't game chat so I can't explain myself. 😕 Most days the depth of field is all over the place and I can't identify a player because they blend in so well with whatever they are standing in front of. For example, earlier today in Elims three people were standing against the wall of the plane and it wasn't until one of them ran into the snow that I realized someone was there. They could be standing right in front of me, in broad daylight, and I can't see the details of their outfits. They have pretty much been a dark silhouette this whole time no matter what I do to the in game setting and my T.V. settings. I am pretty much forced to rely on my audio and even then if I hear someone crawling around I can't figure out where they are. I can't see 10ft in front of my character because of the shadows and the way everything just blends in together. Does anyone else experience this? I know it isn't just my T.V. because my boyfriend has a 4k monitor and he deals with the same issues. I enjoy playing your game but I get so frustrated because I can't do anything to make the experience visually better. I really need you to address these issues so I can stop rage quitting and start having fun again. Thanks, Kd.
  10. I have been trying to export images of maps (at the moment I have been trying without mods however I will need to do this with mods) using this guide http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-how-to-export-topography/however it does not want to write to the C: Root folder, I am running as Administrator using both Windows 10 Pro and primarily Windows 10 Enterprise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPN_QrH0IfI This is a screen recording I have just done on my pc, it comes up with Activated TOPOGRAPHY and Activated EXPORTNOGRID however I am not getting a file in my root drive I am able to copy files directly to the C: Drive root with Admin permissions, I have also unsubscribed from all mods and run it from a new install, however, I am still not getting anywhere. Has anyone else had a similar problem that they have been able to fix, if so how? Is there some sort of Parameter (or something similar) I can use to tell Arma 3 to save these files to a different location (e.g. C:\temp\)
  11. 122klm x 122klm South Asia terrain from "Take On Helicopters" ported to Arma 3 version 1.5 . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - No Errors!!! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571581816 - Changed the Runway/Concrete texture to a better suited dirt coloured file from A3 Stratis.The A3 texture matches the satmap much better.:) - Enhanced clutter. - Enhanced Insects etc. - Enhanced Dust Efx. - Enhanced "Take on Helicopters" Weather. - Enhanced Haze efx. - Uses A3 lighting and sky. - Massive 122x122klm South Asia Terrain from Bohemia Interactive's Helicopter Flight Simulator "Take on Helicopters". - Worth every dollar for the Flight Engine!! Buy/try today !! (or tomorrow..) -https://store.bistudio.com/products/take-on-helicopter-hinds-dlc-bundle - This terrain is designed for a flight Sim and focuses on aircraft. - Roads are painted so AI dont follow them the same as in Arma terrains.Extra waypoints are required for ground vehicles. - Water areas are painted and are purely visual. Larger pics,some showing the near textures fix. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7685a7ed120caaz/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic10.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctgqtwg2x8by1ds/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic11.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/cec8kvv22pg5i21/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic3Large.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/l3sl31klmr3y5lf/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic12.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/lcczm59qbrn2272/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic13.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/jahc5czide4bn0y/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic2Large.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/riuenk9vga1g1t9/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic6.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/su89q1na2yq41ct/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic7.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/r4bbolr8z14io0f/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic8.jpg/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/6tdfjtft12dxtd9/ANZACSASSouthAsiapic9.jpg/file - Version 1.5 - Fully compatible with CUP Mod. - Tinkered with the cloud lighting and clouds/weather. - Edited objects to be seen from further distance. - Tinkered a bit.:)
  12. Good Day All, Today I am releasing source files to you that will allow you to edit a map that is VERY similar to Silverlake. The roads, building placement, and terrain profile are exported from the real map and only have a few misplacement due to sampling limitations. The linked google drive gives you a .RAR file that will provide you with source as well as all of the P-Drive and server file requirements to edit and produce your own version of "Silverlake". There is also a document in the folder that provides more details about the limitations of these files and how to effectively use them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16WqmNoCQyh8wsgD7dvA9NDR6F9Otogzf?usp=sharing For more information or for queries about mapping or source files, please contact us via e-mail: hadrickservices@gmail.com Regards, Hadricks Services
  13. Hey everyone here! First, let me introduce myself. I am Chienoki Zhu, also known as Katusha02, a mission and mod creator of Arma 3. I had play arma since back to the cold war assault version, and yes, I'm a otaku that actually like everything in anime, so even modding and map creating I'm still prefer it in anime way. But I actually just began to create mods and missions, and only had done two of the missions so far ahead. But anyway, as long as you guys don't against it, I will be more than happy to create and upload/post more mods and maps in the future. So, now, if you don't mind, here is my first co-op mission I had ever create it, feel free to try it out and give some complain. 😛 Download
  14. hi guys! Sorry, if I'm wrong, but it seems to me very time consuming to develop an island or territory (NOT from real world map) in TerraBuilder! Me and my team works in game dev. in Unity 3d and we have lot of tools like Gaia with we can generate a lot of assets into the surface, so that would be awesome to know, how to convert (if it is neccessary) to create a workable map into ARMA 3. If everything is ok, we can upload the ready made Terrains into the Armaholic, so everybody can benefits it. Any idea is welcomed 🙂 Thanks, David
  15. Hey everyone, I recently downloaded and installed the Esseker map, and discovered that I rather like it. Other than Exile, Wasteland, and the likes, there don't seem to be very many missions available for download (of the type that you'd just play with a couple of buddies when you have nothing else to do). So I had an idea, but I have no idea how to do it, or if can even be done, as I have very very limited experience in arma mission editing. I would like to make an escape mission for Esseker, just to play with some friends. I was wondering if it's possible to move most of the content from the already-made "Escape Altis" mission (as in moving the scripts, sounds, etc). I figure the most work will be getting the triggers, and objects like that to the "Escape Esseker" mission. Is this a feasible plan? TL;DR: I'd like to move the mission "Escape Altis" to the Esseker map, what's the best way to do this?
  16. Project Spec: 20x20km in size Land-only, no sea access America-inspired Custom models for buildings will be provided Project will be private until a playable release is available, and yes we will be getting Final product will be hosted exclusively on our workshop during development period, then it will be committed to the public domain and all rights will be released once complete, all source code will be released unbinarised on our GitHub Pay-per-milestone payment plan, all milestones are agreed before development We require you to have Portfolio of previously-published and public Arma 3 terrain(s) Discord & GitLab If interested please join our discord at https://uagpmc.com/discord and ask for Cody to discuss further details.
  17. Hi all, I have been away from ARMA recently. There is a certain project which i probably will not be able to finish... Point is, there is asset in this project that i want to share even thought the whole project is not done. This asset is hiqh quality map of Altis and Stratis. I dont know if someone will find this usefull, but i hope so. Maps were made from inside game by making screenshots, I suppose it is not against EULA. I will remove download links if it is against EULA. Both maps have following parameters: - Resolution is 32768x32768 pixels (higher is not possible for JPG coz I wanted to keep resolution as power of 2) - Both satelite and height map variants available - No watermarks Also, both maps were cut to tiles, so it can be used in tile map engines. Leaflet in my case. Here are some sneak pics. Single JPG maps: 1) Stratis (satelite + height map) download - 129 MB 2) Altis (satelite + height map) download - 199 MB Tiled maps. 8 Layers. Resolution 256x256. Format PNG. 21845 files. 1) Stratis - height map download - 606 MB 2) Stratis - satelite download - 748 MB 3) Altis - height map download - 845 MB 4) Altis - satelite download - 811 MB
  18. Hey guys, now that i've seen some maps using tunnels, i thought i would make some models for that. These are divided into individual modules and can therefore realize "theoretically" infinitely long tunnels. In addition, there is a saving of resources, since Arma offers no models for such projects. End with eternal stacking of walls and blocks. Here is the first finished project (without MC texture). All models have at least -3 C-LODs -2 shadow LODs in addition comes the -Geometry -Geometry Phys -Roadway -Fire Geometry -View Geometry -Memory - LOD All models get their materials through the Multimats and are scaled differently depending on the LOD. The lowest poly is only textured by a combined _co map. Currently I am working on this tube. I hope I could leave a first, good impression.^^ If you are interested, suggestions or criticism you can contact me. https://steamcommunity.com/id/HGRaVeN103/
  19. Kexlar

    No Maps to play

    Hey all, I started the 2 hour free trial, I did manage to play 1 game last night. But today I logged in, stocked up in my base then went to the map to start a round, but all the maps to choose from are greyed out and I cannot play a round. Is this normal, as in are the maps resetting? I have just under an hour left to play and don't really want to waste it sitting in my base waiting for servers to show the maps. The 1 game I played I do like it, but need a little more gameplay time to see if its worth a purchase.
  20. Hey guys, something been bothering me for some time with the editor, so i created a new task on the Arma3 feedback tracker (Phabricator) Feedback Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T134894 Below is my exact post from the ticket: New feature/function editor adjustment When i start the editor, and choose a map to edit on, the list on the left should only show those missions for the map i am on. Why is all the missions i created showing for all other maps when i opened a specific map? This forces you to search and then search again, opening a map in the map list, and then looking for your mission in this new list of missions for all maps when your on a specific map. Important points: Expand the open mission box so all map and mission names can be read. Have a box you can tick in the open missions box to allow you to see only missions for that map when you get to that map in the editor, if left unticked then default, ticked box will stay ticked until you untick it. So if you wanted to go to another map say from Altis to edit, transfer, copy what have you, then untick the map box, and all the maps/missions list will show. Overall idea So the idea overall is to when you click on editor on the main menu of the game ----> choose map -----> missions created (if any) are only seen in the list just for that map, until you untick the missions list option to go to another map or open another mission. Video Here is a video of something i have done to take the search out of looking for missions for a specific map: Anyone know of another idea around the default way of see your missions for the map apon entering that map? other then what i did in the video which btw isn't new, already has a built in function for that.
  21. Morning Outlanders and I'm terribly sorry for all the last minute info today. So first things first - We had a surprise prepared for you as we were changing the map rotation, but due to an issue on our end - as the map rotation has to be done manually - there were sadly no maps available for a short period of time. We a sorry for all the troubles this might have caused. - But this downfall comes with a price. We changed our map rotation! So now there will be only one map available at a time and the rotation will happen after 24 hours! That's right much faster map rotation just went live! So please do not hesitate and Let us know what do you think ⬇️
  22. Pyrit.

    Changed Map Rotation

    Morning Outlanders! - Just wanted to let you know that we changed the map rotation a little bit. Due to pretty long waiting times - There are going to be normal two maps most of the time but if the numbers drop in the least frequented hours there will be only one map available at a time. Hope this will help.
  23. Great news Outlanders ❗️ According to all of your feedback, you would be more than happy if we could switch the available maps more often - Which is exactly what we are about to do! One map being changed tomorrow with the regular switch now happening every three days!
  24. Hey! I've been trying to make AI run out through a garage port into the street using a CUP building. The only problem is they don't actually open the door and instead use ghost technology to go straight through it. The building in question is "Land_House_C_10_EP1" found in CUP Terrains Core. I've tried using scripts that work for vanilla buildings with no success. The door I want to open is number 10 in the edit terrain module supplied by BIS in ORANGE dlc (Right garage port if looking at the building from the front). It's worth mentioning that the module manages to open it with animations and all but my attempts to do so through script fail. If anyone here has experience using CUP I'd appreciate some help.
  25. I bought this game ages ago and didn't think to buy the digital deluxe and only bought apex as itself when it came out. For various reasons having a high quality version of the maps to use for planning stuff out etc. would be very useful and I can't find a way to get them without searching online and downloading them off some dodgy website. Apparently you used to be able to upgrade in the steam store https://support.bohemia.net/arma-3/activation/96 however I see this nowhere anymore, perhaps I'm blind? If anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated.