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Found 11 results

  1. Changed Map Rotation

    Morning Outlanders! - Just wanted to let you know that we changed the map rotation a little bit. Due to pretty long waiting times - There are going to be normal two maps most of the time but if the numbers drop in the least frequented hours there will be only one map available at a time. Hope this will help.
  2. ⚠️ Important information for all Outlanders. ⚠️ Some of you may already know this (from our last Dev Stream?) but it never hurts to state a very important thing twice. ⚫There is, in fact, going to be a Complete Wipe accompanying the 0.6 Update. But this downfall comes with a reward ? in a form of the improved Crafting system?️, Expanded Shelter Builder ?️ and much more that is going to come as a part of the update. We understand that you might have many questions so definitely do not hesitate to ask ?⬇️ And please feel free to watch the VOD of the stream for a closer look at all of the improvements that are to come in the 0.6: Dev Stream 08- Dev Stream 09 - See you in Vigor!
  3. Announcements

    Dear Bohemia community, It is with great pleasure today that I announce the release of our brand new project, Project Lucie. As you may have read on our announcement blog, Project Lucie is a game being developed by a small dedicated team at Bohemia Interactive, who is very proud to see its game officially entering the Bohemia Incubator program. We have been working for months now to bring you this fresh new experience on your PC with classic mouse and keyboard controls, and also on the Oculus Rift® for a full VR experience. Please don't hesitate to come here often and share your comments, suggestions and feedback with us to make our project greater and better. I'm looking forward to reading your posts and talking to you soon. Laurent Lavigne, Project Lead, Project Lucie.
  4. Hello, ya'll! Many people keep asking so just to make sure - Vigor Closed Preview Officially Ended - What does that mean? You will be able to access Shelter You won't be able to enter into the encounters Encounters/Maps will be re-activated once the game hits Xbox Game Preview - Starting this Monday 30th of July To play Vigor during the Game Preview- you can either get 2 hours of Gameplay for free or become a "founder" and purchase our "Founders pack" granting you unlimited access to the game + a few exclusive items You will be able to purchase the Founders Pack on the Xbox Store right on Monday Hope this helped & looking forward to seeing you around in Vigor!
  5. In this thread we'll post announcements about Experimental Ports updates. This thread itself will remain closed to allow for a clear overview of announcements, please feel free to discuss these updates here.
  6. Important news for all contestants We've decided to postpone the 'announcement of winners' date from January 15th to March 5th. The main reason for this is that we want to make sure that the Make Arma Not War jury will have enough time to properly evaluate the entries. There's a great number of high quality submissions, and we want to make sure we do each of them justice! The date in the contest rules has been adjusted accordingly - our apologies for the delay!
  7. Hi Folks, I want to do a "big" military parade on the big airfield on Altis. The big boss is standing on a tower/viewing point and some tanks should drive by. Unfortunatly the tanks don´t drive from one waypoint to another (which are (exactly pinned ON the runway) along the street near the viewing point), instead they drive offroad... Behavior "careless" or "save" doesnt change anything, I already tested, but they should be in that mode, because I want to see the crews head out of the hatches. They should drive from A to B (Formation: File in two rows ). And they should drive in two rows and I don´t want to use the staggered column. Even they´re set by me in a "file"-like starting-formation, they need to reconfigure their postions until they´re in formation. Is there a posibilitiy to get two rows of a military parade, which are starting in a two row formation and which is staying on the road? How ca I get this? They just need to drive by in two rows, no big thing, but I don´t get it. Greetings Purzel
  8. Seeing that trailer makes you wonder, if this is possible in a running multiplayer game, how hard can it be to make this functional for the editor? It looks really advanced.
  9. Arma 3 Zeus DLC - Announcement

    We've just announced a new, free multiplayer DLC: Arma 3 Zeus. 5JiXznUyldM zeus.arma3.com Built around the concept of a Game Master, you can influence the MP experience of others. Using a real-time editor, create and edit scenarios on-the-fly, inventing new stories, challenges and locations. For a more thorough look at Zeus, join us for our Gameplay Reveal Livesteam, February 15th, 1700 UTC. More information can be tracked across on our FB Event.
  10. Bohemia, hire this guy Brad and get his texture technology implemented as soon as humanly possible. -Love Kridian :D
  11. Hi everyone and all of you creative members of our community in particular. We have promised we will support our community as much as possible and here comes another service we want to offer to you. From January 2010 we plan to introduce a new section at www.arma2.com called Guerrilla / Community. This page will be dedicated to the entire community content created for ARMA or ARMA 2, as we feel it deserves more public attention. What we offer is the possibility to participate in the content published at this website. It's the opportunity for you to present your work to a much wider public and newly recruited players too! Content This kind of content is expected to be published at the Community Page: User made MOD / Addon / Tool announcement User made SP / MP Mission / Campaign announcement New website announcement Weekly reports from ARMA2 news sites Important community events Useful web links First Steps If you are interested in such collaboration on the official ARMA 2 website, just follow these steps to become a contributor: Go to this contact page at the ARMA 2 website and complete the form with these details:Your real name, city, country where you live. Your nickname used at the Bohemia Interactive forums. What community group / MOD / website you represent. What kind of content you want to contribute. Which language(s) you speak (English is required as minimum) [*]Please note that all details are mandatory and without them the request will be deleted. [*]Once you send the form, just wait until it's processed in Bohemia Interactive, which might take up to several days as every single request will be handled manually. [*]Once the request is approved you will obtain an email with your newly created user account at www.arma2.com to be able to log in and post the article or web link you want to publish. Rules There are several rules for all contributors which must be followed at all times: Only true and confirmed information directly related to ARMA / ARMA 2 user made content or activity is required. No spam, slander, lies, mystification and so. Clear, brief article. No double posts or unbearably long stories. Announcements, releases or major updates only, no WIP reports or minor updates. Weekly news reports up to date, no releases older than one week in the summary. Proper and spell-checked language. No irregular/slang words or any explicit content. One image per post. (Except news sites weekly reports). Every image must be hosted on your own website or on free public image hosting (ImageShack and so). All content should have the permissions of their respective creators, if there is any doubt that content permissions have not been sought you must not submit it to the website. Any content found to have been created without the prior permission of those who created any part of it, whether that be script, texture, model, sound, etc. will be removed from the website immediately and it is unlikely the person claiming this content as their own work will have any further content published on this community site. There will be no warning / infraction. Any violation of these rules will have serious consequences such as both arma2.com and official forums account ban. As the venture progresses it is of course likely that further rules/clarifications will be required, which you will receive notification of. Operation After submission, every single article will require approval and publication by official administrator / moderator. The user created article might be deleted without explanation if considered improper by administrator / moderator. Nobody should expect it 100% certain that their submission will be published. Authors who prove themselves reliable and trustworthy may obtain higher user status to be able to post and publish their submissions immediately and they may become moderators in the future. We will also appreciate any non-English submissions. However, the mandatory is to provide correct translation to English. The list of languages available follows: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian Future This service is not meant to be a competitor to established community websites, this service should hopefully complement the incredible work that the numerous news sites have performed for many years, nor do we plan to host files or images of user made stuff at Arma2.com for now. We hope this concept may prove itself viable and useful so we could introduce even more at www.arma2.com in the future. Please, don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing your feedback / suggestions at www.arma2.com.