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  1. There is a long time until radiation pours in as it is, but I think the time can be extended. Having longer matches can allow for a more steadily paced and strategic game play than one of rushing to get in and out. Having more time in the map will allow for more loot to be grabbed and will make a need for strategic planning as more people will want to be the last ones alive to loot as much as possible. If having the game itself extended doesn't sound fun to some, maybe just adding a game mode like "Extended Encounter". Another thing is maybe less exits (by 1 or 2). Having 4 exits on the map makes it very easy to just hop in grab and go, it doesn't create pressure of survival or a need to be strategic in getting out. Maybe having just 2 exits on each end of the map and then the parkour exit on the side would be better. Making it harder to get out will make people stay in the map longer to loot and go against other slanderous, It would also make a necessity to be strategic as maneuvering to the exit safely would be a challenge. This idea could also be turned into a game mode of it's own, "single-exit" having just one exit, or making it just 2 on each end of the map.
  2. SunlessPenny

    Map Density

    The graphics of the maps as it is are good, but I think adding more density would make it better. Every now and then there are bushes and there's some grass that you can kind of lay under; but I think there needs to be more of it. Instead of a plain ground have more tall grasses or brush. Make the trees a little thicker/bushy, having the bottoms touch the ground. It would definitely make the game more of a challenge but also more fun as it will add an intense amount of realism to the game.
  3. SunlessPenny

    New Map(s)

    I love the maps that can be played, but I think there should be maybe 1 or 2 more. One idea that I have is a city map, a small central city location with lots of cars and large buildings. It would definitely be loved for electronic parts as they are always needed in the shelter. Having big buildings would also be fun too, not knowing if someone is on the floor above or below you would definitely create a challenge for those making there way up. Designer wise maybe have some chunks missing out of the buildings and rock pieces on the ground, making is seem more so run down.
  4. SunlessPenny

    Night Mode

    Most Vigor matches take place at dusk or midday times, with some overcast. I think adding a nighttime mode or option would be very enjoyable. Sniping would be interesting as it would take a higher level of skill, shooting in general and spotting enemies would take more time and make more of a challenge. To even out this option, maybe add street lamps every now and then or have maybe lightning that lights up a general area for a couple seconds. A nighttime game mode would definitely make for a harder challenge that I would be down for.
  5. SunlessPenny

    Weapon Customization

    I really enjoy Vigor but something I'd like to see is gun attachments. Not so much things like barrels and stocks but more just scopes. For example, I like the scope on the M21, a simple cross hair is my way to go; but when I use the PH bolt action, the scope has a missing spot in the middle. Being able to put a different sight on a gun rather than what is on it would be nice. This mechanic could be evened out by needing to craft the sights, or get a schematic for it; say 30% of the materials for crafting the gun to craft the sight. The PH and M21 are just a small example of the guns with unlined sights. I don't use many of the guns simply because you have to use the sight it comes with or the iron sights are uncomfortable. Being able to put a custom scope on a weapon would make shooting more enjoyable.