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  1. Chienoki Zhu

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Feb 1st, 2022, still waiting for the fix, come on BOI, fix it pls
  2. Hey if you are interesting in find someone to play with, sharing fun things that happen in game and such, there's a community here for you: The Flood Zone (discord community),There are some servers available in the community with cool admins, we are here welcome anyone join and chill.
  3. Hey, come over to Discord, I have a community that play games together, and there are also servers available too, https://discord.gg/gyHySxu8z9
  4. I'm having the same problem
  5. Hi guys, I recently build a Vietnam warfare server which is based on the Vietnam warfare mod called: Insurgency Vietnam, created by Baton on Steamworkshop, and is base on Multiplayer CO-OP game play, if you are interest in it, please come and take a look. Server Name: Ooari Group World Vietnam Warfare | IP address: Requirements: Insurgency Vietnam mission The_Unsung_Vietnam_War_Mod
  6. Chienoki Zhu

    CO-OP Umbrella Target Down

    If you have any question concern or anything else, please feel free to leave comment below. 😋
  7. Chienoki Zhu

    Katusha02 - Arma 3 Modding

    Here is a new CO-OP mission I have made Here is the form page:
  8. Chienoki Zhu

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    look nice
  9. Chienoki Zhu

    CO-OP Umbrella Target Down

    Come visit and download over here: DOWNLOAD
  10. *And the operation name finally made, which is called "Umbrella Take Down". Pretty cool right? In this mission everyone have limited respawn chances, if you run out, you fail the missions, also if everyone all get wipe all in the same time, the mission is also fail desu. This mission require minimum of 1 player (common sense), and up to maximum of 6 players as allow. The mission is: wipe out all the Umbrella members that around. There's a easter egg in the game, is easy to find, and it will become the future boss in the next CO-OP mission I about to publish. ps: The default time and weather is raining in the summer morning, you could also change those on the mission white board. So, enjoy it! At last, Panzer Vor! Here are some in game looks:
  11. Chienoki Zhu

    Katusha02 - Arma 3 Modding

    the helmet is on the floor, and there is no texture loaded, everything just went completely wrong.
  12. Chienoki Zhu

    Katusha02 - Arma 3 Modding

    And I have been try to create a nice COD Juggernaut helmet, kind of my first arma 3 mod ever try to made.... and yeah, the logic of the way just made me complete fail over and over, and is not even worth a nice screenshot so i just get a picture of it after all. I'm giving up. 😞 might as well as just create some nice missions after all.
  13. Chienoki Zhu

    Katusha02 - Arma 3 Modding

    Here is another mission Download BTW, it does require some mods before it could be run, and if you think those are too much, just leave a comment below, and I will delete those unnecessary mods. 🙂
  14. Chienoki Zhu

    Katusha02 - Arma 3 Modding

    and also sorry about calling that a map when it suppose to be mission, and it is a co-op mission, is my bad that since English isn't my native language. And yeah I had a little confuse on it.
  15. Chienoki Zhu

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    looks good, let me get one just a moment and try out XD