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  1. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.40768

    Added: Team member marker. Added: Player becomes a Threat after killing a teammate. Added: Random duos. Changed: Icon over players head in the lobby made visible. Changed: Layout of the random duos panel in the Shelter Map. Fixed: Fix GroupSystem events when using GroupSimulate console command. Fixed: Try setting only one GroupSessionId for random duos joining together on Xbox. Fixed: Retry multiple times on a client when creating Xbox team for random duos. Don't run multiple Xbox requests at the same time. Fixed: Player is not marked as a threat after killing a non-team player. Fixed: Player isn't marked as a threat multiple times after killing more teammates. Fixed: Create a public group session for random duos to fix joining. Fixed: ActionMachine - game crashes when actions get stuck. Fixed: Bushes playing foley sound when they shouldn't. Fixed: Interaction was not possible in bushes. Fixed: Listener was following camera always. Fixed: Move through foliage attenuation. Fixed: Music stops when player kick the cans. Fixed: AudioVolumes in buildings were not working. Fixed: Headshots work again on Scarecrows. Fixed: Fix generated GroupId for random duos. Tweaked: Optimization for head and foolproofing. Tweaked: Disabled rain/snow effect at all optics materials. Tweaked: Foliage is less penetrable. Updated: Resaved audio files with samples volume adjustments. Updated: Bugfix for an infinite audio range of unlocking sound for the combination lock. Updated: Increased Threat kill threshold from 3 to 4.
  2. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? Gameplay Programmer. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? Tough one,.. well I bring my two dogs to work from time to time so people can get some fur on their clothes. And recently I started a fire alarm. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? Graphics. I’ve been working for BI for more than 12 years and have never thought that we are able to produce such kind of game (from graphics perspective) ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? Deathmatch 🙂 I just don’t understand all those fancy overcomplicated Tamagotchi shelter things. I want to grab a gun and go get some frags. Disgrace corpses, loot them, get better and bigger guns, repeat.. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Basically everything after what I am sweaty and thirsty enough to deal with few beers and some Mexican food. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? When I was a kid(90’), I used to get cracked games burned out on a couple of CDs. I just didn’t want to pay for something untouchable. But since I have started to be a game dev(btw. my first compiler was cracked Borland c++), I completely changed my mind. So please, support your game devs and buy games... I need to pay bills ▶ Your favorite games and why? Doom and Wolfenstein series - many types of weapons, even more types of enemies, huge UI arrows above the heads (so no wasting of time with reading stupid mission description, maps, etc. etc.) ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? I prefer to relax after work so I like comics based movies.. But the less serious ones.. with Thor or the one with that little squirrel in a yellow suit with a bunch of weirdos (trying to save the galaxy or something). I guess from Marwell studios or the second one - DC? who knows, don’t care. I like Terry Pratchett(but don’t like reading) so movies based on his books 🙂 ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? I know that Vigor has many unfinished features, bugs, glitches, … but still... it is like dating with a fat lady - it could be FUN and intense, but none of your friends must spot you together. So give us a chance to prove our qualities ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? Perfect! Tons of unclimbed rocks projects all around without weekend crowds, playing children, tourists, etc.. Bonus Question (from Anton) ▶ What would be one thing you would like to see in your lifetime and why? Sounds like a classic HR question, doesn’t it? So the answer should be something like world peace or so... but rather than that I really like to see a Whitewater park (editor's note:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitewater) on our local Svratka river here in Brno. Plan for it is ready for almost a decade, but the realization is long way run. But I am an optimist and don’t lose hope
  3. Pyrit.

    Bug Report

    Hi and thank you to bringing this to our attention - however, there is actually a backup system for this so basically - if the issue was really caused on our side - meaning you were disconnected from our back-end servers. You should be able to get both the loadout and the crowns back once you start the game again... However, if this was caused for example by your internet connection there is really nt much we can do.. But we are still working on improving the server stability so hopefully, those problems will occur less and less with time. And you will get all of your game preview crowns back after the progress wipe before the full release of the game. So hopefully this will compensate your loss at least partially. Thank yous o much for letting us know and for your support!
  4. Pyrit.

    Ideas for the next update

    Exactly thank you so much for your ideas, we will make sure to forward them to the team. But there is one thing I really want to clear out - even if we tried there is no way how we could get these things into our next update. - Each update takes a lot of work, time management and so much time spent testing all the features that by now it is too late to even think about adding into the next update something that we haven't even started working on. In fact it is almost too late even for the update after that. As when it comes to some of your suggestions: Currently, we do not plan to add an official way to pass items to your duo partner. There is some way by which you can pass each other's weapons - Regarding this, I would advise you to ask other Outlanders in our community 😉 but for now, the overall gameplay and goal of the game is not suited for the trading of any kind as it would only create an unfair advantage. Hope this helped. This sounds interesting - but looking at the combat at is it now, it would be really hard to do. however, we will discuss it with the team. Actually seen this one multiple times - we will see what we can do 😉 Nice idea - but it would highly impact our current crafting system - we will discuss it with the team. Picking up rocks as a weapon is one thing - which might be added - however, I am not sure how realistic it would be - Since there is a variety of weapons including the knives. However stealthy kills are a completely different story. I do not think that you would be able to kill someone stealthy with just a rock.. Thank you guys once again for your feedback. there is an ongoing conversation on the usage of other ordinary items as weapons (for example axes, hammers and stuff like that. So we will see in the future. However, for now, we want to stick to improving the gunplay as it is now with a few new weapons that are currently WIP and then after the full release we can start adding new stuff 😉
  5. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I am a programmer/Technical animator responsible for putting in and stitching together game animation and movement in Vigor. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? My main achievement is the animation graph responsible for playing the right animation at the right time. This in order to make the character feel grounded and as a part of the world Also researching and implementing ways to bring animation quality to the next level. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? The exhilarating feeling you get when you take the airdrop and rush back to extraction. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? For the game itself, I would like to see more technically challenging customization items like a trench coat with cloth physics, or a dangling object on a uniform, for example, a talisman. As for animation: Motion matching is all the rage these days. I would love to implement something like that in the future. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? I love traveling and adventure: Just this winter I managed to get lost in the snowy woods following a bear trail at night, stuck on top of a mountain in a blizzard and going close to 30 hours without sleep through Slovakia. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Absolutely, whilst prior to it I was interested in animation and games, it's the experience of creating games that changed my view on how it works and what it takes to get character feel good in the game. Now any third person game I've started up, I first have to dissect the animation technology before I can proceed to enjoy myself playing the actual game ▶ Your favorite games and why? There are many games I like. But if I had to pinpoint one, it'd be Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Whilst the concept is fairly simple: Turn-based strategy where you get a faction and have to defeat all opponents on the map to win. The ways it allows you to achieve this are endless. The game thrives on straining it's mechanics and rewards experimentation while also punishing established conventions. That's what mainly makes me come back to it despite its age. Truly timeless game ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? Music: I listen to a variety of music genres, ranging from Power metal to Folk to Japanese Idol songs I really like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, both the show and manga. A tale spanning through generations and it has been going on for well over 25 years. For books, I usually read self-improvement books. Not too long ago I read Mastery by Robert Greene and it was quite informative ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Thank you for your continuous support. If it sometimes seems like the game is not progressing fast enough, rest assured that internally there's a lot of things changing all the time. These continuous changes are hard to perceive, but one day you wake up and realize the transformation that occurred. ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? Go out in the world and recruit other outlanders to my brotherhood. This will hopefully lead to a grand army of brethren banding together for a just cause (TM Avalanche); a society built upon basic human values. And me at the very center as the leader Bonus Question (from Hidde ) ▶ Name 3 games that blew you away with their animation and why. I'd have to say my number 1 is Dark Souls. For the simple reason of how animation ties in with everything, you do in the game. And the fact I've sunk well over 2000 hours in just the first game alone. The trailer for The Last of Us 2 also blew me away with the motion matching technology that Naughty Dog has implemented. It's absolutely breathtaking. Red Dead Redemption also has a very compelling technology and work done on the animation side. However, I sometimes feel I'm playing the animation rather than the game...
  6. Pyrit.

    More snipers

    Thank you so much for your feedback. more weapons are coming for sure so stay tuned!
  7. Pyrit.

    DevStream #17 - Ask Questions!

    Hi, I think I already answered your question here: Let me know if there's anything else.
  8. Pyrit.


    Thank you so much for asking. So for now, there are no plans for adding other languages than French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazillian. Those will be added with the full release. BUT - we are obviously open to your feedback. So after the full release, we will make sure to ask our community what other languages you would like to have Vigor in and then we will see what we can do. Hope this helped at least a little bit.
  9. Pyrit.

    possible stuff to add.

    Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas, I will make sure to forward it to the team.
  10. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Yes, that is exactly what we are planning to do. We definitely do NOT want to mix controller users and keyboard and mouse users, as that would create an unfair environment 😉 Hope this helped.
  11. Pyrit.


    Hello there, and thank you so much for your feedback! We hear you and we are also currently working on improving the interactions. There is a Minor Update coming your way, as well many changes that will accompany the full release of the game. I think it was also mentioned in one of our latest articles regarding our work in progress (little WIP below): Read more at: https://vigorgame.com/news Thank you!
  12. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? I am a programmer working on the character, camera, and tools for Vigor. The work builds upon earlier feature prototypes and placeholder and brings them to a higher standard. ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? It is my goal to make sure that the game designers and level designers have an easier task to create a better game. For this, I need to research how other games implement features, develop our implementation, and iterate upon those features over several releases of Vigor. Not everything I make is perfect, but as long as it pushes the project further then, I am doing a good job. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? The tension of a match, you are uncertain about when things are going to go wrong, and you are always calculating risk versus reward. You can also play differently depending on your needs, you may play safe and only look for metal pieces, or play aggressively with a duo and planning to get the airdrop or die. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? I am not much of a visionary; better aim assist functionality, changes to the camera behavior, better vaulting and climbing, and better implementations of everything else I worked on. I learned a lot in the past year and a half, and now I want to apply it retroactively and make the game better. ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Play games, do photography, travel abroad (this year Tokyo and New York, kismet), and several side projects involving writing, programming, and art. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Definitely! Right now we are working on replacing the ladder functionality to be compliant with all the other character improvements we made and raise the standard. While playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice I had to play around their ladders for comparison, I also toyed around with the camera in the Tomb Raider games before I realized that I could do this during work hours and get paid! I appreciate the work put into games more now, but I have issues enjoying the games themselves. ▶ Your favorite games and why? S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for their atmosphere and cohesive world, Dark Souls for their world and the lesson that you can do anything if you don't give up, Minecraft for being an outlet both technically and creatively, and Pokémon as a huge inspiration for any journey. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? My favorite music is Dutch hardcore (Neophyte, Angerfist) not to be confused with American hardcore; I love my electric and rough music! Sadly I don't have the time to read that much, but I enjoyed Roadside Picnic by Strugatsky brothers and Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? This is my first job and also working on a AA game, and I am thrilled with the player's reaction to our game from the first teaser to people playing it today. A lot of feedback and criticism is on-point, and I appreciate the faith many of you have put into the project. As an insider, I know more what is in the works, and what is going to improve in future updates so I hope you keep coming back for every update! ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? Carefully scout Grontheim with my Vintar and SPSA and trusted friend Mazen. Bonus Question (From Filip ) If you were to make your own game, what genre would it be and why? Challenging question! It would not be far off from stalker, and it would focus on storytelling. Your path through the game is yours, and your actions have a significant impact on other characters. I don't know about the genre but has first person shooter elements.
  13. Pyrit.

    Boosters bugged

    Thank you so much, guys. I forwarded the video, so hopefully, we will be now able to fix it. I will update you if anything new comes up.
  14. Pyrit.

    Markers For Teammates

    Hello there, and thank you so much for your feedback. The problem with friendly fire and teammates that are hard to recognize has been brought up in our community multiple times. Originally - we did not want to add markers/nametags above teammates basically because what you mentioned - it increases the tension and improves communication between teammates. But after a few months with duos available, the complains still do appear so we decided to adapt to the needs of our community - so we are currently working on and testing new markers above teammates. Little WIP screenshot below: You can find more about our work in progress and plans for the future on our official site: vigorgame.com WIP according to community feedback: https://vigorgame.com/news/community-feedback-free-weekend Plans for the future: https://vigorgame.com/news/road-to-full-release Hope this helped.
  15. Pyrit.

    Boosters bugged

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this as we are still trying to investigate this issue. Sadly we were unable to repro it.... Is this a constant issue? I know I might be asking for too much but wouldn't you be able to maybe capture this issue on video? As it looks like after you enter the lobby there must be some kind of event that gets your controls out of focus and causes this issue. Either way - when this happens try opening and closing the options menu, this should solve it at least temporarily before we create a fix for that. Thanks