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  1. - Devs First off I want to applaud you for the work you have already accomplished. I just started playing yesterday and i am so excited to be apart of a community that’s helping you guys make this game the best it can be. A couple issues I have come across so for is when I am ADS in full-auto mode the weapon will first start to fire in auto but then will stop automatic fire. I let go of the trigger, pull again and hold only one bullet will fire. Then after a couple of times it will resume automatic fire. It tends to happen when I ADS I’ll strafe behind cover to the point where the character pulls the gun close because I’m close behind cover. still ADS pop back out and thats when the issues seem to happen. 2nd issue Every once in a while I’ll see an enemy character that is completely invisible besides his hat. I’m not sure if it’s a rendering issue or what but I’ll get closer the cloths will appear for a second then disappear again. I am on the X1X , gamer tag Protozoa Live