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  1. The developer has commented on Twitter on the ps5 release. It will come after full release and today or yesterday was that day. So here's hoping within 3 months
  2. Webbwrulf

    playstation account

    Yeah I started reporting you scrubs
  3. Webbwrulf

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    "I dont care who you are back in the world, you give away our position one more time, ill bleed ya, real quiet.." -mac Its not team death match. Anyone that runs around with their head cut off, does not understand military sims. I camp some especially when I'm going against 3 players and I'm solo. Maybe players that don't camp should be more careful and treat the gameplay like it was real combat, not call of duty. Camping/tactical moving from cover to cover is the only way to combat aim bots. I suggest adding a shovel to the game for foxholes. Please do not turn this into every other shooter where youth and fads are the priority. Stay unique.
  4. Webbwrulf

    How can I report a cheater?

    Several people suggest this person is highly skilled instead of cheating. Snap to target on aim if you watch closely you can see this person is definitely cheating
  5. Webbwrulf

    Using aim bot on vigor

    So you snap to your targets when you start shooting? And I'm not your bruh
  6. Webbwrulf

    Using aim bot on vigor

    Their stats where obscene. There's no way this person was not cheating. I've done all the shooting range challenges and I'm not a bad player. Not enough to convict? He went from should be dead to hitting every shot
  7. Webbwrulf

    Rapidfire/modded controllers/strikepack

    You change change the fire mode. But I do think people use these in this game. For instance I walked up on someone and they snap to me for a headshot
  8. Webbwrulf

    Impossible Shooting Range Challenges

    Sorry if this doesn't help but the one I cant do is the m249
  9. Webbwrulf

    Suomi KP/31 Final Challenge

    . Its a difficult challenge but it can be done. Just keep your head up and keep trying. Hope this helps
  10. been trying this challenge as well and just took a lot of practice. Its possible just need to keep trying. Hope this helps
  11. Webbwrulf

    New option for base

    Id like to see teams of 5 and bigger maps with more loot symbols. But you got a great idea hopefully someone reads it
  12. Will there be different epic plans for common guns later on for ps4? Also why is every one team killing in the vs mode on ps4?