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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, I made this script and it's working quite well. addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { drawIcon3D ["\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\move_ca.paa", [0.73, 0.24, 0.11, 1], getPos operatorOpf, 1, 1, 0, "", 0, 0, ""]; }]; With it I'm able to constantly ping a defined player. Now I'm struggling with the script being executed ever minute and then show the ping for five seconds. After that the script should stop for again one minute and so on. Has someone an idea?
  2. There is a long time until radiation pours in as it is, but I think the time can be extended. Having longer matches can allow for a more steadily paced and strategic game play than one of rushing to get in and out. Having more time in the map will allow for more loot to be grabbed and will make a need for strategic planning as more people will want to be the last ones alive to loot as much as possible. If having the game itself extended doesn't sound fun to some, maybe just adding a game mode like "Extended Encounter". Another thing is maybe less exits (by 1 or 2). Having 4 exits on the map makes it very easy to just hop in grab and go, it doesn't create pressure of survival or a need to be strategic in getting out. Maybe having just 2 exits on each end of the map and then the parkour exit on the side would be better. Making it harder to get out will make people stay in the map longer to loot and go against other slanderous, It would also make a necessity to be strategic as maneuvering to the exit safely would be a challenge. This idea could also be turned into a game mode of it's own, "single-exit" having just one exit, or making it just 2 on each end of the map.
  3. I played on launch and had EVERY SINGLE shooting range challenge except the final PM (because it was broken) at GOLD. It all got wiped at some point. I'm assuming it was at the intro of seasons. Came back this season and began doing them but came to find that the final challenges for a few of the machine guns and subs are near IMPOSSIBLE to get gold on. I'm pretty good at the game, like, really good according to the angry messages I get but I can't hit those all 10 of those spread out moving targets on Suomi KP/31 final challenge in 10 seconds. I got 10.77 and it's not going down. Please beef up those timers a little bit.
  4. Hey all, just came up with an idea of a function and implemented it. I kinda liked the idea and thought it would be nice to share it here :). So, the function takes as arguments the desired duration of the ArmA day in real-life hours, the day-to-night ratio (how many times the day is bigger than the night) and the (ArmA) date. It returns the needed multipliers (for the desired day and night duration in respect to the total duration of the day) as well as the sunrise and sunset times for that specific day (this is somewhat redundant since you could get them from BIS_fnc_sunriseSunsetTime, but since this function is used inside my function I thought it would be nice to return them). A simple use example would be // The function will be called myTag_fnc_timeVals for this example but you can name it whatever you want // Set variables (most probably you will get them from somewhere such as a mission parameter with "BIS_fnc_getParamValue" private _dayDur = 0.3; // Duration of ArmA day in real-life hours (half an hour in real life corresponds to one full ArmA day) private _dnFac = 1.5; // Day lasts 1.5 times the duration of the night // Get day multiplier, night multiplier, sunrise (ArmA) time and sunset (ArmA) time for the current (ArmA) day given by command "date" _timeVals = [_dayDur, _dnFac, date] call myTag_fnc_timeVals; // Handle the time in a "continuous" manner while{true} do { // Check time of day if(daytime > (_timeVals select 3) || {daytime < (_timeVals select 2)}) then { setTimeMultiplier (_timeVals select 1); // Use night multiplier } else { setTimeMultiplier (_timeVals select 0); // Use day multiplier }; // Sleep (a lot...) sleep 120; }; Below is the implementation of the function. I would like to apologise in advance though, for the cluttering with posting all the code here. I thought it could be a convenience for anyone who would like to use it. The function can also be found in this GitLab repository. In the code posted here, I have skipped parameter checks which you can implement yourself or copy the code from the provided link. NOTE: Due to the fact that the function will force the day and the night to have the given relation (given by the fraction), and due to the fact that possibly the "natural" day has different duration than the "natural" night, setting the ratio to 1 does not mean that the time multipliers will be 1. If you want to return to "normal" time use directly setTimeMultiplier command. Finally, please feel free to suggest (or implement yourself and share back) any improvements, or changes :). /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Inputs * ---------- * dayDur [Number] (Optional): Duration of the whole day in real hours (defaults to 24) * dnFac [Number] (Optional): The day-to-night ratio (defaults to 1) * dayOfYear [date] (Optional): The day of the year for which the multipliers will be * calculated (defaults to the current ArmA date) * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Output * ---------- * data [Array]: - _this select 0 [Number]: Day multiplier * - _this select 1 [Number]: Night multiplier * - _this select 2 [Number]: Sunrise time * - _this select 3 [Number]: Sunset time * * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ // Get input variables params[["_dayDur", 24, [24]], // Total duration of day ["_dnFac", 1, [1]], // Day-to-Night factor ["_dayOfYear", date, [date]]]; // Asked date // Declare some variables private _riseSet = _dayOfYear call BIS_fnc_sunriseSunsetTime; // Get the sunrise and sunset times of the day private _durs = [nil, nil]; // Calculate day and night duration (in real life hours) _durs set[0, (_riseSet select 1) - (_riseSet select 0)]; // Calculate day duration _durs set[1, 24 - (_durs select 0)]; // Calculate night duration // Calculate multipliers /* Solve simultaneously: * * dayDur * dayMul + nightDur * nightMul = 24 (1) * (dayDur * dayMul)/(nightDur * nightMul) = dayNightFrac (2) * * The result is: * * dayMul = 24/(nightDur * (1 + dayNightFrac)) * nightMul = (nightDur * dayNightFrac * dayMul)/dayDur */ private _dMul = 24/((_durs select 1) * (1 + _dnFac)); // Calculate the day multiplier private _nMul = ((_durs select 1) * _dnFac * _dMul)/(_durs select 0); // Calculate the night multiplier // Multiply with "global multiplier" _dMul = _dMul * 24/_dayDur; // Final day multiplier _nMul = _nMul * 24/_dayDur; // Final night multiplier // Return and exit [_dMul, _nMul, _riseSet select 0, _riseSet select 1] Hope this will be useful to someone. Take care, have fun and ArmA a lot :). EDIT: Corrected the code. A "total multiplier" was missing and day and night multipliers needed corrections. Now works correctly (I hope)... EDIT: A couple of bug fixes... Sorry ;(
  5. Hi everyone ! So I have a really simple question that I'm sure you have already seen before. It's about skip time, but more like "X hours and Y minutes. I'm searching for hours now, I keep trying again and again, without any success. Even the BIKI can't make me do things correctly ! :( So here I am ! I have made 2 samples to my function : cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 600]; private ["_hoursToSkip","_minutesToSkip"]; _msg = [[" _hoursToSkip HEURES AND _minutesToSkip MINNUTES LATER ... ","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t><br/>"]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; _hoursToSkip = _this select 0; _minutesToSkip= _this select 1; skipTime (_hoursToSkip + 0._minutesToSkip - daytime + 24 ) % 24; waitUntil{scriptDone _msg}; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 600]; private ["_hoursToSkip","_minutesToSkip"]; _msg = [[" _hoursToSkip HEURES ET _minutesToSkip MINNUTES PLUS TARD ... ","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t><br/>"]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; return date = _actualDate; _actualDateN = dateToNumber _actualDate; _actualDateN + _hoursToSkip*0.00274 + _minutesToSkip*0.000046 = _newDateN; _finalDate = numberToDate _newDateN; setDate _finalDate; waitUntil{scriptDone _msg}; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; Declared in the "description.ext" file : class CfgFunctions { class Y { class timeSkip { file = "functions"; class timeSkip {}; ext = ".sqf"; }; }; }; Saved as "functions\fn_timeSkip.sqf" and detected in the InGame function menu aswell. None of them works with this command : [["5","5"],"Y_fnc_timeSkip",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; I need to make it work in multiplayer. The beginning of the function work great, I got a black screen. But nothing else. Sometimes, the _msg appears (with [5,5] as array instead of ["5","5"]), sometimes not. Can you help me with that ? Thanks a lot ! :) Full working code here (link to reply on this topic)
  6. Does anyone have a script or an immersive way to skip time? I would like for everyone to be able to change the time, either by adding an action to deployed sleeping bag (like zues has with spawn points), or a simple, if you sit down you get an addaction to skip the time 2 hours forward. It would be amazing if there was a fallout kind of way to skip time, with a slider and everything.
  7. EDIT: Solved. Add waitUntil {triggerActivated StartSpawn}; for "_i" from 1 To 4 do { to the start of the .sqf to limit the number of loops and add sleep 600; to the end, like so: Trying to make an AI group spawn at 1 of 4 locations every 10 minutes when Opfor is present. Currently, Opfor enters condition area, a group spawns correctly, but it seems Opfor has to leave and re-enter the area to trigger another spawn. I want the trigger to loop continuously every 10 minutes so long as Opfor remains present. //Trigger //EnemyWest01.sqf
  8. Hi all, Setting up a parameter for in the lobby to let the admin set how fast time goes. What are the values needed though? To set the time at double speed do I put setTimeMultiplier 2; and if I want the time to go 4 times as fast do it put setTimeMultiplier 4; Basically I am after 4 options: 1 hour in game = 30 mins real time, 1 hour in game = 15 mins real time, 1 hour in game = 10 mins real time and 1 hour in game = 5 mins real time. If someone could post the values I need I would really appreciate it!!
  9. I have a MP mission I've been creating that my friend and I play. I have supports one of which is transport via helos. I'd like to add in an optional mission that populates if an AI gets shot down. I have seen it in other missions I play. Basically, the crew is shot down, you're assigned to rescue, and when a player gets close, the downed crew(if alive) is added to your squad. How do I do that? Also, is there a simple way to have a choice in game to change the time? We've played terrorist hunt scenarios where we go up to a briefing board and click change time. We'd just like to be able to switch from day to night. So we can do one task during the day and maybe RTB and switch to night for the next. Thanks, Matt
  10. Hello there Guys ! I am wondering if anyone knows , how to show actual real life Time in game , ex : with a bis_fnc_dynamicText by opening the map I 'm trying but can't find how. Thanks!
  11. Before I'll start making up some huge and complicated workaround... ... can anyone tell me if we have a simple way of turning the data aquired by "date" into something like this: The year is obvious, but do we have commands or macros to convert "8" into "August" and "14" into "14th" and the current day into "Tuesday" or do I have to make up my own crapcode for this?
  12. Is it possible to trigger music to play after a certain amount of time has passed without any combat? Would it be possible to make the music stop as soon as combat begins again? I have never heard of something like this being done, but I think it would significantly contribute to the atmosphere of my missions. It would reduce the bored of long walks and build tension. I also think that music during combat is distracting. Any feedback would be very appreciated.
  13. Hi, I have a MP PvP system where I display a Timer at the top left of the screen. Problem : When the mission ends, and outro is launched, Timer is not at 00:00:00 for everyone. some are 15s early, some are late etc ... all players are not synced ! Here is how it works : What it looks like ingame (Video example) : When the players exits the Weapon Menu : Null = [] execVM "timer.sqf"; Timer script be like : description.ext in my Mission, outro.sqf is activated by a trigger : Many thanks for all the help I can get ! Best regards.
  14. So I've been trying to follow the various threads on this topic, but I'm not the greatest at figuring out just where I messed up in my script. I am trying to have my players be able to set the mission time / weather parameters before beginning. Could someone take a look and tell me how to repair it? I get weather parameter working, but the time one won't kick in. Then I can get time working, but weather won't kick in. This is the description.ext class Params { class initialWeatherParam { title = "Starting Weather"; values[] = {0,1,2,3,4}; texts[] = {"Clear","Overcast","Rain","Fog","Random"}; default = 4; }; class TimeOfDay { title = "Time of Day"; values[] = {-6, 0, 8, 13}; texts[] = {"Morning", "Clear day", "Sundown", "Night"}; default = 0; }; }; Here is my init. I think this is where I am lost? weather = paramsarray select 0; timeofday = paramsarray select 1; execVM "briefing.sqf"; execVM "randomWeather2.sqf"; I'm using the RandomWeather2.sqf script from here - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24614 Any help would be appreciated.