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    That is how "Investment" works in the world of finance.
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    Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/episode/5sq5PYIeIF8DPXTbxJYvLO?si=QnPl7tPLS6-KsVSWbxjxkw
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    FFtA3: From Flashpoint to ArmA3 [PvP]

    CHANGELOG : (Send FeedBack : flashrangerarma3@gmail.com) 18/12/2020 : - Mini Hexenkessel : First release
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    Esports in Arma?

    Hello @Varhastra, If you have done a little google with keywords "eSports", "Arma 3" you would have found the Electronic Sports Masters exists since 2015 in Arma 3 to bring eSports. Multiple successful tournaments based on Capture The Flag have been organised. Here is our Discord : https://discord.gg/93FVBrH
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    FFtA3: From Flashpoint to ArmA3 [PvP]

    CHANGELOG : (Send FeedBack : flashrangerarma3@gmail.com) 29/11/2020 : - S-Curve : First release
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  12. I don't know  if you are still doing the Arma Radio thing, but if you are, may I suggest you interview Captain Childs of the 4th Marine Raider Battalion Realism Unit.  He is articulate and knowledgeable and has built one of the most realistic and successful Arma 3 units in action today.


    1. Flash-Ranger


      Hi thanks for your feedback.
      We are starting up again. So if a topic is suited for an talk with this guy, we will contact him ! Thanks !

    2. mattis


      If it relates to Realism Units and Arma 3, Childs is a great source.

      Thanks for your response.


      Have a great weekend Flash.



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