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  1. Well, first i had issues getting the unitcapture to record the data and now its not re playing it, it shows an error of an unknown variable but there is nothing in that spot. Error in-game: https://gyazo.com/0f2145c636d11937df87796a51385890 Script in file: https://gyazo.com/1aefd8d4c3caf51e639e30197bd0ff33 Any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: I launched without mods and now it doest even show the black box in the top right that signals im recording
  2. Senor Dav3

    Bulldozer not doing anything

    I've no fucking clue how to set that up, if someone could dumb that down to me that would be cool!
  3. I'm trying to go in to bulldozer from terrain builder, but when i click on to connect to it it shows my cursor is loading something then it just gives me a cross on my screen. https://gyazo.com/314d942af74f27e3ca05e410c9422ef9 That blue square and plus are where it keeps going to every time, i tried everything like different parameters, making arma 3.exe be the launch for it. Nothing worked so far, plls help!
  4. Nevermind i got it sorted, it was just a typo, so if what people, just doublecheck your file, its always a typo that'll get ya
  5. So, im trying to do my thing making a map and everything, then when i go to generate layers it throws me up this error https://gyazo.com/7e6be1efbd9454e8d22ff9f7c2f1f97f It used to say about not finding "P:/" at all but now it changed to the one mentioned up above. Yet when i load the layers.cfg file in it shows me a green check mark but then throws an error up. Shown in video here https://gyazo.com/aa0ad9a10ef6e64d4ed48da6fb5c8001 I will provide the script from the layers.cfg file below class Layers { class gdt_rock { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_rock_co.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_rock.rvmat"; }; class gdt_gras { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_gras.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\al_gras.rvmat"; }; class gdt_strbeach { texture = "Dave_First_Island\data\strbeach_co.paa"; material = "Dave_First_Island\data\strbeach_co.rvmat"; }; class Legend { picture = "Dave_First_Island\source\mapLegend.png"; ); ); class Colors { gdt_rock[] = {{255, 0, 0}}; gdt_gras[] = {{0, 0, 255}}; gdt_strbeach[] = {{0, 255, 0}}; }; }; Forgive me if there are any mistakes its just im not the best with this type of language in specific. But any questions or help would be sincerely appreciated, Thanks!