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  1. sprucewaine

    Unit Deletion

    I am pretty sure that there is still a group limit attached to that. Its like 288 or something now, bumped from 144.....
  2. How would you go about caching units only to be deleted later, but doing it all locally? Ive set up a nice script that populates towns with random patrols, now i just need a way for the patrols to get deleted once the player leaves the area. HNK_fnc_createVehPatrols does nothing, thats for later once i figure out how to delete the spawned units. :P Also i ment to type selectRandom instead of floor random.
  3. sprucewaine

    Getting AI to land Chopper

    You are right about me reading the wiki wrong, i didn't expect it wanting the vehicle instead of the driver.
  4. sprucewaine

    Getting AI to land Chopper

    Welp, so apparently telling the leader of the group to land does nothing. You must tell the actual helicopter to land. so by adding a "vehicle this" to the waypointstatement, i managed to get it to work. :( half a day gone. Learning to script out everything so that you don't have to use the editor is an amazing and wroth while endeavor. You have the potential to create a live universe that can spawn it self when needed, and delete itself when not. If you do it correctly, it won't even matter what map its on, you could just copy and paste the scripts into any map and it will work.
  5. sprucewaine

    Getting AI to land Chopper

    Its not searching, its just hovering. The command works pretty well, but i haven't gotten it to work on a way point statement might be the issue. Although the way point statement works fine with any other command.
  6. sprucewaine

    Getting AI to land Chopper

    The do stop did not work, perhaps i did it wrong. I did both doStop units _veh, and doStop _veh. edit *I made a mistake and put _veh instead of this, but i tried this, and it still didn't work?* thanks for the suggestions on removing the event handler.
  7. I want the crew to stay in the helicopter, but i don't know how to get it to land in any other way but this. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_gunner"]; if (_ammo isEqualTo "SmokeShell") then { _unit removeEventHandler ["Fired", 0]; _pos = [getPos _projectile, 500, 500] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _veh = createVehicle ["B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_tropic_F", _pos, [], 0, "FLY"]; _veh allowdamage false; createVehicleCrew _veh; {myCurator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_x],true ];}forEach units group _veh; //debug _wp = group _veh addWaypoint [position _projectile, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "GETOUT"; _veh addEventHandler ["GetIn", { params ["_vehicle", "_role", "_unit", "_turret"]; [tsk,"SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; [tsk] call BIS_fnc_deleteTask; call selectRandom [HNK_fnc_createTask_HVT]; {deleteVehicle _x}forEach crew _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle; }]; }; }]; Keep in mind, ive spent the whole day trying out setWaypointstatement, and trying utilizing what the wiki example gave. _helicopter move (getPos _destination); sleep 3; while { ( (alive _helicopter) && !(unitReady _helicopter) ) } do { sleep 1; }; if (alive _helicopter) then { _helicopter land "LAND"; }; And the AI will just hover over where it is suppose to land. Also if you know how to add a waitUntil {speed _projectile == 0}, much appreciated because i keep getting generic error in any form of implementation i choose.
  8. _inf = "((configName _x) isKindOf 'rhsusf_infantry_usmc_base')" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); costs = []; publicVariable "costs"; {costs = costs + [getText (_x >> 'displayName'),0.001]}forEach _inf; [ myCurator, costs] call BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; I know 'displayName' isn't right, this was just my last attempt at it before giving up. How do i make it so that it doesn't return the whole path to the config entry? I still hate this method of registering costs to curator objects as now it will be a flat rate for what ever category of isKingOf a mod will have. side note- I wish i could use the default costs that account for the units equipment, But still easily white list the entries that i want the curator to be able to spawn using mod config paths. Makes it so much easier than having to do everything by hand, also allows a ton of customization as eventually it would be cool to make your Zeus faction select able, and have it automatically get all the units for it.
  9. sprucewaine

    Hide Certain Units from Zeus Operators in Zeus Menu

    In order to hide groups, you would have to hide one unit to break the group. So lets say you wanted to make a group spawnable, and you have disabled everything? You would have to enable all the units and vehicles that make up that group composition to spawn it, and i haven't figured out a way to either only show group or only show units. Here are some examples. [ getAssignedCuratorLogic player, ["ModuleFlareWhite_F",0.02,"ModuleFlareYellow_F",0.02,"ModuleFlareGreen_F",0.02]] call BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; This will make it so your zeus interface can only spawn these 3 things, everything else will be thrown out. So if you wanted to, you could just grab all the cfg vehicle classes you want them to be able to spawn, and individually set their prices. I know that sounds tedious, i currently am trying to find a way that will utilize the config and just automatically do it. myCurator addEventHandler [ "CuratorObjectRegistered", { _classes = _this select 1; _costs = []; { _cost = if (_x isKindOf "rhsusf_hmmwe_base" or (_x isKindOf "rhsusf_infantry_army_base") or (_x isKindOf "Module_F")) then {[true,0]} else {[false,0]}; _costs = _costs + [_cost]; } forEach _classes; // Go through all classes and assign cost for each of them _costs } ]; Using Cfg Class trees, you can plug them into the isKindOf area, and can build your list of assets by doing that. This code sets everything i want to being free, and everything that isn't what i called to hidden. Eventually i want to figure out how to set individual prices or try and combine it with the default costs module. What ever you do, don't look at cost tables, because that is just a whole nother hell that you will waste significant amount of time trying to figure out, It just doesn't make sense at all. :( lol Unless someone on these forums wants to call me out on it, and show me a whole world of easy zeus asset balancing. As for using the second Method, place arma 3 units that are part of the same faction / mod, and look at their config. They will usually have Inheritance, and that is what you are going to use to grab all the units that are similar. For instance if you wanted all men, then it would just be isKindOf Man, If you wanted just blufor it would be SoldierWB or something. Usually all mods and vanilla have a base class of a soldier or vehicle that you can pull to get all the variations.
  10. This is my Create FOB function. If you replace the event handler with removeAllCuratorEditingAreas, it will work. I want to make it where you can place as many HQs as you want, But when they get destroyed so goes the editing area around it. Spent like 4 hours trying to figure it out . My first attempt i just made a _EA variable, but i wasn't sure if it was storing the code or the actual number, And if that number would stay with the event handler or change when the event handler fired, but then this attempt confirms that it wouldn't of worked anyway. I know {} is code, and () is number, but it was still confusing as what if you recalled the function, would previous eventhandlers change? HNK_createFOB = { params ["_veh"]; _vehPos = getPos _veh; deleteVehicle _veh; _HQ = HQClass createVehicle _vehPos; myCurator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_HQ],true]; _HQ setVariable ["_EA",((count curatorEditingArea myCurator) + 1)]; myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [(_HQ getVariable "_EA"),position _HQ,100]; _HQ addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea (_HQ getVariable "_EA"); }];};
  11. sprucewaine

    Rearming AI

    I can't figure out how to tell units to rearm when i'm in Zeus. How do you re arm units in high command and Zeus?
  12. sprucewaine

    Defining Configs in description.ext

    I am working with the CBA Addon. Would it be part of the mission or a seperate addon?
  13. sprucewaine

    Telling AI squads to re-arm in zeus?

    Can we reopen this? I am working with modded infantry, and so i can't even confirm that moving AI next to ammo would do anything. This is a huge barrier if you ever make a zeus mission where the curator has limited troops to throw at you, as once they are all out of ammo they are toast.
  14. sprucewaine

    How do cost tables work?

    bump? ive been trying to make a zeus mission, and have only iron front addons show up, and on top of that i wanted to individually set the price.... Has anyone successfully even used a cost table? because even the example they give on the wiki is broken, it only shows the cars.