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  1. I managed to do this on my own. My main problem was to use the sounds of Arma itself. So I ended up playing the sounds while recording them. In the description.ext: class CfgMusic { Music[] = {}; class track01 { name = "track01"; sound[] = {"music\ping_sound.ogg", 5, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; And in the .sqf for the ping: while {true} do { private _drawEHID = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { drawIcon3D ["\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\move_ca.paa", [0.73, 0.24, 0.11, 1], getPos operatorOpf, 1, 1, 0]; }]; playMusic "track01"; sleep 5; removeMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", _drawEHID]; sleep 10; }; I saved the audio file as .odd in the mission folder. Now it's working well and you can't tell the difference. Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Im pretty happy because it's working. Thank you very much. Now I wanted to add a notification tone but playsound isn't working quite well...
  3. I see. I didn't know about the removeMissionEventHandler. But the game tells me an error in line 2 because of an missing " ; " and I can't find it.
  4. Hello everyone, I made this script and it's working quite well. addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { drawIcon3D ["\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\move_ca.paa", [0.73, 0.24, 0.11, 1], getPos operatorOpf, 1, 1, 0, "", 0, 0, ""]; }]; With it I'm able to constantly ping a defined player. Now I'm struggling with the script being executed ever minute and then show the ping for five seconds. After that the script should stop for again one minute and so on. Has someone an idea?
  5. I guess I came accross this post but I'm not quite sure if I can use it to automatically ping another player. Is this possible? So it does the trick with the ping and I really like it. The only thing which I don't get to work is to ping the players automatically every minute.
  6. Hello everyone, I managed to build my own 1v1 map with some additional handy scripts. Now I want to add something else but I didn't manage to find anything on the internet to start with. We realized while playing the game that it would be useful if the enemy player would get pinged on his current location. So my question is if someone has an idea. Quick description: Every minute a position marker (like the tacitcal ping (strg+t)) appears ingame on the position of the enemy player and remains there for 5 seconds. Addition: It would be the best if you could turn this option for the position marker on and off. I would appreciate it if someone can help me.
  7. Ah okey, I see. Thank you very much! It's working quite well. Hopefully you're having a blessed time.
  8. Hello again, I'm working on a 1 versus 1 deathmatch mission (There's a closer description in another Forum-Topic). The respawn is working as well as the rest of it. The last thing I want to add is a scoreboard with the remaining tickets but not like the one when you press 'P' (at least in my case). At first I wanted an always shown indicator like in Tom Clancy's - Rainbow Six Siege at the top middle of the screen. After a while I found this script (Steam-Source). It's not a permanent indicator (which I would prefer) but it shows at least after every respawn a count. This is for the client and this is for the server It could be my mistake but I didn't manage to get this to work and I find the following problem: A dead player is always seen as an civilian. Because of that the script just always runs the "else" path. So the scoreboard shows not the real remaining tickets. As a "fix" of this I found this on steam (Steam-Source) but I didn't manage to do this. Can someone help me fixing the bug for the scoreboard I found? Or is someone able to script a scoreboard like the one in Rainbow Six? Thank you very much for your help!
  9. Oh yes, now I see. I was actually on that page and read this but missed that point. Thanks a lot😄
  10. That's awesome. After a while I figured out how the script works and I really like it. When I wrote my script I already knew there would be a better and simpler way to do this. Thank you. But I have one question remaining 'cause I didn't understand what you mean by saying: Could you try explaining it to me? I really want to understand it. But thank you very much anyway😊
  11. I have a following question but it's not related to the main problem of this thread but it's the same mission. If I should create a new one just tell me. When a player get's killed he will respawn at a given location (works fine now). Because it's supposed to be a 1vs1 map the player who gets the kill should automatically return to spawn as well - but without respawning because of his death. So I wrote my first script ever because I'm trying to figure out how to do this and I'm still learning. I ended up with this in the init.sqf: player addEventHandler ["HandleScore", { [] spawn { hint "Return to respawn in 5 seconds..."; sleep 1; hint "Return to respawn in 4 seconds..."; sleep 1; hint "Return to respawn in 3 seconds..."; sleep 1; hint "Return to respawn in 2 seconds..."; sleep 1; hint "Return to respawn in 1 seconds..."; sleep 1; hint "You successfully returned to respawn"; if (playerSide == blufor) then { player setPos (getMarkerPos "Exit1"); player setDamage 0; } else { player setPos (getMarkerPos "Exit2"); player setDamage 0; }; }}]; The good news about this it works fine for me and there are no problems. After I get a kill the hints shows up and after 5 seconds I return to spawn. It's working for both sides Bluefor and Opfor. The problem is, that it isn't working for my friend. I guess the solution is obviously but please be lenient - it's my first script ever and I've never done something like this before 😄 Thanks for your help!
  12. Hello and thank you very much. I haven't thought about solving the problem with the help of a script. In this case the problem wasn't just one of mine? But anyway it works fine, thank you!
  13. Hello everyone. I could use some help because I really don't know what might be the problem. I'm editing a MP-Mission with a respawn-module for Blufor and one for Opfor (Settings - Typ: Infantry, Side: Opfor/Blufor, Show to: Only the side). I've also placed a respawn-ticket-module set to five for Blufor and Opfor. At least I connected both respawn-modules with the ticket-module. So. What works fine is the ticket system. After more than five deaths the mission ends. But that's not the problem. In the multiplayer settings I set "Respawn on Custom Position" with the settings 'show respawn counter' and 'subtract tickets upon death'. I also activated the scoreboard, the manual respawn and a respawn delay of 10 seconds. So actually I expect the following to happen: After you get killed you see the scoreboard for ten seconds. After this countdown you will automatically spawn at your (Blufor or Opfor) respawn. What really happens: Opfor is spawning at his point of death while Bluefor is mostly spawning at the respawn point but not always. I was testing this with an Opfor and an Blufor Assault Rifleman playing on both sides but also with a friend who was playing the other side. What do I fail to see? I would really appreciate if someone could help you. Thank you!