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  1. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    What exactly does "much problems" mean.
  2. This bug exists for years already. Most of my missions are tagged with multiplayer and it can't be changed. Weird thing is, for some missions it actually does work and you can remove the tag... Haven't figured out yet what makes the difference.
  3. Lack of good usermade SP content

    Singleplayer or "Singleplayer and COOP" makes a big difference. As soon as there is the potential of more than one player, the whole approach to mission design changes. Suddenly you have to think about the respawn system, you have to think about content that pleases multiple players (at the same time), you have to think about the difficulty and balance, depending on the open-ness of the mission you have to know and expect the position of each player at all times, you have to bugtest the mission with multiple people (in mind),.... It's really not "just slap a couple open player slots into my singleplayer and done", it's a whole lot more work and you WILL be limited in terms of story development. IMO people tend to throw the COOP-mode through the room way too easily nowadays. Me personally, once I see a "SP/COOP" on the workshop, I usually ignore it right away. This is very true. In case anyone from BI is reading this, here is my proposal for the future: After playing a scenario from the workshop, open a popup with a thumbs up and thumbs down icon. Once you press either, a comment input field will be available and you can type in your thoughts. If you vote negative, you also get a list of pre-defined options to tick, to state why you've voted negative. This way *everyone* is encouraged to rate and give feedback, which is very important for mission creators. Without this... barely anyone gives a damn. @dmarkwick: Sure, this can work out, but these randomly generated scenarios will never have any kind of deeper story to tell... and I think this is what @Wiki mostly meant when starting the thread. I'm in the same boat here, I want something to feel and characters to care about. They don't have to spew an unlimited amount of dialog or force whatever lame story down your throat or such, but at least *something* should be there. Of course, such content also requires a lot more work... And we aren't in 2001 anymore, you can't just put down a couple waypoints and expect the convoy to go (hehehe), I'm pretty sure player expectations have drastically increased as well. Oh well. The worst feeling is seeing a shitty, quickly mashed together mission having thousands of subs, while your content, that you've spend maybe weeks on, will sit at somewhere 500 or less. :D It's just... well, maybe bad marketing, who knows.
  4. Actually I'm more confused about this not being possible to set via animate or animatedoor command. Would make a lot sense, but... nope.
  5. The smartest thing to do would be if ArmA4 is to ArmA3 what ArmA2 is to ArmA1: Using all of the existing assets from A3, but with upgraded textures, as well as adding lots of new stuff. For this to make sense, this also means that a potential A4 has to be set somewhere between 2015 and 2040, though (which I would have no problem with at all... Sorry, but I don't want the cold war times again). Anyway... I think mechanic-wise, A3 is a good foundation.. it's just that it all needs to be tied together to make it feel like a coherent package... and it needs a lot more bug fixes. Both things I'm hoping the future A4 will bring to the table.
  6. Reorder FSM?

    It's annoying that you have to set these options every time you load a file. Shame nobody seems to be updating this editor to enhance it a little bit.
  7. Well, I checked out the campaign missions on the dev-branch yesterday and just a few were saved with the 3den editor, which means that no visual changes (scenery, etc) have been done to the majority of the missions since back in the days. In the few that actually have been updated directly with 3den I could not find any obvious change except for the Hub locations. Some of them seem to have a few more scenery objects, but that's about it. Jets showcase is the exception, I guess because it was made by B01 and they are the ones who realized the new destroyer asset.
  8. I thought it's the stuff mentioned here. If so, then it's not as much as the SITREP made it sound like.
  9. I didn't investigate if there is an easier method, but I had a similar problem with the civilian plane. The above mentioned trick with engineOn does work, though. Put this into the vehicles init field (Plane needs a pilot) : 0 = this spawn { _this engineOn true; sleep 1; deleteVehicle driver _this; _this engineOn false; }; The vehicle will start and stop right away.
  10. I was thinking it probably would be a lot better if the blackfish would work like a flying artillery gun. You mark targets and it'll drop the load. Right now it just behaves like a generic plane with a weird firing arc. Even if you "hack" it with putting the pilot into his own group, the gunners will attack anything they see on sight. Playing as a soldier on the ground and making them target exactly what you want, including the amount of shots to fire, requires additional advanced scripting again. It's not impossible to do, but... it should really be a vanilla game feature, imo.
  11. I haven't checked it out yet, but I kinda expected DLC assets to somehow getting into the campaign. Like, would be cool to be able to get a Nyx in Bingo Fuel, if you have tanks DLC activated. You know, stuff like that.
  12. ^ this kinda works, but it's all so quick. Dead -> Bam, new character. I've added some sleep, but because the main menu pops up after about 3 seconds, you can only have a sleep of ~2.x and I'm not sure how fail-proof that is (is it the same time on every computer?). I've also found this in a 2014 thread: Couldn't get this to work, though, as I have no idea how exactly to handle call. :D Still I guess the outcome would be similar. Honestly, I guess the best and least hacky thing would be to get it done the BI-way, but I have no idea how they made it work.
  13. I'm a bit annoyed right now, because this stuff took me way more time already than I wanted to spend on it... What I'm trying to do is a custom death screen for my singleplayer mission. So far so easy, right? Just that no matter what I do, I can't get it to work... Here is what I've tried: Empty onPlayerKilled.sqs in the mission folder. Has no effect. Empty onPlayerKilled.sqf has no effect either. It does register, however, as my hint "test"; gets triggered. It's just that the menu comes up right after. Then I tried the BI approach from the vanilla campaign, which is basically this: class CfgRespawnTemplates { // Class used in respawnTemplates entry class None { // Function or script executed upon death. Parameters passed into it are the same as are passed into onPlayerKilled.sqf file onPlayerKilled = "rsc\playerKilled.sqf"; }; }; This works *partly* ... The menu won't show up anymore, but instead my game will freeze (ui won't shows up no matter what). Is there anything I'm missing? The forum search mostly gives me old threads which boil down to "use onPlayerKilled", which as I've written above, doesn't seem to work.
  14. It's hard to make good content with it for multiple reasons: - First things first, it's actually hard to make something playable that is also fun, duh. - Usually the ai will just screw you over... - ... so if you really want this to work good, you'll have to script like everything, which is a lot work. - Oh, and view range is an issue. The plane has to fly high, but the view range goes only so far until either performance or lod glitches will hit you. - If you're the gunner, the (singleplayer) mission needs lots of unique dialog to make it not feel super boring. - If you're the pilot... it's just not that exciting. - If you are a soldier on the ground... oh boy, there we go to the scripting again. The AI just can't use the plane in a way that it looks good. I tried a lot, then gave up because it wasn't worth the headache. - Generally I think the aiming is still completely fucked. At least I am unable to hit my targets most of the time in the first go. Just tried it right now for about 10 minutes, first from 2km height, then from 1km height... zeroing is completely fucked and I can hardly hit shit. - There are two gunners, so in singleplayer you can't even control all the weapons at once. In the end it's a shame, really. The plane looks good, but only as a scenery object. There's a reason why we haven't seen an official showcase mission with the Blackfish...
  15. Is it just me or is the config viewer borked now? Always when I double click a sub class, the list jumps to the bottom and I have to search for the class I was in before (e.g. any vehicle class). It's highly annoying. Oh, and while I'm at it... a basic filter or search function for that list would be awesome.