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  1. But then his face won't move at all.
  2. Well, you didn't state how exactly you want to modify that thing? If you just want a different texture, then that's no problem at all. Edit the existing textures and use hidden selections with a new config and that's it. Plenty people are doing exactly that since ever.
  3. But no weapon changes yet? Did some quick look at a couple basic rifles, but didn't notice any difference so far.
  4. Arma 3 - Possible Console Idea

    But is that really true? - Yes, A3 has a truckton of buttons to press, but in my normal gameplay, I barely use half of that. Most actions could be easily mapped on a gamepad. Some sort of inventory / action wheel would make it easier. Planes might be more complicated, but maybe not... I'm not much a pilot. - You can forget about mods, that one is kinda obvious. It's not that mods generally wouldn't work, but all the crap around it. I remember it took Bethsoft lots of time to convince Microsoft / Sony to allow mods on their hardware. But how many games do even support mods on console? At this point, nobody expects mods. - Performance is a big issue, and probably the main blocker. Still, I'm pretty sure it would be possible if the scenarios are explicitly designed to run on a console. Not saying that Arma on console is a good / bad idea, just my two cents.
  5. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    I'm using this thread for the new roadmap update. The following part got me and forced me to respond: LOL. (I rarely use 'lol' nowadays, but just can't hold it back here) We barely get any info on anything planned ever since... even before Apex. Seriously. BI, you don't give out information on *anything* unless it is about to get released in a month or will be on dev branch in three days. If this is good or bad practice is a different issue entirely, but Jesus... it's not like you're showering us in intel. Yeah, about that... Remember how folks expected like animations and melee and tactical knifes and shit from the TacOps-DLC? Or how folks were bummed once they saw the Apex content outside of Tanoa? That was because you never shot down any of such crazy talk with some actual real info. People are in the dark up until before the content gets released, and by then the expectations went wild already. Shit, I've read from people expecting "The Old Man"-scenario to be some MGSV-level stuff. You want to carefully manage expectations? Then just say... something, I don't know. This is not a rant post (well, maybe a little bit). I know how shitty it is to have uncertain plans and you don't want to share anything until you are really certain.. but the above quotes just triggered me and I had to let this out. Other than that, thanks for the update provided. At least it's good to know that we should not expect the announced scenario to appear within this year and that there's still the option of more official content in the future.
  6. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Hey, but I'm supporting at least one mod! If you're using BI's ADR-97, you will start with that rifle in mission 03, instead of the Mk20. Wish I would have been able to give it some more space, but sadly it doesn't really fit in much places within this campaign.
  7. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    There's at least two vehicles in the mission, but both should work fine. Not sure what RHS changes, but in the end, any mod can have an influence on the gameplay. Sadly I can't really help with that, because I barely use big mods (exactly because I'm primarily creating content for the vanilla A3, so it's important for me not to have anything influence vanilla gameplay, etc).
  8. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Heh, you sure you aren't running any mods? Usually it is enough to park the fuel truck near the vehicle you want to refuel, then enter said vehicle and the refueling starts. This is nothing that I have scripted, it's vanilla game behavior. I'll check it out again later today, but at this point I have no idea what would cause this. /Edit: I can't reproduce this. https://i.imgur.com/IAk0Yye.png
  9. Grabbing Waypoints

    At least the export is easy. Scenario -> Export -> Export to SQF. No idea how to load the data, though.
  10. But does it matter? Even if I don't use bis_fnc_fire, the turret simply won't watch the target (correctly), which is the core problem. Also, unless I do something wrong, FIA_GORGON1 fireAtTarget [pos_gorgon_fire1,"autocannon_30mm_CTWS"]; Doesn't work at all. I've also tried a combination with revealing the objects to the vehicle, but no change either.
  11. Grabbing Waypoints

    Well, it is quite "new". Can't find its first appearance right now, but it does have a relative function since 26th september on the dev-branch.
  12. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Are these the only NPCs to be stuck? /Edit: I've just pushed a new update to the workshop. Please let me know if it changes anything for you.
  13. Grabbing Waypoints

    Isn't this the perfect example for the newly added BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF ? Put this stuff into a new mission, export it all and later import it into the mission whenever and wherever you want to?
  14. Here is a repro mission: https://pastebin.com/auWQwRdh The APC will move his turret to the positions, but not up and down to aim at the targets. I'm using from ... to ... here to loop the gunfire and randomly assign a target, but even if I assign a fixed target first, it changes nothing. Like I wrote before, this worked flawless for at least two years (I just yesterday found out that it doesn't work anymore, so I sadly don't know since when it does *not* work anymore).
  15. Not yet. Only exchanged the helper objects with game logics, in the hopes of things to change, but nothing. I feel a bit reluctant to do this invisible enemy workaround, because doWatch worked correctly in that mission for years, and also... because it is yet another workaround. /Edit: Just tried the invisible soldier, but again, same effect, the AI just won't point the vehicle turret at it.