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  1. lexx

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Try using the verify game integrity function from steam. It will check your files and redownload them if necessary. @krzychuzokecia: the APC is a captured asset by the Tura insurgents. Arganan army / SFIA is not directly featured in the scenario. There is a piece of intel about it at a later point in the scenario. Personally I can't agree on your complaints with visibility, etc. of the enemy and their vehicles at all. Especially the APCs are loud and you usually can hear them from kilometers away. The offroads aren't exactly stealthy as well. We're not hiding them from the player either - their approach is usually quite obvious. Packing some anti-tank launcher should help dealing with them easily. About the travel time, you can just use the helicopter or do the fast insertion. I've read lots of reviews about the scenario by now and so far you are the first to mention extensive travel times. This is not to invalidate your feedback - I can totally understand it. But this is why there are other, much faster options of traveling as well. The ai skill for singleplayer is set to almost the lowest possible grade. I've just booted up the mission for a test and they missed me quite a lot until one bullet finally hit. Maybe you just got unlucky with that 400m hit? Having players choose tasks sounds great, but it would have instantly complicated the mission design by a lot. Also the scenario is quite extensive already (~4 hours of playtime, give or take), and with consideration of the coop experience, making it even longer would not have been good. Anything bigger simply would quickly run out of scope for what this scenario is supposed to be about. That said, I think you should try to adapt your play-style and evaluate your available options again, because the scenario can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. I'm not even talking about cheese-tactics like drone swarm. There's thermal NVGs, you can pack a mortar, equip heavier armor, etc. we allowed lots of options on purpose. That said#2, thank you for your feedback, we are reading and process almost everything right now, to see where and how we can improve ourselves in the future.
  2. lexx

    Western Sahara - Changelog

    Western Sahara v1.01 General Added: Trailer music is now available for ingame use. Fixed: Ground dust size array wasn't working correctly in the Desert-module. Fixed: Velko front night sight was incorrectly flipped up. Fixed: In 3den, the XMS SW was sorted under the "Sniper Rifles" and not "Machine Guns" category. Fixed: Gun drone could spawn a script error. Fixed: It wasn't possible to hide the crates on the Zamak Cargo variants. Fixed: Armor panel struts were clipping inside the PO-30 Orca (UP) when sitting inside as crew or passenger. Fixed: Marshall (Mortar) variant wasn't showing the currently selected ammo on the gunner cockpit display. Fixed: Weighting on red/white PMC polo shirt uniform. Fixed: UNA Officer wasn't showing the damage texture when hurt. Tweaked: Removed inherited texture materials from magazines. Tweaked: Textures for the AAF and CSAT cargo trucks. Missions VR Showcase Tweaked: In the Marksman simulation, disabled the "simulation failed"-state when player is out of ammo. It didn't add much to the gameplay. KotD Fixed: Disabled the debug console. Fixed: Removed ability to travel from obsolete OA. Fixed: AI and Player map markers are visible for clients. Tweaked: APC and Tanks are available for everyone Tweaked: Player will respawn with last loadout. Zeus Fixed: Tura faction groups would not show up correctly in Zeus mode.
  3. Sadly saving the scenario in multiplayer is not an easy thing to do. Arma doesn't really like it - in order to prevent a boatload of bugs, we decided to disable it. That said, the scenario can be finished in ~4 to 5 hours, so it normally should not be a too big of a deal. Adding AI to the coop version is sadly also not that simple (from a design point of view). Right now I wouldn't bet on a feature like that.
  4. There seems to be an issue with the Linux server stuff right now. It's under investigation.
  5. There's a money counter if you open your normal character inventory.
  6. You can place the drone in 3den and check the pylon settings. It shows all the compatible weapons. It is possible to add more weapons to it, but sadly it's not exactly simple. There's a few things that need to be done. Also the current functionality is not exactly great and needs an overhaul. Not sure yet when / if we can do that, though.
  7. You have to remove the weapon, reload it, and attach it again. Right now there is no other way to reload it. Alternatively: Fly close to a supply truck or crate. It will then automatically reload.
  8. A fully voice acted coop campaign that can be played in sp with hire-able ai mercs and various balance changes specifically for the sp mode to make it more enjoyable.
  9. Adding in the old SUV would have just caused another shitstorm about "mods did it better" etc. no matter how much we would have improved it. 😕
  10. Yeah, it's ws.
  11. Well, you wrote it very confusing at first. 😛
  12. It's all decided on a case-by-case basis, so sadly we can't say what will happen in the future.
  13. Yeah, Dunes isn't exactly well balanced. I was thinking of rebalancing it again and fixing some stuff, etc. at some point, but just never really got the time for that anymore. Also it looks like I'll have to do some fixes in Minotaur at some point as well.. :x
  14. We don't have missions like that in the cdlc. @odie0351 Sadly I can't say much about possible future content. Nobody knows yet.
  15. We got the source model for the modifications. Regarding A3 sample models we don't have any information and it's unrelated to the CDLC.