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  1. Only thing I can think of right now is to add plenty waypoints to the ai, to force them off-roads.
  2. It didn't happen a day ago when turn out for the Kamysh was introduced.
  3. When using the turn out function on the Kamysh now, the turret won't stay in a "fixed" position. So if it is looking north without turning out, it will always face north (if possible) once you do turn out. It's not looking all that pretty.
  4. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Thanks guys! Hope my next project will be just as well received. Pressure is high now. :> I do indeed plan to go over the campaign again once tanks DLC is out, but don't expect any huge changes. Especially in the ai-territory there isn't all that much I can do, and most of the non-player vehicle scenes have been replaced with purely scripted solutions already, after they suddenly broke and didn't worked anymore at all (tracked vehicles following waypoints) a couple months ago. Stuff like typos, etc. is always quite tricky for me, as I'm not a native english speaker and this project has *a lot* text, even if it doesn't look like that. If you find some in the campaign, don't mind dropping me a line or two and I'll fix them with the next patch.
  5. I'm guessing the hatch is in that position to hide the joint that actually holds the hatch in position. The model itself wasn't adjusted, and you can't just "bend" / cut through the joint-part of it. It's simply a flaw in the base model. Best solution would be to model a completely new hatch and set it in position of the old one.
  6. Holy bananarama, I did NOT expect this to ever happen. \o/ Shame no driver turn out, and the hatch texture on the inside is ehh, but who am I to niggle now?
  7. The UAV has an ai gunner, just as any other vehicle. If you don't lock on to something, the ai does what every vehicle ai does- return "back to normal". Much worse is that you can't issue driver commands while being connected to a UAV. It's really annoying.
  8. To be honest, I was never able to make the Blackfish engage a ground target without looking stupid while doing so.
  9. I liked the showcase quite a lot. Didn't had much problems with it either. Probably depends a lot on how well you can handle armored vehicles in A3. Already posted about the campaign in the dev-branch thread, but might as well repeat myself here... About commanding... It's the most painless if you stay in the gunner-role for most of the time. Being the commander and giving orders doesn't really work that well in the third mission, as you need to be quick. All in all I still like this DLC quite a lot. Really wish the Helicopters DLC would have gotten some more singleplayer missions as well.
  10. I thought the vehicle weapon changes are only config vise, and not visually. Of course I would greatly appreciate if they do change visually and NATO vs CSAT won't mount the same turrets anymore.
  11. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Just as a heads-up: I've decided to pre-release a mission which I was working on in preparation of the tanks DLC. It's a just-for-fun kinda thing and rather simple / not meant to be something huge or special, so please don't expect the world. As Tanks DLC has not been released yet, it requires the A3 dev-branch build. Owning the Tanks DLC is necessary as well, of course. In "Last Ditch" the player returns as Omid Nazari and gets to lead the new T-140K Angara into battle, hours before NATO forces successfully occupy the Altis International Airport Link: Steam Workshop
  12. Only problem is, if you have subscribed through the workshop, everything will be downloaded again the next time. In that case, the only choice you have is to unsubscribe from these workshop items.
  13. Former modders interest to come back?

    Not that I wouldn't want women back, but I disagree that shock value is necessary to create good and "real" missions
  14. I don't know anything about how an SPG-9 sounds like, but the very moment I tried the offroad launcher, I thought it is broken. If this really is by design, then it is a weird design, imo.
  15. Yeah, that's what I was wondering as well. "not included in the release" means never, or maybe later? :>