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  1. I meant the showcase missions. Never even knew there are any. Also I'm always confused if I should download IFA3_LITE or IFA3_AIO_LITE. On the workshop, the AIO page says explicit that there are no sp missions and the non-AIO page says barely anything. I'm downloading it again right now and then see what's happening. /edit: The Airdrop scenario still has a cba dependency.
  2. Where do I find this mission / download link to it?
  3. Is the soundtrack anything more than the music that plays within the game? If not, you could just extract the files directly.
  4. lexx

    Bisign is deprecated!

    Deprecated means it is old and not used anymore. Thus, forcing V2 gives you said error message.
  5. Well that just means we might be getting *two* dev-branch updates next week. So exciting! Just like the good old times.
  6. Is it just me or is steam not updating the dev-branch?
  7. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    Not much to talk about though. We know nothing outside of this screenshot and even that isn't telling us much. Just your normal day at BI promotions. 😄
  8. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    I was too lazy to crop the pictures.
  9. Wild guess: MX rifle magazines have camo applied as well, which means you can't have just one magazine class, you need one for each texture variant. Black, sand, khaki. If you don't do this, all NATO units will only feature the default magazine texture no matter the MX rifle variant they come with. To fix this, NATO soldier classes need their "correct" magazine assigned, otherwise you might end up with Pacific units wielding khaki rifles with sand colored magazine. A workaround could be to make the black (magazine) variant the new default, and adding the khaki and sand variants as options to set manually. Wouldn't be great, but probably the most neutral and least troublesome when it comes to backwards compatibility.
  10. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    This is not a good example and I can show you why: I'm not giving BI fire for this. I merely replied on wiki's remark about the "4 guys squad" situation, which is not that big a deal if you see the bigger picture (literally).
  11. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    That was about the scouting missions on Altis. There's CSAT JTAG units within range of the camps using drones, there's AAF planes flying in the sky, there's patrols (mechanized and on foot) driving around.. and yet they can't find the guys hiding out under clear sky in an old factory. They even have a shooting range outside and don't mind making campfires at night. It's just impossible for the AAF / CSAT not to find them within days unless the whole island is still in civil war mode with skirmish encounters around every corner, thus 100% occupying all of their assets. Stratis is a different situation-- this is full chaos with nobody knowing what's going on. Altis on the other hand really is not.
  12. I thought it's really just the amount of particles being spawned. Noticed the same with one of my custom smoke particles. Had to reduce the amount drastically to keep the fps in ~good~ range.
  13. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    ^ the 4 guys stuff doesn't trouble me in that scenario. The main issue is that even with these events happening, AAF and CSAT are unable to track down the rebels. For me, this just doesn't work in the year 2035 on a tiny island like Altis. It should have been a matter of days to kill em all.
  14. lexx

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    There was more than one warfare mission? Never even finished the first, because it was so unfun and the performance was atrocious.
  15. Just make a 1 mission campaign addon, which once you start it, just spawns a message center-screen saying exactly that. Great idea. 😄