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  1. The Tempest always annoyed me: We have the closed off armored variant as repair / ammo truck, but the soldiers are transported behind a stupid cloth layer. BI should have made some simple interior for the fully armored variant to allow the secure transportation of personnel. Heck, just take the Kamysh or Marid interior, modify it slightly and slap it on the truck if all else fails. Would still be better than what we have right now.
  2. Not possible. The mission will need the dependency unless you turn it into a full addon with all that is necessary for that.
  3. They could always do more A3 story content. The mission makers need something to work on as well, after all. Makes me curious how exactly they are going to bridge that.
  4. Am I missing something? Aren't all tent variants in the editor? (write "tent" in the filter input). You can change the look via setting a new texture. No need to put down medical tent and removing the insignia.
  5. Nice. I'm curious if this was added to be used in vanilla content or if it is only meant for modders.
  6. Did you verify the integrity of the game files? Sounds like something in your installation is borked.
  7. I've tried to do a scripted solution with doWatch / doTarget and then BIS_fnc_fire --- it works... in theory. Problem is, they can't hit anything. My guess is they are leading the target wrong. No idea how to workaround any of that, though.
  8. Page up and down or Q and E key, same as with the AAF Strider. Check your key configs.
  9. I only play vanilla. Never liked stuff like RHS, etc. because of the mixed quality. Also these mods tend to be extremely bloated.
  10. I just saw this. The problem with crew bailing instantly when immobile exists for years already. It's very likely *not* fixed with the Tanks DLC release and the only way to get around it remains a scripted solution.
  11. "this allowCrewInImmobile true"?
  12. [SP] Information Embargo

    Good mission. I liked the variety and especially the second part. What I didn't liked were the super long walkways with no vehicle. My gameplay most of the time pretty much looked like this: Savegame, time fast forward x4 until something happens, deal with it, return to fast forward, etc. Also the balance is a little bit on the odd side, imo. Taking that communication outpost took me at least 10 or so tries, because either one of my team mates died all the time, or I did. Would probably not be bad to reduce ai aim accuracy here. For the second part of the mission, I felt that my rifle wasn't suitable. It was hard to hit anything, which resulted in lots of try&error until something worked out. Oh, and once that was done... 1,6km of more walking without vehicle. It's just way too much for my taste.
  13. Changing the Radio Language

    Back in alpha days, the radio protocol was still in English. Closer to release they got replaced with the (correct) farsi protocol. You can't change this without mods, as it's how the people speak.
  14. I'm curious, is it even possible for "generic folks" to get a full vehicle crew in multiplayer? All the times I played online and had matches where vehicles were a thing at all, everyone used their own.
  15. Welp, lets login to a server at night and let it run till morning a couple times. :>