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  1. panduhh

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Western Sahara official Discord
  2. panduhh

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    The Compatibility Mods for all the CDLCs offer the same 'try before you buy' ability as the official BI DLC content, meaning you have to pay to get access to the premium content. If your server/mission requires CDLC content such as an included terrain, players with only the Compat Mod will NOT be able to join the server. The Compat Mods only exist because the CDLCs are Optional Content, players do not have to download any of the CDLCs unless they are interested in them. This saves a large amount of storage space. See the CDLC FAQ page for more information.
  3. panduhh

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    You grossly underestimate the popularity of Ylands. 😜 Otherwise, you are correct. It has not been any kind of secret BI has been feverishly working on the foundations of a new game engine intended to power the Arma franchise into the future. There is no one in the Arma community who wants to see a new Arma game more than the least interested person at Bohemia Interactive.
  4. The entire point of the Aggressor fleet DoD-wide is to provide Dissimilar Air Combat Training. Thus, the Navy might need aircraft that are dissimilar to their primary strike aircraft.
  5. It's open source. You can look right at the server source files for that info.
  6. panduhh

    BMR Insurgency

    The Arma 3 Dedicated Server official wiki page
  7. panduhh

    Public Asset Database

    @Asheara It took a lot longer than I expected to get around to tackling this task but I just finished going through the Arma 3 CfgVehicles WEST page adding in mostly the game file images from the editorpreviews folders. There are some assets that could use the same images as identical assets with different names but the wiki database won't allow sharing and I didn't want to have to change game files. If I counted correctly there are 67 new images in the wiki database now. There are some errors in the CfgVehicles pages concerning the table code posted. I identified numerous DLC icon errors for Orange DLC and discovered the function output appears to be cutoff on all 4 of the CfgVehicles pages to prevent the last entry on each page from having the correct table code. I made a task in the Feedback Tracker detailing my discovery. I will continue the work on the remaining pages soon.
  8. The difference between running an Arma 3 Dedicated Server instance and hosting a server instance from the Arma 3 client is the amount of control/customization you have over the server instance. You are going out of your way to make this server operation more complicated than it needs to be. Consult the Arma 3 Dedicated Server official wiki page for all the details on configuring a server instance. Note that TADST does not follow these conventions. It sounds like you are running 2 Arma 3 clients on 2 PCs in order to run a server instance and a client instance. This is not necessary and probably impacts performance negatively. You are allowed to run any number of Arma 3 server instances without owning a single copy of Arma 3 (you only need a license to play). As for server browser visibility, it is optimized to show long-running high population servers first, not empty, never-been-accessed servers. If you wish to know if your server is visible via the Internet, you'll need someone on the outside of your LAN to test (give them the public IP address on your router, not the LAN IP address you use locally). They will need to Direct Connect the first time, then they can Favorite it and then it will show up in their server browser whenever the server is online. You will need to either enable UPnP (Universal Plug aNd Play) on your router or forward the proper ports to your server instance. See the Dedicated Server link above for details.
  9. panduhh

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    The low hanging fruit of 3rd party mods will be weapons and equipment mods. At the moment 3rd party content created by the community has no restrictions on modelling real world assets either ubiquitous like the AR-15 or AK-47 families of rifles or specific makes and models of assets from USS Gerald R. Ford to the CheyTac Intervention (the inspiration for the M320 LRR). Due to the sensitivities of some manufacturers about the use of their products in various media (notably films and video games) and/or flat out money grabs, will modders be required to get permission to use real life IP in their mods for submission as DLC?
  10. panduhh

    Public Asset Database

    I'd like to help the cause but the relevant wiki pages are protected (only Users may edit). The wiki does not appear to have a link to create a new account. I already have a BI account (for the fourums, obviously and for the Store).
  11. The performance builds are called that to differentiate them from the profiling builds which include extra debugging hooks that can negatively impact performance. Their purpose is to allow BI to drop hotfixes to specific gamebreaking issues in between the relatively long stable build releases. This gets more players back into the action without having to wait for that next stable build release. Unless you are seeing a gamebreaking issue, the performance executables will not have any impact on your headless client's performance.
  12. Is this intended to maintain standalone dedicated servers or to help content creators run an Arma Server on their "development" PC? I'm not really all that keen on keeping a real Steam account's credentials on a box that has public access and is a natural target for hacking.
  13. panduhh


    The proper way to create a custom asset list is to use a custom asset list definition as outlined in jezuro's original post.
  14. panduhh

    Jets - HUD improvements

    I don't believe it's a matter of forgetting. BI is real busy and documentation is the most difficult, most time-consuming and lowest priority task.