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  1. 11-12-2019 EXE rev. 146180 (game) EXE rev. 146180 (Launcher) Size: ~ 725.8 MB DATA Added: The old Czech Hedgehog asset is no longer hidden Added: Localisation strings to some of the armed variants of vehicles (Qilin, Prowler (AT), MB 4WD (AT)) Added: Additional geometry to Tanoa Fire Escape Stairs - FT - T145614 Added: BIS_fnc_transformVectorDirAndUp function for rotating vectorDir and vectorUp in 3 axes Tweaked: BIS_fnc_rotateVector3D is optimized and should now run up to 5x faster Tweaked: BIS_fnc_ambientFlyBy improved and cleaned up Tweaked: Van should now be able to drive over bridges correctly - FT - T146150 Tweaked: View geometry of some Altis structures - FT - T146447 Tweaked: Medikits and Toolkits can be now stored in vests if there is enough space - FT - T128710 Fixed: Broken tooltip in object equipment storage in 3DEN Fixed: CTRG Northgate had an incorrect magazine Fixed: Script error in Splendid Camera when mouse or joystick were mapped to camera controls Fixed: Rugged Tablet custom texture - FT - T145005 Fixed: The medical decal on Medical Tent should no longer flicker Fixed: Typo in Livonia's ILS configuration Fixed: Scrollable building door states in 3DEN ENGINE Added: Updated to PhysX 4.1.1 (this will require some thorough testing; if it causes too many issues, we may yet revert it) Added: Possibility to change armor simulation of a character hitpoint via classes defined in HitpointsProtectionInfo with a "simulation" parameter Changed: Network synchronisation when two vehicles collide improved (local versus remote) Fixed: Simulated things should no longer fall too fast and fall through the ground (e.g. weapons) Fixed: Optics Post Process Effects (opticsPPEffects) not being loaded correctly Fixed: Crash when releasing a joint constraint without any actor
  2. 14-11-2019 EXE rev. 146115 (game) EXE rev. 146115 (Launcher) Size: ~ 415.6 MB DATA Added: Contact music tracks can be played by Zeus Tweaked: BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen - activated support for different loading screen resources Fixed: Active camouflage on Box Trucks (broken distant LOD) Fixed: Miscellaneous translation issues Potential Spoilers ("First Contact") ENGINE Added: allActiveTitleEffects script command to detect currently active title effects Added: vehicleMoveInfo now returns sendSimpleCommand status Fixed: Issues connected to V2 addon signatures Fixed: Script compilation memory handling restored to its prior state Fixed: createVehicleLocal behavior restored to its prior state Fixed: Un-escaping double quotes in parseSimpleArray Fixed: Incorrect return type for unitsBelowHeight when null was passed as group Fixed: BattlEye -bepath parameter parsing (spaces) Fixed: Crash when you request support for a soldier in your squad
  3. 09-10-2019 EXE rev. 146060 (game) EXE rev. 146060 (Launcher) Size: ~81.8 MB DATA Fixed: Various localization issues ENGINE Added: Script command getTextWidth Tweaked: Enabled the waitUntil return value warning instead of break as default
  4. 02-10-2019 EXE rev. 146056 (game) EXE rev. 146056 (Launcher) Size: ~1.1 GB DATA Added: This is War 6th Anniversary Remix music track into the game and Digital Deluxe Edition Tweaked: Chemical Detector digit display precision Fixed: Missing Contact music track durations added and incorrect durations were tweaked Fixed: Error when the 'to' param was in format [x, y] in BIS_fnc_drawArrow Fixed: Few errors after moving the Spectrum Device to the platform data Potential Spoilers ("First Contact") ENGINE Added: Script commands triggerInterval and setTriggerInterval to make it possible to alter the trigger condition check frequency of detectors Fixed: Some task commands returned nil when their argument was null
  5. 18-09-2019 EXE rev. 146046 (game) EXE rev. 146046 (Launcher) Size: ~1.1 GB DATA Added: Very limited platform functionality for the vanilla Spectrum Device (documentation forthcoming) Added: A new optional parameter to specify BIS_fnc_drawArrow's base width Tweaked: The Print Config Utility will now show a selection dialog on multiple matches instead of auto-selecting the first match Tweaked: BIN_fnc_isPaused was replaced by scripting command isGamePaused Changed: Made the Spectrum Device part of the platform* Changed: Moved APR and Blindfold overlays to the platform Fixed: The position of subtitles changed when using the optics mode of the Spectrum Device Jammer antenna even when it was not needed Fixed: Katiba GL muzzle flash in 3rd person view - FT - T144083 Fixed: Various object position issues on Livonia * Note: this gear is primarily cosmetic; limited features are only available in the context of Contact's campaign and gameplay. Potential Spoilers ("First Contact") ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  6. 28-08-2019 EXE rev. 146030 (game) EXE rev. 146030 (Launcher) Size: ~150.5 MB DATA Fixed: A typo in LDF Mk6 mortar backpack led to the creation of wrong weapon when assembling it (FT - T142948) ENGINE Added: "drawLocations" parameter for toggling location name drawing on the map (FT - T77593) Fixed: Incorrect colour of thermal mode if first optic mode was day light only and second one was GHOT for example Fixed: UAVControl would return either the driver or the gunner but never both
  7. 22-08-2019 EXE rev. 146007 (game) EXE rev. 146007 (Launcher) Size: ~2.1 GB DATA Removed: Get in actions for empty drones (UGV / UAV / Autonomous Static Turrets / SAM Sites, etc.) (FT - T142713) Fixed: The sidearm proxy on Heli Coveralls [LDF] in 3rd person view Fixed: Footstep sounds of timber piles Tweaked: Livonia bushes' resistance against armored vehicles Fixed: The Skate Helmet was missing NOHQ and SMDI maps in-game Fixed: Missing attachments in Arsenal after loading a save ENGINE Fixed: Script file paths were trimmed too aggressively in error messages
  8. Hi, would you mind providing repro steps or a repro mission where this happens? (PM me the mission if you wish)
  9. Should be working fine with the last updat
  10. So the dark segments appear randomly with each session or are they present always on multiple, always the same, places?
  11. Tried it, no luck :( perhaps game cache verification might help?
  12. Oh I see now, thanks for the info :)
  13. More info please? Are you using some controller? It seems to work just fine (at least with the mouse).
  14. Seems to work just fine, could you do another check with the latest dev branch version?