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  1. Hi, would you mind providing repro steps or a repro mission where this happens? (PM me the mission if you wish)
  2. Should be working fine with the last updat
  3. So the dark segments appear randomly with each session or are they present always on multiple, always the same, places?
  4. Tried it, no luck :( perhaps game cache verification might help?
  5. Oh I see now, thanks for the info :)
  6. More info please? Are you using some controller? It seems to work just fine (at least with the mouse).
  7. Seems to work just fine, could you do another check with the latest dev branch version?
  8. Could you please create an FT ticket and PM me the link or PM me the crash report files via PM here directly? Thanks :)
  9. Made a basic trigger that would kill me if I step in, trigger and executes correctly. A little bit more info or some repro would surely come in handy as it might be broken only under certain condition in which case, I need as much info as possible.
  10. In general or having trouble with something more specific? In which case some repro or more specific info about that would help greatly :) Thanks
  11. Having trouble with all airplanes on all airfields or only some or some combinations?
  12. razazel

    Keep getting kicked after a few seconds

    Hello guys, thanks for the feedback. Did any of you try to switch to the profiling branch to see whether this helps? Profiling branch should also provide more info in the rpt and additional logs so if you can, please try to give it a shot and should it happen again, please try to upload your RPTs here. Of course, a Feedback Tracker ticket will be appreciated. Should you wish to create one, do so and then ping me here so I can check it out. Thnaks :)
  13. Today's Dev build was not yet out by the time you posted this, could you wait for the update and try again? If it still happens, please try to provide some additional info - running any mods? - crashes instantly or after some time? - happens with every mission or only with some of them? simply, anything that might seem relevant that could help us pinpoint the problem. Thanks :)
  14. Hi there, could you please provide some example of the mission that is causing these problems? Does it happen in campaing, showcase, custom scenario, some of those, all of the?