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  1. Nobi

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Hi, I am working on VR integration to Arma and tested vorpX with it. vorpX give good graphic when you find right setting but it still far away from native VR graphic. So I started intergrating openVR to Arma 3. If anybody have idea about that please share with me.
  2. Nobi

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    It is for Arma 3. Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker-D Download http://arma3.nobatgeldi.com/su-33.html Source to develop https://github.com/Nobatgeldi/Sukhoi_Su-27_family_fighter_mod
  3. hello everyone, I have been working on Su-33 Flanker-D and Admiral Kuznetsov for a year. I shared all source code and packed files(Kuznetsov mod do not packed and not working). You may test it and tell me about for your new ideas. Mod has some problems. Cockpit and weapon system does not completed. I need your ideas about this mod.(I am sorry, If I writed wrong in english) https://github.com/Nobatgeldi/Sukhoi_Su-27_family_fighter_mod http://arma3.nobatgeldi.com/downloads.php http://arma3.nobatgeldi.com/su-33.html