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  1. You should definitely start with studying modding in general, basic config knowledge and then you can start with the original post.
  2. You would probably start with defining new states in CfgMovesMaleSdr and setting them up properly to work with your RTM files. ;)
  3. It is exactly as Macser said. You have to create relevant state in CfgMovesMaleSdr config and configure it to fit your needs. I don't know which movement type you have, so can't tell you what exactly is needed to be configured. But I can assist in my spare time if you will PM me. Have a nice day!
  4. Will be fixed in next DEV branch, thank you for your feedback.
  5. I don't see any problem here, walking is reasonably slow with lowered pistol, can you please provide me some repro? Which mods are you using, etc.?
  6. burkhar

    Limping - Feedback

    Thank you for the video, we will fix that (you can expect more tweaks to the anims themselves).
  7. Issue should be fixed in tomorrow's DEV branch. Let me know if the problem remains, thank you!
  8. Hello, we are aware of this and I will solve it just after I will finish necessary tweaks for limping. Thank you for your feedback.
  9. Regarding the animation bugs I will check this out and will remedy this. Thanks for feedback!
  10. burkhar

    Limping - Feedback

    Hi all, thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately it is not planned to make engine changes which would detect leg injury separately. Thank for noticing, will sort this out ASAP. We are also considering special soundset for limping, but no promises. Yes, as you stated, this is something like "light injury" (honestly I've been the MoCap actor for limping and had these 3 rocks in my right shoe whole 4 hour session so the pain was real, trust me) As stated above, this is "light injury", but yes it is possible we will tweak the anims. Head bob is subject to tweak, I am currently discussing it with our fellow designers. It is possible we will tweak this. Yes, you are absolutely right, this is mainly visual enhancement, e.g. you will easily see that your buddy is injured, so he needs treatment. Can you please provide me some video of this? Again, thank you all for feedback and have a very nice day!
  11. As we implemented new cool feature to DEV branch - limping when character has injured legs, we want to gather your feedback in this thread. Feel free to post your suggestions and feelings as we want to provide you best possible result of the feature in game. Please note: This technology is subject to change and may still contain errors / lack certain features. You can quickly check out the effects of limping by running this scripting command: player setHit ["legs", 1];
  12. Can you please PM me exact repro of the Acts_UnconsciousStandUp_part1 bug you mention? I don't see anything wrong with this anim. Thank you very much!
  13. Cool, I made it only as basic example - this is much better solution. ;)
  14. If you were wondering how to use old variant of walk / tactical movement e.g. for cutscene purposes, here is the trick (now available only in DEV branch and will be part of Eden update): // Walk 0 = [] spawn { while {alive player} do { player playMove "AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf"; sleep 0.5; }; }; // Tactical movement 0 = [] spawn { while {alive player} do { player playMove "AmovPercMtacSlowWrflDf"; sleep 0.5; }; };
  15. Hello, can you please show me some video with that? Or provide some repro - which mods are you using, what is your loadout, etc. More specific problem description would allow me to check this out. Thanks. :)