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  1. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi haknslash, I see in our tasks, this bug was closed - fixed, Thanks again for your feedback.
  2. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi St.Jimmy, This is not in my hands, but I can ask the right person for his opinion. Do I understand right that you want a checkbox in the setup of game for this effect?
  3. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yes for an old light config you need all old textures and the model of the sky. I will make the tutorial about the what is new in the lighting, haze, and water sea. I hope it will be helpful for you. But before I would like finish the current lighting with your feedback. Thank you for asking about this interesting parts of our game.
  4. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi fabio_chavez for now, we can define env. textures by overcast only. When we would enable the option set the env. textures by angle of the Sun it will be help to effect of the dusk, but there are alot of new textures which I have to keep still actual. I see the option in the future, to enable render skybox to the texture used for reflection. The skybox model was changed for the better gradient around the sun. Textures for the sky is white and color of the sky is defined by config only.
  5. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi R3vo, I understand what you mean. I made the overcast for the general situation, when the clouds cover all the sky. But now I am thinking about this and there is actually a possibility for reach this effect. I have to create a new set for a overcast value very close to 1, which make the clouds and the light very dark. I am going to try it. Thanks for your idea.
  6. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi Fushko, there is limitation in the our technology for now. I miss this effect too, so when we will develop this technology a I will ask for this effect.
  7. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi bratwurste, thanks for a new direction of my attention. I've never really seen this situation in the game. It is look very unnaturally. I will ask our lead programmer for take attention for this.
  8. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi fireball, In the config of light are three sets, one is for clear weather (overcast 0), next one for overcast 0.6 and 0.85 and higher. There is a blend between each other by the the value of overcast. I see the very cloudy sky on your screen, well is not the reason why the sun is hidden? I could check it when you give me the time, overcast and date value.
  9. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi grumpy808, you did hit the main idea why we made this change. I would like set the environment, which will allow to you make really realistic scenes. I am not happy hear of troubles which you have. How I said I listen to your opinions and if I can, I will improve the new light.
  10. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi, metalcraze Thanks for an interesting feedback. Can you tell me what addon do you use for playing the cernarus? I will look at this map. I have wip config of light by your feedback, I am testing it. There will be a version with more darker shadows and pronounced self shading. I will announce when the polished config will be ready for check. Thanks to all for very good targeting feedback, I have to watching for thousend thing of the game and your feedback is very usefull for me.
  11. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi, haknslash Thank you for your feedback I will checked it what is wrong.
  12. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi RobertHammer, of course you don't have to change the each material which you made. It depend if your model is too dark or too bright in the new light. I think almost all of your models will be already OK. I belive this change is a good way for improve our game. And really I am not happy to hear that you have trable with your amazing models. I will be here for your quastions about how help fix your material and textures if you need it.
  13. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi da12thMonkey, The new lighting is more contrast so very dark and very bright pixels can be out of the range. There are two ways how fix too dark part of your models. 1. Brighten the dark pixels up, a little bit more bright intensity. (this is a simple way ) 2. Better improve of reflection by the super shader. I mean let the environmental light make pixels more bright by fresnel. (this way is more complicated, but I think it will looks much better)
  14. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yes, ground textures are now more darker, and materials are set to 1,1,1 (RGB) for a diffuse and ambient.
  15. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Hi, R3vo you are rigth, this road was changed too, and it needs more love. I will do improve that. The reason for change this was effort for better feeling of the road. This change was not the main point of Visual update. Thanks a lot for your feedback.