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  1. redstone

    How to create a TARMAC? HELP

    Just tesselate object at least to have eg. 4 faces, select all and then navigate to Points -> Properties and switch surface from normal to On surface..
  2. redstone

    Geomtry Phys LOD bugs when i hit it

    It just takes a damage, so solution is to add named property into geometry lod "Damage = no"
  3. redstone

    LOD's for static object

    I can recommend (depends on using of this object) to do them same like eg. our pavements... To do: * No collision geometry (will not be obstacle for AI if it's placed in map - not in mission) * Physx geometry * View geometry * Roadway
  4. I am not sure about light rays (images not found), but for AO visible through model you can use same thing - https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193081-transparent-texture-with-glass-capaa/?p=3072819 BTW using proxy can solve problem with AO too, but in general proxies are not a good way for a massive use. For light rays and the sun, there can be some problems with view-geometry.
  5. redstone

    Transparent Texture with Glass_ca.paa

    That's problem with alpha/non-alpha space in UV. Engine thinks, that your model is fully alpha based, it's calculated in different way. To solve this, you can add named property in geometry lod: Forcenotalpha=1
  6. redstone

    the size of ponds

    Maximum size of object should be 50x50m. You can also use snapping function in terrain builder (also needs some tweaks in p3d model)
  7. According to the second picture, you haven't roadway lod to walk on it. Everything is walking on roadway lod.
  8. redstone

    Satalite image resolution?

    Sat texture on Altis is 30720px. Best is to keep resolution close to 1px/m, but it depends...
  9. redstone

    Poly Count

    "not mapped" section is not so big problem. Sections in model also contains sections from proxy objects: Base model with 3 sections and 2 proxies Proxy #1 has 2 sections Proxy #2 has 1 section = Model has 6 sections It's little bit more complicated, but it's not important now. Proxies are counted in different (special) way. That's also the reason why we cannot use proxies to avoid limit 20000 tris. on all models. It's not good for performance.
  10. redstone

    Poly Count

    I can confirm this... I think in marksmen dlc are really nice weapons and polycount is low, but effectively used. That's what is the most important in game assets. You don't have to spend many polygons to get very nice result. Eg. my favourite DMR_06 has 10 000 in view and 6700 in 1st resolution lod. Or DMR_03 9000 in view-lod and 6000 in 1st resol. lod. Both weapons has also only 3 sections (2 textures with rvmats and "not mapped" one)
  11. In this optic model were used bad material. That material doesn't contain nozwrite flag. To avoid problems with alpha sorting we have to use in material this: renderFlags[]={"NoZWrite"}; It's not solution for all alpha sorting problems, but sometimes this can help.
  12. Sorry I am late. Yes, just use that procedural colour instead of any texture on model. Or use any _ca texture.
  13. redstone

    ARMA3 standard ladder dimensions..?

    Hi there, tomorrow I'll investigate, if we can add this to arma tools samples.
  14. redstone

    Help me understand convexities please

    I think you can remove them, or move a little as on the picture -
  15. Hi, there's no problem. When you plan to use _CA texture as hiddenSelectionsTexture, the model have to prepared for that. On model has to be alpha channel texture eg. #(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0,CA) (invisible), then engine knows, that this object contains alpha. So try to add that procedural colour into Ghost.p3d and then try to apply any _CA hiddenSelectionsTexture.