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  1. Wow nice chunk of research there! I haven't checked the RPT when I was doing this last night.
  2. _fx="hbaoplus"; _fx ppEffectEnable true; _fx ppEffectAdjust [10,10,2,2,12,12,12,12,20,10]; _fx ppEffectCommit 0; Was experimenting and found this PP effect. Not sure what the ppEffectAdjust parameters are, but you can tinker with them and see the ambient occlusion change.
  3. Might be kinda late, but I gave this another shot tonight, and I got it working on my machine! This is truly incredible! Going to play around with registering my own SQF command.
  4. This is the goal. It's just going to take some time to reimplement a lot of the game's standard functionality for third-person, since switching the camera in ArmA removes a lot of features for the player.
  5. Thanks for the report, I'll look into that tonight.
  6. Version 0.15 released! 0.15 / Nov 1, 2018: Made camera settings configurable (via Options > Addon Options > CineCam). Reduced default film grain value. Disabled CineCam's post-process effects by default (can be enabled via Addon Options).
  7. Due to demand, the next thing I will be working on is implementing user-configurable settings to tweak various parts of CineCam.
  8. Version 0.14 released! 0.14 / Oct 31, 2018: Improved camera offsets for practicality. Prevent firing while viewing map. Fixed issue where attempting to fire in full-auto with an empty magazine would playing the click sound every frame. Fixed issue where firing in full-auto for certain machine guns would only fire single shots. Remove inadequate night-vision handling.
  9. To Bohemia Interactive: It would be really really cool of you to provide a camera command that restores controls back to the player character! That way a custom camera can be created, and the player can still interact with everything as usual.
  10. Preview of the shoulder-cam position toggling coming in v0.13: Edit: Released v0.13! Changelog: Allow for shoulder-cam to flip position offset depending on player's lean direction. Added keybinding to manually toggle shoulder-cam position (accessible via Options > Controls > Configure Addons > CineCam > Toggle Camera Shoulder). Allow for inventory to be accessed while in third-person. Fixed issue where sprinting while the weapon was lowered caused the camera to go into shoulder-cam mode (should only happen if the weapon is raised). Added mild post-process effects for eyecandy. Removed inadequate camera shake that represented weapon recoil (will be revisited at a later date). Improved combat lean stance detection for shoulder-cam flipping.
  11. Thanks for the report. I'm aiming to have CineCam be a reliable replacement for the third-person camera. As there's quite a bit of camera manipulation involved with Zeus, compatability with it (and any other mission that manipulates the camera) might not be too well at the moment. On another note, I'm going to be making shoulder cam position switching key-bindable. If a key binding is not defined, then the automatic shoulder switching will take effect based on the direction the player is leaning. If a key binding is defined, then the player has manual control of shoulder switching, and the automatic switching will be disabled. There will also be an option to disable shoulder-cam position switching altogether, for whatever use-case that enables.
  12. Thanks! Update: Currently implementing shoulder-cam position toggling based on the previous lean direction. If you lean left, the shoulder-cam will stay on the left side, and vice-versa for a right lean.
  13. If you're trying to access the vanilla third-person camera, you can't with this mod. This mod replaces the third-person camera.
  14. For those that want to tinker with the camera settings, you can manipulate these via the ingame debug console: ThirdPerson_CameraPositionOffset = [0.025, -1, 0.2]; ThirdPerson_FreeLookCameraPositionOffset = [0.1, 0.45, 0.02]; ThirdPerson_ProneCameraPositionOffset = [-0.1, -0.3, 0.15]; ThirdPerson_WeaponRaisedCameraPositionOffset = [0.35, 0.15, -0.15]; ThirdPerson_WeaponRaisedCameraPitchOffset = 10; ThirdPerson_WeaponRaisedCameraBankOffset = -1.5; ThirdPerson_CameraPitchOffset = -5; ThirdPerson_CameraBankOffset = -3.5; ThirdPerson_CameraPositionLeanRightOffset = 0.75; ThirdPerson_CameraPositionLeanLeftOffset = 10; ThirdPerson_CameraMovementSpeed = [0.35, 0.35, 0.35]; // XYZ values must be the same. As of v0.12 the camera movement speed doesn't work on separate axis as expected. ThirdPerson_CameraRotationSpeed = 0.15;