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  1. If it's going to be a last one - I just want 'Old Man' to finally be ArmA - a proper singleplayer experience based on realism with no corners cut in what can happen that would mess up situations in great (and not so) ways - just like OFP/ArmA1/ArmA2 SP side of things was Always felt like OFP Resistance should've been an open world game... Since you alone gather a team from whatever survivors you find and run around across wide areas scavenging for stuff to fight a superior enemy - it's kinda a pity it was a linear set of missions. Then again it was 2002 and at the time it was one of a highlights of game design. But mix that with the likes of OFP's COIN2 mod and have an infinite replayability
  2. It is really good. Now if only ArmA3 had a full-length campaign like this instead of a filler original campaign and then the one that should not exist. Sad that it's only by the end of a game's lifetime that we get an ArmA-quality experience like this. Proper combined arms operations, a degree of freedom in approach to the main objective, hidden (and not so much) secondary ones, some nice branching, while no unbelievable stuff that ArmA3 original campaign and "showcases" were chock full of. And it is replayable. If ArmA4 is gonna happen and will stay true to ArmA - it should have a campaign like this. Preferably with the ability to pick a different squad in every mission (sadly not all TacOps missions allow for this and I'd like to play every one of them from a different perspective)
  3. Yeah, in an article that is barely related to ArmA itself PC Gamer wrote a rather peculiar, if not outright ignorant, thing when discussing PUBG. The significance of it however can't be underestimated as it basically shows how mainstream press (especially ever ArmA-loving PC Gamer) and their target audience sees what ArmA has became thanks to efforts of the team that has taken over series for the past half-decade. " Battle Royale is a mod made for several open-world zombie survival games, first DayZ, then ARMA 3 and H1Z1. " You know you must be doing something very special when PCG can't even remember the name of a previous game in ArmA series and then calls ArmA3, well, what it really is thanks to all the butchering and removal of what was making it special over the past 4 years. When a character you play is a supersoldier that can do instant 360 spins while being able to carry a 100 kg loadout without ever breaking a sweat with the penalty of not sprinting (which is like... 18 kmph vs 15 kmph "difference") to fit the mindset of faceless, characterless, forever stuck in early-access, by-the-numbers "zombie survival" free-for-all deathmatch games - that's the treatment your game will get. Hey, but it's OK BIS, ArmA3 is still fairly on top of the charts - there are still a year or two (tops) left before the survival fad is over and maybe nobody will call ArmA3 - DayZ 2 by the time ArmA4 (or whatever it will get miscalled then) gets released and maybe there still will be people who will care enough to install 20 or 30 gigabytes of mods just to make ArmA play like one.
  4. metalcraze

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Even 12.5m is really bad in 2017 (and by the way OFP used subdivision to increase terrain detail nearby so it didn't look as bad but since ArmA1 we have terrain detail permanently locked to OFP's low setting). And even Tanoa doesn't hit a modern GPU in any way so a point about "smoother performance" is moot. ArmA3 terrain engine is so dated and low detailed - any mid-range GPU today eats it for breakfast. The point here is that the flat terrain is really really boring for the gameplay because with Malden's setting and with the way ArmA3 handles grass you may as well be playing in a flat desert. ArmA3 terrain engine with its non-existent ditches and ground cover is game's weakest point by far so why remake an old terrain and leave the glaring issue intact? Especially since Stratis exists for 4 years now and works like a charm performance wise
  5. metalcraze

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Why cellsize from 2001? It looks horrible. Stratis isn't much smaller than this and yet it has a 5 times more detailed terrain.
  6. metalcraze

    Call of Duty WW II

    Same game different title
  7. metalcraze

    DCS:Normandy map

    and then you realize you have to buy WW2 tanks separately... Almost as if it is some F2P game.... oh wait
  8. metalcraze

    Call to Arms ( Now with FPS view)

    It's a good game and, finally, a true sequel to Faces of War instead of constant "mission packs" for the full price. Have it, plays a lot closer to the original game (Soldiers: HoWW2) with its smaller scale and thus less micro, which I personally like a lot. But I'm not sure about the inclusion of actiony-shooty-first-person-third-person... It's clear it will never be as good as it is in proper shooters without completely compromising the rest of the game, especially with a certain sad example from 2013 being in plain view here. And thus far controls are indeed pretty terrible so in many ways it gives you even less precision than "direct control" previously did. On the other hand strategy games where you can jump in and control whatever you like are extremely rare... So on the fence here. Wait for it to leave Early Access if you want to spend money, there's little content-wise in it except for the multiplayer which is completely free anyway. There's a US campaign but it's not finished and is constantly being changed thus ruining savegames, but a few missions I've played from it were good.
  9. metalcraze

    Jet DLC?

    Good to see that after 4 years of game development BIS still follows the stupid design of BALANCING NATO and CSAT both get stealth planes which are mechanically identical but cosmetically different, just like everything else in both vanilla game and expack. Let's not even start about the general idea of mixing old planes instead of using realistic super-modern prototypes. Because it would totally make sense that NATO will take F/A-18 and mix it with cancelled F-22 to produce something better. Is it so hard to make at least somewhat believable content after 4 years? At least something that would make nations half a world away from each other AT LEAST slightly different? Why is official content so boring? Gee it's as if ArmA4 will be better if BIS will not include anything but the toolbox and the engine into release and let modding scene provide actually good content - because that's how it is now.
  10. metalcraze

    Jet DLC?

    Future is when you take two old planes and mix them together.
  11. metalcraze

    PBO Creator for ArmA 3?

    https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files all the tools
  12. metalcraze

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    pbo is easily unpacked with Eliteness which I use to pack pbos
  13. metalcraze

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Here is a simple mod that makes Taunus use new ArmA3 lighting for those who want it - but with some differences versus vanilla BIS configuration: - slightly more pronounced red colors during daytime - deeper shadows - brighter nights with a more natural blue tint https://goo.gl/mLtqkK Granted it still needs more dedicated tweaks to make it look better default Taunus these tweaks
  14. metalcraze

    [WIP] Terrain "X-Cam-Taunus"

    Oh it's the D-measuring time?
  15. antiair systems should be AA targets only anyway. For systems with no weapons use weapon switch key to simply switch radar modes - easy. It can either be a straightforward switch or a dummy weapon that doesn't shoot (like 'horn' for cars) and has radar mode tied to it. Name that dummy weapon "AA radar" and it's done