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    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    You came in here making random statements and assumptions of my reply to a previous poster, which I proved you wrong in several replies. Then you continued states I am basing everything on a worst case scenario of the future simply because I disagree with your opinion, which I showed you is also not the case. So no, I'm not sure what the your problem is, barging out at random and leaves when provided with reasonable arguments. But alas at least we can agree this is rather pointless and going nowhere, so let's just stop it at here and not continue on with this
  2. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    You mean the dayz players who purchased ArmA 2 just to play some mod due to the zombie craze and will leave as soon as standalone is released? No, that doesn't tell anything. :D
  3. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Your point being? It was an example of how steam can seriously frack up someone's day, and I was referring to steam's forced patching system which caused the majority of the download headaches, things which wouldn't even exist for people using a non-steam version, you also didn't explain how this makes it a single negative exception. You clearly don't know what FUD means so don't even bother referring to it, in case you just came to this thread, many old time modder and community members have already stated they will not switch over or even purchase ArmA 3 due to steam being a forced platform on A3, moderators included so go back and read a few pages before you state I'm making predictions based on what might happen if everything goes wrong. But I'm not supposing you'd care as long as everything works correctly for you since you are the majority and the other members of the fanbase who supported BIS since OFP are all negative exceptions?:rolleyes:
  4. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I never claimed the exact same thing will happen to ArmA 3, no idea where you got that from, just an example of how steam can really frack things up for people. Plenty of other similar examples out there if you actually bother doing some search or even read steam tech support forum. This DOES NOT make an example an exception. And also, just because everything worked perfectly for you does not mean it is so for everyone else, it also does not make you the majority and everyone else the exception. If you enjoy the steam version then get the bloody steam version! We couldn't really couldn't give a frack about it. But we do protest against it if it's forced upon the rest of the community including those who absolutely hates it. If you can't understand this simple logic, then don't even reply back, hate repeating such simple facts to steam fanboys. There is absolutely nothing FUD about it when we all know that the community will be negatively impacted by this.
  5. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    No, the issue still exists to this day and nothing's been done about it, apparently people with the original game disc still needs to download the whole game from steam plus the whole 30GB+ update which includes compatibility with the fots expansion pack. You simply cannot skip this step. So if you just bought it for the first time and want to play it on your precious break, good luck with that! If your internet is any good it will prob take a few days to a week. And if it's bad, I can just imagine how pissed ur gonna get waiting for months just to download a patch to play a game you bought from store.
  6. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Now that you've mentioned it, people with the original game couldn't even play it without installing some huge 30GB patch forced upon by steam, want patching freedom? You're not gonna get it. Just installing the game for the first time? Too bad, you can just throw your store bought game disc out the window since you will be downloading the whole 30GB+ game from steam all over again. Check Total War forums if you don't believe this. Can't believe people still want to work with crapware like this with their game, I personally will NEVER buy a steam exclusive game unless its under $15 which justifies its glorified rental price.
  7. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Same, funny how they highlight "you can play steam games in offline mode" on dev blog when they clearly haven't tested it! Everyone knows steam offline mode is a half-assed attempt which doesn't work, you will be forced to log in back online after a few days. It's the exact reason I've been skipping steam games for the past years, absolutely hate its intrusive DRM system. Guess I won't be buying A3 on release, may even skip it altogether.
  8. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Exactly my opinion, it's obvious if you look at past polls on ArmA 3 board that most people will be absolutely disgusted if ArmA 3 becomes a steamwork game. Why would BIS abandon reason for madness?
  9. sapped

    Things you wish NOT to have in the game!

    steamworks, definitely that
  10. sapped

    They better have female soldiers...

    Yes, I do hope they can at least patch ArmA 2's female units with DayZ's female animation after it releases. Not being able to carry weapon is one thing, but having females not even able to drive any vehicles is just over the line. How can anyone correlate this as NOT being sexist? Is BIS trying to imply that all females can't drive? Because it certainly looks that way, especially when it's a feature that's been asked on devtracker for years. Seriously, what's the difference between females and animals in the A2 mission editor in term of their uses? It feels stranger when even OFP have female units with proper animation, why go backwards with the ArmA series? If BIS don't want to PROPERLY include female units, why even bother including them in the first place! We would rather not have them than some half-finished package, with females as useless as animals or with long sharp fingernail tentacle hands. At least that way the game don't feel like a half-completed product.
  11. sapped

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    keep on crying steam fanboys, the ArmA series is NOT and will NEVER become a steamwork game, cry in ur little corners more
  12. When I first bought ArmA 2 I avoided this campaign cos I thought it's crap (after hearing the This is Sparta line) But a year later when I actually tried it out, I was immediately hooked by it and astounded how I missed out this amazing campaign for so long
  13. sapped

    Combined Operations steam issue

    that's the reason why I try to avoid steam as much as I can
  14. sapped

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    I really prefer CTI, lucky there's a really active warfare server in australia. although I'm not really into the RTS building/buying units side of things cos I'm bad at it. wish there's a version with predefined squads that constantly spawns to capture the map instead