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  1. gamerz971hd

    TCG Copyright

    I suggest stop using content you don't have permission to use :)
  2. Hmm, this script looks extremely familiar http://gyazo.com/740216f88b69f8938f4b76b502763de5 http://gyazo.com/571339540aa6e928c134b29993e417b3 If you would have copied it out of my mission correctly you would have seen how it needed to be executed properly to work. ---------- Post added at 03:53 ---------- Previous post was at 03:43 ---------- http://gyazo.com/47eedf478b83fe6399363fad9d7e8670 Wow this is hilarious..
  3. gamerz971hd

    Looking for Editor

    Hey, We are currently looking for a new member that would be interested in joining our development team at Tactical Combat Gaming. We need someone that has a decent amount of knowledge with Visitor as we are trying to create a custom map for our ArmA 3 Modification. If you are interested in joining us, please send me a PM here or at our website. Thanks, gamerz971HD Tactical Combat Gaming's Chief of Development
  4. I'm always getting 'Undefined variable in expression' on variables that are clearly defined after this update. Any ideas?
  5. Hello everyone! After around 10 minutes of the server being up or 7+ people joining, Global and Side chat are unusable. Extreme lag and stuttering occurs. The issue only started to occur after the steam update to 1.63. Here are my configs: Server.cfg steamport = 2300; steamqueryport = 2301; // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "{TCG} Official Tactical Combat Gaming Island Life - Stat Save - [tacticalcombatgaming.com]"; // The name of the server that shall be displayed in the public server list //password = "closedServer123"; // Password for joining, eg connecting to the server passwordAdmin = "HowManyPeopleWillTryThisPassword"; // Password to become server admin. When you're in Arma MP and connected to the server, type '#login xyz' reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; // For Arma2: Operation Arrowhead logFile = "server_console.log"; // Tells ArmA-server where the logfile should go and what it should be called motd[] = { "", "", "You are playing on Island Life Server -Stat Save-", "Join Our Teamspeak - Address: ts3.tacticalcombatgaming.com", "Welcome to the TCG Offical server", "", "", "Please ensure you read the rules located on our website", "http://www.tacticalcombatgaming.com", "" }; motdInterval = 5; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message // JOINING RULES checkfiles[] = {}; // Outdated. maxPlayers = 62; // Maximum amount of players. Civilians and watchers, beholder, bystanders and so on also count as player. kickDuplicate = 1; // Each ArmA version has its own ID. If kickDuplicate is set to 1, a player will be kicked when he joins a server where another player with the same ID is playing. verifySignatures = 2; // Verifies .pbos against .bisign files. Valid values 0 (disabled), 1 (prefer v2 sigs but accept v1 too) and 2 (only v2 sigs are allowed). equalModRequired = 0; // Outdated. If set to 1, player has to use exactly the same -mod= startup parameter as the server. requiredBuild = 125402; // Require clients joining to have at least build 12345 of game, preventing obsolete clients to connect requiredSecureId = 2; // VOTING voteMissionPlayers = 1; // Tells the server how many people must connect so that it displays the mission selection screen. voteThreshold = 0.33; // 33% or more players need to vote for something, for example an admin or a new map, to become effective // INGAME SETTINGS disableVoN = 0; // If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available vonCodecQuality = 7; // since 1.62.95417 supports range 1-20 //since 1.63.x will supports range 1-30 //8kHz is 0-10, 16kHz is 11-20, 32kHz is 21-30 persistent = 1; // If 1, missions still run on even after the last player disconnected. timeStampFormat = "full"; // Set the timestamp format used on each report line in server-side RPT file. Possible values are "none" (default),"short","full". BattlEye = 1; // Server to use BattlEye system // SCRIPTING ISSUES onUserConnected = ""; // onUserDisconnected = ""; // doubleIdDetected = ""; // //regularCheck = "{}"; // // SIGNATURE VERIFICATION onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // unsigned data detected onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // tampering of the signature detected onDifferentData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // data with a valid signature, but different version than the one present on server detected // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) class Missions { class tcgmission // name for the mission, can be anything { template = "TCGIL_SQL_v253.Emita"; difficulty = "veteran"; // difficulty: recruit, regular, veteran or mercenary (see CfgDifficulties in the main game config) }; }; [/Code] Basic.cfg (I've Tried several different configs including the default one) [Code] language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1000000; Resolution_Bpp=8; MaxBandwidth=100000000; MaxMsgSend=512; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=128; MinErrorToSend=0.0040000002; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; class sockets { maxPacketSize=1400; }; serverLatitude=51; serverLongitude=9; Windowed=0; [/Code] Server is running on port 2302 and all ports are open. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  6. gamerz971hd

    1.63 Script issues

    Yeah its kind of ridiculous, how are we supposed to test and look for legitimate errors in our work now?
  7. gamerz971hd

    battleye fails to install.

    I my self am not getting this issue, but one of my friends that i am trying to assist in getting his game to work is. A little help would be greatly appreciated
  8. I was wondering how the map allows you too do it....
  9. Oh, ok i see. Appreciate the responses, if you find any thing about it, you should post here! Ill do the same :)
  10. I noticed on my server if you have a dialog open all lag, script and FPS is gone. I was thinking just having a dialog appear off screen and still be able to control your game. Why is enablesimulation = true; not working?
  11. I've already tried that and i already have one, but i still need it to be a dialog.
  12. I have tried using enableSimulation = true; or enableSimulation = 1; in my dialog but the dialog will still lock up my game while using it. Any solutions?
  13. Hello Everyone! Trying to configure my ArmA 2 Server's basic.cfg and i'm running into a few problems. I tried using the mathematical equation to calculate it but i get no luck. Tried Google and searching the forums, none of them made it any better, but worse.. We used to have a perfect basic.cfg until it was deleted by accident by another Admin :mad: Server starts at 50 fps and as people join it just goes down, and down, and down. The lowest i seen it was at 3 fps. with about 10 people in it. Server Specs: Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 processor (four physical 3.5ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->3.9ghz) 32 GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory 240 GB SSD and 2000 GB, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive 12000 GB of InterNAP bandwidth Current Basic.cfg: MaxMsgSend=16384; MinBandwidth=100428800; MaxBandwidth=104857600; MinErrorToSend=0.0049999999; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; MaxCustomFileSize=160000; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=93750; Resolution_W=0; Resolution_H=0; Resolution_Bpp=32; Windowed=0; serverLongitude=-115; serverLatitude=36; serverLongitudeAuto=-115; serverLatitudeAuto=36; Once again the server is going to be holding 60 people at once sooo... Hope i can get some help, thanks
  14. Hello everyone! I own a ArmA 2 Chernarus life server and was thinking about restricting cop access by UID so people don't abuse. I have a script withing the mission file that will allow me to do this but it is such a pain to have to unpack>repack> and upload every time i accept a new cop. Here is the script i have with in the mission Add Cops. _UID = getPlayerUID player; validUIDList = ["65014400","36875591","51409927","22369280","42498176","49221703","43437824","11494855","67571456","15315072","23553792","25088576","81448832","39598528","47938439"]; if((iscop) && (_UID in validUIDList)) then {player setvariable ["lockme", 0];execvm "antilockloop.sqf"}; if(isciv) then {player setvariable ["lockme", 0];execvm "antilockloop.sqf";}; if ((iscop) and !(_UID in validUIDList)) then { disableuserinput true; player groupChat "You must apply to be a Police Officer, please go to ccl.enjin.com, press -alt f4- to quit!"; sleep 10; }; I need to figure out a way to have a script in /servermissionfile/ (In my ArmA 2 Directory) that will allow me to just have something like this Cops = ["12345678,"90123456"]; So i can just edit the script above to _UID = getPlayerUID player; if((iscop) && (_UID in Cops)) then {player setvariable ["lockme", 0];execvm "antilockloop.sqf"}; if(isciv) then {player setvariable ["lockme", 0];execvm "antilockloop.sqf";}; if ((iscop) and !(_UID in Cops)) then { disableuserinput true; player groupChat "You must apply to be a Police Officer, please go to ccl.enjin.com, press -alt f4- to quit!"; sleep 10; }; [/code} Would i be able to do something like this? 1.) In init.sqf have [code] if (isServer) then {[] execVM "serverside\MasterList.sqf";}; 2.) In MasterList.sqf have publicVariable "Cops"; Cops = ["94604486","75612230"]; publicVariable "Admin"; Admin = ["94604486","75612230"]; It would need to Contain several "groups" of UIDs' such as "Cops" "Admins" Etc. Any Ideas? Im stumped