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  1. Waiting for the Lamb supported version 🐏
  2. The 'AI Reactions' was one of the biggest glaring omissions from the OFP series. Id recommend the Lambs AI mod as its the newest/freshest of the AI mods and I know reactions to explosions is one of its listed features. Im not sure as I run my own scripts for such but they're just too messy to release.
  3. froggyluv

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    TS obviously forgot about the 2cm Walls "Cant get there" or die trying
  4. *Grabs more popcorn for the infamous 1-3 FPS nerd wars
  5. froggyluv

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Pretty sure thats exactly what they've been doing -you dont think theres a full production crew still maintaining Arma 3 do you? Hasnt been for years just a skeleton crew and outsourcing of missions. And they have tried spreading their wings a bit with some new and *cough* interesting games -ill let you decide if they've been successful or not. If the troops are tired of the same old from your flagship product -its time to infuse new troops to breathe new optimistic and forward thinking production life and energy. Look at some of the editor based guys basically twisting metal with their hands trying to get a new and functional AI working -imagine had they the computer engineer salary and access to engine level code -what they could achieve. That type of fresh optimism and willingness to think outside the box would without question vault Arma 4 into next tier status
  6. froggyluv

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Honestly I dont believe the authors want to make an Arma4 - thats why they were testing the waters with how well they could do in the primarily or soley MP arena via DayZ/Argo/Vigor. So many of the biggest games lately are in the MP survival arena and that just requires alot less headaches like building a competent AI or maps in which you have to take AI into consideration. Arma is their biggest moneymaker, but i think they wish it wasnt so..
  7. froggyluv

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Ironic -many of us (and by many I mean ME!) have been waiting for a more realistic AI that responds to things in a more believable manner -like running for your life when death machines are imminent and you have no counter! Ill never forget the day Arma's illusion broke on me, when Toto pulled backed the curtain and showed there was no AI wizard pulling the strings -was playing an MP CTI type game with like 40 blokes, we finally blitzkrieged the main town and true to the narrative in my head -i was expecting heavy enemy AT infantry to battle - but to the contrary there was like 50 enemy AI all prone around the flag pointing there impotent rifles at our tanks and i self-raged quit. All that planning to invade just felt silly
  8. So I just fried my backup system motherboard the other daymessing around with the ethernet cable to rough - had a 4690k in their oc'ed to like 4.3 with cheap 1600 ram. My previous build in which mobo also died was a 6600k with good ddr4 3200 ram but that barely got used. So now was sitting around with 2 good cpus so i decided to get a new mobo for the 6600k so i could use the good ram and get a better overclock. Went to Microcenter (retail computer parts store in States) but they told me they no longer carried 1151 boards for the 6600k as that was too old a generation (OK BOOMER!). Now I could have just mail ordered one but being impatient, decided to grab a new 9600k and Asus z390 mobo and run it with the 16 gigs 3200 ram i had sittin at home. Now I used to be a mild to moderate overclocker but just wanted to see what this thing would do on its own (with turbo) and 5.0ghz?! On Turbo alone?! Holy shit this is crazy -ive always dreamed for a 5.0 clock but being an Airmen afraid of Liquid and all its evil ways...Is this normal?? PS: ALMOST walked out with an AMD cpu after some pretty slick talking by the geeky salesmen about the pure superiority of AMD tech (7nm) over Intel..but then remembered what my Girlfriend Arma would say and I grabbed and ran
  9. froggyluv

    Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    West. And they are correctly calling it "Front". The previous issue was that the "Back/Rear/Behind Us" was being said for any enemies that were South and/or even SW/SE While "Front" was called out for all Northern Direction regardless of enemies actual placement. The issue is seemingly fixed a while ago in one of the change-logs. I only brought it up again as I just reloaded Arma (but with an AI mod) and the issue had returned full force - but i now see it wasnt Vanilla re-igniting the problem.
  10. froggyluv

    Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    I did have the lambs mod running and now without running - i cant duplicate the issue. Even with it running -it still wont replicate... such is Arma. Thanks for checking it out -i retract my complaint! for now o/O
  11. froggyluv

    Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    LOL just reinstalled Arma3 on a new build tried Infantry Showcase and AI Squad leader called out "Engage Enemy -Back/Rear/Behind us!" the entire valley fight (no less than 40 times). So much so that i got worried about him and ran back to see if maybe HE was facing the wrong way -he wasnt.
  12. froggyluv

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Interesting how many people are noting the lack of AI reactions to gunfire/nearby shots and explosions -these have been lacking forever and hardly doubt they're going to do something about it at this point (Engine level). Such a strange thing not to address as its totally doable (Mission Level)
  13. froggyluv

    Merry X-Mas!

    Merry Christmas (or Happy Black Hole day atheist Santa haters) to all you ol military grognards, zany Zed lovers or get a Life'rs of the Armaverse Have a good holiday full of cheer and goodwill! ~Frogs & Fam
  14. froggyluv

    JBOY Dunk Tank

    legit scared to open this thread. Fear persists.