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  1. froggyluv


    Yeah man I put DBO Horses in a CIV generator (TPW's actually) so they spawn as Civilians and found a Horse and some Lumberjack talking in a room inside a House and the horse shouted that at me when I pointed a gun at her. I lol'ed then grabbed a shotgun because that just felt unnatural.. Thanks for the summation thats a good idea and thanks for the support, gives me more motivation on this old bear Hmmm shotgun animal gibs...feature creep continues
  2. froggyluv

    AI shoot only if attaced.

    Everything and more you'll ever need to make AI go undercover
  3. You have the perfect name for this erhm..task Godspeed
  4. Put this in your debug - it will reveal anyone you point at's skill values player addAction [ "Show skills", { hintsilent format [ "aimingAccuracy %1\n aimingShake %2\n aimingSpeed %3\n spotDistance %4\n spotTime %5\n courage %6\n reloadSpeed %7\n commanding %8\n general %9\n", cursortarget skillfinal "aimingAccuracy", cursortarget skillfinal "aimingShake", cursortarget skillfinal "aimingSpeed", cursortarget skillfinal "spotDistance", cursortarget skillfinal "spotTime", cursortarget skillfinal "courage", cursortarget skillfinal "reloadSpeed", cursortarget skillfinal "commanding", cursortarget skillfinal "general" ]; } ];
  5. froggyluv


    Im gonna clean up the few outta control errors (Like the entire world and every object in it catching on fire) and then just release it as is in the next couple weeks for people to mess around with. Totally unpolished but its pretty fun and ill be outsourcing support from India
  6. froggyluv


    Sure lemme dig it up -maybe you can help me fix the Error ive had for 2 years.. 😕 Heres the original scripts by Matthijs -very cool stuff he's doing
  7. froggyluv


    Finally gettin back on this old jawnie 2nd Video (sorry no captions because....low budget) Showscasing how Decapitations/Blowed Up Friends/ and Killing Team Leader May make AI panic based off many factors. High skill units are immune and you as Players can try and Rally (dice throw/skill) your troops back to action. Hope I included all the credits to used mods in description if not hit me up
  8. Alas, bit pointed but you might be right. I may have been focused to heavily on getting females to really admire my gamesmanship and abilities of PC gaming to much disappointment so perhaps ive been focused on the wrong areas to better fuffill my life. Old Sean Connery war movies is revelation! Now if only I can dig out and re-circuitboard up my old Betamax player maybe Grumpy Old Man still has a copy of that movie round some where he can lend a brother..
  9. Back OT: I notice the Russian Solder AT squads dont have a single bazookaman among them -is this intentional? Their German counterparts share the Grendadiers with Bazookamen respectively Seems to put the Reds at a distinct advantage. I mean, why send in all you men to rout out a Kraut sniper when allsyouneed is a BazookaMan?
  10. Australian humor?^ Holy crap I just dont get it
  11. doSuppressiveFire is far more responsive than the Suppress command from the drop down menu. Im not sure if maybe the latter times out too quickly and then they choose to just stop but it feels all too underwhelming. I use the doSuppressiveFire pretty liberally in my own AI mod and it really juices up the environment with alot more heavy firing including getting AT soldiers to fire RPGs at almost anything, tanks to decimate houses etc..
  12. Love the whole Desert Rats/N.Africa stuff coming - riveting warfare. Are there going to be American Tank Destroyers in this pack? As far as what id love to see added if your taking requests is of course -realistic Tank engagements, variety of animations, and maybe a detailed battle report of Armor damage/hits as well as varying particle effects to different damage types. Edit: Woops confused this with the Tank Combat Idea thread
  13. Some nice variety there- the only thing i would ask is it possible to just remove the twitch entirely? The twitch is one of the worst decisions ive ever seen put into a game -now maybe had BI added a different animation like shocked/staggered etc alongside it, but they way they do it, its as if your merely annoying the soldier
  14. froggyluv

    ArmA 3 AI Pathing Rant

    What might help would be to have Models (Buildings) with really well thought out positions for them rather than "some windows/ middle of the Stairs/1 on Rooftops". Many times these things seem random and as if the model creators werent thinking about how AI might fight/Clear/Maneuver/Defend in one of these buildings. I know for me personally when I heard the SP would be getting their DLC that was one of the first things I thought we'd be getting -maybe a really well built up town with objects firmly focuses on playing with AI..but Alas..... The other point of getting the AI to move in straight lines could definitely get some love and would really help mod makers get AI to where they need them to go with the proper orientation in a jiffy.Some of this has been helped and is somewhat doable with the various DisableAI "AutoCombat" etc type commands but we could always use more.
  15. Think ive seen your Helo suggestion in just about every mod's threads now and dont mean to be a dick but you might just wanna learn to do it yourself. Trust me, Im the worst modder/coder out there but i got so frustrated with implemeting AI skills in what i think is the proper way that i just finally learned to create it myself. Its way better than waiting around for something that may/probably will never manifest