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  1. Vigor : New game from BI

    So basically they're redoing DayZ (minus Zeds) with the Unreal engine?? Im not big nor very knowledgeable with the whole survival genre but it pretty much seems they went full circle with it originating with DayZ mod which helped BI sell a shitload of Arma 2 (and changed their focus forever) as well as Battle Royale and all of this spawned pretty much a whole new genre. The problem seems to be that while they made a pretty penny with Arma2, most of the fruit seemed to go to its descendants ie PUBG. An interesting part of the above video @7:20, is showing the very high reviews Arma 3 got and receives to get while pretty much all other projects that to be frank, are totally off point for the initially military minded BI, perform exceedingly badly. While OFP/Arm always had more of a niche audience, the one thing it offered was the wide open landscape coupled with pretty good ballistics. With DayZ, in a world of Adderall induced manic Call of Duty type games, general audience was introduced to a brand new pace of gaming, that being a slower, methodical, enormous area, which each encounter with another human player a very visceral life or death situation. That sort of game tension was totally foreign at that time hence the surge in popularity. So what happened? Just like in a relationship, the things she loved about you in the beginning become the very things she resents about you at a later point after the novelty effect wears off. People complained about the glitchiness, the too slow ability to get gear or have a fun encounter, the sense of listless wandering in a barren world with few beans. So other developers with engines maybe more streamlined for just this sort of game, started addressing these concerns by bottlenecking the player game world or decreasing its bubble, making sure servers were stable and the game less glitchy, implementing a real melee system not one where just slashing close inflicts dammage etc.. So now BI having stretched its engine too far from military to Zombie dread, heavily modifies its VR reality engine to the Enfusion engine but apparently thats not enough and have finally gone full new engine. Wonder whats in store for Arma 4..
  2. Would love to have an AI mesh like Mount & Blade. Id mesh the s**t outta these maps for free. And yes they added AI walking on boats while moving. We need that sort of AI love brought back.
  3. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    ^^ That track is fantastic - one thing Ive always loved about the series since Day 1 is the music - driving bass ftw
  4. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Old Man Scenario...ahahahahahahahahaha. Looks alot like Grumpy from the back. Shame the new destroyer is gonna be a static object. Another Arma is 'years away' is a bummer cause Ill need the 'Really Old Man Scenario" but the fact that they may implement new tech in current could be promising (especially AI) but I keep my expectations in my pants.
  5. Looking forward to re-playing the classic Alamo. Is there an option to disable IF's adjusted AI skill levels? I run my own mod calibrated to my liking for class based skill system and have noticed one of my loaded mods was changing up my values often giving results like aimingAccuracy: 1.9885e-005 Im not quite sure what that values means but its probably not good. this only happens with the IF mods loaded so its somehow conflicting with my own. Thanks for all the continued work on this and am really looking forward to the Desert Fox /Northern Africa content coming
  6. NIArms Release Thread

    Not sure if this is directed at me but was running the newest All in One, core, Sig and the 2 compatible rhs/cup ones. I took those last 2 out and the error seems to be gone
  7. NIArms Release Thread

    Im getting an 'picture NIAarms1_ca.paa not found' error on both game/mission start using steam versions on stable
  8. Man I love those car alarms going off in the middle of combat -adds to the absolute feeling of chaos. Would you consider giving an option for not allowing wounded soldiers effected by Bloodloss script to be setCaptive true? The problem is youll have a few enemy wounded soldiers on their backs writhing in pain but you cant command your allies to murder them -and they need murdering because they inevitably roll back to normal and shoot your squad in the back
  9. By original marker text I meant that you would see the text (as a marker I assume) on the map for a brief time when a squad spoke such as "Affirmative. Engaging hostiles" or such.
  10. So pretty neat overall really like the radio voice addition and the squad orders. Im a little confused by the Squad markers tho - I see lots of "x"'s on the map with different Squad name/numbers combos like Alpha2-B or such and they're different colors such as Black Red and Blue but im confused as to what they are. Also would be nice if the squad icons themselves displayed their number as I have no idea where a squad actually is when reporting something. Maybe that High Command mod which displayes Squad information (type of personnel/units alive etc) would be helpful here. Lastly I would say i miss the marker text of the original HAL on the map as that again adds to squad personality and gives a sense whats happening in that area. Also what type of FPS are people getting mid to end mission? Mine running vanilla starts in mid 40's and winds down to low 20's high teens in the editor singleplayer
  11. Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    Ok this seems a bit silly and should be totally fixable by a dev as it requires no new voice acting etc ...South is treated as Back while North is treated as Front with Right and Left being effected respectively. Simple put an enemy unit north of you and youll call out Front while vice versa calls out Back. At longer ranges they tend to use Cardinal direction or compass callout and they seems to be in order. Its the shorter range stuff
  12. Not seeing a Stratis sample in this pack...the other missions all have various dependencies outside of RHS/CUP like ACE, ASR and some other ones. I dont mind the RHS/Cup but some of the others are obscure
  13. Im not sure when this happened as they used to be somewhat reliable -but now bot AI/Player callouts are utterly borked. Im too old now for color commentary in the video but just note I am the leader always facing the enemy yet both my team/and myself (player) are constantly calling out enemy as Right/Right Flank. Worser still at the end an enemy Sniper who is dead ahead is called out as "Back". This hugely impacts reaction on to how to respond to an enemy's direction and honestly I just cant see how this is so broken?
  14. Hey was wondering if this makes any special use of troops like Spec Ops/Snipers? I have a mini mod that gives them special abilities ie increased aim/faster animations etc and would be cool to see them dynamically carrying out their own operations in a intelligent overlord sort of way. I also use radio voices/text for both their speech and normal troops reactions to them