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  1. Group icons on map

    Nice one GOM - was looking for something like that
  2. Hehe understood. Ill try and find a way to get my skills script and IF to get along
  3. Would it be possible to have an option somewhere to disable the AI skills modified by IF? I was deleting the ww2_core_c_cfgAISkills PBO but it actually prevents you from loading a saved mission as a missing dependency error shows up.
  4. Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    4 months and nothing. Makes me wonder if these sorts of things even bother the Devs or is just acceptable as Arma quirkiness.. Cant imagine starting up a game be it Far Cry/GTA/insertMainstreamGameHere and hearing an AI yell out the exact opposite direction than the enemy actually is. Cost no money to hire additional voice acting -just delete the the false directions and use only cardinal direction ie "Enemy, North" etc.
  5. _lastLockout = _target getVariable ["GOM_fnc_lockout",-_lockoutTime]; Now see im always confused thinking you cant retrieve a Variable ie GOM_fnc_lockout before its been set ie setVariable.. One of these days ill have to pony up and start using params, they seem all the rage nowadays with todays hipsters. Thanks again Old Man -this actually helps me on alot of fronts and excess scripts
  6. For some reason getting In and Out of loops sends my brain into a circular maze of logic that i cant get out of. So want to have an eventhandler call only Special Forces Soldiers to play an animation Roll on the ground via a firedNear EH but only want to allow it every 30 seconds or so -as of now they go nuts spam rolling almost every shot {if (_x in Frog_SpecialF) then { \\\\\\\Frog_SpecialF is Array of all Special Force units _x addEventHandler ["Firednear", {[_this select 0] call Frog_Roll}]; };} foreach allunits; Frog_Roll = { _target = _this select 0; _shooter = _this select 1; _hasEvaded =_target getVariable ["hasEvaded", false]; if (side _shooter == side _target) exitWith {}; if (random 100 > 70) exitWith {}; _name = name _target; _rolls = selectRandom ["amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon_amovppnemevaslowwrfldr","amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon_amovppnemevaslowwrfldl"]; _target switchmove "amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon_amovppnemevaslowwrfldr"; if ((!(_target in Frog_Hush) && !(_hasEvaded) && (stance _target == "Prone"))) then {systemchat format [ " %1 Calling Rolling Now!!", _name]; _target setVariable ["hasEvaded",true];_target switchmove _rolls;0 = _target execvm "ego\ego\scripts\freeMe.sqf" } /* else {_target setVariable ["hasEvaded",true];_target setvelocity [2, 0, 0]; _target switchmove "ActsPercMrunSlowWrflDf_FlipFlopPara"; systemchat "tumblin down";0 = _target execvm "ego\ego\scripts\freeMe.sqf" } */; frog_Hush pushback _this; }; Pretty sure im not using the setVariable hasEvaded properly. freeMe.sqf \\\\\\ Hoping to use as a 30 second timer to make the hasEvaded False again so they are once again free to Roll sleep 30; _target = _this; _target setVariable ["hasEvaded",false]; systemchat "This one freed";
  7. No luck so far kju -ill keep messing around with it. Also noted RHS has the same problem but CUP tanks do work with doSuppressiveFire
  8. For some reason Iron Front Tanks alone wont fire main cannon on doSuppressivefire {nb = nearestbuilding player; _x dosuppressivefire player} foreach allunits; Works for all tanks except IF ones -i use this alot to route infantry from buildings Great update -really enjoying
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    They really need to hire one of the AI guys from the community -one that loves the AI, not seeing it as an annoying feature they wish the public would forget. One that could have a genuine, ongoing discussion with the community rather than "We have no plans for that" or worse just utter ignoring silence. Planes/Helos/Audio/Rockets and Sensors all had their specific liaison with the community -where's our guy?
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    also bought my 1st console XBOX One for RDR last christmas. That and sports game on 50" 4k TV pretty nice but still hate shooting mechanics with controller. Bohemia had considered a Western RPG after OFP but thought it wouldnt sell- lets see RDR sold only a little over 13 million copies *smarmyWhistlingGif*
  11. [SP/MP] BeCTI

    How did you get CTI on Malden? Did you just open up the Altis mission and move around the zillion or so markers? Any chance for an upload?
  12. Missile Efx Mod

    digging all this mini mods your doing man
  13. Tactical Satellite Feed

    Man this looks pretty impressive I love AI squad control with good lookin GUI's (no H). One issue I noticed was that I AI would easily just march thru walls when clicked to go behind one like its not even there.