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  1. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0114

    Very satisfying trigger pulls methinks
  2. CTD Forces Full Steam Re-Download + Mods

    Hey man - wow 600GB....your pain makes me feel better j/k brutal. Funny thing is it happened to me once before and Iwas able to find a fix but have hence forgotten it and cant relocate it. Question: do you use multiple HD's?
  3. So googled this but no definitive answers as far as I can tell - when the game occasionally hard crashes forcing a PC reset -STeam no longer is aware I have the full Arma game as well as 100GB of mods in the Workshop folder. Its all there yet nothing I do ie restart steam etc fixes the problem and I actually have to delete all the old files or Steam wont download it as it doesnt have enough space..for Arma3..which is still on the HD thereby taking up the space...... ......So itll be a full overnight download of almost 200gb - anyone know a better fix ?
  4. Im not sure about this mod but i do know from fiddling with AI that when they are given DoMove type commands it sometimes takes away your ability to command them. Usually pressing 0-1 (ie Done) command returns things to normal.
  5. My nutty buddy is in Morocco sent me this video yesterday -its goats in the trees man.THERES GOATS IN THE FRICKEN TREES MAN!! Sorry for my outburst, im a city boy and just not used to that type of behaviour from standard rural livestock.
  6. Welcome back greywolf ;) Got your PM and im honestly not too familar with thos components but will tell you that CPU speed or ability to OC is the most crucial for Arma. I dont know that CPU or if you feel comfortable overclocking but in my experience getting to 4.0 GHz and up is what really ups the Arma ante jackpot. Also youll want to list motherboard and ram speed. Lastly this is the correct thread for PC-Arma related questions Best, froggy
  7. Arma 3 still a popular title

    I would certainly recommend this title to any PC gaming enthusiast/masochist
  8. ANZINS Terrain

    Dang! Nice job!!
  9. AZZGoader (no disrespect AZ) said with the same affect and sanctity as Game of Throne's Mance Raider -The King Beyond the Wall. And his giant probably male Goat Jerome.
  10. I remember that "Cajones" -classic. Yeah ive recruited my Wife for her RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) level Thespian skills for a giant mod team i once worked on for Mount and Blade (Prophecy of Pendor) some time ago. Lured her in after convincing her she could use the experience as part of her Resume' building operation in which she became ecstatic. Like really ecstatic -think Diane Chambers level Shakespearean ham
  11. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Well, since you asked.... Politics. Id always wanted a politically driven CTI that is dynamically driven by events actually taking place on the BattleMap. So alot of Civilians killed by OPFOR during Artillery strike and spotted by Neutral UN type force -they take a financial hit and perhaps stop using that sort of attack for a while at least in that area. This could lead to alot of cat and mouse games trying to lure the enemy AI into a major political mistake via military action. Different AI general leadership personalities could be fun too (Ruthless, Cautious, Fruity, Hasty etc) Lets be honest, modern day warfare rules are determined daily by what is reported and how it is interperated by the world population. Wars have alotta perception rules unless your sadly in Syria when the OPFOR just dont care.. Yeah itd be a beast to code but i'd play the everlovin sex outta it
  12. JohnnyBoy or should I say Ralphie.. well done man -you truly had me LOL for realz.
  13. hehe not yet plan on some serious man cave session time this weekend to deal with that yabahead
  14. Yo JDawg - only in 1st part so far funny f'in dialogue but got a real problem with that Black dude at mission start..