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  1. Ok, most likely that im on Dev branch. I have Feints and can place them via editor but notice i cant with Zeus.
  2. Havent been able to spot any SHarks yet -i ve checked the array as well as just all the agents swimming around in Zeus. Now I only transplanted the Animals.sqf as well as the upgraded Userconfig file -do i need any other files?
  3. Crowd Animations?

    # Cue FroggyRantNao Agree. More crowd type animations would really be great - jeering, agitated, elated, fist pumping etc... But we did recently get some really nice Civilian reactions to war which is really, really nice to have. We also have some good albeit slightly awkward gestures like pointing and what not. Variety in animation gives more spice to the game so the more the merrier
  4. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Yeah Terrain Analysis sounds pretty sick and also interested in your Town Fill -pretty much all of its gold.
  5. That was quite the delayed reaction necro -ha! Yeah thats exactly what im intending to do, its actually really cool just making AI look up and gaze at 2nd floor windows but yeah invisible targets are where its at. Sadly I dont know where Invisible targets are (full retard flame suit on -literally)
  6. Cant a graphic be dynamic? Meaning start with a clean one, switch it up as you dirty it up on country roads? Maybe not possible, dont understand these sorts of things. Such as never got why we cant have more than one walking animation at once
  7. Still waiting..... Hehe, seriously man this is a cool script i forgot about. Id love to get the AI to check windows of a house they know an enemy is in - this is one aspect, the feeling of being hunted by AI that is sorely needed in this game imo. The worst is when they know your in a house (well sorta), your the only enemy and known threat, yet they lay outside with rifles aimed perpendicular or worse, opposite direction of house your in. Bad. Anyways, I can get the AI to DoWatch the window spheres but they wont target or DoMove to them as im guessing they are positions not objects? Any ideas on how to spawn invisible objects in those spots to get AI to move to them? @Zapat: Sorry never saw your post :P
  8. @0:38 of that video you see a bullet hole and blood appear at an exact location -how was that done!?
  9. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Thats all adjustable as Zooloo gave a crap ton of options/variables - just hit Enter while in Debug and you can adjust time settings for Blood disappearing. Footsteps are different issue but this script by HallyG works pretty well (remember change name from Player to whatever your units name is): h = [] spawn { private _lastPos = getPosWorld player; private _tmpPos = [0,0,0]; private _positions = []; private _footsteps = []; private _i = 0; while {true} do { _tmpPos = getPosWorld player; if (_tmpPos distance _lastPos >1) then { _footstep = createSimpleObject [ format ["a3\characters_f\footstep_%1.p3d", ['l', 'r'] select (_i %2)], AGLtoASL (player modelToWorldVisual ([[0,0.2,0],[0.2,0,0]] select (_i %2))) ]; _footstep setDir (getDir player); _positions pushBack [_tmpPos, time, _footstep]; _i = _i + 1; _lastPos = _tmpPos; }; hintSilent format ["FOOTSTEPS: %1", count _positions]; sleep (1/((speed player) max 1)); }; };
  10. Don't think what your asking for is inherently built into the game. There are missions like HETMAN and mods like ALIVE which create an overall AI commander and of course the old CTI game modes but thats about it.
  11. No AI addon can really change that type of engine level hard coded behaviour
  12. Agree with you and have been saying it for ages - AI targeting orientation needs to be overhauled from the ground up. Simply, nothing really matters, not planning, not strategy guides, not caliber or type of troop if the soldier cant simply keep oriented at his closest known target. Its part animation system, part the way AI choose to make decisions, or lack there of..
  13. Ok once could be a typo but ..twice...? Im unaware of this specific adult type Fnc, please elabobrate? Try posting what've you've tried and people more likely to help ya
  14. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Oh heck Yah!!! Worlds better so much more immersive -huge thanks
  15. @pierremgi as usual i was overcomplicating things unknown syntax tends to do that to me So in the Debug: {IF (side _x == east) then {[_x, "SIT", "light"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim;}} foreach allunits; { _x spawn Frog_TerminateMeArnold} forEach allUnits Frog_TerminateMeArnold = { waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate }; Is working!! Obviously AllUnits will be slimmed down and a sleep added but just wanted to get it up and running. Thanks again man I dont always get your stuff at first but it usually sends me down the right direction. @BunchaMooks: Cmon guys Im way studlier than that think.... lol just watched that Fink video - disturbing yet mildly arousing...?...Beerfest haha takes me back to Super Troopers