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  1. froggyluv

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Congrats!! but holy dependencies Batman! Looks well worth it -hope you can play thru as a SP (IN MP host of course)
  2. froggyluv

    AI can see through tree cops?

    Also notice how he has exact trajectory on me even though his knowsabout is only 1.5. This would explain why AT soldiers (manual type) have such little success against armor
  3. froggyluv

    AI can see through tree cops?

    Dont think so - this first happened to me using Iron Front WW2 tanks. Also APC would have no way of knowing from which direction that shot came from so it would first need to start manually tracking different directions -the speed in which it located and fatally killed me is utterly ridiculous At first i was sure it was some AI mod or script -spent half the day trying to locate which one but by the end of the day -that was all vanilla save cba/cup
  4. froggyluv

    AI can see through tree cops?

    So I thought I was hallucinating but after many tests -its true that a certain AI DOES see thru vegetation -Armored. Using Greenfists AI detection tool - finally narrowed it down and can show that AI has no direct line of sight to me -im too tired and old to make slick video production so its a little long but its all in there. You can see in the 2nd half the APC's POV and he has no clear sight of my unit whatsover -yet gets a deadly shot within 2 seconds of my firing (im nearly 500m out and his turret is faced the other way). Wondering if the fact i was firing Armor piercing Bullets has any effect - but anyways..
  5. froggyluv

    military simulator yet you die through walls

    I consider it a plus that AI shoot thru walls. Its been disproven long ago that AI cheats in that manner.
  6. froggyluv

    JBOY Throw Knive

    Ahh yes thats true -yours is a rag problem (as usual). Way above my pay grade but i think I remember reading someone who was trying to create custom bullet holes to match exactly where the unit was shot -but ran into problems when the model rotated or something like that. If your knives are matching up and holding (until the ragging problem at death) I would think a custom bullet hole texture would too..no?
  7. froggyluv

    JBOY Throw Knive

    Looks pretty fun man - have to try this out. My grandmother was a Cherokee knife thrower from Oklahoma- scary woman. Too bad knives cant stay on position -im guessing this is similar to as to why bullet wounds cant directly display at exact location on the recently dead?
  8. Heres some code (not mine) that does has player smash windows: [] spawn {_myNearestEnemy = player findNearestEnemy player; private _window_pos_arr = []; private _house = nearestObject [player , "House"]; private _hitPoints = "isClass _x" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _house) >> "HitPoints"); private _brokenwindows = 0; private _playerweaponpos = [getPosATL player select 0, getPosATL player select 1, (getPosATL player select 2) + 1.2]; private _rifle = primaryWeapon player; private _pistol = handgunWeapon player; private _weapon = currentWeapon player; { private _cfg_entry = _x; private _armor = getNumber (_cfg_entry >> "armor"); if (_weapon == "" || (animationState player == "Acts_Executioner_Forehand" || animationState player == "Acts_Miller_Knockout" || player getVariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", false] || player getVariable ["ace_captives_isHandcuffed", false])) exitWith{}; if (_armor < 0.5) then { private _brokenGlass = (_cfg_entry >> "DestructionEffects") select 0; private _selection_name = getText (_brokenGlass >> "position"); private _model_pos = _house selectionPosition _selection_name; private _world_pos = _house modelToWorld _model_pos; _window_pos_arr pushBack _world_pos; private _playerdist = _playerweaponpos distance _world_pos; if !(animationState player == "Acts_Executioner_Forehand" || animationState player == "Acts_Miller_Knockout" || player getVariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", false] || player getVariable ["ace_captives_isHandcuffed", false]) then { if !(_weapon == _rifle || _weapon == _pistol ) exitWith{}; if (stance player == "STAND" && _playerdist < 1.75 && alive player) then { private _hitpointname = (configName _cfg_entry); private _anim = "Acts_Executioner_Forehand"; private _animspeed = 1.7; private _recoverspeed = 0.7; if (_house getHitPointDamage _hitpointname < 1) then { if (_weapon == _rifle) then { _anim = "Acts_Miller_Knockout"; _animspeed = 1; _recoverspeed = 1.3; }; player setAnimSpeedCoef 2; [player, _anim] remoteExec ["playMove", 0]; sleep _animspeed; [_house,[_hitPointName, 1]] remoteExec["setHitPointDamage",0,true]; _sound = format ["A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\sfx\bullet_hits\glass_0%1.wss", (floor random 8) + 1]; playSound3D [_sound, player, false, getPosASL player, 3, 1, 30]; sleep _recoverspeed; player setAnimSpeedCoef 1; [player, ""] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0]; _brokenwindows = 1; }; }; }; /// if (_brokenwindows > 0) exitWith{}; }; if (_brokenwindows > 0) exitWith{}; } forEach _hitPoints; _myNearestEnemy reveal [player, 1.5]; }; Original Code Window Breaker by Axebeard. He's given permission to vandalize, eroticize or do whatever you want with it. The FindNearestenemy./RevealEnemy stuff I added just to get a reaction from nearby enemies.
  9. froggyluv

    Need help making AI not move

    Maybe Zombies are Agents rather than standard AI
  10. froggyluv

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Heh, anything that enhances emergent AI behaviour is like Christmas magic sprinkled all over Arma3. Between this and Leopards havent been this amped for an update since solus'es SLX mod for OFP
  11. froggyluv

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Can you give exact coordinates of where this is happening so we can give definitive answer? Sounds like a ghost bug -sh*t that happens to you and only you tho you are running no other mods.
  12. froggyluv

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Thats weird -i never play without EM (cause its how i like to roll IRL) -and havent noticed this at all with Lambs. Ill keep my eye out for it
  13. Dont have links but there are scripts for this -i think Johnnyboy may have done this. Check the Googles Edit: Here ya go
  14. This is pretty tantalizing considering what you've already seemingly done with the AI. BI should seriously consider bringing you on board as you really have a knack for appetizing production. From the much nicer Action/Command menu to even just the colors you use in your adverts - just makes you want to start up a new game in a refreshing way
  15. froggyluv

    JBOY Scripts Compilation

    Prolific!! *insert inappropriateGifHere ^^Would have but my posts been mysteriously disappearing here lately 🤐 Nice Job Johnny - really quality stuff here