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  1. Havent typed a piece of code in years now but you'd need to determine the Condition that stops the the AI and use something like switchMove "" or something of the type
  2. froggyluv

    SOG AI

    Congrats and thanks for keeping the SP cause alive
  3. froggyluv

    SOG AI

    Much like the BI Devs -they under-value the original SinglePlayer fanbase
  4. froggyluv

    SOG AI

    Cool videos but I especially like the setup of that last one -AI burning out your squaddies..must explode them !!
  5. So I have some problems with Mount & Blade Bannerlord as far as the shallow husk of anything resembling strategy (Kingdom) but i gotta give them props -their AI is extremely responsive. Last night i had a 1000 AI battle play out - this new modern AI system has the AI general call out different strategies for the troops like they'll spilt their Cavalry in half and send them to hide in flanking positions and then advance Infantry and Archers in different ways depending on terrain. They'll even tactically retreat to meet up with reinforcements etc. Now to have 1000 AI have the ability to literally adjust to every swing, approaching horsemen, need to switch to different weapon - its impressive to say the least that these AI never really mess up. I'm talking if horde against horde and you attack from the rear some will turn and use the exact block they need to as you approach, and then turn around and commence their fighting. I was looking out for AI on AI collision and it just doesn't happen. Now you might see like an arm of a unit kinda ghost thru another AI if they run into each other going different directions, but any more than that and you can clearly see them bump. The robust physics with some really outstanding animations including transitional are to be admired
  6. I see theres one SP scenario -is it a fully fleshed out for a good SP experience? Also do the Co-op missions give you the option to start with AI?
  7. froggyluv

    Crossplay might kill Arma

    Thats a leap of faith and a dangerous gamble. The modders are a huge asset of the success and long term playability of the game but all of the best ones were raised on PC coding. If the game is simplified to get more sales and a larger audience, it doesn't guarantee the modders will want to stick around if certain aspects of the game are "dumbified" or left abandoned in that process.
  8. froggyluv

    No Save Game in Prairie Fire Campaign

    Pretty crazy that he went and spite googled me to find a comment I made back in 2016. Honestly Harzach I'd thought higher of you
  9. froggyluv

    No Save Game in Prairie Fire Campaign

    Quite the contrary. That was a mod I made for free to reintroduce a feature that had been taken out of the series that benefitted the single player - that being a chase cam of the AI that killed you. Coming in to a modders thread and just bluntly complaining “ it sucks” is a far cry from taking your case to a retail game that had diminished certain aspects of the ofp - series and verbalizing your complaint in a legible and comprehensive way. mods do not equal retail as it is a profit less hobby. And for the record I’ve commended positive aspects of prairie fire on other occasions
  10. froggyluv

    No Save Game in Prairie Fire Campaign

    Why yes it is - I’ve since shunned that poster in the old school Amish sense. Sadly the world today needs more shunning..
  11. froggyluv

    No Save Game in Prairie Fire Campaign

    Harvest Red in Arma 2 was also based around 1 team -but they incorporated AI. Such was always the norm up until more recently -in which they've slowly taken away from the SinglePlayer -expecting us to be complacent with "creating our own missions or mod in our own AI". Thats not the same level of quality as missions designed to be able to play either fully with AI or as a coop. And it has nothing to do with "find some friends" -your talking to the original fanbase of 2001 OFP demo -singleplayer was foremost important. Persoanlly I dont enjoy Arma with other people, it just doesn't suit my gameplay. i like to tactically plan like the old Ghost Recon or original Rainbow 6. Ive had too many Arma Mp experiences with either guys who way too tryhard to talk Military jargon or the opposite where you get some "JokerA$$Face" - as the pilot of your helo -yeah that breaks immersion for alot of us. So really, its you guys who should be supplying things like SOG AI incorporated into your DLC - stop putting it on us to have to find a way to implement what was once a standard benchmark of OFP gaming.
  12. Your in the wrong section -this section is for Completed mods. You want the Addon Request thread here:
  13. froggyluv

    Bohemia?! What's taking so long..

    I run into these statements everywhere -Reddit/Steam etc... MP players tend to think playing with "Bots" is stupid or boring and that developing AI further or even asking BI to provide a SP Mission/Campaign is a waste of time.
  14. froggyluv

    Game Engine

    Im curious -can you give an example of this?
  15. froggyluv

    SOG AI

    You know ive always wanted to get into that Antistasi mission as it seems like one of the better sandbox full Island type build missions -now with 89% more JohnnyBoy AI - ive got the perfect excuse to give it a go