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  1. froggyluv

    A.I or T-800 Terminators ?

    The AI has been been pretty much scratched from the Arma AI and they're building it from the ground up as far as I can tell. This is a good thing but at their current state you could call them totally rudimentary. Getting AI spotting right is a very difficult thing to do in gaming as most games only deal with CQB exclusively, that is they only need to feel realistic in a very short and limited engagement. So when you have a CoD AI, or FarCry or BF, they program their AI (if you can call it that they are so overwhelmingly scripted) their reactions only need to seem realistic in a 100m or less radius. An AI that feels realistic as far as spotting when engagements can take place up to 700m or more as well as in a city's urban landscape is very hard to get right on both ends.
  2. froggyluv

    Forcing A.I to fire weapon

    i would take a look thru this thread even though its more about getting the AT soldier to fire his launcher
  3. froggyluv

    AI group

    What Larrow means is that the Event Handler would work probably as you imagined a Loop would but it is far cheaper not firing repeatedly but checking only at the event that an entity is killed. He's assuming your talking about Units have that lost their Groups and thereby need to join another. What it sounds like your after is that for ANY individual or small 2 man group to seek out a larger group to join. Most people wouldnt assume that because that would break alot of mission
  4. froggyluv

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    I dont either but you'd be surprised what you end up doing in VR in which youd never imagined yourself -like reading Tomes and Books while balanced on a ladder....my neighbors cat must think im loco
  5. Hey I know that guy -I got into it with him about AI not engaging each other at point blank range. He really went on the offensive against me telling me how "this is not some simple first Person Shooter FSM". Went on a back and forth for a while yet he never relented but the next update had an updated algorithm for AI in immediate proximity 😉
  6. froggyluv

    S.O.G. Prairie

    Yes many of the Devs and DLC creators have forsaken the SinglePlayer. Ironic because it was us who were the original mega-fans and modders of the original game Operation Flashpoint which was soley a SinglePlayer game at release. Anyways -if you pickup the SOG AI control mod its alot more fun.
  7. froggyluv

    Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    Looks pretty good thanks for the heads up. I really, really dig games that have a detailed AAR with an X-ray account of what shot killed you as well as detailed ballistics report. One of my biggest gripes with Arma is how they took away the death screen which hovered over the guy that killed you -so now you could literally be jogging 10KM to the AO, get terminator one shotted and have no idea what just happened -not fun
  8. froggyluv

    Reforger Discussion

    Not to be sarcastic - but what other mainstream mil-sims? You mean the ones that dont have AI or the ones that are just vehicle only?
  9. Theres a mod called "Go Go Go!" that seems to be doing what you're after -maybe rip it open a have a look https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2654482940
  10. froggyluv

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    @H O P L I T E I would just say I get you man but you're on a pretty lost cause here .I used to try and be vocal as hell about the inconsistencies and problems with the AI, their subSKills and how they play out and the Devs simply dont want to hear it. There used to be a point in which you could reliably create Bad Ai, reliably create moderate ability AI, and the ability to make very good 'abilitied AI' -but that point was lost some where in the world of the "interlocution graphs, charts and maths". I spent a good part time career's worth of just test AI and trying to get them reliable because lets face it Arma would be the BEST game ever had it had the trajectory level and expected from Operation Flashpoint made over 20 years ago. Did they put in 20 years worth of AI progress likened to that trajectory? Ill keep my peace on that and just stay hopeful that they have either rededicated their AI staff or hired some new fired up AI programmers for Reforger and the future of this series.
  11. froggyluv

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hah not to disparage my good friend madrussians thread but there is an even deeeper magic… the AI DEV once had a stickied thread JUST for this reason - to better determine AI Subskills. Seems the initial plan was to at first work with community feedback but seems they eventually said “F dat”
  12. froggyluv

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I’ll respond more later at this excellent post that really highlights the frustrations of trying to make an AI with noticeable disparity. in short in my own mod I try and make basic soldiers like accuracy 0.005 people have been complacent and fooled too long into thinking a simple .2 AI skill settings will make them tangibly worse than a 1.0 when it’s not true at all
  13. froggyluv

    WW AICover

    So I would suggest you combine a few AI mods like Drongo's command enhancement as well as Leopards AI command mod and possible the "Go, Go Go" mod. They will give you some overiding command s such as disabling your squads ability to go into Danger mode whenever they want, to unstuck and regroup your units etc. You're gonna just have to play around until you find the settings you like
  14. froggyluv

    WW AICover

    GODammit Im a Doctor not a Paleontologist JIM !!! Edit: BKnight you might wanna try Lambs AI mod -I think ive played official missions without it disrupting waypoints.
  15. froggyluv

    does this game even work yet?

    I would agree EXCEPT they really had no business listing SinglePlayer as a game aspect on Steam. That would be the equivalent of Farcry releasing a game saying Singleplayer and then just giving you an Editor - and one that not even the Devs themselves have made 1 successful SinglePlayer mission - something that can be done in less than 1 minute in Arma3's editor. Theres alot i like about the concepts of Reforger in terms of the future of the series -and im ok with just supporting the future of Arma 4- but that was disingenuous adverstising.