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  1. I hear you guys and of course you're correct - the actual loop script is huge as it looks to cover really just too many things and its not well delegated -at all. So you'd see a variable defined at say Line 10 and then needed again 50 times at 50 different places in a thousand+ lined script. Not an excuse, just part of my reasoning which is really just to cover up a blatant feature creep morass of code by a non-coder. Gonna re-write and clean up
  2. Ha! Oh yeah thats actually from if (side _this == playerside) /* || !(Frog_Ind_Enemy ) */ then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; which i took out as not to further confuse anyone -good eye tho man!
  3. Yes I do have and should have wrote that: private _mahfriend = false; if (side _this == playerside) / then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; @Larrow: ok interesting i didnt know that and that explains while the icons seemed to be shifting from entity to entity one at a time. But wont that still leave me with the problem of having to write redundant code ie: Camo for all/ Camo +Icons for friends only?
  4. if (side _this == playerside) / then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; \\\ All units run thru this loop -this obviously to weed out friend from foe via the local _mahfriend variable if (Frog_Foliage >=5) then {_Frog_Deep_Jungle = True; _this setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.000889190]; /// Id like all units both friend and foe to capture this part - that being a modified CamouflageCoef value if !(_mahfriend) exitWith {player sidechat "He not mahFrnd!"}; /// Here is the problem - Id like only _mahfriend (same side as player) to continue to the next line in which a 3dIcon is visible but so far - I get the hint that hes not "mahfriend" but enemies are still receiving the icon. In short -its not exiting even tho the condition fires onEachFrame { drawIcon3D ["ego\ego\EgoData\SHGreen1.paa", [1,1,1,1], Frog_pos, Frog_icon, Frog_icon, 0, "Concealment", 1, 0.005, "TahomaB"]; }; };
  5. Mordhau against Bots. Its the medieval combat system ive always wanted -instinctive, deep and nuanced regardless of the excessive gore. I wish all fantasy/ medieval type games would use this combat system -its awesome
  6. Its against the rule to ask for updates but just letting you know those 'Matrix-ey lines going everywhere Node-y' videos give some people nerdgasms (not me of course) soo you might wanna keep em coming *blinkyeyeEmoji
  7. I like the concept -is it ACE only?
  8. The reason water areas are so sought after is they can really sear into your long term memory something like they call 'Presence' in virtual reality terms -the feeling that you really are somewhere. I felt it for a few moments playing on an Unsung map last night on a riverboat with really high trees -felt unique -the problem is things in Arma tend to get samey after a while so the feeling diminishes. Like i still remember the water Dam area in Chernarus from Arma 2 even though havent played that map in years. Distinct changes in elevation like rockface, glades with unique foliage in the middle of forests and of course....
  9. froggyluv

    Run Through The Jungle

    Started great -nice 70's jungle era immersion -only prob was just cant navigate that tiny river with that boat without getting stuck. I dont mind trolling along but one mistake and your stuck. Tried a few setVelocity to bump the boat off the sandbanks but ended up putting it in a tree 😄 Maybe a command to push the boat as addaction. Also some birds, snakes etc around river would be swell -id really like to finish this one though cause i havent gotten hooked on any nam missions yet and i like this one
  10. Hey that sound like my new VirtualRealitySexWorldBeta getup...minus..The Apparatus..
  11. On the latest script version and units (including player without input) seem to stop and use a Heal animation in a spammy way
  12. Normally I dont talk to strangers see....but..since JohnnyBoy sent yas J/K -PM Sent
  13. Noticing AI ordering their men into nearby empty Ural during Clean Sweep (the classic OFP mission) - pretty sure these guys have a Seek and Destroy Waypoint. Anyways seems like a death sentence to order AI into an unarmed type vehicle for no reason as they get slaughtered there everytime
  14. froggyluv

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why are they tuning their engines off at all I guess is the question? Almost impossible to mass coordinate an angled attack when you never know quickly a Tank shutsdown/starts up? I've just counted a few tanks taking closer to 20 seconds and again sometimes they seem stuck in some sorta loop where they basically stop responding.
  15. froggyluv

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Been having a blast playing an OFP Cold War Crisis redux which uses mix of CUP/RHS but am having problem with the Hammer Tank missions. Basically it seems that when commanding RHS Tank Platoons, the AI tanks tend to trun their engines off or something everytime they reach a player given waypoint after a few moments. Meaning, ill order my 3 subordinate tanks to Move positions, but when needing them to move again (sometimes quickly) they are extremely slow to get going sometimes not responding at all. It seems they are sometimes stuck in between trying to Move and maybe restarting their engine..i dont know but i sometimes lose total control of them with their utter refusal to move at all after sometime.