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  1. 1st time trying this mission and looks great except my insertion Helo is always locked and takes off without us on board :(
  2. Holy Necro Batman! But these appear to be gone -that is, the invisible targets are non visible..
  3. stuck under house

  4. - nice on new fire mode - +1 to for the above on both firing from ground and FFV - please find way to unhandcuff AI AT soldiers from being so tentative to open up. Im not sure whats making them so hesitant so often but this kinda goes for the game in general. As it say in the Good Book ~ "Let Them Shooteth!"~
  5. Tac-Ops Mission Pack DLC Feedback

    Played it briefly and really, really like the dynamic Map intros showing the progression of attacks. I see in the Home screen DLC slot there are troops using its mech as cover as they advance -is that actually in game?
  6. Ok -lemme test it it out a bit more -wanna run it thru a bunch of situations first
  7. Yes thanks man - for some reason ive always resisted learning or using commands like abs/lineintersects/checkvisibility forever -funny cause it seems i always need them...old man stubborness i guess. Your loop does the trick just needed to add an integer check to checkVisibility checkVisibility [eyePos _x, eyePos _targetDude] > 0) - im guessing greater than zero implies some visibility? Just show your boss those chickens -if he cant apprciate them at high velocity than HE"S got issues! @GOM: Yeah how hard would it be for BI to place miniscule delays to the rest of group as this would also help humanize their immediate response times abit
  8. So need to determine which AI in group detects the enemy so he can specifically call it out (seperate from the default game callouts) but am finding that all units in a group are aware of the enemy at the EXACT same time _teamK =[]; ////The Team that Knowsabout Enemy - generally the Player's team { _name = name _x; _ne = _x findnearestenemy _x; _nameE = name _ne; if (_x knowsabout _ne >.8) then { _teamK pushback _x; sleep .1; /////////////Was hoping to create artificial delay here so 1st soldier to spot would be listed first -futile.. _caller = _teamk select 0; hint format ["%1: Theres %2!", _caller,_nameE]}} foreach units group player; player sidechat str _teamK; This builds and shows array of the group that has spotted enemy but it lists them all simultaneoulsy - I cant believe there is no delay in terms of which specific soldier has spotted an enemy and the rest of that units team -not even a millisecond BI?? So when using _caller = _teamK select 0, it always selects the Player for instance as he is first in that array.
  9. Man I agree 100% Always wanted better icons such as Marksman and Sharpshooter etc.. I think Unsung has all new and much broader Icons but not sure. Would actually love dynamic Icons with more unit information as well as possibilty to show enhanced skillset etc but maybe Im just getting Hidden and Dangerous nostalgia.. Lemme know if you get those Wolle ones config'ed id love to check em out. @JohnnyDogs yo man thats lookin fun cant wait to take my Jack Russell - Apache Arma Huntin
  10. If you just wanna change gun in open map then just right click on unit and select Edit Loadout
  11. Its for added ingame text banter which scope is pretty limitless -my goal has always been to just feel like im playing in a more alive, dynamic world even when just firing up the editor. Heres a quickly made footage though you can see i havent yet controled the spammy nature of it yet
  12. ...and then Larrow shows up.. Thanks abunch man - it needed _side = side _unit added but it works out really well.
  13. Yup man seriously appreciated all it was killing me. Still learning proper scope syntax but i understand the variables needed to be inside the scope. Also the Cursortarget was just for testing this function is actually called by all units including Civilians and Grenades(thats why removed "if this is typeof 'man' ") for various ingame banter. Im calling this with [Fred, "Fccckkk You Benny!"] Spawn FU. FU = { private ["_unit","_line","_someId","_t","_ar","_k"]; params ["_unit","_line","_timeout"]; NUMM =0; NUMM = NUMM + 1; _someId = format ["IDUSAY%1",NUMM]; [_someId, "onEachFrame", { _cCiv = [0.44,0.44,0.905,1]; _cInd = [0.2,0.9,0.505,1]; _cWest = [0.2,0.2,0.805,1]; _cEast = [0.44,0.44,0.905,1]; _unit = _this select 0; _line = _this select 1; _side = side _unit; _F_Color = [1,1,1,1]; _k = linearConversion[ 0, 150, player distance _unit, 0.03, 0.005, true ]; //// Awesome switch _side do { case east: { _F_Color = [0.73,0.24,0.11,1] }; case West: { _F_Color = [0.2,0.2,0.805,1]; }; case Independent: { _F_Color = _cInd; }; case Civilian: { _F_Color = _cCiv; }; }; _start = getposATL (_this select 0); _start set [2,(_start select 2)+1.9]; drawIcon3D ["" , _F_Color, _start, 0, 0, 0, _line, 1, _k, "TahomaB"]; }, [_unit, _line]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; _t = 3; if (count _this > 2) then {_t = _this select 2;}; sleep _t; [_someId, "onEachFrame"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; }; I know Larrow you said not to use BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler and BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler insame code but what do you suggest to turn off the text after alotted time?
  14. So this script is from SaOk's great WLA missions and its a function to highlight various text over AI to enliven the experience. Ive tried to modify (badly) to change the texts color depending on Faction type FU = { private ["_unit","_line","_someId","_t","_ar","_k"]; _unit = _this select 0; _line = _this select 1; _side = side _unit; hint str _side; _F_Color = []; NUMM =0; NUMM = NUMM + 1; _someId = format ["IDUSAY%1",NUMM]; _k = 1; if (player distance _unit > 10) then {_k = 100/((player distance _unit)*10);}; [_someId, "onEachFrame", { _cCiv = [0.44,0.44,0.905,1]; _cInd = [0.2,0.9,0.505,1]; _cWest = [0.2,0.2,0.805,1]; _cEast = [0.44,0.44,0.905,1]; switch _side do { case EAST: { if (_side == EAST) then {_F_Color = [0.44,0.44,0.905,1]}; ////sometimes im using the color code directly other times using the _cEast type variable which is redundant... :/ }; case WEST: { if (_side == WEST) then {_F_Color = [0.2,0.2,0.805,1]}; }; case INDEPENDENT: { if (_side == INDEPENDENT) then {_F_Color = _cInd}; }; case CIVILIAN: { if (_side == CIVILIAN) then {_F_Color = _cCiv}; }; }; _start = getposATL (_this select 0); _start set [2,(_start select 2)+1.9]; drawIcon3D ["" ,_F_Color, _start, 0, 0, 0, _this select 1, 1, _this select 2, "TahomaB"]; ////////////////// HERE is where the variable _F_Color should be picking up the variable from _side (which displays properly in hint) but for some reason always comes up as empty brackets }, [_unit, _line,(.05 * _k)]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; _t = 3; if (count _this > 2) then {_t = _this select 2;}; sleep _t; [_someId, "onEachFrame"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; sleep 18; if (isNull _unit || {!alive _unit}) exitWith {}; }; [cursortarget, "Fcckkk you!!!"] spawn FU; systemchat str _F_Color