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  1. Isn't PLP Poolpunk's tag?
  2. Looks great Leopard - whole lotta GUI button lovefest. And how dare you tease us with 2 unknown addons crucial to the SP experience?! We are Armaheads, not HalfLife 3 Monks, we have ZERO patience!
  3. Maybe try sharing the errors you're getting..?
  4. Your other hand will learn and become master of coding. In its newfound strength it will be your new best friend -with benefits..
  5. froggyluv

    "Old Man" campaign still a thing?

    The plan is in the Title. Its designed to have you wait till your actually an Old Man - then you may or may not get your pudding but either way you'll certainly be ornery about it
  6. Good tips Mad - inspires me to fire up Arma again. I like missions that are really tough -oh yeah, keep going with that full nation battle Meta map. Hopefully you've worked out a fully working Auto-calc algorithm that factors in units skill level. Matter fact, i expect no less from you!
  7. Gotta get back to this mission and I agree -its hard as S*T. I would agree that somehow add a chance at more AT weapons being available if enemy AT are on the map -even if you have to go thru hell and highwater to get access. Or maybe an AT support team. One of my biggest pet peeves of Arma is the AT soldiers inability to really fight armor and the kinda dead zone reactions that infantry AI have toward armor in general. Many strategy games have a units potentiality or non-potentiality towards armor as a hard coded stat so they react accordingly if no help is nearby. Feel like BI dropped the ball on that one and its kind of a depressing feeling knowing your up against something you have no counter for.
  8. froggyluv

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Looks amazing V Quest - that high strategy Nation's map really looks intriguing. In the example mission, i cant pass the HALO flight inspection Facewear portion tho I think Ive tried absolutely every item in that room..?
  9. froggyluv

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Obviously we here would like more ie. Accompanying animations etc but we also definitely appreciate that some of you guys there continue and improve on these things even if buried under tons of undocumented barely understood code - surely killzone kid will wiki it at some point o.O
  10. froggyluv

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    What kinda crappy poll ad ridden website was that?! If it was up to me yould be shunned..SHUNNED
  11. Great to hear still working o this always liked it. Last time I used I think I remember it giving all kinds of dependency errors when loading a game. Not sure that's relevant to whatouve mentioned above
  12. You know the Dev team took my suggestion a few years ago to list distance of target on Target submenu (and I really appreciated it!) but mentioned at the same why not add the same feature for objects such as Guns - while your at it, its not all that different and would really help us out..? For the life of me i just dont understand why they didnt take that up. Obviously a brand new GUI would be ideal but at the very least get rid of some of that clutter and give us a few helpful pointers on how far away that 15th AKM is.... i really just dont understand. They play the game too or maybe they dont.. 😞
  13. You guys are all way over my head but any laymans reasons to now go AMD (for Arma) -the last I heard was no matter the CPU speed, Intels just played Arma smoother. Im still on a 6600k at 4.3 and have been Intel for 20+ years but this Ryzen looks promising
  14. froggyluv

    Tank gunners won't fire

    Thats crazy. If its broken they should high priority fix it. Its a military game where guys are reluctant to shoot..that aint right
  15. Hi snkman -been some time since just sat back and played but this looks really promising. Curious can you set Leaders level of aggressiveness on the fly (such as variable) or is it predetermined in the Userconfig?
  16. froggyluv

    Contact Starters

    No matter how good our relations might become with Aliens, some asshole's always gonna throw a grenade in the meeting setting off yet again some violent conflict
  17. Interesting ill try shaving that second off. Definitely adding the extra arrow right after the entry one seems to have helped gain advantage in the door entry. Its pretty fun just playing around with it -sometimes you can really see the future of an Arma Swat4 blend, other times the Arma engine punches you in the brain for even having the gall to think that. Right now im tryna figue out how to give an AI Entry team advantage when taking the stairs against camping enemy AI (2nd story) -it seems if you're able to get the exact height (stepwise) of line of sight to enemy AND give a Reveal command they have somewhat of a fair shot. Having fun with it anywise 😄
  18. Any tips on getting your AI to quickly orient themselves into the direction you want once they cross a door threshold? Its hard getting the Room Clearers their proper advantage when they enter a room with a recently gasses/flashbanged enemy when they just wont orient on the enemy before the enemy regains their senses and kills the intruders. Ive tried huge disparity in subSkills (like .0001 vs .9) but even then not so much luck.
  19. froggyluv

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Ive seen that movie. Doesnt end well for humans..
  20. Highly replayable buncha popcorn missions - good fun. The production values are nice with satisfying audio effects and a pretty saavy AI to deal with -they REALLY want your base. Dont be intimidated by the Rain Man level instructions by The quite MadRussian author, you dont have to read it all but you'll want to after a certain point to learn shortcuts to better operate such as creating and maneuvering HC squads that youll need for various purposes. Totally configurable and well polished.
  21. Think it arrived around Queens Gambit but on what map (s) and what coords is that really fancy Art Mansion with the sprawling staircase located?
  22. If Arma4 had a trailer with this happening Id be so pumped - your doing the Lawd's work JohnnyBoy. So can the AI do this to Player as well -im imagining a mission where player has to search houses maybe do some computer code mini-games all the while enemy AI police patrols are actively searching the neighborhood house to house like such above. Man that's be sweet. "Toc to Entry Team.."
  23. froggyluv

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Ahh so thats what im seeing here. Thought maybe your were the Khaleesi's other brother and got into some trouble with The Khal
  24. Maybe @Leopard20 could help - pretty sure he had this workin in his All in One Command mod
  25. _building = cursortarget; _name = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeof _building) >> "displayName"); copytoclipboard str _name; Returns: "House (Large, Pink and Fabulous)" Edit:Ninja'ed!