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  1. Thats a pretty vague description of what you want to achieve- first thing you should do is be much more exacting. Saying you want "units enter a compound so they come out from behind buildings and stuff like that" isnt really explaining what your after. Controlling AI to do exact things -especially when it comes to Buildings can be a massive task or fairly simple depending on what exactly your trying to do
  2. froggyluv

    Squad Feedback

    Brilliant! Squad awareness in general has always been so lacking as to pretty much resign you to just letting your squad do one thing while you do your own. This helps bridge that gap -very nice
  3. Thats strange as that command doesnt work for me -what does it do? I use _unit switchMove "ApanPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_ApanPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon" - to create the "cover your ears and run away!!!" - animation and the switchmove "" does disable it
  4. froggyluv

    You've played to much Arma when:

    On top of what Gunther suggested I myself, my dad and my buddy in a wheelchair (that in itself causes major gut issues) have had miraculous success with an herb called Slippery Elm. It also helps revitalize the intestines corrected the mucous membranes among other things. My dad had bleeding ulcers for years and I used to have really bad nausea which would send me to the ER couple times a year. Slippery elm powder 3x day saved each of our issues anyways I’m not a doc and don’t want to act like I have the answer - just a suggestion. Wish you all the best on your health and recovery amigo ~frogs
  5. froggyluv

    [Alpha] Tiger

    Just love it man -keep going!
  6. froggyluv

    Joystick, what a joy

    Because it wasnt directed at you but others coming here thinking you actually needed help. Tip kid -this aint your forums -you can be replied to whether you like it or not. You want private conversation with BI -write em a letter -these are public forums.
  7. froggyluv

    Joystick, what a joy

    No thats just lazy communication -translate or not. he's using exclamations to make his point and abbreviations a translator wouldn't do. The "dont pollute me bro" is just asinine.
  8. SO thats generally a result of an AI mod -or anything that uses a "doMove" command -it can really mess up group cohesion. What you can do is (i forget the numbers) but try to pull up the action menu that has "Done" on it and that will generally reset you as the Leader
  9. Seems to work okay but getting a JSRS dependency error on loadup
  10. Gotta be honest man - people on Steam will love your mod but i would expect a barrage of "WTF... wheres th MF'ing HPPA F'n File?!"
  11. froggyluv

    CO 04 a matter of ethics (no mod needed)

    How is that still up on Steam..jesus H Christ makes me wanna smack an incel B&&ch out
  12. froggyluv

    JBOY Scripts Compilation

    Just saw that Fall from Vehicles for the first time - that’s amazing and damn it should be in game vanilla. Reminds me of the original Farcry
  13. I cant agree more -its awful. Curious if you've seen the newer Improved Melee Mopd/Droid Jedi Mod for Arma? The guys adds all kinds of smooth animations as we as seemingly very good hit reactions (to melee -but no reason they couldnt be used for Bullets) Im wondering how this guy does what BI seemingly has no ability to do -smooth animations
  14. LGBTQia2s+C++ Welcome to Alphabet City JohnnyBois 🌈
  15. froggyluv

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Heh your gonna need to script that one yourself as its pretty specific. Your basically asking for an easy way to adjust dynamic skill settings against many different conditions -no ones going to be able to tailor that exactly for you so your best bet is to get to learning sqf and start doing it yourself. I use a personal mod (never released because its too buggy and im to lazy to want to fix it for everyone) that does alot of these types of things -that being dynamin skill setting based off of units current concealment level or even if their leader gets killed in an ambush. I agree tho the base game is very lacking in this area which leads to very unsatisfying firefights as imo -all the AI are too good no matter the circumstances. Nightime, ambushed, flanked? Doesnt matter in vanilla AI as they all react without any attempt at human reaction -but more like terminators that simply orient -fire -misorient -reorient -fire -repeat....
  16. I would agree it was simply the best dynamic fully realized CTI GAMEmode built for arma. The problem isn’t you sir it’s simply that’s there’s just not enough of you. God Speed !!
  17. Wat??!!! Oh god no hope he’s doing ok- any news’s on his health?
  18. Whens the last time BF used bots? I had fun with them in BF2 but then after a modder increased a battle map level size -i placed the Bots in the expanded map and they couldnt move -like at all. They were totally dependent on being scripted to an exact level im guessing. Next in BF3 campaign, they got rid of MP bots (much to my disappoint) and implemented "cheat bots" into the SP campaign. They were so scripted if you were behind them while they were in a hallway firefight 20 m from the enemy -they wouldnt take any damage whatsoever until you went up front *nauseating*
  19. Not tryna be devils advocate - but im honestly curious whats so great about Dayz's animation system , i mean i get that they look a tad smoother than Armas but lets be honest thats not saying much especially for almost 2022 gaming. The entire reason i never got into DayZ was just how horrible this engine is at Melee -it may be the worst ive ever seen -no joke. Absolutely no fluidity, totally non accurate hit boxes a total vacuum of sense of force, inertia, momentum or anything really that is involved in melee combat. Now again -this was Arma 2 Dayz - id assumed that with the newer engine and all this time it would have evolved leaps and bounds but from what ive seen on YT and things like this recently on Reddit ..sounds like its as bad as ever! I just dont get it - Bad Bensons Dinosaur attacks were pretty spot on and he really nailed down proper orientation of the attack and other large object mass issues -especially doing it on Arma3's NOT Dayz's engine. Now you have that new Improved Melee Mod for Arma featuring lightsaber duels and pretty responsive maneuvering AGAIN on Arma3's engine??! What in the world is Bohemia's excuse? Id love to be wrong here and someone tell me DayZ is leaps and bounds above any of this and is really fluid engaging combat -i mean Zombie worlds are all about up and close battles you just HAVE to get that right or it aint fun in my book .
  20. I thought Enfusion couldnt handle Arma style infantry AI -like at all ?? Heard it only capable of handling simple agents like Zeds and what not. Could be wrong as ive never really played Dayz since the arma 2 mod dayS
  21. Well if the video guy is correct -he said you can place the battle where and how in that level as you please -meaning you can create a 4 human vs AI House infiltrate mission against AI etc...if i can do that as well as also create huge tank battle somewhere else -thats open world to me. My panties will retain their bunchiness thank you very much -Good Day Sir !
  22. @Battlefield 2042 -did he say Co-op vs AI ...on THAT ENGINE? In OPEN WORLD?!? Holy smokes and hot Jesus ! !
  23. froggyluv

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    I agree man. Nothing against Mod/devs its just that Arma maps always have that samey feel. Like where is the vast feeling of real mountaintops or vistas with water whatever. Basically why cant Arma have maps somewhat like (i know its different engine) Would buy day 1 - wouldnt care what other assets were given
  24. So we all know how clunky animations have always been in the Arma series. No pivoting foot for rotating, no real falling animation, no vaulting or jumping, civilians playing out a rifle holstering animation when changing stances, many other desirable firefight animations that exist in Battlefield games, even Counterstrike and Insurgency -Arma despite its many strengths, has always lagged far far behind in this aspect. To the point they are creating a new engine (Enfusion) and one of its proclaimed strengths in more fluid animations -yet from what ive seen of Dayz( yes i know its a hybrid) - it still doesnt match the following