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  1. B_Fox

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Its a bit of both. The AI ends up driving to fast, can't stop in time and then crashes or over shoots a corner. The AI also show almost no regard for other vehicles. Vic A drives up behind Vic B, bumpers Vic B, Vic A then tries to go around but Vic B pulls to the same side as Vic A resulting in another crash, then Vic A slowly scrapes around Vic B or runs them off the road or complete stop and then a headache ensues.
  2. Alright thanks for the quick response. Have a pleasant day.
  3. Hello, since in my opinion our beloved Arma is a infantry sim and the thing most infantry does the most is walking, running and jogging. So can some make different animations for "safe", "aware" and "danger" so it can have more variety in movement when it comes to player and AI movement. Some examples and also is it possible to add physics so vehicle crew and passengers. Lets say the crew men are turned out is it possible to add a kinda jiggle effect to them? that'll also be a neat touch.
  4. B_Fox


    Theirs Is The Glory 1946. A Bridge Too Far '...is a slow moving epic, well worth a viewing with some authentic scenes, but is unconvincing in its portrayal of the battle of Oosterbeek... Theirs is the Glory is the only feature film currently released that accurately portrays the events at Oosterbeek in atmospheric and chronological terms, despite its jerky portrayal of events. This is a film to watch.
  5. B_Fox

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    If so maybe it's about an old man returning to former battle locations to maybe do a little soul searching or just to remember the fallen. He has these little interactive flash backs of that one time on patrol, that one time his convoy got ambushed or maybe he's just patrolling with his buddies and no combat happens now that would be cool.
  6. I have a question does this mod conflict with other AI mods like Vcom, ASR AI or Tactical Combat Link - TypeX mod or maybe non AI mods like RHS?
  7. I just played with it a little bit and it adds that much lacking feeling of pain to arma which I like. Here are some suggestions; since AI doesn't care for taking prisoners maybe have AI play dead and then hold a grenade for a suicide attack, have the AI run/ crawl in the direction of friendly units or back track instead of crawling into the enemy. Thanks for this great mod and keep up the great work!
  8. A good start to the year thanks alot!!
  9. B_Fox

    Russia General

    Wow, status on crew?
  10. OMG finally technical it's like a dream come true! Thank you!
  11. B_Fox

    Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    I heard about this from ChrisB and It works really well but it's a match up of different mods that did not really make it to Arma 3 or died out early most notably SLX and GL4. I also heard there are groups who play Arma 2 with private AI mods which is said to be on of the best if not the best. But I think that the AI is missing a more human quality like, "Hey 0 ammo vs 1 squad with ammo maybe we should surrender since I don't want to get slaughtered" Also maybe a morale system
  12. B_Fox

    Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    I had a similar thought as to why AI driving and vehicle behavior is so poor and thats because they still think their infantry . So when it come so obstacles they think hey I'll just walk around, and they, the driver/s of the vehicle/s, move around the object but doesn't factor in the size of the vehicle hit box but instead uses his own. I don't have any proof that this is what's going on but its something i feel makes some sense since sometimes the ai drives without consideration of the vehicle parameters.
  13. B_Fox

    Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    You may want to look at Genesis's learning AI videos and his Vcom AI and Vcom Driving and if I'm not mistaken modders don't get the same accesses to the AI as the devs and if thats the case it would be up to the devs to do such project.
  14. B_Fox


    TIK's first Battle Storm Is Complete now you can add this to the collection and binge watch the mess that was, Operation Crusader!
  15. ION Contractors in Italy Some old photos that where inspired by a video on mercs in Africa Mods: HLC now NIARMS, Killoch's multi-national pack, Isla Dula, RH M4/M16 pack, CUP, MONTELLA TERRAIN MOD.