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  1. B_Fox

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    One of the most informative lists, thanks a lot Gunter!
  2. Have you ever thought about making old Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian infantry because most of these Arab countries during the 1960s and 70s use British webbing found in Spearpoint mod and would add to the cold war stuff
  3. B_Fox

    3den Enhanced

    Now we can make cult circles 👺
  4. I finally got back to arma now with pics it alters between this and this It's as if it wants to play a new animation but can't.
  5. Yes I remember bringing up this in another thread earlier this year. Also another way to ease up the pain of mech infantry getting run over is to simply make the ai infantry run out of the way maybe something like and invisible bubble around the vehicle and the infantry tries to keep out of this bubble. Also Liability Insurance by Rydygier is a mod that is a must have for those kinds of missions. Other than that I understand that people want nvg and tank interiors but I feel these are things that can be added in later on.
  6. I think i found a bug sometime a unit just lay in the panic/coward animation flat on their stomach and their weapons float mid air. To me it resembles the head glitch from ace in arma 2 where the unit is stuck on the ground unable to move or in this case break free of the animation I yes in ECP mod crews would hop out on fire and run around or just die instantly. This also happens in the ifa3 liberation mod and i would love to see you implement something like it in this mod.
  7. I thought so, thanks for confirming! But this also means if I have lets say a blufor rebel squad and a blufor army squad i'd have to manually give the rebel squad worse accuracy right?
  8. I got a question, what does side based skills mean and how does it work?
  9. B_Fox

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Wasn't YuEmod removed because It is prohibited to sell and/or charge for a mod? Didn't Global Mobilization stated off as a mod they even released a Unimog as like a teaser and now after a little bit of silence they pop back up but now it evolved from a mod to paid dlc (A very fine one at that). So dose this means that Yue can apply for to be a Creator and receive dlc status or is it more complex than that?
  10. Just a little carnage. Russian attack on Chapoi, Malden against Altist/Malden resistance fighters. Altis Rebels lost about a platoon to a company 65~85. Russians bout a platoon = 20~45 men Mighty Russian howitzers soften up the resistance of the rebels before the attack! Rebels unable to withstand the mighty BMP-3 auto cannon, buried with their hope and dreams! A house of horrors for Russian troops with one man hell bent on taking out as many as he could! But After the dust settle and the attack is over who has won? Mods: RHS, Altis Armed Forces Mod, Malden dlc, 3den, Project True Viking, PiR, TCL & VCOMAI.
  11. B_Fox

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Its a bit of both. The AI ends up driving to fast, can't stop in time and then crashes or over shoots a corner. The AI also show almost no regard for other vehicles. Vic A drives up behind Vic B, bumpers Vic B, Vic A then tries to go around but Vic B pulls to the same side as Vic A resulting in another crash, then Vic A slowly scrapes around Vic B or runs them off the road or complete stop and then a headache ensues.
  12. Alright thanks for the quick response. Have a pleasant day.
  13. Hello, since in my opinion our beloved Arma is a infantry sim and the thing most infantry does the most is walking, running and jogging. So can some make different animations for "safe", "aware" and "danger" so it can have more variety in movement when it comes to player and AI movement. Some examples and also is it possible to add physics so vehicle crew and passengers. Lets say the crew men are turned out is it possible to add a kinda jiggle effect to them? that'll also be a neat touch.
  14. B_Fox


    Theirs Is The Glory 1946. A Bridge Too Far '...is a slow moving epic, well worth a viewing with some authentic scenes, but is unconvincing in its portrayal of the battle of Oosterbeek... Theirs is the Glory is the only feature film currently released that accurately portrays the events at Oosterbeek in atmospheric and chronological terms, despite its jerky portrayal of events. This is a film to watch.
  15. B_Fox

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    If so maybe it's about an old man returning to former battle locations to maybe do a little soul searching or just to remember the fallen. He has these little interactive flash backs of that one time on patrol, that one time his convoy got ambushed or maybe he's just patrolling with his buddies and no combat happens now that would be cool.