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  1. Adding my two cents to this I quite like the idea even though it may seem odd and misplaced but we can call it "Western Support" and if the FIA needs a T-55 they can always capture one. But why not have both?
  2. A Yemen War factions and maps.
  3. B_Fox

    Hell Let Loose

    Very interesting this trend of PvP gaming but it's rarely sustainable unless it has, a unique idea, offers ULTRA REALISM and or free to play. Good examples are World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder. These games are free2play and attract people because they like tanks,ships,airplane or just find it a cool idea and keep people in because of the grind,the premium vehicles. Of course from time to time you'll have fun while grinding but lets be real, when you have grinned all the vehicle whats next? Challenges? What kind of intensive will you get after you've completed those? A new decal? IMO those game are the future Free2Play, Pay2Win, instead of asking for the money up front they'll play the long monetization game. At a quick glance at the steam store shows, "Hey look Post Sciptum, hmmmm 30usd, reviews; Lovely game but server are empty" Guess what that will sum up most PvP ww2/ battle royal/counter strike clone/modern warfare clone /another bland shooter in a couples years if they don't die within the first year. For me going forward if your going to charge for it in game AI is a must. Cause guess what, if the servers go down for maintenance or there isn't enough people to have a full match then you can incorporate a PvE match or a single player that can be a mission or mini campaign which can even be a dynamic one which would depend on if the player(s) wins or lose.
  4. Hey how about home made armored vehicle like and And also it can have all kinds of ffv positions so they can be a troop transport or a mobile bullet dispenser or just a over packed tin can with as many variations as you want. What about the crew? no one asks. well why not a custom home made weapons pack, webbing, uniforms, etc just let your creative juices run. It's about time we show our Guerrilla buddies some love! Sorry bout the spam had a goof moment
  5. He guys another request here this time how about home made armored vehicles, just let your imagination run wild with that one. In my opinion we let our want to have irl realism in the game which is all good and dandy but think about the FIA for a minute they just run around in unarmored pick up truck but why can't they have armored pick up truck of some weird armored V shaped hull vehicle that is so ugly is just send chills down your spine. A good example of this is Rhodesian armored vehicles maybe some one might be inspired to make some thing like these. And also it can have all kinds of ffv positions so they can be a troop transport or a mobile bullet dispenser or just a over packed tin can with as many variations as you want. But what about the crew you may ask? Why not a home made low tech weapons pack! Again ever since the start of history man has had improvise weapons and vehicles so why stop at super cool special commando gear high speed, low drag 12 magazines, 5 rockets a machine gun, rifle and pistol. Why not show some love to the guerrilla and irregular fighters or troops who need to improvise.
  6. B_Fox

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    One of the most informative lists, thanks a lot Gunter!
  7. Have you ever thought about making old Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian infantry because most of these Arab countries during the 1960s and 70s use British webbing found in Spearpoint mod and would add to the cold war stuff
  8. B_Fox

    3den Enhanced

    Now we can make cult circles 👺
  9. I finally got back to arma now with pics it alters between this and this It's as if it wants to play a new animation but can't.
  10. Yes I remember bringing up this in another thread earlier this year. Also another way to ease up the pain of mech infantry getting run over is to simply make the ai infantry run out of the way maybe something like and invisible bubble around the vehicle and the infantry tries to keep out of this bubble. Also Liability Insurance by Rydygier is a mod that is a must have for those kinds of missions. Other than that I understand that people want nvg and tank interiors but I feel these are things that can be added in later on.
  11. I think i found a bug sometime a unit just lay in the panic/coward animation flat on their stomach and their weapons float mid air. To me it resembles the head glitch from ace in arma 2 where the unit is stuck on the ground unable to move or in this case break free of the animation I yes in ECP mod crews would hop out on fire and run around or just die instantly. This also happens in the ifa3 liberation mod and i would love to see you implement something like it in this mod.
  12. I thought so, thanks for confirming! But this also means if I have lets say a blufor rebel squad and a blufor army squad i'd have to manually give the rebel squad worse accuracy right?
  13. I got a question, what does side based skills mean and how does it work?
  14. B_Fox

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Wasn't YuEmod removed because It is prohibited to sell and/or charge for a mod? Didn't Global Mobilization stated off as a mod they even released a Unimog as like a teaser and now after a little bit of silence they pop back up but now it evolved from a mod to paid dlc (A very fine one at that). So dose this means that Yue can apply for to be a Creator and receive dlc status or is it more complex than that?
  15. Just a little carnage. Russian attack on Chapoi, Malden against Altist/Malden resistance fighters. Altis Rebels lost about a platoon to a company 65~85. Russians bout a platoon = 20~45 men Mighty Russian howitzers soften up the resistance of the rebels before the attack! Rebels unable to withstand the mighty BMP-3 auto cannon, buried with their hope and dreams! A house of horrors for Russian troops with one man hell bent on taking out as many as he could! But After the dust settle and the attack is over who has won? Mods: RHS, Altis Armed Forces Mod, Malden dlc, 3den, Project True Viking, PiR, TCL & VCOMAI.