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  1. I'm glad to know the content that Tanks DLC is going to offer. They have even included a new Multiplayer Game Mode!, In my opinion... a little bit similar to end game and capture the flag, but at least is something. For those that want arma 4 I think that you will be disappointed. The new engine is not finished yet, and the first game to be released in the new engine is going to be DayZ. So expect 2 more years to finish DayZ and maybe another 2 more years for Arma 4.
  2. Dev Branch Server ?

    Any dev branch server running the new multiplayer game mode and new vehicles?
  3. EUTW uses all the assets of Arma 3 too. And CTI sucks in arma 3.
  4. Tanks DLC: Premium Content Discussion

    Form me the big Deal is The New AAF AA vehicle. The New Multiplayer Gamemode. The update of interiors. New RPGS
  5. Favourite/Least Favourite Aspects of Warfare/CTI?

    Can you tell me your mission server IP? I would like to have a look to your CTI mission. Under any circunstances this is a good way to start a mission... what a pile of shit Is even worst! you have to keep pressed " º " and then click on exit tutorial!!!!!
  6. Official Multiplayer Gamemodes

    As tanks DLC is going to be the last big update of arma 3 I would like to see some MP game Modes Added to it.
  7. Arma 4 a look to the future

    I would like, to have some. Multiplayer game modes with the tanks dlc. Once you finish all the single player missions. There is nothing else to do with the game. It needs some MP game modes to extend arma 3. Until arma 4 arrives.
  8. Favourite/Least Favourite Aspects of Warfare/CTI?

    I don't believe that replicating a battlefield MP game mode could be that hard to do in arma 3.
  9. Favourite/Least Favourite Aspects of Warfare/CTI?

    The thing is, that is not needed a big modification, just a few good designed multiplayer game modes that use the potential of all the assets of Arma 3. There is no need of a ton of 3d models or sounds voice acting or whatever. We have been playing poor Multiplayer Game modes since Arma 3 release and with all the people that have talent and know how in this community is a shame.
  10. Favourite/Least Favourite Aspects of Warfare/CTI?

    I liked a lot to play Arma 2 Warfare Benny Edition mission. And I hoped to see the game mode again in Arma 3. In arma 3, the most similar thing that I have found is CTI - EUTW. (no base building in it, and no upgrades). Dislikes in Arma 3 CTI. No 3D objects to represent the Base Factories. (Now maybe could be possible to add some Eden Editor Composititions) Long wait for upgrades. making the games even longer. Weird Menus and options in the CTI missions of Arma 3. hard to understand. Long travels to find action. Respawn and long travel again, is more a car driving simulator than a shooter. Commanders can't take desitions must do what players ask for, or get kicked. Empty servers no one is playing Likes in Arma 3. Haven't played. so no likes at all. I had a really big suggestion post with images and everything in the arma2 subforums of the benny edition, but all those post have been removed and lost if you want some feedback I can try the mission and post something at your forums. Also, I don't know why in Arma community each modder have his own version of a mission instead of cooperating with missions that are already done and have servers running. In EUTW is GIPPO alone developing the mission, it have 4 servers and have a hard time to fill just 2 of them, maybe some help to EUTW could improve the mission and make it a must play for every Arma 3 player.
  11. As tanks DLC is going to be the last big update for Arma 3. I want to start a debate about the game. I like that the tanks and vehicles are going to have 3D interiors, probably some single player missions for the Tanks DLC. But I'm worried about that Arma 3, don't have a good set of vanilla multiplayer game modes. Once you have played all the single player content, there is no more to do in Arma 3. Yes, you can play more single player missions from the workshop, But I think that as we are having no more updates and we are going to be several years until bohemia finishes the new engine, DayZ and they finish Arma 4, it is going to be a necesity to have some good Multiplayer game modes that work good for Arma 3. It is not needed to be very complex modes, just copying some modes in the style of Rising Storm Vietnam and so on could do the trick. MP game modes for planes. MP game modes for Tanks. MP game modes for infantry. MP game modes that mixes everything in the style of the Arma 2 Capture The Island. Some game modes similar to the ones that Project Argo have, but with a bigger scale... Please, no money, purchasing or levels and so on. Just join select a class / role and play.
  12. As the Sit-Rep #205 have stated, after the release of Tanks DLC the development of Arma 3 is going to end, it will be maintened but there will be no major updates and no more content developed by Bohemia Interactive. It will open the possibility to release more DLC's on Arma 3 done by other game studios. So with this information, knowing that Arma 3 is going to stop develpment i would like to point some minor bugs that should be easy to solve but have been laying around some time now. I encourage you to tell those minor bugs that you would like to be solved before Tanks DLC is released. My list is this: 1º Acog optics too bright to be used with night vision googles. 2º Chem lights 3º Under barrel grenade launcher Flares don't cast any light. 4º Zafir optics while using the bipod. 5º Taru ponds. A feature done by a modders that occupies 0.179 Mb. that was not included in the Hellicopters DLC https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=365549234 THIS POST WAS NOT A WISH OR IDEA IT HAD HIS OWN THREAD WTF?¿
  13. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I'm going to need the names of the textures and an example of the code. Should I put the command in init of the tents in the editor?
  14. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Is BIS going to offer to smaller developers the option to develope a Third Party DLC for Arma 3. I don't know if other game studios are aware of the possibility to publish content for Arma 3 Engine. I was thinking to send my self an e-mail to this studio to tell them that maybe they can do business with BIS. http://www.digital-legends.com/media.html
  15. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Really I don't care at all, It is a shame that Arma 3 have no Military Multiplayer Game mode that allows you use all the situations and the potential that the game have. There are no MP game modes out there. For me is something worth buying. That is what I am saying. The way that someone manage to do it... it's not important. Please, is a shame that the most played game mode is "Life" and the most played military game mode is King of the Hill for the love of god... You missundestood what i was trying to say. Is not that you pay to add to ACE vesion 1.0 the payed DLC ACE version 2.0. I mean that you completely stop ACE MOD free version development and Release a payed version with more and beter polished features. So you can still have acces to the free mod version or buy the DLC that it is supposed to be better, and worth your time of development. Look the community. I think that the people with the habilities and the know how to do good stuff in Arma 3 Engine are at most 1000 persons? Do you think that really is possible to have that overwhelming amount of Third Party DLC's? I just did an exagerated statement to make clear that there is no reason to cut the production of third party dlcs development. There are going to be really few anyway. Why are you thinking that people will leak their stuff instead of releasing it and making profit from it? If someone decides to harm his work... who cares? worst for them. Not my problem at all. In a previous title nothing is free, you have to buy the game no matter how old is it. And, I also think the same, The old terrains and assets of previous games would need a huge update, and that is why I am saying that using the Third Party DLC system is a good way to encourage people to work on them. Look there is people doing it for free already! and just today several persons have said they would pay for it...