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Found 17 results

  1. It would be really great to add more POI variety cycle.Now we have "Container" "Barred house" "Timed safe" It would be great to add more for cycle! Could add only Resource unlockable entry in the building.Like same with the exits.10 wire or 2 electronics for example.The difference it would make that outlanders could not open it straight away if getting a good spawn location as it currently is.They would have to go and look first to see what they need to grant acces.Giving other outlanders more time to loot same location. Another POI could be something like Radiated zone where you would need Iodine to loot the place. Another location could be where you need a knife in your loadout so you could free the door and open it faster!Not to use it as a weapon but Important tool also(Electric cables,rope,wire etc.) That would be at least some use to the knives LoL
  2. R-hy-s

    Medical crates

    Since the elimination crates are rather disappointing and we already have resource crates and weapon crates why not have a crate for consumables like heals mostly. I know starting out heals we’re a rare commodity and it’s be great to get them without burning through 100,000 material
  3. A few ideas I would love to see pondered are a dress tie that you can combine to the suit jacket or any top that makes sense to complete the Business ensemble. You can also use the tie as a bandana to "rambow" yourself up, as a bandage, or to gag someone. I would love to see a hidden item slot where you can combine a small fire arm or knife with tape to then strap to your leg. In most stick up situations people tell you to drop your stuff and lay down and I think if this idea were implemented, then you could possibly get away from a sticky situation by pulling out your sneaky weapon before they realize it. Ripping the sleeves off of long sleeve tops to then become rags could be strategically helpful. Honey could be used as an antiseptic in case you use dirty rags to bandage with a chance at killing the infection.
  4. MourningStarV

    Sniper Idea

    It’d be nice if there was a sniper that had a Variable Scope. It can change the magnification of the scope so the outlander may shoot between long distances and slightly longer distances. This most likely means there will be more outlanders watching Points of Interest. But the only one to blame is the outlander that had fallen victim, since there are so many ways to avoid death in this kind of situation. 1. Completely ignore the chosen P.O.I if you feel it’s too dangerous. 2. Use Portable Signal Detectors (Which are now fixed, thank goodness) or use the Signal Detector located on the map and once the outlanders watching the P.O.I are marked, hunt them down. These type of outlanders will most likely stay in the exact spot. 3. Locate an outlander who is watching the P.O.I. Once they’ve been located, call a Mortar Strike or throw some Fragmentation Grenades. All of these consumables are meant to be used, don’t let them collect dust back at the Shelter.
  5. rosey456

    Lobby weather cycle

    I had an idea for there to be a weather cycle in the lobby like there is in some maps that the player could remove if they just want the weather to be normal, this could also apply to a daylight cycle for the lobby that follows the same rules as the weather cycle idea.
  6. Confused Apple

    First Person Only Mode

    Your guys’ thoughts on a First Person Only mode that will matchmake you with other players using the First Person Only mode? For example, I haven’t played it in a long time, but I think PUBG has something like that and I just believe that it wouldn’t be a half bad idea.
  7. Hello, I have seen on Google and Steam Workshop and I found something almost the same as my idea. But still not the same sadly. General info: First of all. I am not a script person so for this mission it will be impossible for me to complete it without help. (allot of help) This mission will mostly be working with script's and coding. For thows who knows how please help me/us. I can help by typing class names for all that gona be in play for this mission. This is not like Warfare or Warlord. Here the commanders must die to be victorius. Main Objective: Kill the (playable) Commander's and conquer sectors for ressources (cash). Do not die. How to play this mission: You start of as an commander for one of the sides. You will start with xxx cash (Starting founds) and will recieve xxx time cash for just staying alive. On the map there is sectors your mission is to capture sectors to get more time cash to purchase units. You will be in Zeus mode mostly of the time (reason for calling it RTS) Purchasing units and buildings. You will see that you only have xxx meters arround you were you can put down ure units and buildings. First thing you would like to do is to build a building that you can hide inside, so you are not in the opening. You will than have to purchase units to do your dirty work. You should start off by building Light vehicle HQ so you can purchase (empty)vehicle for your units. Ofcurse build a Barracks HQ to get more advanced units as-well. You will be able to see on map the enemy base is, they can see yours as-well. Once you get enugh foundings you should go to war!. Order the men to infiltrate the enemy base and find the bastard commander to kill him. When all enemy commanders are dead, you win. If you get killed and friendly commander still alive he can buy you a new life for xxx cash. But this mostly wont happen due to every commander are in their same base. (one base for Blufor, Opfor and Independent) Base area most likley 2-500m big. Template picture: https://prnt.sc/vbjuv4 - Yellow circle = Sectors - Blue Rectangle = Blufor Base - Red Rectangle = Opfor Base - Green Rectangle = Independent Base This Mission: I will need .sqf files but I do not know what kind. So What I need help with? - Cash system script //Were I can just type in class name for unit, vehicle etc... And xxx how much it will cost. - Cash engine //how to use the cash. Need building to get new units. If a commander dies than friendly commander can buy him a new life. - Build system //Start by only be able to buy Barracks HQ and Light Vehicle HQ. Than maybe an Arsenal so Zeus can research Heavy Vehicle HQ and Airfield HQ. Must have Arsenal to edit units (use arsenal on units) - Zeus Restriction's //So the Zeus cant deploy units outside Base, can only give orders outside. Zeus remote control can be acessed when buildt an Radio Tower (use arsenal to research it) Enemy units close in makes Zues unable to place units. - Blacklist for units etc. //Parrameter will be used here. Blacklist units for Faction selected on Parrameter. - Whitelist for units etc.// Parrameter will be used here. Whitelist more than one Faction for a side. - Default Faction on Parrameters // Nato, IAF and AAF. Have RHS mod? Can chose different factions. - Sector system // Make Sector a cash income and sector have guards. - Man pop limit // Make Zeus not able to spawn more than xxx total units, Vehicles and Buildings. All seperate and can edit total in parameters. (buildings have one total limit, Vehicle have one and Units.) - Heal system // In Base run Full heal script every xxx sek to heal etc units. Can use parameters to decide how long time. (This will be best if 1 minute are the mimium limit.) - Repair system // Build a Repair vehicle to start Repair script. Repairs all Vehicle and Structures after xxx sek. (Same as above minium limit 1 minute. Parameter option.) - AI Commanders // This is a LONG shoot. But when and if this is possible than I say thank you! But focus first on MP. - Every Start has same Base spot but Side's can randomly rotate on every new game. - to be cuntiniued... Mod compatible? Yes this mission should have Parrameters that makes you able to decide wich Faction Blufor, Opfor and Independent should be. (RHS mod for an example.) Weapons and items well Yes. There will be possible for some weapons. Depend if make unit's gear free or make some popular weapon mod like NIarms avaible. Work with WW2 mod? Lets just be able to finish Standard first before this point. Like this idea of mission? Now I do not know if this mission can even be built or if Server can handle it without lagg. But lets say it is possible to make this mission, than please leave a like and if you want to help me with this I will really apreciate it!!! I beleave this mission can make arma a new level of experiance. PS! Sorry for bad english! And PM me or add me on steam if interested. Regards!
  8. Hi all, I'm interested in a script that would detect AI units that get stuck for a while and are not in combat. If you have good ideas on the subject, don't hesitate to post them. I am creating a mission where, once a city is taken, reinforcements are spawned at random and secure positions and must reach the city. So I don't want to be bothered by vehicles stuck on the way slowing the reinforcements, I prefer to delete them if they are not in combat. for the moment, I've this: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; timeIdle = 60*10; // 10 minutes //timeIdle = 30; // TEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mission_fnc_idle = { params ["_gr"]; //{_x disableAI "PATH"} forEach units _gr; // TEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _distToDelete = 5; // Get all group's vehicle(s) _vehs = [_gr, true] call BIS_fnc_groupVehicles; // initialize vars {if (alive _x) then {_x setVariable ["idlePos", position _x]}} forEach units _gr; _timeOut = time + timeIdle; // MAIN LOOP while {{alive _x} count units _gr > 0} do { sleep 5; if (isNil "_gr" or {{alive _x} count units _gr < 1}) exitWith {}; // CHECK IDLE UNITS if ({alive _x} count units _gr > 0 and _timeOut < time) then { _units = []; _unitsToDelete = []; _vehsToDelete = []; // get all units near their idle position {if (alive _x and _x distance (_x getVariable "idlePos") < _distToDelete) then {_units pushBackUnique _x}} forEach units _gr; { // if unit in vehicle if (vehicle _x != _x) then { _veh = vehicle _x; if (!((crew _veh) call mission_fnc_isEngaging)) then { {_unitsToDelete pushBackUnique _x} forEach crew _veh; _vehsToDelete = _vehsToDelete + [_veh]; }; }; // if unit not in vehicle if (vehicle _x == _x and !(_x call mission_fnc_isEngaging)) then { _unitsToDelete pushBackUnique _x; }; } forEach _units; // delete idle units and vehicles {deleteVehicle _x} forEach _unitsToDelete + _vehsToDelete; // reset vars {if (alive _x) then {_x setVariable ["idlePos", position _x]}} forEach units _gr; _timeOut = time + timeIdle; }; }; }; // Thanks to rübe mission_fnc_isEngaging = { /* Author: rübe Description: returns true if anybody of the given unit(s)/group is engaging Parameter(s): _this: unit(s)/group (unit, array of units or group) Returns: boolean */ private ["_units", "_engaging"]; _units = []; _engaging = false; switch (true) do { case ((typeName _this) == "ARRAY"): { _units = _this; }; case ((typeName _this) == "GROUP"): { _units = units _this; }; default { _units = [_this]; }; }; { if ((currentCommand _x) in ["ATTACK", "ATTACKFIRE", "FIRE"]) exitWith { _engaging = true; }; } forEach _units; // return status _engaging };
  9. Eriks Spetsnaz

    Play against my friends.

    I would like to be able to play this game against my friends not only co-op. Then this would be a perfect game. And i would like it more, and also would play this game more, to become better.
  10. WoollenDisc311

    Name Tags for teamates

    Me and my friend were playing and we kept tking because we could not tell the difference between each other and the end I’d also along with that feature you could also add it were if you get a supply drop while you and your teammate are looting then when you get back to base you both get a wooden crate each that way it’s actually worth playing with your friends and getting crates also add a spectating mode were if you die while playing with a teammate then you can watch them play
  11. Barker_Taube

    Game handling

    To me this handles very bad, getting sights on target is like turning a battle ship. Keeping them there is like surgery. A shotgun or ambush tactics seem to be the way to go because hitting someone who is running is way to hard, and trying. To shoot someone who is right next to you is impossible! I know this is the unreal engine and not a frostbite engine or any of the other high dollar engines but the general handling of the guns and camera is in a bad spot. I don’t know if a very minor amount of aim assist is needed or what. I am just a gamer you guys know how to make it work?
  12. This may be in the works already, but I wanted to ask / suggest that at some point there be scoped and red dot / holographic sited weapons. So far every weapon I've used has been iron sights. It would be great to get a magnifying scope with reticle or a red dot site. I know this game is set in the '90s, but red dot sites really came into being in 1975 with the Aimpoint Electronic. (There were some as soon as the end of WWII, but this was the first mass produced commercially available). Also, hit markers / registers when hitting your enemy. There's no visual feedback as to whether or not you're hitting your target. No health bar going down, no numbers popping up to indicate how much health you're taking away. I think a health bar would be bad for this game, but maybe make an opponent grunt / moan very loudly when hit and a very visible splash of blood where you hit. I know some games don't like blood because they want a very inclusive ESRB rating, but Vigor is PEGI 16 which equates to ESRB M, so blood on your target when hitting shouldn't be a problem rating wise.
  13. fin_soldier

    Official Multiplayer Gamemodes

    The Arma 3 roadmap 2016-17 recently got released. With high hopes I am very excited about the planned content. But, there's something that's been on my mind for a very long time since the release of A3. Something I wish would gain more attention in the future updates & DLC's to come. It's the official multiplayer gamemodes such as End Game, Zeus and Support. My favorite multiplayer game is End Game. Which is a gamemode that represents how the game is meant to be played. Well, what's the point of this thread? As a Arma veteran since the first game in the series, and content creator. It feels like the roots of Arma are going extinct. There's barely any official gamemodes in MP which represents the game itself. There's one End Game server I play on which usually has players, but it's the only server running the gamemode. What's up with this? Same with Zeus. The quick game menu has been helpful, because before Apex the situation was even worse. AND, there's not a single Support gamemode server. I'm happy & love the gamemodes, but it's sad that they aren't getting the attention they deserve as they are a part of the core game. Other than that, there's one gamemode I'd like to see implemented in the game. It's Capture the Island. I and many other's would love to see this gamemode in the base game in high quality like the other official content. I hope this resonated with other Arma veterans, new players as well as the developers.
  14. Dear developers! Time to do a small but useful change on the player inventory. Would be fine if a 2nd rifle can be carry on the place of rocket launcher. If i don't want to use rocketlauncher it's empty place, useless now. This change add some tactical features to the player, who can carry 2 rifle at the same time. For example one rifle to the close combat, than another one to sniping. Please support this idea, it is really missing, and may not complicated to do. ;) I hope this will be supported, SAV
  15. Hello, I present an Arma 3 Altis Life Server today! Ts3 IP: ts130.nitrado.net: 10250 Server IP: Forum: http://germaniumaltis.de/forum/ We are looking for Cops / Medic / ADAC We are still under construction.
  16. I have recently been interested in creating a western themed survival modification. Logistically, I believe it is indeed possible, however, I wonder as to whether anyone would be interested in playing this game type?
  17. beama2005

    New mod idea "The 100"

    hi guys have been thinking about this for while now and wondered what people think? ive been watching the tv series The 100 and i think it might be a cool idea for a mod. it will be similar to dayz/exile but will not have zombies. Plot: 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth, humankind is living in space, residing in twelve space stations. The space stations banded together to form a single massive station named "The Ark", where about 2,400 people live. Resources are scarce and all crimes no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death ("floating") unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age. After the Ark's life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred juvenile prisoners are declared "expendable" and sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again. The teens arrive on a beautiful planet they've only seen from space. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. However they discover that not all humanity was wiped out. There are people on Earth who survived the war, called "grounders" by the 100. The teens quickly discover they are not welcome by the hostile grounders and must band together in order to survive. here is what i had in mind: "the 100" are playable and sole mission is to survive/scavange/kill there will be ai clans (the grounders,mount weather troops) high radiation zones around the map that need gas masks to enter survival system like dayz. food, drink and radiation levels base building? crafting missions? its a very loose idea but i think it would be so much fun to build and play. is there any pro that will help me get this project going? or anyone with cool ideas that want to help? everyone is welcome what do you think? thanks beama2005