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  1. It would be really great to add more POI variety cycle.Now we have "Container" "Barred house" "Timed safe" It would be great to add more for cycle! Could add only Resource unlockable entry in the building.Like same with the exits.10 wire or 2 electronics for example.The difference it would make that outlanders could not open it straight away if getting a good spawn location as it currently is.They would have to go and look first to see what they need to grant acces.Giving other outlanders more time to loot same location. Another POI could be something like Radiated zone where you would need Iodine to loot the place. Another location could be where you need a knife in your loadout so you could free the door and open it faster!Not to use it as a weapon but Important tool also(Electric cables,rope,wire etc.) That would be at least some use to the knives LoL
  2. Cor Data

    Medical crates

    That's would be really cool!!
  3. Cor Data

    Elimination rewards are flawed

    There is no XP for an Elimination crate!
  4. Cor Data

    Critical Error PS4

    Wanted to report that Vigor application is causing "critical error" for ps4 console which is switching the console completely off.This happened when just entered the shelter straight after the encounter loading screen achievment save screen popped up and boom -it switched off!! And at reboot it's rebuilding database and asking for an error feedback report!At first I thought it might be overheating problem but it's not.Because I'm not the only one to whom this is happening! Has this happened to anyone else?!
  5. After the new update arrived for some reason achievment save screen is coming up and freezes the games for few seconds every time it loads up even after encounters.And weapon presets not working.I cannot save or fill from preset! PS4