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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, since there is a lot of heat around the new RTS addon released and mentioned in official COMRAD.. I wanna join this new found wave of RTS fans and bump my old mission that never received much attention. Curway: Aegis - supposed to be a series of missions played RTS-style from top-down view. Technically it is heavily modified Zeus, custom tailored for SP missions playing as Zeus, controlling only one side. Entire UI is made with arma style in mind and I tried to integrate custom icons and UI into interface as fluid elements that are not visually much different from the vanilla Zeus. Operation Saboteur - is a first mission from the series "Aegis". Player has to complete a series of tasks visually presented in the world Features Men of War styled gameplay Control a set squad of units Receive reinforcements by advancing in the mission Rocket launching UI with rocket travel lines Grenade throwing UI with grenade trajectory lines AI adjustments and enhancements for better responsiveness and control Quick menu for changing stances, running speed and quick actions 3D visual task system, with partial completions and actions (like setting up a bomb) Cutscene system - moving your camera to points of interests smoothly, presenting new objectives with animations much more.. Download: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420857501
  2. Janez


    I was just randomly browsing Steam and I came across WARNO, a new Cold War era title that Eugen is developing. It is currently in early access so hopefully we can avoid another Red Dragon launch. Too bad they didn't just patch deployment waypoints into Red Dragon but alas, here we are. The show must go on. Not sure in what state it currently is in though, their official forums doesn't even have an announcement (hmm...) let alone a section. Seems odd, even if the place was a bit of a cesspit. On the other hand, advertising always was Eugen's problem. I get behind spending money on development over marketing but you gotto let people know you have a new thing going and these days it's easier then ever, yet... More info also on Steam WARNO News Hub.
  3. RTS Engine: Script & Game RTS Engine is a script you can use to create your own RTS for ARMA 3. A game mode is also included you can play alone or with friends. You can even play with AI. STEAM WORKSHOP Gameplay video
  4. Hello, I have seen on Google and Steam Workshop and I found something almost the same as my idea. But still not the same sadly. General info: First of all. I am not a script person so for this mission it will be impossible for me to complete it without help. (allot of help) This mission will mostly be working with script's and coding. For thows who knows how please help me/us. I can help by typing class names for all that gona be in play for this mission. This is not like Warfare or Warlord. Here the commanders must die to be victorius. Main Objective: Kill the (playable) Commander's and conquer sectors for ressources (cash). Do not die. How to play this mission: You start of as an commander for one of the sides. You will start with xxx cash (Starting founds) and will recieve xxx time cash for just staying alive. On the map there is sectors your mission is to capture sectors to get more time cash to purchase units. You will be in Zeus mode mostly of the time (reason for calling it RTS) Purchasing units and buildings. You will see that you only have xxx meters arround you were you can put down ure units and buildings. First thing you would like to do is to build a building that you can hide inside, so you are not in the opening. You will than have to purchase units to do your dirty work. You should start off by building Light vehicle HQ so you can purchase (empty)vehicle for your units. Ofcurse build a Barracks HQ to get more advanced units as-well. You will be able to see on map the enemy base is, they can see yours as-well. Once you get enugh foundings you should go to war!. Order the men to infiltrate the enemy base and find the bastard commander to kill him. When all enemy commanders are dead, you win. If you get killed and friendly commander still alive he can buy you a new life for xxx cash. But this mostly wont happen due to every commander are in their same base. (one base for Blufor, Opfor and Independent) Base area most likley 2-500m big. Template picture: https://prnt.sc/vbjuv4 - Yellow circle = Sectors - Blue Rectangle = Blufor Base - Red Rectangle = Opfor Base - Green Rectangle = Independent Base This Mission: I will need .sqf files but I do not know what kind. So What I need help with? - Cash system script //Were I can just type in class name for unit, vehicle etc... And xxx how much it will cost. - Cash engine //how to use the cash. Need building to get new units. If a commander dies than friendly commander can buy him a new life. - Build system //Start by only be able to buy Barracks HQ and Light Vehicle HQ. Than maybe an Arsenal so Zeus can research Heavy Vehicle HQ and Airfield HQ. Must have Arsenal to edit units (use arsenal on units) - Zeus Restriction's //So the Zeus cant deploy units outside Base, can only give orders outside. Zeus remote control can be acessed when buildt an Radio Tower (use arsenal to research it) Enemy units close in makes Zues unable to place units. - Blacklist for units etc. //Parrameter will be used here. Blacklist units for Faction selected on Parrameter. - Whitelist for units etc.// Parrameter will be used here. Whitelist more than one Faction for a side. - Default Faction on Parrameters // Nato, IAF and AAF. Have RHS mod? Can chose different factions. - Sector system // Make Sector a cash income and sector have guards. - Man pop limit // Make Zeus not able to spawn more than xxx total units, Vehicles and Buildings. All seperate and can edit total in parameters. (buildings have one total limit, Vehicle have one and Units.) - Heal system // In Base run Full heal script every xxx sek to heal etc units. Can use parameters to decide how long time. (This will be best if 1 minute are the mimium limit.) - Repair system // Build a Repair vehicle to start Repair script. Repairs all Vehicle and Structures after xxx sek. (Same as above minium limit 1 minute. Parameter option.) - AI Commanders // This is a LONG shoot. But when and if this is possible than I say thank you! But focus first on MP. - Every Start has same Base spot but Side's can randomly rotate on every new game. - to be cuntiniued... Mod compatible? Yes this mission should have Parrameters that makes you able to decide wich Faction Blufor, Opfor and Independent should be. (RHS mod for an example.) Weapons and items well Yes. There will be possible for some weapons. Depend if make unit's gear free or make some popular weapon mod like NIarms avaible. Work with WW2 mod? Lets just be able to finish Standard first before this point. Like this idea of mission? Now I do not know if this mission can even be built or if Server can handle it without lagg. But lets say it is possible to make this mission, than please leave a like and if you want to help me with this I will really apreciate it!!! I beleave this mission can make arma a new level of experiance. PS! Sorry for bad english! And PM me or add me on steam if interested. Regards!
  5. Tactical Satellite Feed By Leopard20 Warning! This mod is outdated and has lots of issues! Please wait for the update. Trailer: Screenshots: Brief Description: Tactical Satellite Feed is an all-new mod for ARMA 3 that brings a "Door Kickers" style of gameplay to your single-player missions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Long Description: Hello everyone! If you're a single player fan like myself, you've definitely noticed how incomplete and unreliable the AI movement is. They may not follow the exact path you want, or even worse, not move at all! Just put a couple of units on top of carrier or ship in the Editor, you'll see what I mean! ­čÖé This mod, Tactical Satellite Feed, is designed to work around this exact problem. But that's not all there is to it! When I saw the potential for new features, I decided to make this mod look more complete, to the point that it's now a multi-purpose mod! This mod is inspired by such games as Door Kickers, Tom Clancy's game series, and of course the mod C2 Command & Control by our very own Mad_Cheese! Without further ado, let's jump straight to the mod features! I recommend that you watch the trailer first to get an idea of how the mod works and familiarize yourself with its mechanics. Features: - Top-down view of the battlefield. - Easy to use; simply draw paths using mouse - Set up anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks - Automatic path correction; minimizing micro-management - Move units on any surface and terrain, including ships/carriers. - Complete AI movement override; get them to do whatever you want! - Various functions, including: . Watch direction . Change stance . Engage targets . Mount vehicles . Go-codes . Sync movement . Supports Enhanced Movement by Bad Benson . Path recording; player records path for AI to follow . Fog of War simulation; unknown enemies become hidden Usage Instructions (MUST READ): The manual is already included with your download. Notes: Known Issues: (Likely) FAQs: Warning!!! This is a preview release! Expect lots of bugs! Use the mod at your own risk! Download: GitHub (always up-to-date) Armaholic (updates with delay) Source code: https://github.com/leopard20/Tactical-Satellite-Feed Installation: Credits and Thanks: @mad_cheese and @bad benson for the Enhanced Movement functions! Requirements: Community Base Addons (CBA)
  6. Working on an RTS game mode and looking for some feedback. Please tell me what you think. New video
  7. Hello Iron Front Fans! Here is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) Mod/Mission Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the Iron Front in Arma2CO (IFA2) conversion. So what is Ragnarok'44? DESCRIPTION Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb, modified with his permission. Your task here is to capture strategic points, build your forces to take and destroy the enemy base. Features: Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level and skill of infantry, vehicle, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what and where you want your forces to go and do Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them, command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them Create your own Ragnarok'44 missions on the fly, and on any map Fight enemy AI commander that will seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend, and engage you with force Requirements IFA2 http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post/iron-front-as-a-mod-in-arma2co-setup-installation-6998339 CBA http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6231 Download Ragnarok'44 Mod (v1.15) - This is the base mod that all Ragnarok'44 missions require, its designed for and only works with the Ragnarok'44 missions. Ragnarok'44.pdf Manual - This is the manual that provides all information on how to play the Ragnarok'44 missions, information on what each building does, how the functions work, as well as how to use the controls in a mission. Download the Missions Ragnarok'44 (v1.15) - original demo mission (Also includes the mod which is required for all ragnarok'44 missions) Battle for Staszow - (v1.1) - Mission info/Video - Screenshots The Szydlow Stalemate (v1.2) - Mission info/Video - Screenshots Ivachev Clash (v1.1) - Mission info/Video - Screenshots Panovo Front (v1.0) - Mission info/Video City under Duress (v1.0) - Mission info/Video Colleville Engaged (v1.0) - Mission info/Video Baranow Crossroads (v1.0) - Mission info/video Build your own missions How to build your own Ragnarok'44 missions video tutorial-------> LINK Looking for the IFA3 version? See the official release thread here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/196146-sp-ragnarok44/ Changelog How it started Rydygier and myself have been working on this since start of August 2013. Initially I asked Rydygier if he would be interested in converting Modkalb's WOO for Iron front and make it a sp mission where you can fight against the AI, he loved the idea and i set out and pm'd Mondkalb on BIS forums asking permission if we could convert/port the mission to Iron front, I had to explain about the conversion and so forth. The name of the mission didn't come about til we completed the mission. Almost everyday we shared ideas and tested what Rydygier and I worked on, I give Rydygier most of the credit as I tested, reworded things based on proper English usage, and given some ideas on alot of the features of the mission, but he mostly rebuilt the whole mission from ground up, adding sounds, icons, new functionality ect,. pretty amazing stuff!! Credits Rydygier - addons, scripts, building the Ragnarok'44 mission Gunter Severloh - acquired permissions from Mondkalb, testing, ideas & feedback, editing, translation, new missions Mondkalb - WOO - World of Opportunity ==========================
  8. long time waited, KaRRiLLioNs RTS3 from ofp is now here.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/uuniycc1icyf47s/Karrillions_rts_3_%2824%29_.Altis.rar?dl=0 this is working 99% there are some small things that are still work wip. #1 script issue is vtol, still trying to fix. #2 most scripts are still sqs... everyone is welcome to edit/fix. please also post any modified RTS3, so other servers or players can enjoy the game/mission If anyone would like to team up to make this a mission of all time (again) please let me know. I played this mission in ofp for years .. on KaRRiLLioNs BootCamp. but please post your updates here (same as bugs). you do not have permission to edit any credits to the people that have put time into the mission fixes. if you do edit any fixes you are more than welcome to add your name to the existing credits. you do not have permission to edit the name of mission. you do not have permission to use this mission in any way of making money. any other questionable what you can do and not do "please ask", but remember Bohemia left the mission scripting to you and it is limitless. ill post some pics and links to vids later or just click my youtube below. all pic and vids are welcome. if you wanna just test the mission BiNaRyBoNe BooTCamP ip port 2302 some other info: binarybone server belongs to certa the maker of ofpwatch (I'm sure some remember him). so anyone wanting some nostalgia let me know I can get the old gang in for some fun
  9. _vcl = _this select 0 _aID = _this Select 2 _vcl RemoveAction _aID _vtolOnID = _this Select 2 _vtolOffID = _this select 0 _vcl removeAction _vtolOnID _helpmsg = Format["HOW TO USE vtol\nIn options the keyboard keys which control the following moves will control vtol.\nMOVEUP - THRUST +\nMOVEDOWN- THRUST -\nMOVELEFT - ROTATE L\nMOVERIGHT - ROTATE R\nMOVEBACK - STOL BRAKE\nMOVEFAST - STOL TURBO"] _max = 15 karr_maxvtolSpeed = 200 ;;#vtolInit ?karr_vtol : karr_vtol = FALSE; PSOn = 0; _vtolOnID = _vcl addAction ["ACTIVATE VTOL","karr-vtol-On.sqs"]; _vtolOnID = _vtolOnID; exit ?!karr_vtol : karr_vtol = TRUE; PSOn = 1; hint _helpmsg; _vtolOffID = _vcl addAction ["DEACTIVATE VTOL","karr-vtol-On.sqs"] ;;#Waitforvtol ~0.1 ?IsNull Driver _vcl OR !Alive _vcl OR !Alive Driver _vcl : Goto "Finish" ;;hint "vtol on" #vtolLoop ;;hint format [" ProSphere Controller Lite\n\n X-Axis %1\n Y-Axis %2\n Z-Axis %3\n A-Axis %4\n B-Axis %5\n C-Axis %6\n\nTurbo?: %7\n\nPSOn: %8", PS select 0, PS select 1, PS select 2, PS select 3, PS select 4, PS select 5,vtolturbo,PSOn] ~.001 _x = PS Select 0 _y = PS Select 1 _z = PS Select 2 _a = PS Select 3 _b = PS Select 4 _c = PS Select 5 _xThrust = (velocity _vcl select 0) _yThrust = (velocity _vcl select 1) _zThrust = _max * _z #Lateral Thrust ?_x > 0 && _xThrust < +10 && _yThrust < +10 && Speed _vcl < +20 && Speed _vcl > -20 : _factor = _x*.1; _dir = GetDir _vcl; _xThrust = (_factor*(cos _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (_factor*(sin _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 1); ?_x < 0 && _xThrust > -10 && _yThrust > -10 && Speed _vcl < +20 && Speed _vcl > -20 : _factor = _x*.1; _dir = GetDir _vcl; _xThrust = (_factor*(cos _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (_factor*(sin _dir))+(velocity _vcl select 1); ;;hint Format["XThrust: %1\nYThrust: %2\nZThrust: %3",_xthrust,_ythrust,_zthrust] #Vertical Thrust ?_zThrust == 0 : _zThrust = -.30 #Rotation _rotation = 0 ?_c > 0 : _rotation = .4 ?_c < 0 : _rotation = -.4 _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] #STOL Turbo Brake ?_y < 0 AND Speed _vcl > 0 : _xThrust = (-.2*(sin getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 0); _yThrust = (-.02*(cos getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 1); _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] ?_y < 0 AND Speed _vcl <= 0 : _speed = [0,0,Velocity _vcl Select 2] ?!karr_vtol OR !Alive _vcl OR IsNull Driver _vcl : goto "vtolOff" ?(speed _vcl) < karr_maxvtolspeed AND (Fuel _vcl) > 0 : _vcl SetVelocity _speed ?(speed _vcl) < 80 : _vcl SetDir (GetDir _vcl) + _rotation ?jm_vtolturbo AND (Fuel _vcl) > 0 : Goto "vtolTurbo" Goto "vtolLoop" #vtolTurbo ~.001 ?(Fuel _vcl) > 0 AND (jm_vtolturbo) : _vcl SetVelocity _speed; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - .0003 ?(Fuel _vcl) > 0 AND (_z > 0) AND (Getpos _vcl Select 2 < 1) AND Speed _vcl > 10 : _vcl setvelocity [(velocity _vcl select 0),(velocity _vcl select 1),(velocity _vcl select 2) + _height];_wait = 3; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - .1 ?!jm_vtolturbo AND Alive _vcl AND !IsNull Driver _vcl : Goto "vtolLoop" ?!Alive _vcl || IsNull Driver _vcl || !Alive Driver _vcl || !karr_vtol : Goto "vtolOff" _fuelfactor = 0 _factor = .11 ?Speed _vcl > 300 : _factor = .35; _fuelfactor = .001 _xThrust = (_factor*(sin getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 0) _yThrust = (_factor*(cos getDir _vcl))+(velocity _vcl select 1) _zThrust = (Velocity _vcl Select 2) + .15 ?(Getpos _vcl Select 2) < 2 : _zThrust = Velocity _vcl Select 2 hint format["%1",_factor] _speed = [_xThrust,_yThrust,_zThrust] ?(Fuel _vcl > 0) : _vcl SetVelocity _speed; _vcl SetFuel (Fuel _vcl) - _fuelfactor Goto "vtolTurbo" #vtolOff PSOn = 0 karr_vtol = FALSE jm_vtolturbo = FALSE ?isNull _vcl || !Alive Driver _vcl : Goto "Finish" Exit #Finish _vtolOnID = FALSE _vtolOffID = FALSE Exit
  10. SkaceKachna

    [SP] RTS Skirmish

    Hello, I would like to present my attempt to make RTS style mission in Arma. Gameplay Your mission is to capture all flags. Player with least captured flags will start loosing his mission points. Player with 0 mission points will loose battle. You also loose mission points for loosing soldiers and vehicles. Reinforcements Every player starts with same amount of reinforcements points (RP), which are used to call your units to battle. RPs are incerased over time. You receive more RPs towards end of battle to allow calling in more expensive units. Controls Use WSAD to move camera. MMB or CTRL+LMB to rotate camera. LMB to select units and RMB to give movement orders. Future features - Map selection - More game mode options - More complex objectives - Better AI - Improved FOW - Multiplayer Workshop RTS Skirmish Download PBO Armaholic Sources You can get sources at github: https://github.com/SkaceKamen/arma-rts-skirmish (you can also post issues and suggestings there) Screenshots
  11. Hey everyone! Before anything else, I'm going to say that I wasn't sure where I should post this, here or the Zeus-Editing Sub-forum, but both seem to match what we were looking for. Me and 2 other guys have started working on an Age Of Empires-Styled RTS gamemode, it will/should include features such as constructing almost any building in the game, both civilian and military buildings. Civilians that you can spawn to gather resources that you can spend on buildings and units, and so on. We need a few guys to come help us out. We are pretty experienced with the editor, we have made large scenarios such as: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185375-COOP-The-Dark-Ones-Open-World-RolePlay-Quests-Monsters-And-Creatures-And-More/ AND THIS: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/181576-spcampaignrhs-the-east-wind-rhs-remake/ AND THIS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180420482&searchtext= So if you guys are interested on helping us out with this, add me on Steam. My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crusher4536 Regards, MrCrazyDude115