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Found 18 results

  1. Official Multiplayer Gamemodes

    The Arma 3 roadmap 2016-17 recently got released. With high hopes I am very excited about the planned content. But, there's something that's been on my mind for a very long time since the release of A3. Something I wish would gain more attention in the future updates & DLC's to come. It's the official multiplayer gamemodes such as End Game, Zeus and Support. My favorite multiplayer game is End Game. Which is a gamemode that represents how the game is meant to be played. Well, what's the point of this thread? As a Arma veteran since the first game in the series, and content creator. It feels like the roots of Arma are going extinct. There's barely any official gamemodes in MP which represents the game itself. There's one End Game server I play on which usually has players, but it's the only server running the gamemode. What's up with this? Same with Zeus. The quick game menu has been helpful, because before Apex the situation was even worse. AND, there's not a single Support gamemode server. I'm happy & love the gamemodes, but it's sad that they aren't getting the attention they deserve as they are a part of the core game. Other than that, there's one gamemode I'd like to see implemented in the game. It's Capture the Island. I and many other's would love to see this gamemode in the base game in high quality like the other official content. I hope this resonated with other Arma veterans, new players as well as the developers.
  2. These are atm. active official ZEUS servers
  3. Hi there, direct your feedback on the official Arma 3 Launcher here. This is (non-exclusively) related to the Launcher being the default way to launch the game starting from Thursday 26/03/15. Thanks :) Reminder: bugs still belong to Feedback Tracker in the Launcher category.
  4. Somewhat new player here. I am a South African player that has to play on EU servers (About 200-250 ms ping) because of the lack of official servers in South Africa. Now there is actually four servers in South Africa, but they aren't official, which gives the South African playerbase very little incentive to actually play there. So what I was wondering is if there is any possibility for one or two official servers in South Africa. Seeing as the South African community is still fairly small only one or two servers would be sufficient.
  5. ABOUT The 101st Airborne Division - Realism Unit is an ArmA 3 focused milsim community. The unit is based off of the real life 101st Airborne Division. We provide and maintain the best quality of milsim within the limitations of ArmA 3. COMMUNITY This is a community driven volunteer organization of gamers, military enthusiast, and veterans alike. We provide a professional, interactive and fun environment for milsim, roleplay and content creators. This unit is currently in the active stage of stand up and seeks both leaders and regular members to fill its ranks. Visit our website for sign up details. MISSION Our mission is to continuously build and sustain a milsim community for the players by the players united under one name. Providing a platform under which to achieve multiple goals for both community and personal relations. We strive for and are proud to maintain the highest quality of milsim taken from the core values of our definition of realism within the ArmA universe. WHY JOIN? Do you enjoy military simulation and the realism aspects in video gaming? Being apart of a team or leading a team of like minded individuals while enjoying the idea of an organization that values strong bonds and unit cohesion? If so then you should consider joining the 101st Airborne Division - Realism Unit. You will not only be a member that's apart of an organization but you will also be a member who shapes the future of the organization. Features Army units Air Force units 25+ Ranks 40+ Awards Custom Award Display 14+ Skill Courses Dedicated Server Teamspeak Server Custom mod pack Annual unit events Plus more! Positions 11B - Infantryman 68W - Healthcare Specialist 153A - Rotary Wing Aviator 11FX - Fighter Pilot 1C4X1 - TACP More coming soon! CONTACT Email: fsec.official@gmail.com Teamspeak: (pass: screamingeagle) Website: http://www.101stabdrealismunit.net/ Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/101stabd Thanks for your time and consideration, P. Dubois [101st] https://steamcommunity.com/id/Feenx-sama Our motto: "Together, we stand as one!"
  6. I cannot see any official Servers being online anymore
  7. Official Arma 3 Launcher feedback thread for Dev-Branch version.
  8. Hello All, Today I come to you as a dedicated Zeus player, moderator, admin and Zeus from official servers. Most of you may know me as simply Andrew, I am around on Arma on a daily basis. I come to you to ask for your help in restoring the official Zeus servers to there former glory by asking Bohemia Interactive to remove the nonsense respawn option added in the last update. Before I start, I want to acknowledge the positive side of the revive mode as yes, there are occasionally bonuses from it. It shows that there is a lot of flexibility for Arma and that the options are always there. For the odd mission here and there without respawns if all the settings are set to cruel times, it can partly work to generate a good mission. It has many options and provides players with an alternative to the main death system. Despite this however, I believe all the cons far out way the pros. Arma 3 is advertised as a military simulator, the most realistic one in the world in fact, yet last update with Malden they added the option for revive. Reviving does not exist in military combat. There is no first aid or medic kit that can deal with a fatal or even light bullet would enough for a soldier to continue in battle without issue. Never has a person taken a sniper bullet through the brain and been able to stand up and carry on fighting after first aid. So why do we have to endure this on Arma? I appreciate that Bohemia are trying to show off the possibilities of Arma and that server hosting is an option, but the official servers are meant to represent Arma and do we really want Arma represented in this manner to new players? Those of us who are unable to host a server due to costings or other technical restrictions have to use official servers, and as the main player base if we can come together I believe we can fix this problem. The other option told to us is that the admin can remove the option in parameters, or the Zeus can request the admin turn it off. This will just encourage people to vote out Zeus's and admins just to disable revive mode and in fact it is happening right now. A number of communities will join servers with the ultimatum of remove revive mode or lose admin/Zeus. We don't want to generate a toxic player base for a game that has such a positive and supportive community. Overall, we the community, have a job to make sure the Dev's know when they have made a mistake or that they have done things we don't like so they can understand the fans views even if nothing changes. Lets join up and see if we can help the Dev's realise how much better Zeus is without revive mode. Thank you for reading. Andrew/Bubbles
  9. There are only 2 official servers of king of the hill (KOTH) mission, but none one on the Tanoa. It's unclear why there is no support from the developer. Tanoa is gorgeous map, but it has nowhere to play. Please pay attention to this post
  10. It seems as though every day I play endgame, there are always players coming on and just wiping out the whole team. Today, there was even a guy named "Jacks" killing teammates prolifically and spamming gay porn links in the chat. This stuff has to stop! The vote-kick feature does not work because it is extremely difficult to get enough people to vote-kick, and when they do, HE JUST JOINS BACK! A lot of people don't even know where the vote-kick option is (had to explain it to quite a few). The tker's always have a different name too since it is so easy to change. Please implement something similar to project argo that auto-kicks players to have more than two or three team kills, or even something that can ban repeat tkers. Right now, the server is unplayable! Please help!
  11. No supports.

    Artillery support module isn't working, the menu entry is grayed out/not usable. I'm curently playing the "supports showcase", but mortars where unavailable on the "scuba showcase" as well. Is it the new update? :Edit: Turns out the problem was a mod I had loaded. Do not know wich mod yet tho...
  12. Dear support, today, the 16.02.2017 at about 16:30 UTC, someone hacked an official Arma 3 Server (Arma 3 EndGame USA #4). There appeared swatiskas on every player, then everyone died, see screenshots. Screenshots Also, see the "Server Text" on the left... Greetings, MrLuca
  13. ​Hi, it has come to my attention that the server-key is not added to the official servers. That is a pitty while it is also an Steam Achievement for Steam. Is it possible to add that server key to the servers ? Cheers,
  14. Hello guys, I am a translator for arma 3 into chinese. In main game, I already make whole game into chinese. And now, I want to know if is possible to translate official launcher to other language? If anyone knows please tell me, I will very grateful. :)
  15. ***If you do not have a way to view this video in 3D you can turn 3D off and watch it in normal 2D in the settings below the video. For those of you that have 3D glasses, 3DTV or 3D monitor.....prepare for bombs and bullets to fly out of your screen
  16. How get moment when popup action "seat as driver/gunner/passenger"? At now i get like that: _veh = cursorTarget; _getinradius = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "getinRadius"); if ((vehicle player == player) and (_veh emptyPositions "cargo" > 0) and (_veh modelToWorld (_veh selectionPosition "pos cargo") distance player < _getinradius)) then { but it's not work some models p.s. Sorry for bad English
  17. I'm starting to mess around in terrain editing. I've started with a wrp successfully converted to pew, opened with terrain builder, done my edits, re exported. Using existing config.cpp etc, keeping naming intact. Ground texture is white/missing see below http://i.imgur.com/6MKRN4M.jpg (257 kB) And my rpt is spammed with Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material Unknown terrain material What causes this? I'm just trying to figure out WHERE this happens. Read so many outdated guides and like my brain is swollen 10x Thanks
  18. Good news everybody, it's that time again for me to organise this week's live stream. This week is going to be focussed around our releases to the Development Branch of Helicopter sling loading and Firing from vehicles. It will begin at 1pm Central European Time on Friday. So we are going to be having a little fun competition. This competition will be split into three rounds. The first round will be made up of eight teams, where each team will be assigned a hostile team they will compete against to proceed to the second round. The Second round will then be four teams, then the final will be just two teams. Each round will give the teams different methods of eliminating each other however the objective will always be to have the last man alive, deaths due to bugs, disconnection and everything else counts. Teams will be made up of up to four people, the matches will start at around 1pm CET on Friday 26th. We will live stream each game on our server so we can't give absolute times to teams but I'll publish a rough guide for times late on Thursday or first thing on Friday. How will the matches work? In each game, each team will have a developer playing with them, they can take any role you want them to you just need to tell us when you get into game. If you lose a game you are out, winners will proceed to the next round. What will happen in the matches? In the first round each team will have a Mohawk and an assault boat (Small rubber dinghy), all but one of team will get into the boat which will then be sling loaded. They must then eliminate all of the enemies. Round two will require both teams to mount separate MH-9s and shoot down the other team. Round three will be explained on the stream to the finalists and the audience. So if you have a team of four that can definitely attend, please post your names below and I'll sort you out with a spot, if your an individual and would like to take part in it, then put your name down and I'll do my best to arrange you into a team. There is a limit of 8 teams, I'll also have two back up teams should anyone not turn up. THIS WILL BE RAN ON THE DEVELOPMENT BRANCH