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  1. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Arsenal req/help

    I asume you mean the "Object: Equipment Storage" I beleave there must be a easier code. I have used: ["AmmoboxInit", [this, true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; But that makes all gear allowed. Cant there be added a remove viper helm or something in the code? or is it all or nothing?
  2. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Arsenal req/help

    Hello, I need a arsenal that has everything avaible without Viper mask's. Any1 out there who could make an easy code for this? PS. Might there be a site where this may be easy to do self? (without much coding and reading.) Regards.
  3. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Warlord - Unit Price RHS mod

    ty, that I know. I have just calculated 300CP for rifleman and use 300+300 for medic so on... leaving M1A1 to be 9300CP.
  4. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Servers are dead :(

    Think many are waiting for the first milestone to complete. I been playing for a while now. But I do see that the game need updates. So I am just being patient and guess more are too. 😃
  5. Hello, I wish to try make a good balanced Warlord mission were blufor is USA and opfor is Russia. But for the price when it comes to a US rifleman vs Russian rifleman and US M1A1 vs Russian T-72/or T-90 etc... I am kinda stuck at this point. Ofc. US A-10 vs Russian Su-25... EDITED: Each base/HQ start with 30 Command points income. And 43 total sector that can be captured. each 25 CP income and 4 big with 50 CP income. should be arround total 1205CP income if all sector's are captured. Regards for any help. sorry for bad English.
  6. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Pylon change with ammo truck

    Thanks for this great fella, my fustration's for this is solved! ❤️ pylon Manager by GENIX. (steam)
  7. Hello, I am making a Warlord mission were airplanes and hellie's are a priorrity. BUT. Since I do not know how to add an custom pylon to the aircarft's or hellie's the player's may order, I than wish to make it possible for them to get pylon menu when they got an ammo truck near. I beleave it was possible with ACE mod, but in this case I do not run arma with ACE on. In the spoiler the ammo trucks I use for both bluefor and opfor are shown: (description.ext) if there is a code I could paste in thies two ^^^^ codes to make players able to access pylon loadouts for Aircraft's and Helli's it would be great. in this spoiler I post the aircraft's/helli's for both sides: regards for all help. and sorry for not fully understand (yet) how to script. 😞 Sorry for bad English.
  8. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Create Unit etg Group with initxxxx.sqf

    Thank you @bLAcKmAgE87 I wont quoe youre post due to much content, But I will try read and read again to understand it all. And than come back. (prob. take me a week or so xD) I be back when tired this. 🙂 regards!
  9. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Create Unit etg Group with initxxxx.sqf

    So sorry not to spesify. I tried first make with "West3" in all.. And not "_West3" and than forgot to change it. 🙂 The markers "[ ]" I did like this because I only wanted the skill of the unit. And it says on creatUnit that the other is optimal and for that I used "[ ]" because it could be default. The syntax .... , getMarkerPos "WS", West3; Was me trying to create a unit that spawned at marker "WS" and was in the group "West3". The two you think I was refearing to are correct. But thats just for one single unit. And it has no custom loadout. Were do I put that in?. And should I just do the syntaxt again to get more unit's in the group? or is there a workarround?. Thanks allot so far
  10. Hello, Before I start, I just want to say that. I have tried google this and search on BIS forum, but one word wrong and you find something that is not relevant. And for that I just post a new topic. Sorry if this topic allrdy out there somewere. (please post a link to it if there is.) I am trying to figure out how to make my own custom unit's and group them. in this case I been using initServer.sqf file. In the spoiler is what I done so far. Yes I kinda know its wrong because I tested it. (sorry for not using Vanilla units in this matter) So what I want to make is. xx amount of groups on West and East side. name of groups West1-xx and East1-xx Some group's with Vehicle/'s and some without. I allso wish to edit their gear as-well. After they are made, they should spawn at a marker when mission start. And when they are "!!alive", they hsould respawn. (garbage collecting will ofcourse be on so courpses etc gets deleted) Now what should I do to make it? PS! Been reading on createUnit, createGroup, BIS_fnc_SpawnGroup but cant quite understand. Sorry for bad English and newbie scripter. =D Regards.
  11. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Mission Idea - need help. RTS mission making

    @wogz187 - Looks good, but still not quite same. I wont have the level up system all tought it could be nice. and I am not sure if that is just a skin or that he changed the collor for unit's tab to the left. But I will go for vanilla when it comes to the unit tab on the left when in zeus. And it looks like much of hes work are done by modules. I will try not to use so much of that. Since I heard modules takes more server load than script's does. (if still is a issue I do not know.) So what I can see he got that I need is.. Build restriction. So cant build outside own base. I cant see he got any cash system in his video. Looks like all is based on leveling up. and Units respawn if die's. Not something I want. I am not even close to figure out the balance, not to worry. Right now I am working on template's for it. Were to start and how to finish. I figured out that Money system should be the first thing to start with. So right now I am looking at different topics and youtube's for how to make money script nearlly as I want it to be. But surley no one have made money system like I want it... Well that I have found yet. Regards for the nice comfort! ❤️ PS. I just got free week. AND dumbest goal ever.... Finish untill weekend!! 😃 (at least one part of the mission.) xD
  12. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Mission Idea - need help. RTS mission making

    What I truly need first before I can even start all this... I use Sublime text. After reinstall my PC I lost the SQF build or highlight syntex what its now called... I found the package in Github JonBons . But still when I go to Tools -> Build System the SQF build still does not show up. how to fix this? Edited - NvM I got it to work. But still not showing in Build System.
  13. TheoneandonlyNOR

    Mission Idea - need help. RTS mission making

    @ZaellixA - Well I will probably not write on paper as I am much faster writing on the pc and will do it there.. I gladly will thank you for actully say that this is not impossible just really hard since I have no experiance about this. What I prob. wont be able to figure out is how to make it balance when it comes to the sectors for the mission. I believe like it was on my template blufor have an disadvantage due to the distance from middle of all sectors and the other sides. edited - And how much the cost of units etc should be as-well. @pierremgi - So on "FIND OR OFFER EDITING" page. I really dont know were to search there. Cuz I really not sure yet were to start. Should I place everything in the editor first than start scripting or just start script first than do editor after. Gunter's Page. You say tools for me. Is this tool mods? or just how to make AI work for this mission? I se mutch are about AI on that page. I think the MP pvp should get completed first before starting with AI in this matter. BUT anywais thanks for telling me that this is actully possible to make. I will start right away to figure how and what to make this come true. ❤️
  14. Hello, I have seen on Google and Steam Workshop and I found something almost the same as my idea. But still not the same sadly. General info: First of all. I am not a script person so for this mission it will be impossible for me to complete it without help. (allot of help) This mission will mostly be working with script's and coding. For thows who knows how please help me/us. I can help by typing class names for all that gona be in play for this mission. This is not like Warfare or Warlord. Here the commanders must die to be victorius. Main Objective: Kill the (playable) Commander's and conquer sectors for ressources (cash). Do not die. How to play this mission: You start of as an commander for one of the sides. You will start with xxx cash (Starting founds) and will recieve xxx time cash for just staying alive. On the map there is sectors your mission is to capture sectors to get more time cash to purchase units. You will be in Zeus mode mostly of the time (reason for calling it RTS) Purchasing units and buildings. You will see that you only have xxx meters arround you were you can put down ure units and buildings. First thing you would like to do is to build a building that you can hide inside, so you are not in the opening. You will than have to purchase units to do your dirty work. You should start off by building Light vehicle HQ so you can purchase (empty)vehicle for your units. Ofcurse build a Barracks HQ to get more advanced units as-well. You will be able to see on map the enemy base is, they can see yours as-well. Once you get enugh foundings you should go to war!. Order the men to infiltrate the enemy base and find the bastard commander to kill him. When all enemy commanders are dead, you win. If you get killed and friendly commander still alive he can buy you a new life for xxx cash. But this mostly wont happen due to every commander are in their same base. (one base for Blufor, Opfor and Independent) Base area most likley 2-500m big. Template picture: https://prnt.sc/vbjuv4 - Yellow circle = Sectors - Blue Rectangle = Blufor Base - Red Rectangle = Opfor Base - Green Rectangle = Independent Base This Mission: I will need .sqf files but I do not know what kind. So What I need help with? - Cash system script //Were I can just type in class name for unit, vehicle etc... And xxx how much it will cost. - Cash engine //how to use the cash. Need building to get new units. If a commander dies than friendly commander can buy him a new life. - Build system //Start by only be able to buy Barracks HQ and Light Vehicle HQ. Than maybe an Arsenal so Zeus can research Heavy Vehicle HQ and Airfield HQ. Must have Arsenal to edit units (use arsenal on units) - Zeus Restriction's //So the Zeus cant deploy units outside Base, can only give orders outside. Zeus remote control can be acessed when buildt an Radio Tower (use arsenal to research it) Enemy units close in makes Zues unable to place units. - Blacklist for units etc. //Parrameter will be used here. Blacklist units for Faction selected on Parrameter. - Whitelist for units etc.// Parrameter will be used here. Whitelist more than one Faction for a side. - Default Faction on Parrameters // Nato, IAF and AAF. Have RHS mod? Can chose different factions. - Sector system // Make Sector a cash income and sector have guards. - Man pop limit // Make Zeus not able to spawn more than xxx total units, Vehicles and Buildings. All seperate and can edit total in parameters. (buildings have one total limit, Vehicle have one and Units.) - Heal system // In Base run Full heal script every xxx sek to heal etc units. Can use parameters to decide how long time. (This will be best if 1 minute are the mimium limit.) - Repair system // Build a Repair vehicle to start Repair script. Repairs all Vehicle and Structures after xxx sek. (Same as above minium limit 1 minute. Parameter option.) - AI Commanders // This is a LONG shoot. But when and if this is possible than I say thank you! But focus first on MP. - Every Start has same Base spot but Side's can randomly rotate on every new game. - to be cuntiniued... Mod compatible? Yes this mission should have Parrameters that makes you able to decide wich Faction Blufor, Opfor and Independent should be. (RHS mod for an example.) Weapons and items well Yes. There will be possible for some weapons. Depend if make unit's gear free or make some popular weapon mod like NIarms avaible. Work with WW2 mod? Lets just be able to finish Standard first before this point. Like this idea of mission? Now I do not know if this mission can even be built or if Server can handle it without lagg. But lets say it is possible to make this mission, than please leave a like and if you want to help me with this I will really apreciate it!!! I beleave this mission can make arma a new level of experiance. PS! Sorry for bad english! And PM me or add me on steam if interested. Regards!
  15. How, To make medic (Player) have this full heal options but will take him 30 sek to complete and than the player/players he healing get full heal. how to do this?