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  1. It's resolved. In future, please rather stick to our feedback tracker for such bug reports. If you feel like there is something really urgent (game breaking), hit me through twitter or skype with FT link so it is resolved faster :)
  2. smookie

    Is this normal ??

    Nothing is tedious, everything is a mess!
  3. You have just shown the previous state (You could try rolling back to earlier update to see it if you don't remember). The issue with what we had there was that the engine was unable to properly handle optics when weapon was tilted (misaligning of 3d optics). Thus the reason to introduce poses with weapon held vertically (restoring proper optics work), even if the poses do not seem to be comfortable or plausible (well aware). Should more engine possibilties arise, we may possibly go back to previous state.
  4. Pistols do not have seperate bone (like rifle or launcher), the meshes are plugged into right hand socket. Unfortunately, a mesh cannot be dynamically replugged into another socket during gameplay (needs to be faked with another holstered variant of pistol model). While the issue seems trivial, it will require a lot of work with only visual benefit.
  5. smookie

    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC First Look Livestream

    All animations ever done for ArmA 3 were done in Motionbuilder :)
  6. Send your model and animation to me and i will take a look
  7. It's exactly the position of the head relative to proxy position. Your best bet is to place head bone at 0,y,0 point of the animation and ensure the proxy is centered in the aircraft.
  8. I am in the process of creating a tutorial for Motionbuilder on simple animation creation and importing into the engine. Perhaps, if i get motivated enough:P, there will be one for 3DS as well.
  9. smookie

    Development Blog & Reveals

    That would be cool, yes, but it is probably the same issue:
  10. smookie

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Most likely I will end up creating several animation sets for turn out FFV positions so you might be able to fit them to existing vehicles with more ease. Adjusting positions in FFV is currently not very well doable but it's something i am personally interested to have (in more fluid manner) in future (far rather than near though). And worry not young padawan, implementing is straight-forward! :)
  11. BTW if you need quicker reply, just add me on skype. It will be much easier
  12. smookie

    silvador special price for modders?

    My reply does not come from the fact i am BI Dev (remember silvador is sold by BISim, not BIS - different company) but from the fact I (my vbs stuff company) was interested in buying it myself and received this answer from first-hand source.
  13. All of the above is correct. I am currently full-time character animator for ArmA3 and the only character animator for Ground Branch. I will not be porting this mod to ArmA3 but my personal wishlist for ArmA3 has been updated with some of features from this mod not yet implemented in A3.