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  1. Yes, its my mod, early i was have resources to do, now not... Im not charging, im asking for help for who can help, think about this if u can 😉
  2. Mate, go to store and try to buy bread or fuel for free, make anims cost a lot of money, noticing u.
  3. What is not working? More description please
  4. MOCAP Melee is not dead, original threat started, WebKnight was used my comfigs and animations without my premission... So... Im looking for more support.
  5. ... MORE INFO SOON ... Current version will be published soon here, when its be ready Looking for support via PayPal or by some other ways. New animations cost a lot of money. Who want to support and see new version, please pm me.
  6. I think treat is dead cuz Smookie not working in BIS anymore... Moderators should assign another guy here...
  7. Kol9yN

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    Here some any way to start ragdoll and control by script or some another way "In Ragdoll Time"? for example: I need to stun my target for 10minutes or more X (custom parameter), daz it possible?
  8. @jastreb Hello mate! Thank you for our project reviving! Any way how i can help you with some things?