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  1. One of the latest of old videos. I tested a new function. Looks better than the older videos.
  2. Yes, the AAR2 worked in Arma2, not a prototype, really working, but it was not very flexible, unfinished, and laggy for my PC was junk ๐Ÿ™‚ and my code was a bit rough. It all upgraded now ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my clanmates captured this video Here are all videos I have from the old times. No, web functionality is just a secondary (optional) planned feature. Moving map markers etc, it is ok, but I need a real movie ๐Ÿ™‚ The replay system like in COD, R6 Siege or other shooters. You launch it, hit play, and see all players, bots, all the actions from any player camera or just fly around spectating + all useful visuals like ballistic tracers, overlays, unit info, admin comments, chat... All we can technically capture. You can read my roadmap here.
  3. Ok, folks! Good news. This project is no longer maintained. It is continued for Arma3. You can continue development for Arma2 on GitHub if you like. I will be glad to help with advice, but not action ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. This project is under slow development and is still in danger of meeting a major showstopper. But by this moment I tested most of the old scripts from Arma2, and the old app that saved replays to a file. It works, but is not optimized and hard to use. And the worst part, it uses the old jayarm2lib and is 32 bit only. So I have to make it modern, fast, 32\64 bit and I need my own library. So current progress is: DLL confirmed working. Got hard time with C# but thanks to Maca134 it is working. It just can be called from Arma3 and returns whatever you send there. When it is done, it must be whitelisted by BattlEye. Now it works only with BE disabled, as all such DLLs. Old Arma2 scripts are still able to record unit data. It needs polishing, but it works enough to continue. Haven't worked on them yet. I've set up a Visual Studio project and have the Named Pipes investigated and working. I'm prototyping all the communications between Arma and AARecorder. Basically I create manual functions as buttons step by step imitating how it will work when finished. So now, on both ends, I can initiate pipes, wait for commands, send commands. See gif. I know, that maybe I use too many pipes, but I need it now to make it compatible with the old scripts. Later, I will try using single or 2 pipes for everything.
  5. After Action Review 3 "Record. Replay. Learn." Project home: https://github.com/zvukoper/Arma3_AAR Introduction I always envied VBS for their fantastic AAR system that captured the network stream and played it back with all the details. The replay system is very common for shooters and other competitive games, but for some reason, the Arma series never got its native replay system. Many modders have already created their own AAR systems but I couldn't find the one that suits my own needs and worked. So if some great AAR appears or Dslyexci shares his Shack Tac AAR on GIT ๐Ÿ™‚ , I will happily close this project and have more free time, and contribute to a more complete system. But until that, I will try to complete my AAR3. I'm not a super programmer. In fact, I'm pretty lame, but just learned a couple of things. So expect slow development, lags, and bugs ๐Ÿ™‚ If you see something stupid in my code, let me know or fork on Github. This is called AAR3 just to correspond to ARMA 3 title. But in fact, it is the second iteration. There were no AAR2 or AAR1. There was just my old partially finished AAR for Arma2, which was lost when Dev-Heaven was shut down. But the files were miraculously recovered from old HDD and community members. That is why this is possible now. Starting from scratch was not an option. I'm too old for this ๐Ÿ™‚ Minimum feature version concept: Easy installation and integration to any mission as a mod. Admin\host clicks "RECORD" in-game, everything is recorded in the .aar file, clicks "STOP". Anyone having the .aar file opens an empty mission, clicks "PLAY", selects a replay, spectates the battle replay with pause ability. Record and use in replay the following data: Unit: state, position, aim, model, gear\inventory, current weapons, movement, animations; Vehicle: interaction, operation, state; So you will be actually seeing all units doing almost exactly the same as during recording, excluding some dynamic events\effects. The version of our dreams: The full science fiction and magic we want to do in AAR3 can be found in our roadmap on GitHub. License and contribution conditions: None. This project is free, non-commercial, open-source, and is created for the awesome Bohemia Interactive Community and this project belongs to the community. Just don't sell it If you make your own stuff based on this, just attribute the original project somewhere. Contact me: Discord: Ping me at the DayZRussia server. My username is ะœะธั…ะฐะธะป#0937, look among the admins. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zvukoper/
  6. Ok. Something very dead is stirring in the darkness ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm trying to revive AAR for Arma3. But I'm too old for that... ๐Ÿ™‚ Need halp.
  7. Greetings! Many years ago I successfully used jayarma2lib to write piped output to a simple c++ application that just wrote anything from the named pipe to a local file. That was Arma2. The thread on the forums I scanned all units and captured their pos, rotation, etc. I captured a kind of a replay file. Here is all that's left of that project https://github.com/zvukoper/Arma2AAR Players report it is still working in Arma2. Now I want to do the same, but in Arma3. But the app sources are lost, the existing build is only 32-bit, the scripts are outdated and broken... Here is the new project https://github.com/zvukoper/Arma3_AAR What can you advise? What is the most effective and modern way to write to a file in Arma3? Thanks in advance.
  8. @dalber24 thank you! This is fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ You're my hero ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems your version is better and it has a website snapshot. I'll upload it to the repository as an alternative backup. UDP: I'm starting to remember. The aar_io was the first iteration and later someone told me that I can improve performance by buffering the data. It seems my version has the buffering implemented, judging by the suffix Io_buffered. It will require a bit of digging in to sort out the most relevant version. Maybe I'll do that some time later. But I'll definitely leave both for now.
  9. The project files were all lost. But recently I've found an old hdd and recovered it. More details here ๐Ÿ™‚ https://github.com/zvukoper/Arma2AAR
  10. DZR_Mikhail

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    What is considered affecting the gameplay. For example, admins gives all donators a good camouflage. Gives cool black cowboy hat. While other players connot obtain those two items by any means playing on this server. So the item becomes unique to donator and thus... It's a restriction of access to content, right? What if you can obtain only bright versions of this cmouflage ingame? So donators have 1) free spawned camouflage in their inventory + a cowboy hat 2) they are less visible with good camo pattern, it's not cosmetics. Using desert camo in the woods is a mistake and a huge disadvantage. non donator are bound to 1) Search for those items 2) And if found, the item is more revealing and brighter in design. So donators have the items that affects gameplay and gives them advantage or not? Another big question! If you plan to approve a foreign language community server, do you involve an experienced translator to investigate their resources for any violations? Thanks in advance.
  11. Can someone from Bohemia confirm this mod is legit? http://armstalker.ru/ I like the idea and the setting. The authors of this project say they have only their own models\resources or properly attributed other mods and use them with permission. I plan to support them and help them with advertisment on DayZRussia.com for free, but I need Bohemia permission and approval, so that I'm not risking supporting something illegal. Thanks in advance.
  12. Gosh, I thought no one needs this anymore and everyone is happy with friday evening fun-firefights without thinking. Frankly speaking I was a bit disappointed by ArmA3, so I gave it up and went to DayZ, which is much more perspective in concept and technical base for MY plans (just my point of view, I can explain if anyone interested). If ArmA3 gains a decent modern infantry mod with proper RU, Insurgents and US forces I'd be glad to return and try this or that, and may be even work on AAR again. But now I'd rather help somebody who is more enthusiastic for this than me now. Cheers. Waiting for danczer's ideas.
  13. DZR_Mikhail

    Artillery range tables online (from ACE2)

    Unfortunately the website changed hosting a while ago and those pages were lost during file moving. Because we ceased playing ACE we haven't checked the files. Sorry guys :( I'll try to check anther possible backup on other computers, but seems this thing is lost.
  14. I tried MCC. Too buggy and very heavily impacts performance. A lot of CPU intence features that I don't use, but in genereal it was a great idea. MCC was very good at first glance. But I created one big reoleplay mission with virtual money and got a lot of unpredicted tchnical issues. So I quit it. Concole thingie is more... so to say more native, more low-level and you can achieve practically any resul as with MCC, but you just have to be a bit well-trained in scripting to prepare your own snippets. Let's say, in MCC you make three clicks to create a hostile group patrolling an area. In my case I have a snippet code to create this group. I just have to remember the group variable afterwards. And for my game I usually have predefined markers in strategic and tactical places. Then I just issue a command like - commander_group1 move getMarkerPos "hideout1". I have another command to control the morale of the enemies. Sometimes we fight against nonorganized badly trained terrorists, but you can't create such units easily. So when I see that squad did everything so that in real life the enemies would have already surrender and cease fire, while arma terrist are like kamikaze fight to death... I activate my surrender script. My terrorsits randomly have cowardice variable so they drop weapons, tell in global chat that they surrender and put hands behind head. Some other ones yell "**** you" and flee away to hide and eventually give up too if suppressed enough. I know, it's a bit cinematic and not hardcore, but that's our concept in Arma. We spend week or two to prepare 2 hour long operation, but it's just packed full, interesing, intense and unique. It's like a tv-series, new episode. Sorry for offtopic :)