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  1. student

    Enhanced Movement

    You work only on animations of a climbs and jumps or on the future there are other plans?
  2. student

    HSO A3 SLA Pack

    Good job,update may be?
  3. Hi,nkey! It would be desirable to write about much but I will stop on the basic: 1. I consider that the description of similar to ACRE actual at the time of creation of a subject isn't actual any more as fashions similar to ACRE stopped being long ago and became not competitive for other mods imitating a radio communication,in other words now in the description of ACRE it is possible to write safely similar to TFAR. 2. Offer: it would be very convenient to enter possibility of reassignment of keys into a usage time (in game). 3. I play games as ARMA 3 from OFP long ago and during this time tried the mass of various mods but the radio communication in game interested me much more than other mods their significant amount and TFAR was respectively tried it is a masterpiece. Good luck nkey I hope mod will be better than the others as well as now.
  4. Knife next update may be?
  5. student

    ACE for OA 1.13

    When the stable ver will come?
  6. student

    DNK's Skymod

    Good mod,need a key for dedicated server
  7. very necessary mod,great job gyes
  8. Whether also what about beam they can blink as with a sound?
  9. student

    Tasmania Island ArmA2CO

    Really great island