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  1. CUP terrains has all the A1/A2 and OFP islands in Arma 3, that's why this project was essentially abandoned. (that and time constraints in real life).
  2. Hi! Figured I would cross post here. The CUP team is doing a Give Away for Arma's 16th Anniversary. 1 copy of Arma 3 Apex Edition (full game/expansion) and 6 copies of "DLC Bundle 1" ( Karts (shrug), Helicopters (AWE YEAH!), and Marksmen (BOY OH BOY!) If you don't have the DLC's or know someone who needs Arma 3, point them to our twitter post and have them reply!!! We will discuss and reply about the Linux compatibility issue. Is steam required for A3 on Linux? Chernarus issues, I will have to discuss and revert, I'm fairly sure this is a known issue of unkown origin, however I'm not sure. I will do my best to try to find out who has looked at what, and see if I can maybe take a look and see if I can find anything that might be causing it. My fear is it's issues with models on the terrain which will make it difficult to locate the problem models and figure out what the issues are that need to be addressed. If I do get back up and running, it shouldn't take that long to go through the whole thing, but getting up and running has proven to be something I'm not prioritizing due to current IRL obligations. I've gotten a lot of ducks in a row, so hopefully I can actually get back into it and start pulling my own weight again! In the meantime... #GiveTheGiftofArma !!!!
  3. Sorry for no updates, just been very busy in real life. Probably not going to change enough for me to make any commitment to picking this back up. What I will likely do is talk to some of the other CUP guys about integrating the SMD building position changes into the CUP Sahrani. The textures/clutter blends will likely just get left to this standalone version, If I were to pick up the project I'd probably do it more in the tone of Malden 2033, IE make drastic changes to the towns/cities... but again, just don't see having enough free time to commit to something like that. Hopefully we can get all the corrected building locations ported over to the CUP version, and MAYBE even onto CUP United Sahrani too In the meantime, it is kind of silly IMO to UL this to steam since it will still require CUP Terrains... making it pretty redundant. If there is serious interest, I will try to keep it on the list of "one day" projects, but either way I'm going to try to get CUP sorted first, I think that still has issues with the dust/footstep effects too... +++ Edit It's totally fine to UL whatever mods to make this work BTW. SMD Sahrani can not/should not be uploaded to Steam, but anyone can make any add on mod for it and do whatever they like with that
  4. Sorry for the late reply. If the unit has hidden selections (most likely does) you can just make a "config mod" where you just have a different unit defined. You create a "new" unit by copy/pasting the config you want, then modify the bits you want, and change the unit name, this is also how you make the unit independent for use in MP by anyone as a "skin". Packing that config mod with MIkero's tools might give you problems, but you should be able to pack it with the BI tools fine, OR if it does then you can create "dummy" files although that gets a bit more complicated.
  5. cifordayzserver

    The Bushlurker Monument

    This is a lovely tribute to a wonderful man. Rest In Peace Paul.
  6. cifordayzserver

    Something weird in Chernarus

    So, hate to bump an old thread, but SOLVED: https://arma3.com/news/report-in-radim-vitek-petr-sedlacek-environment Radim Vitek of BI/Altar nickname is Trpaslik
  7. This version of Sahrani has a lot more enterable buildings than the CUP version, which has a lot more than the A1 version because CUP uses SOME of the buildings that M1lkm8n and I made for this project. If I remember correctly at last count we (mostly M1lkm8n) made 24 enterable version of the original buildings. There are not many buildings from JBAD that can be used on Sahrani, I think maybe 3-8 at most? I think it's best done by integrating the changes from this Sahrani into the CUP one, and then merging the JBAD buildings into CUP, but I'm just not sure. We'll see this week hopefully I'll get a plan of attack buttoned down.
  8. Ok, so 1.60 has come out, and it's boned up the skys for this terrain. Someone contacted me and actually provided a fixed config, so I will likely check that out, and start working on an update. I would like to add some of the JBAD Buildings that M1lkm8n has finished as well, but I'm right now contemplating whether it's better to just move the SMD Sahrani into CUP, and update that? I'm not sure. Hopefully I will find some time to focus and work on it and see. Shooting to have an informational update with a decision here by the end of this coming weekend.
  9. cifordayzserver

    Sahrani for A3 by SMD

    Hello all! First off, thanks to Alive team for indexing Sahrani.. Secondly, this is a "dead" thread, the active SMD Sahrani thread is here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/175705-smd-sahrani-a3-bohemias-sahrani-terrain-as-ported-by-smd I will likely release and update to fix the issues with the 1.60 update, and might take some time to add some of the amazing JBAD buildings that M1lkm8n has finished for JBad.
  10. I'm still not back up and running, so I'm not sure what or where the login credentials for the CUP account is so I can't change it but, we should link to the info page: http://cup-arma3.org/terrainsand the downloads: http://cup-arma3.org/download in the first post. Someone will get on it.
  11. cifordayzserver

    Project RACS

    Wow!!!!! Super exciting to see this! The quality of PRACS always impressed me beyond words, can't WAIT to see them stretching their legs on Sahrani again in A3 in all their glory!!!
  12. cifordayzserver

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    What links specifically? IE where are you pointing them? The best way to DL the terrains in directly from the CUP website here: http://cup-arma3.org/download A lot of community, derivative mod, and other websites link to the old files which are no longer shared, I don't know if there is a google mirror for the current terrains release.
  13. If you mean the save file name, or the name in the upper right, it's just the name that gets generated by BI, that's what the terrain is actually called behind the scenes. Your saved files were always called "myprettymission.saralite" you just might not have seen it displayed. The name in the map selection screen should say Southern Sahrani, if it doesn't something is weird with your files, take a screenshot of what you're talking about unless it's above. I'm not a programmer, I didn't build, package, sign, or release this or the previous release, so, not only do I not really know what you're talking about, I can't tell you for sure how or what was done. The long and short of it most likely is that we didn't repack the old pbo's that were in the 1st release with the 2nd release, we likely re-packed the entire repo in the 2nd release, and only included pbo's that had been changed in the patch... so you could well have entirely new files in the full new release... or maybe only new signatures were created. I'm not sure. You are using methods you're familiar with in order to try to attempt to illustrate something to someone who has no idea what methods you're talking about... So, basically EVERYTHING is to clarify lol. Not trying to be rude at all, but that's the case, I don't know what verifying a checksum is or why I should care, much less integrate it into an already complicated and pain staking development process.
  14. I have no idea what you are trying to state. Please clarify That's one way of looking at it. I guess I sort of see your point, but I also think the maps look terrible w/o the water, and the water looks amazing in game... I'll look into whether or not that's something we can figure out how to make select-able but I'm not sure it is. Otherwise, if it's not fixed by the time Tanao is released, We'll either put on a full court press on the A3 bug Tracker to get it fixed, or remove them possibly. Noted, I will also consider this and possibly add in the poorly placed buildings. You should not run the ASCZ fixes with CUP, it is for AiA. I'm not sure about the problem on FATA, it may not be correctly configured on our I'll have to look into it. There are some objects, and even terrains that have links to other content that was expected to be present in a normal Arma 2 install. As we have modularized the package, some of these external dependencies still need to be fully ironed out. I will take a look at this once I get back up and running with the tools. Please elaborate, I'm not sure what you mean. There are NO "lite" versions of anything in CUP_Terrains. I think different keys and bisigns were generated for the core + maps vs the full package. It will be looked into and fixed if that is that case. It could also be a case of a server admin or mission requiring both when it shouldn't I believe there is a note about this in the bug tracker. It will be addressed eventually.
  15. Be patient, I don't see this realistically happening for 3-5 months at least. M1lkm8n wants to go back through them and update them prior to use including them in CUP. We will wait his update and then move forward. Unfortunately there is not much I can do to prepare for it unless we discuss the details of his intended changes. I will try to go over it with him in the next few weeks. I get lower FPS on Chernarus at the very least, I have not had a tremendous amount of time to test them all, but I BELIEVE there are some serious issues with the models that were used as source for the A2 buildings, which is likely causing lowered FPS. I will investigate it as soon as I can. Currently I do not have a working environment set up at all, and don't have the repo cloned locally, so I have to find time to setup, and then find time to investigate/fix. We currently have FAR TOO FEW people actively working on the building and model issues. There was likely a problem with some of the source used, as above, I will need to re-establish my modding environment and investigate, it should HOPEFULLY be a fairly straight forward fix. So, none of those except the light tower are A2 buildings, They're all SMD Buildings, M1lkm8n and myself made them. The A1 stucco buildings are used to create "composite" buildings, so in many places they overlap eachother, are pushed too far into the ground, or have other objects inside them. Those placement issues were all painstakingly fixed on SMD_Sahrani. AiA was ok with the misplaced/overlapping buildings, CUP was/is not. It is our intention to add those buildings after we have (or create) terrain source so we can fix the placement issues before just blanket replacing them. If the community prefers they just be swapped for now, that can be arranged, but I prefer to do it once we have terrain placement control. The panelaks.. again, I made those, They are modified versions of the original A1/A2 models... this is going to get a BIT complicated, but I'll try to explain it simply. On Map: Terrains use "absolute paths" for buildings and objects. IE a terrain artist says put 1 "ca/buildings/Land_panelak2.p3d" here. Because those apartments were used in both Arma 1 and Arma 2, they exist in 2 different "name spaces": ca\buildings\panelak2.p3d and ca\buildings2\panelak2.p3d An A1 terrain that calls the object from "buildings", can not ever by any means grab any other object than the model named "panelak2.p3d" stored in the pbo buildings.pbo in the player's "common" or "addons" folders (CA). An A2 terrain that calls the object from "buildings2" can not ever by any means grab any other object than the model named "panelak2.p3d" stored in the pbo buildings2.pbo in the players player's "common" or "addons" folders (CA). SO... There HAVE to be duplicate models in each of the folders. If for example the A1 version had a model error that the A2 copy did not, then the one's on A1 maps would be flawed until fixed, and the A2 one's would be fine. For the editor: Objects called on terrains are for the most part "Land" classed objects, these objects should not have their scope set to "2" (selectable in the editor) because when you do this, the object "names" are displayed in game or on map in game when you mouse overt them in "normal" difficulty setting... It tags all the buildings like it does for players/opfor when the settings are not at Veteran. Due to this, most mission makers use "editor upgrade" addons, which essentially just adjust the original config to include "Scope=2" and a class/name/description for the editor to read... This historically is something that mission makers knew about, and handled on their end. We included editor upgrade addons from NeoArmageddon's MapBuilder project. AiA also included an editor upgrade addon, however it only defined one of the panelak buildings to avoid confusion for mission makers. Which one you "call" in your mission is irrelevant for anyone using AiA or CUP_Terrains as they're both there no matter what. Any changes made to one, is copied to the other unless it's overlooked by accident. So feel free to pick whichever you like. Ponds have a few issues, none of which can be fixed by us, NONE of the "fixes" to ponds between CUP and AiA had anything to do with us, this is something that BI quietly fixed on their end (I assume while doing the Tanoa Terrain). The remaining issues I HOPE will be fixed by the time Tanoa is released but obviously have no idea if that's the case or not. Current Issues: 3rd party terrains - No pond model can be "called" by the terrain more than once, or it will create a "horizon glitch" where a prominent shader line is drawn across the entire view when you look toward the duplicated pond. This can be fixed by simply renaming the pond objects themselves, and repathing the terrain. I BELIEVE, Mikero has a tool for this available to his subscribers that "auto fixes" the issue. All Ponds - In the presence of fog, the rvmat turns completely black, it's horrible. Your download must be corrupt as all the terrains are included in CUP_Terrains complete package.