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    Audio Issues and Stuttering

    I have had the same Audio issues for months now with no fix found. I Tried Re Installing Windows, Arma (multiple times),Disabled the logitech software.,Switched Audio quality to CD quality,Same issue in 32bit as well 64bit. I was sure it was related to the Logitech Headset/software (and i'm pretty sure some Astro models uses the same Headphone drivers as Logitech also),but I'm currently using a Shure stereo headphones with no software needed and a Audio Technica mic. So it's freaking annoying that this issue can't be resolved by whatever is causing it. And the stutter and freezes are INSANE in a Armored vehicle Heli etc when the action get intense. And since our community uses 1pp the 3pp solution is a no go for me,plus I feel 3pp is not very good in Arma but that's beside the point. Is there anyway to collect a log of a gameplay session (kinda like a crash report) that I can send inn to Bohemia? So hopefully they or someone that's smarter then me can go through and pinpoint the issue? All advice is GREATLY appreciated. Also the issue is there with OR without mods activated.
  2. I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered before: But as far as i understand it the Jbad buildings will be included in the CUP_Terrain pack right? I just think that would be awesome. And i'm sure i'm not the only one tired of getting stuck in floors roofs stairs,falling through the things mentioned and get the jumping/floating bug. This is specially noticeable with the terrains that use the Takistani style buildings. And i just can't wait to be able to play on the terrains without the bugs and the semi bullet proof windows. And having the Jbad buildings included in the CUP_Terrains would be such a blessing instead of having to download it separately. Yes sure it will make the file size a bit bigger,but i will take a bigger file size and improved quality over a smaller buggy file size just to save some precious space. If you want the best quality you have to make some sacrifices and in this case it's just some extra space on your hard drive. Keep up the awesome work guys and i can't wait to see the Jbad buildings among other things to be the new arma community standard. I''m sure once people have tried the jbad buildings and gave it a chance,i think it will be difficult for them to go back,and they will then understand that the extra disk space taken up is totally worth it. :) Or perhaps release one version of CUP_Terrain with the JBAD Buildings included and one without them,but i really don't see why people would want a version with buggy buildings etc just to save some precious HD space. It's not like hard drives are that expensive anymore.
  3. Will the Jbad Buldings be included ion the Cup_Terrains? Any decision on that yet? I really hope it will be included,i'm so tired getting stuck in floors roofs,falling through stairs etc.
  4. Hey. Do anyone know what's the best addon with the HK 416 in it,that's just not a basic A2 port?
  5. So just a question: Is there any plans to add JBAD, & Arma2 vegetation reconfigured, to CUP_Terrains eventually,or have a pack that includes them in the download? Or will we always have to launch Jbad separately for the maps that require it? It's no big deal,it's just that it sometime can be a bit hard to convince other crew members to download jbad etc unless i'ts either included in a pack or integrated in a addon. Thanks for all the awesome and hard work you guys are doing for the arma community and improving the experience. This is a start of a new era,can't wait to see what the future brings.
  6. Hi Just a little question. Do you know if anyone have any plans to make a Mauser M03 In the CUP weapons pack?. It's just a excellent weapon and is a engineering masterpiece. I'm not expecting that you are making every barrels and stuff for it. The Stock magazine takes 7 different ammo types if i'm not mistaking. But if it was possible to make for instance a revision 1 version of the gun with something like a 7.62x51mm round or a 338 Win Mag, 300 win mag that would be awesome https://gyazo.com/702d288294160c02957e00663fcd9ac0 .Here is their home page with lots of great info http://www.mauser.com/en/products/m03/ And there is also some great youtube videos out there. If any of you go to a range and get to try a Mauser M03 i would HIGHLY recommend trying it. It's such a game changer, and you will fall in love. And i don't consider it OP in anyway shape or form since it's a bolt action rifle and can take a wide variety of ammo. And with many of the other Arma weapons you have a over flow of DMR style weapons where you can pump out 20 high caliber rounds in a matter of seconds. I think it would be great to have in custom missions like black ops style missions and recon,where one or 2 people have a M03 (of course depending on how big the team is).
  7. I don't really want just one mod folder. But I would like an all in one pack with all the mod folders in the pack,since i'm pretty sure everything going to be modular anyways. So for me that more than likely will use all the files it would be nice to have the option to download everything in one pack instead of downloading everything separately. But it only depends on how many folders it would be also,if it's only a few it's no biggie anyway. And also i have a question,it's probably been asked before but here it is: Will Arma2 vegetation reconfigured,JBAD Buildings & the SMD Objects going to be integrated in the CUP_Terrains? Would be really nice to have specially the A2 veg reconfig on a map like chernarus so the trees don't fall over for the smallest reasons,and of course JBAD for it's obvious reasons for improvements on several maps and also the SMD objects for the interact able objects etc. That is a lot of work i know,but you have come a long way and made a lot of progress in the CUP team. The future look bright for Arma 3 communities. Thank you all for all your hard work.
  8. Yeah it really doesn't matter. Our community Only use Arma3 Sync using our own repository to make sure everyone in our group are running the same mods/addons with the right keys. And some custom tweaked addons for our use. Though a all in one pack would be the best for us (and probably for most other big communities). As long as we can download all the packs that that's needed and are compatible with our terrains and addons. Like AGM (we tried ACE as well,but we think it needs a bit more work before it's ready). RHS, TFAR,HLC,Dragonfyre,Blastcore. And the terrains we use most is stuff like: Chernarus,Caribou,Takistan,Imrali,AlRayak etc. And the new VT5 (highway 5) is just a amazing map,probably one of my favorite map atm. And just a quick question: Are you guys planing to integrate stuff like the JBAD buildings and Arma 2 vegetation reconfigured into CUP? Cause it can sometime be a bit of a hassle to check oh do i need JBAD for this map etc. (though we are pretty used to it at the moment,and know most of the maps that require it or not) But i guess it can be a bit more confusing & disheartening for newer players that want to get into custom missions and stuff,and be a bit overwhelming for them and maybe put them off. But as people have mentioned,it could be great to have a few options.So if people want to download all the stuff in one pack, and other just some of the stuff i can understand that. But for me personally i'm not worried about how big the download is. I am willing to sacrifice some gigs to get the best possible experience,it's not like it's so expensive for a hard drive anyway. You find 2tb hdd's for next to nothing on sale all the time. whether or not it's an external or internal drive,it's always good to have a backup drive to have things one don't use that often and backups. I think we all know that if you are an arma enthusiast you got to be willing to dedicate some real storage space for addons. ---------- Post added at 04:26 ---------- Previous post was at 04:11 ---------- I completely agree, having less @ folders would definitely be the best for some of the bigger groups. And having a all in one pack on someplace like Armaholic would be pretty nice. As an example here's just some of the @ files i use: http://gyazo.com/f70d4089fb0a281cf60e04566967c1fd
  9. For me the best way would to release all in one pack. So people doesn't need to download multiple packs. If you want to have the best experience it's worth sacrificing the space needed, Just move some files to a backup drive a usb stick external HDD etc. Or just delete some files or games or something.
  10. So the enter able buildings version on chernarus (arma2) some people here are talking about. Is that the buildings from DayZero? Cause that's pretty much the only Arma 2 chernarus version i know of (that comes to mind) where MOST buildings are enter able. Or are you guys working on a different version of them (the buildings) from scratch? I know the DayZero dev(s) did a excellent work on the buildings over the last years. ---------- Post added at 22:37 ---------- Previous post was at 21:48 ----------
  11. I know you guys doesn't have a set date for release yet. I hope to see the first public version in a month or so :-D Really can't wait for this and all the other stuff you guys are working on. Amazing work guys,i'm so happy and grateful for all the awesome stuff you guys are working on and are doing for the community. And just a quick question since i have no clue about modding and map making etc. : Do anyone know if it is possible to make overgrown vegetation in Chernarus,kinda like the vegetation around cities on the Esseker terrain? I don't expect you guys to do it,i'm just generally curious if that's something that is possible? I just think it would be something that would fit the map and would be cool to have a overgrown vegetation version of chernarus as well,specially on some missions and game modes. And again thank you all for all the hard work you guys put in to this/these projects.
  12. Ok thanks i only have toadie on twitter, and it's hard to explain what my ideas are over 140 char. Really appreciate it. Do you know if toadie has a section on the Bi forum or another forum? really appreciate the help man ty very much :) Never mind i already have him here on Bi forums.
  13. Hi. i'm so excited about all the work CUP have done and are working on for the future of the Arma3 community. And i have a question, not necessarily just to the CUP guys but to everyone on this forum section. I have been searching for a Mauser M03 in a arma 3 addon but so far i haven't been able to find it if it is out there. I really think the Mauser M03 would be perfect for a Arma3 addon and have it's purpose. As we all know there's a overwhelming amount of DMR's in pretty much any weapon pack you find (and of course they serve their purpose as well). And frankly i don't think there are enough bolt action rifles compared to other guns. We can find multiple different addon packs of the same weapons (AR's,AK's,H&K's etc) and i know that's what CUP weapon pack is sorting out and i can't thank you enough for that :) So now to the meat of my main question: So why the Mauser M03 you may ask? Well..to be honest it's just one amazing rifle and one hell of a engineering & mechanical masterpiece. And everyone that hunt or go to the gun range frequently and have got to try one will probably agree that it's just a piece of art (if you haven't tried one yet,you should asap) :) It's a completely modular system. When you buy a M03 what's amazing is the tool less switching of different ammo types by turning the Bolt head. Also the modular system with interchangeable barrels for different ammo types (long/short barrels),and i believe each of the rifle magazines supports up to 7 different ammo types if i remember correctly maybe more. I have no modeling or coding skills myself so this is why i'm posting this here,in hope that someone with the skill sets might get a interest for it. I know that it would be one HELL of a job to start the work on this rifle, but it wouldn't necessarily need to support all the ammo types. Me personally would be pretty happy if it just supported one of the more common ammo types for it like the 300 Mag win/338 Lapua. 308 win. 243 win. 7mm-08 Rem. 270 Win. 375 H&H Mag. 416 Rem Mag. 458 Lott. or the 404 Jeffery. Supported calibers: Mini: 222 Rem, 223 Rem Standard: 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, 308 Win, 6,5x55, 6,5x57, 6,5x65 RWS, 25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 7x64, 30-06, 8x57IS, 8,5x63, 9,3x62 Magnum: 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 Wby Mag, 8x68S, 338 Win Mag, 375 H&H Mag, 416 Rem Mag, 458 Lott, 404 Jeffery As i said i would be quite happy if it only support one type of ammo. And one could always add another ammo type later on. I think it could make for some interesting missions in the future if for instance a sniper team (the sniper & a spotter),would have to carry a extra barrel and a balanced supply of 2 ammo types for different unexpected scenarios. And as i mentioned before this is probably one hell of a task to manage and would probably take a long time to accomplish. But if there is someone reading this that has the skills or know someone that might have. I am sure there is a lot of people in the Arma 3 community that prefer the bolt action rifles,that would really appreciate it. I know this is a LOT to ask for,but i had to post it in hope of someone reading it and maybe felt the way i do. So this is more of a shot in the dark in hope of a weapon pack maker/modeler reading this. Anyway,thanks in advance for reading.
  14. Just a quick random question: Isn't there a way to rip the buildings you need from JBad and put it in to the map. So that Jbad buildings wouldn't need to be a requirement? I know map makers have done similar stuff with AIA assets etc.. The only reason i suggesting this is because that the 1.3+ gig jbad requirement put some people off from getting the map which is a shame since it's a really great map. But specially for big communities that has 40+ gigs of mods in our repository for our missions it can be really hard to convince the rest of the community that it's worth it. So if in the future if you maybe could have more alternatives for downloads ie. a version with and without Jbad buildings requirement. That would be great,i would really love to convince our community to do some epic missions on the map but right now it's impossible cause of the Jbad requirement.