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  1. Coming out of the internet coffin here to wish a project like this good luck. It was very unfortunate to learn Armaholic closed without any warning or plan to back up files. If there's a way I can help by sharing files, I'd be willing to do so. I was mostly a single player person, so I only have content on that end. Most notably content released around ArmA Rearmed, which I believe only had its most updated version released to Armaholic.
  2. I believe they mentioned in November of 2016 they had plans to make a single player version of Apex Protocol. Unfortunately, due to the silence from Bohemia about this push for over a year now, it may appear to be cancelled. Unless they plan on releasing this with the Tanks DLC, I don't see it coming.
  3. I suppose it's fair to say that you worked on this campaign? I got a lot of visual similarities clicking in my head in regards to presentation with your Resist campaign.
  4. I think the biggest thing that has disappointed me with ArmA III so far has been a lack of official single player content. Bohemia has shown in the past they've been willing to give out notable chunks of playable single player content when it comes to expansion/DLC releases, but it seems this time around the DLC is largely a feature set of elements for the engine first, and actual curated content for that stuff second. I can actually understand this approach because by making it lean towards engine features, it becomes more encompassing to the whole experience; everyone gets the perks of the Jets DLC, for example, and not everyone who bought it will even play the mission that comes with it. That said, BI really missed the ball by not making a Marksman, Jet, and presumably, Tac-Ops and Tanks campaigns. One of the things I liked about previous releases of content was that they tended to show off a theme of warfare: Cold War Crisis did this by having playable characters represent different gameplay styles. Resistance was about being part of a Resistance. Harvest Red emphasized being part of a team. It would seem both East Wind and Apex Protocol seem to be infantry, and Apex Protocol really has botched as far as a campaign that punishes players: they really made a multiplayer scenario out of it. If we consider "affiliated" content, there's the Make ArmA Not War winning campaign of Resist, which is a great companion campaign to East Wind, but it rightfully emphasized infantry in its scope; Bohemia likely has limited their experience to infantry because the AI might be less refined in other aspects of gameplay.
  5. foffy

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    It matters because when they talked about either project, they stated where the team working on the project is. Argo is not the Orange DLC because it's been stated these are two different teams because of where they're residing. I believe Jay Crowe stated as such on Reddit regarding Argo.
  6. foffy

    Feedback Thread

    Pulling assets negates the fact this is a free game. How can it be a free prototype if it depends upon an ArmA III purchase?
  7. foffy

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Argo is a separate project from ArmA III. Argo's goal is to be a standalone game. Orange DLC is planned to be an addon only for ArmA III. Further still, Argo is being made in the Czech Republic. Orange is being made in the Netherlands.
  8. foffy

    What is your favourite game mode?

    I think Clash works well to ArmA's strengths with the back and forth, and of course no respawns. ;)
  9. Okay, so this still expands upon BI's base supression system. I didn't know that. I actually thought this got obsolete when BI added suppression to their engine. I know it was great for ArmA II as there was no suppression system. Would the embedded LOS still be worthwhile to use, or has ArmA III's AI improvements negated it?
  10. foffy

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I think it depends upon the degrees of your injuries. With ACE and their wound system, I do believe that becomes irrelevant. Injuries can be taken care of by both you and the AI manually, and because of older updates that force the ACE system to work now on top of the vanilla system, this includes action to downed/unconscious AI top a degree. IIRC, anyway. It's been a while since I tampered with ArmA II.
  11. Pardon me for asking, but doesn't ArmA III now have a suppression system? What is the need of this when compared to that?
  12. foffy

    ACE for OA 1.13

    You have to manually select the Medic to heal, so it does work. It's not autonomous I believe. That said, I believe ACE works in ArmA II as is, outside of the initializing of the autowounds system. I ended up making a script that forces it on, which, strangely enough, allows it to interact with ArmA II's wounding system, so the AI will naturally try to help downed folk. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187765-is-there-a-way-to-automatically-give-units-items-as-a-mission-loads/?p=2975515
  13. Hi friends, I've been out of the loop of playing ArmA III, but I recall reading some time ago that AI self-healing was added to the game, but under the basic wounding system. Does this auto-initialize for the AI, or does a module have to be placed? If it's the latter, anyone got an idea on how I can make it the former? EDIT: I was worried it was a mod that was preventing the AI to act, but it appears to be that the module has to be placed...any idea on how this can be auto initialized as a mod? I'd like to play already-made content with this enabled, like Bohemia's missions.
  14. foffy

    RS - Rain Textures

    If you don't mind me asking, what is JAM? As for this mod, cool stuff! One of the cool things about mods like this is they add something that when you look at it in retrospect, you're surprised it wasn't done sooner. Keep it up.
  15. foffy

    .fbo format

    I believe the Bohemia Incubator video on the game mentions how they hope something from Argo can be used for ArmA III, both for the core game and perhaps for modders.