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  1. mikero

    OFP Elite pbo resigner (xbox)?

    my tools are ALWAYS backward compatible with all versions of the RV engine, including xbox and even the very first cwc beta. Both, Eliteness, pboProject, and, makepbo will create (and sign) xbox files for you. https://armaservices.maverick-applications.com/Products/MikerosDosTools/default problem solved
  2. mikero

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    yes. in both cases you are 'allowing' the compiler to 'see' the macro defines. The rule is, "quotes" prevent any form of macro expansion. if you prefer, instead of using QUOTE (which you might find unwieldy with it's (brackets), you can: #define QT # serverInit = QT expression QT
  3. mikero

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    unfortunately the image above is too small to read the error. As Q says, join discord for faster answers.
  4. mikero

    .xyz vs .tiff for heightmaps

    I am curious to know how on earth you equate HEIGHT measured in meters with an image file. Be it tiff, png, bmp, or spaghetti Icons with purple dots. What possible information could any tool (such as TB) glean from a 2 dimensional pixel image that could define, mountains, and valleys accurate to 10cm ? If you really do want to know more, read up on what the internationally used formats of xyz and the mutually equivalent asc actually contain.
  5. mikero

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    At the time, i didn't think it necessary to provide an alternative of using an exclude.lst file. The exclusion btw, is wildcard specific. So, some authors call all their non-compressible sqf zThing.sqf, or thingy_z.sqf. You can then use a wildcard as in z*.sqf, or, *_z.sqf to replace all the rest
  6. mikero

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    the input box for compression will take up to 32,000 characters.
  7. it's stated in the splash screen of ever tool of mine that you install. start->programs->mikero->dos tools->nameOfTool->readme & docs you have a mismatched version between the free depbo.dll and some crappy stale copy of eliteness taken from somewhere ten years ago, or worse, some borrowed copy of the subscriber tools, and that is explicitly prevented. download ALL the free tools the engine operates in two modes. one that uses precompiled assets (such as config.BIN, or prebinarised mission.sqm). These are loaded at game start. Game Time refers explicitly to items that are compiled when you start a mission. Notably, description.ext. Everything in there is compiled on-the-fly with values such as pixelH which (probably) would not be known at game start time. I don't support the sqf format statement for use in exec/eval. It *generally* refers to a variable or variables that cannot be precompiled into a binary asset. There is no mechanism in a binarised paramfile (mission.sqm or config.cpp) that can read and store a variable. something= "Format(blah)" is not the same thing, 'something' is a constant, containing a string. I personally think i have a bug here when dealing, specifically, with description.ext. You might be better off first trying to get this mission working with addon builder which doesn't check for any errors. genuine, or otherwise. you can contact me further on skype or discord. anyone using exec/eval is worthy of all the help (s)he can get.
  8. 'working' versions of the free tools are here https://armaservices.maverick-apps.de/Products/MikerosDosTools/default They are robust, stable, tools and have been in existence for over a decade. But, if you're having issues with these, please tell me about it. That is correct. The *difference* between code in description.ext and any other type of paramfile is it can only be compile at game time. There *might* be some issue with exec/eval interpretation. pixelH, W_BORDER, and GUI_GRID_W are not defined in the above example code if any of these are generated from game-time values, that's where your problem lies. pixelH is notably suspicious. There is a reasonably good description of the limits of exec/eval, along with what it can do, in the documents that come with my tools. And, I congratulate you on using them at all, since most people are bewildered by them. Bis use them, heavily, but they are all compiled out of the code during binarisation which is why the community lacks any concrete examples of how they can be used.
  9. your exec and evals are fine. But, configs are static entities, baked in concrete. desc.ext alters at game time. this may, or may not, be an issue.
  10. folks. its a bug. Not occlusion, inclusion, exclusion or physx. A plain, straightforward bug, where ai can see you but you can't see them. It has always been a major showstopper for game play, and RozekPoland explained how it can be fixed in the top post (FireGeometry eg)
  11. it was well known in ofp times and referred to as 'the broken bush syndrome'. You 'learned' never to go near broken vegetation while hunting the bad guys.
  12. I congratulate you on a genuine achievement. I implicitly understood you wanted a different font appearance of some kind. My suggestion was simply to start with a small step. BI's 'proper' use of Unicode, specifically utf8 in the engine has been a win<>win for everyone. Fyi: the tga (and ultimately paa) produced is a bitmapped, proportional font, rather than 'typographic/scaleable' represented by trueType or equivalents. This is much more efficient for a game engine at the penalty of having to 'make' various point sizes of the same characters. Again, congratulations.
  13. If you don't have the tool, you don't have the documentation. Your argument about 'ALL' is illogical. As and when I add new tools for subscribers you seem to think the documentation for it will magically appear in the free tool set too. If i update the tools that you DO have, that documentation doesn't occur for you either.
  14. the notosans font is brilliant combining Japanese, Korean and Chinese glyphs all in one package. It already exists in arma3 as NotoSansCJK-Light, and contains 23 'codepages'. clearly bis made that using the tool you mention, so it must be possible. I have not made such a font so have no practical experience, but I'd suggest you first try your hand at a less ambitious character set to check if you understood the options and syntax.
  15. >***Warning*** unknown mapinfotype 41 this is one of three new icon types for the 2d map generated by binarise from information in the config.cpp. Ie not from a p3d's geolod map=. minforestSquares, minRockSquares, minTownSquares the 1st two have always existed but a new icon is generated in addition to the originals. Naturally, and of course, the free version of Mikero's dos tools have no idea what they are. However, that code is future proofed in so far as detecting these unknown values are warnings, not errors. I have no plans to release a new set of free tools until a showstopper happens.