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  1. Great, I need to finish my work, however in a few days I intend to test them.
  2. Glad to know you keep updating this. It's an important contribution for this community.
  3. Really interesting and has a great History appeal, yet it seems to involve a lot of work. How many people are working together on these two projects?
  4. Precisely. However I don't mean these practices are opposite. When I stated that the current research could lead to another I try to point for relations within the community.
  5. Yes, Masters and MBA are related, but in fact MBA is a subgenre of the former and tends to be more market oriented. Of course, different countries adopt varied denominations. Indeed, there are lots of definitions within this category. Nevertheless, the question was designed to have some insights if modders follow some academic career or professional postgraduate studies. Nice to read your feedback. First I need to finish my interviews and analysis. Later, maybe we can expand the survey to better understand the relations between casual players and modders.
  6. Hello guys It’s been some time since I last posted. My previous topic could be find here. Long story short, I’m researching Arma’s modding community and submitted a survey here last year. I owe you some results I promised. So that’s why I’m posting. This is a loosely sample of dozens answers received. Thank you very much! My research is still going on, so I won’t publish all findings yet. Some of you that left an e-mail contact might be asked for a further interview, since this a qualitative study. Why did you take so long to post? Why are your study so slow? Well, basically I’m a PhD researcher in Brazil and was developing an internship in Finland this year. Normally a doctoral thesis takes a long time, so actually this is somehow a standard length study. Now, let’s have a look (you can click on the images links to see some details) 1. How old are you? 2. In which country do you live? 3.What is you gender? 4.What is the highest degree you completed? 5.For how long have you played modded games? 6.Do you play "total" modifications or conversions? 7.Have you ever modded any game before? 8.How much time do you actually spend making mods? 9.Do you usually make mods in cooperation (in partnerships or groups) or by yourself?
  7. Hello, guys. I'm closing the form right now. I would like to thank everyone, soon I'll release some findings.
  8. As stated before, the concept of media used by me (and other scholars) is associated to Media Studies, so it goes back a few centuries. And yes, you made a good review of game modding. For more information I suggest you read James Au's article from 2002, Triumph of the Mod.
  9. In general, I'm trying to understand this kind of new condition of media. Today, narratives are intensively being reshaped by social practices, these actions are specially supported by internet (via forums, social media, IRC). I graduated in Journalism and became a researcher in Media Studies (Sciences of Communication, literally, in Portuguese). So, this study is related to Social Sciences' methods of inquiry. Personally, I'm here because I like to play and I think what is usually called "Game Studies" should understand not only the game itself, but the players and their communities, motives, creativity.
  10. Hello, First of all, I want to present myself. I'm a Brazilian doctoral student developing a thesis about modding practices. And so, I'm following this community for a few months and I'm really interested in what occurs here, specially for two reasons: the involvement of members in modding/playing practices and the support (or even motivation) Bohemia offers for modding. This thread was created to ask for your help in our better understanding of this community. For this reason I made this form and asked permission to post it here: Game modding: Insight about Bohemia Interactive's community modders and players Later, I plan to show you the general results. On the next step, I should send a set of questions about modding to a few of those who sent their mail. ------------------------------------------------- Additional info I'm funded by Brazilian government in my research. My thesis is associated with the Media Studies department at Unisinos. I began my investigation following DayZ mod success in 2014. Operation Flashpoint modding practices were already subject of attention by a Finnish researcher back in 2010. You could still consult his approximation here and here. Feel free to ask any questions. Micilo