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Found 21 results

  1. I am using https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskPatrol to ask spawned units to patrol area marker but how to make them patrol only in that area. What to write in the blacklist parameter? _group, _pos, 200, ???] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; What should be the fourth parameter so everything outside area marker is blacklisted? I would be really, really thankful if somebody solves this! I need the script paramedics asap lol.
  2. Hi Guys, My first project which is for AI Convoys and vehicle patrols. Initial idea is based on Norrin's convoy script for which I got permission to modify from Norrin. I rewrite the scripts and now it has several new features and working. Convoy & Vehicle Patrol Features AI convoy and patrol which follows roads and keeps the distance between vehicles Defending the convoy in case they notice enemies or being attacked by enemies Intel share related to enemy positions between convoy vehicles. Attack position selection based on convoy vehicle and enemy type. For example a tank will move closer to enemy armored units to attack instead of moving closer to infantry units. Distance to enemy and amount of enemy in a specific area can influence the decision for attack position. Restarting the convoy route after danger is eliminated Units whose vehicle is destroyed, will try to find seat in other vehicles in convoy. In case there isn't any available they will walk to final marker on foot Dead gunners and drivers will be replaced by AI units who sit at cargo of any vehicle, when enemy threat is eliminated. In case a vehicle's driver is killed during gun fight, another AI in same vehicle will try to move to gunner position After an ambush, the groups who sits inside same vehicle will be merged to prevent single unit groups. Only exception is for the vehicles who has guns. For such vehicles there will be two groups; (1) group for the units in cargo, (2) group for the vehicle units (gunner(s), driver, commander) Leader in merged group will be moved to the unit which has highest rank Possiblity to have multiple convoys in same mission Possibility to have patrol behaviour Possibility to extend the logic by adjusting ConvoyEnd.sqf file. In this file you can add your own custom code or script call. The file is called when convoy reaches final marker Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Keep in mind this script is for AI. So if you put a player in one of the vehicle it might cause issues (or work without issue :) ). Future Plans I am open to any suggestions. Known Issue(s) I just encountered this in during my last test with a BTR-60P (Project Opfor Mod) that it simply didn't start moving. Reason was the unit in commander seat. After I remove him problem solved. At the moment I don't know why it caused such an issue. I had no issue with RHS BTR with Russian units inside though. In case you encounter such problem you can do a workaround. Do not put any unit in commander seat in mission design and lock the commander seat of the vehicle by adding following into INIT field of the problematic vehicle this lockturret [[0,0],true]; Thanks to @Duke101 it appears that acex headless client is causing issues. So following variable need to be set by each convoy vehicle before starting the convoy from server this setVariable ["acex_headless_blacklist", true, true]; Credits Norrin, thanks to you once more for the initial scripts and the idea! Download Dropbox (version 2.5) Armaholic (version 2.5) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or introduce a patrol behaviour are inside ConvoyEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.5 Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Removed: Restart Delay parameter is removed. Added: Attack location evaluation based on enemy and convoy vehicle. For example, tank class vehicles will try to come closer to enemy tanks instead of enemy infantry. Added: During restart phase if another attack happens to convoy, units will start defence again. Tweaked: Restart phase is optimized. It will require less time to start convoy again. Tweaked: Enemy aircrafts will not be considered as enemy and will not stop the convoy. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.2 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy v.2.1 Fixed: Paths which are circular were causing the convoy to stuck. v.2.0 Added: New parameters are added and they are moved into script call Added: ConvoyEnd.sqf file added to provide possibility to user to add his/her own code or script calls. This specific file is called when convoy reaches final marker Added: Multiple convoys are possible Added: Patrolling is possible (thanks to ConvoyEnd.sqf) by repeating the convoy call inside this file Added: Units are looking for another vehicle to get in, incase their vehicle is destroyed or not able to move Added: Dead gunner is replaced by other units in vehicle during firefight when there is a possibility (if they are under fire or enemy is danger close this will not happen) Added: Merging of groups (after ambush) and assigning the unit with highest rank as leader added. v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  3. Hello! im trying to make a script that spawns 1-3 helicopters on a random location on a map and they starts to patroling. what i have so far is this : _vehicle = createVehicle [ "B_Heli_Light_01_F", player getPos[ 100, getDir player ], [], 0, "FLY" ]; createVehicleCrew _vehicle; this is spawning it in the air but i cant seem to find anything that makes it spawn random, this makes it spawn over the player head. i know that BIS_fnc_randomPos exists but cant seem to get it to work. i also need the script to add " [group _unit, getPos _unit, 1000] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; " to the helicopters init field to make it start patroling. and maybe if we are pushing it, maybe having to loiter a little around each waypoint i feel like i got almost all the pieces to the puzzle but have lost my glasses so i cant put it together... i hope you guys can help.
  4. Hello guys, thanks for taking the time. I am working hard on an experience for some people that I am going to entertain as Zeus and mission maker, but gotten to a point where I have not manage to find any module, mod or other script that meet my specific needs. My friends during their adventure through a map, will come and go to different locations, and return to the same ones again potentially. Each time they do, I want to be able to spawn in AI units, under specific classnames, in very specific location like a marker or trigger. Maybe one AI of one type of classname stands at a gatehouse, and another AI of another type of classname is standing outside in the rain. But each time they go there, they will spawn in into the same spot or markers. And if they leave, they will despawn again, in order to save on performance for the server. I have seen many population scripts out there, but they generally populate areas and houses, they do not place them into very specific manual locations, or i can choose which classname will be placed down to the detail. I am also looking for the option that if I spawn a third guy by the guard house, he starts to patrol in a small radius when he has appeared. I can easily create this by placing down NPCs, but it is going to tax the performance if I have so many different locations populated all at once. It would be better if they despawn on leaving, and respawn on approach. It would also be useful if there are specific enemy classnames in an area they can attack, they will respawn later in case they want to go back and do the same attack over again. Anyone has any ideas or suggestions? Much appreciated!
  5. vDog Patrol and vDog Feral Scripts by Valmont and Johnnyboy are long time requested scripts that allow mission makers to easily add MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE patrol and feral Dogs to their missions in Arma 3. vDog Scripts Main Features: - Easily add patrolling ai Dogs to allied, enemy or even playable Arma 3 units. - Easily add ai Feral Dogs who will roam a trigger area and viciously attack any unit who enters their territory. - Lightweight Scripts. (Your FPSs will thank you!). - Multiplayer Compatible! - Fully featured script also comes with sound effects. (Dog barks, growls, cries etc). - Since version 1.3 the scripts also support the ACE 3 damage model! - Even thou the scripts were made with Multiplayer and Performance in mind they work in SINGLE PLAYER just as well. - Since version 1.5 the Dogs will no longer target enemies though walls or objects! (This is a game changer!) - Since version 1.6 Patrol Dogs can be controlled by the player by assigning the dog to different TEAM COLORS! Dogs on TEAM RED will attack enemies at will. Dogs on TEAM GREEN will stay on their position. Dogs on any other TEAM COLOR will follow their owner without engaging enemies. - Since version 1.7: - The Dogs can now be targeted and shot by REGULAR Ai UNITS (This is a first for Arma 3 in the Multiplayer Department!). It can be enabled or disabled when the scripts are EXEC. (Enabled by default) - You can now command the Dogs to "ATTACK" or "STAY" via the Arma 3 RADIO MENU (0-0). - The Dogs now feature new sounds and wounded textures courtesy of @johnnyboy! - You can now heal your wounded Patrol Dogs! (Only one dog per player, but you can add more than one to Ai units in your squad for example) - Charging dogs can now cause nearby Enemy Ai units to flee in terror! - Extensive rewrite of the whole script package, now with AGENT DOGS, to accommodate the massive new features introduced in version 1.8 while performing even better than before. Requirements: - CBA Community Based addons. (Dependency removed in the latest version but CBA is still suggested just in case). - Basic Mission Editing knowledge. (For adding the commands to the unit's init and/or the triggers). DOWNLOAD: Demo Mission version 1.9 DOWNLOAD Link (Google drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UbL4IuPZx8eMkg3QvzBteqZYaouLgLnj Updates/Changelogs: vDog Patrol Details: vDog Feral Details: Special Thanks and Credits: Known Limitations: Please don't hesitate to post any questions, suggestions, bugs and testing reports. Enjoy.
  6. WIP/BETA The last Brazilian Armed Forces update brought some naval units including: Three "Amazonas" class Ocean Patrol Vessels: P-120 Amazonas, P-121 APA and P-122 Araguari, each one with 2 organic RHIB's on each side. Those RHIB's are a port from Arma 2 ones, with new textures and new panel instrumentation (WIP) and are capable to carry up to 8 soldiers plus driver. All OPV's are REAL VEHICLES, movables and capable to receive helicopters on its flight decks, which have deployable fences and NVG landind guide lights. They are armed with one Bushmaster II Mk-44 30 mm front canon and 2 Bushmaster Mk-242 25 mm gun located at starboard and port side respectively. Commander has a FLIR pod located at the main mast. The vessel can carry up to 10 soldiers plus it's own crew, i.e: Driver, Commander and 3 Gunners. We'll increase that number to maybe 25. To do: - Be able to walk on it even when the ship is moving. - Detailed interior Lods for gunners, commander, driver and Cargo. - Proper damage configuration. - Custom sounds for engines and alarms. - Usable deck crane with slingload capabilities. - Deployable salvatage boats, for SAR missions... Exterior View Front Cannon Side Cannon Deployable RHIBs Functional Helipad One Brazilian version of Scorpène class submarine SBR S-40 Riachuelo. S-40 Riachuelo, is fully functional, capable of diving and "sail" around, it has two special features called: Emergency Dive and Emergency Blow, which you can dive or emerge more quickly. It is armed with SM-39 Exocet missiles, only capable to lock on targets and fire when surfaced, unfortunately. We'll implement in near future torpedo launch capabilities too. It can carry 22 soldiers as cargo plus its crew, and one mini sub or rubber boat on it's back for special operations insertions. To do: - Lock capabilities when submerged. - Disable water shader/effects when using internal lods, like I really would appreciate some help from Arma 3 GURUS on this feature! - Sonar for only subs or boats entities. - Acoustic countermeasures. - Torpedo launch script. - Recharge batteries snorkeling script Exterior view Interior view Exocet SM-39 As we always warn this is a WIP/BETA version and you can download it at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504306716 Please give us your feedback so we can improve it and correct bugs!
  7. Hi Guys, my second project and this time for AI aircrafts. Helicopter Patrol Fixed Wing Patrol Features Developed for AI Aircraft (helicopters and fixed wings) Aircraft patrols between markers and adjusts the height based on setup Possiblity to limit speed In case enemy is noticed during patrol, aircraft engages Intel share from ground units in search distance. Which means if there is ongoing battle air unit will be aware of enemy positions if they are in search distance (adjustable) Adjustable communication delay for intel share Restarting the patrol after aircraft finds no more enemy after an engagement Possibility to have multiple aircraft patrols in a scenario Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Detecting all enemies inside kill zone. From now on aircrafts will not ignore infantry which do not fire on them. Advanced optics will detect all inside kill zone (adjustable) Return to base (RTB) if fuel is low (20% considered as bingo fuel) RTB based on damage situation (less tolerance to damage during normal flight compared to being in combat) RTB based on ammo. The decision is made based on cannon ammo count. RTB if gunner dies. Refuel, repair and reload ammo at base Target priority rules. Enemy aircrafts are highest value targets. After that comes tanks, armored vehicles, static weapons and infantry. Dense enemy formations have value multiplier which means 10 infantry in close formation is more valuable target than a single Humwee Laser guidence is used if aircraft has any missiles/bombs which can benefit from laser lock. Future Plans Possibility to have multiple bases Known Issue(s) I didn't code anything to improve the aiming of AI pilots. So still vanilla skils and attack methods are in play which means helicopters are also doing fly by to attack and they cannot hit that accurate. Download Dropbox (version 2.1) Armaholic (version 2.1) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or adjust patrol behaviour are inside AirPatrolEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.1 Fixed: Independent aircrafts were not using laser guidence. Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Added: After attack while waiting the restart countdown, aircrafts will do loiter over the area. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.0 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy Added: Fixed wing support Added: RTB based on ammunition Added: RTB if gunner is dead Added: Aircraft uses laser for guided bombs Added: Target priority rules v.1.5 Fixed: Possiblity that aircraft stucks at a marker and starts turning around it Added: RTB based on damage Tweaked: Adjustable ServiceTime option removed from script call. Service time is now depending on how much fuel is missing or how much damage is taken Tweaked: AltitudeArray removed from script call. Multi-dimensional array will be used to hold markers and altitude together v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  8. Miss Chernarus, Takistan and the great conventional vehicles, weapons and aircraft from Arma 2, before all the new futuristic shit ruined the game? If you crave those days, you need CUP. CUP mods are being added once again to our servers, and I suggest you get the latest versions of the mod files . Patrol Ops 3.1 mission by roy86 ported to Chernarus and takistan (By Winfield and Dropbear) will soon be running on my servers. You will need the entire CUP project mods to join. By Sunday 02\04\17 AEST, Weapons, vehicles and units will be added by both Dropbear and myself to the task line up (as practice for the soon to be released Patrol Ops 4). **Public dropbox links to follow** in the next day or 2 My main aim so far was to get Chernarus working on the 3 public servers. **Links to be posted over this coming week** As with my Unsung Vietnam port of roy86's mission, I will credit all those involved tomorrow and before the release of public download links.
  9. Download Links: NR6 Sites: NR6 Sites 1.0 (Google Drive) INTRODUCTION As I have been working on expanding battlefield immersion in scenarios set up using HAL, I've wanted a lightweight script that could populate bases and observation posts without causing too much strain. So I made this small script that uses a very slightly modified CBA defense script similar to the one used in CBA's defense module. This script's goals are to add unpredictability in the way bases are set up and to speed up and facilitate the setup of such sites. Although I also made a remake of the stock BI Sites module so that it works with any mod, I have found that such module put too much of a strain in most missions and didn't work well in large scale scenarios so I didn't publish it yet as I believe this is a better alternative. USAGE Add all files inside mission directory. Called using: [position of site, radius of site, number of groups, chance for patrol,,minimum building size, side, array of available groups for guard to spawn (can be a config path or array), controlled HAL leaders] call NR6_Sites; Ex: [(getPos this),100,4,0.2,1,west,[['rhsusf_army_ocp_teamleader', 'rhsusf_army_ocp_grenadier','rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman','rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman'],['rhsusf_army_ocp_grenadier', 'rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman']], [LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB]] call NR6_fnc_Sites; I recommend placing the call inside the init of an object or game logic you plan on using as site center the same way I did in the example above. FEATURES Places a fully configurable site or patrol on the position it is called on. Troops can occupy buildings and garrison a position while also patrolling the designated area. Fully adapted to work with ZBE_Cache and HAL. In the case of HAL, the units spawned are NOT controlled as they serve as independent defense. The main difference added in this version of the CBA defense script is that it spawns units which are immediately moved to their garrison positions instead of ordering them to reach their positions. It behaves in that sense similarly to the BI Sites script. CHANGE LOG NR6 Site 1.00 -Initial release CREDITS All credits for CBA go to the CBA Team who made the framework on which my script is based. As this addon uses the CBA defense code with mild modifications, all credits for such code go to them. BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs, feel free to comment and provide feedback on this thread. REQUIREMENTS Event though the script includes the code from CBA that has been modified, Community Base Addons is a critical requirement for the sites to function. License: As CBA is licensed under GPLv2, so is this script which uses slightly modified code from it. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
  10. Hello! I'm new to Arma scripting but having a background in scripting for web apps and such I find this to be such a good hobby. Anyways, I'm currently trying to spawn some opfor units on a specified location (Which I have done correctly or at least works). After they all spawn I want them to start patrolling the area within a specified range from they're spawn location. Now, I have looked at numerous youtube videos and found a couple of scripts on the internet that i could just copy and paste; But I'm really trying to learn and not have to hack my way during every scenario. Could someone please review my code and point out what I'm doing wrong and correct it so I can try to learn the logic behind the corrections? So far this is what I'm trying... Spawn units on location (infSpawn) from designated list array (_opUnitList) Use a selector variable to pick from list, then updating the selector to reflect the value of the next object in array. After each unit spawns that unit is added to a second list of spawned units (_opUnitSpawned) From the spawned list, use a forEach to cycle through and assign them the patrol task. Everything is working besides the patrol task. I get the "Error Undefined variable in expression: _grp from SpawnGroups.sqf line 40" _opUnitList = [ "CUP_O_TK_INS_Soldier", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Mechanic", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Soldier_FNFAL", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Bomber", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Soldier_MG", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Sniper", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Soldier_TL", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Commander", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Soldier_AT", "CUP_O_TK_INS_Guerilla_Medic" ]; _opUnitSpawned = []; _total = (count _opUnitList); _rnd = 0; for [{_x = 1}, {_x <= 10}, {_x = _x + 1}] do { _pick = _opUnitList select _rnd; hint "Spawning Soldier"; sleep 0.5; grp = createGroup east; _newSoldier = _pick createUnit[position infSpawn, grp]; _opUnitSpawned = _opUnitSpawned + [_pick]; _rnd = _rnd + 1; }; { [group this, position infSpawn, 50] call bis_fnc_taskpatrol; } forEach _opUnitSpawned; hint "Done!";
  11. Hello. I am working on a mission on Lythium and I am wondering about the functions used in Combat Patrol for garrisoning buildings and spawning random objectives. It would be nice if there was a way to use these in any mission by referencing code functions. Is there a way to do this? It would be a cool way to spawn a side mission using the Combat Patrol functions. And as they are BI built-in functions, they would be fast and reliable. Is this possible? Thanks.
  12. solzenicyn

    Combat Patrol

    Hello there! Today we have released a new mission on development branch. It is a prototype of something that we are working on for a while and we would really like to hear your opinions about it. It is a Combat Patrol mission that currently takes place on Altis. Mission provides several different locations with a given objective to secure. It aims to deliver a team play experience of striking within the enemy territory and pulling out afterwards. Later in development we wish to add more objective types along with several other options. At this point you can choose the adversary, daytime & weather, basic or reinforced garrison and reinforcements, all within the mission parameters. We are also preparing devblog about this mission for you and we hope we will be able to release it next week. We would like to invite you to give this mission a try and provide us with your valuable feedback in here. It will help us to shape up and polish the mission further during the development. Thank you very much!
  13. i'm trying to make a really simple building patrol script using doMove and an array of building pos. theory is unit will move to building pos, and do amibient anim until next do move is received. the debug hints show that its selecting new pos and unit ok but never seems to complete or fail domove. unit will maybe move once then never does new Domove orders. this is possibly issue with slightly buggy cargo tower building pos but i'll post function here is anyone can see anything stupid i'm doing?
  14. Hello! Recently I'have been in playing with the editor and because I'm a noob for me it would be easier to start from readymade mission and edit them to my liking. I play combat patrol with friends but it starts to feel some what repetitive and we would like to have more diversity in the game. So... 1. Is there a place where I can download/share coop missions? Especially combat patrol. 2. Is Steam workshop planned for project Argo or Is ARMA 3 Malden missions compatible with Argo? And a side note: I have always wanted to play Arma with friends, but some of them feel that it's too complex. So for them Argo is good mix of realism and playability..and free :-). I believe this game could work also with larger number of players 20-50 players with different roles ( mix between Squad, Battlefield and Arma) Anyway I'm looking forward for future updates to make this game even more enjoyable!
  15. Hello mission makers, I hereby want to gain attention for a project of mine regarding a new level of gameplay and community existence. Looking for a mission maker, in this case, would need that person to agree with intention and attitude of the concept that I am going to propose, probably more than in most other contexts. That is why I chose to post in this sub-forum. The unit will be a virtual unit with its mission being primarily infantry and air-assault, coop and TvT, the more people will join, the more missions we can cover. What is different to other units? a lot, in regards of ranks, roles, code of conduct and chain-of-command. Presenting all the details here would definitely change the nature of this post. The core mission of this unit will be a seeder mission with main and side objectives, semi-persistence in regards to equipment and mission progress, largely focusing on patrol operations. In comparison to what I know in the communities and missions, it is leaned on the old Patrol ops from ArmA 2 and can be considered the most hardcore and most immersive. The core mission does not have to be build from scratch, it can be ported from an existing framework ( like ALIVE ) or a similar mission type. All the details about most of the modpack and mission properties are concluded in the following sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FkHMx1NCX2z_suyCdxafjOlVPnJDPGlKazGs3Hd5_kU/edit?ts=59ad131f#gid=700967663 Your current level of mission making is not important to me, as long as you can imagine ( and want ) to adapt to the essential concept and are able to dedicate yourself to the idea. I also can imagine having more than one mission maker, I will not be able to determine who is going to be the best for this idea, because that will largely depend on attitude and self-motivation which reveals only on a long-term basis. Anyone interested, give me a shout via PM here and we see what we can make out of it.
  16. Snake.Pliskin

    Loadouts in patrol

    Why is it sometimes I can use my own weapon loadouts in patrol but most of the time, it will not list it, and I am forced to use what the game has picked for me? And even if I do get my own loadout, 50% of the time, if I respawn, my loadout options are removed and Im forced to the 1 weapon the game picked for me. Is this a bug or by design? The following I do think is a bug: At the map respawn screen, there has been a few times that I can pick from my own loadout, but it is not shown in the list. I can select a invisible item (in the location where it would be listed at), click details and there is nothing displayed (no weapons, no attachments, etc) but then when I spawn, I will have one of my own loadouts.
  17. hello guys, i'm trying to populate the map for a domination mission i made, and i'm trying everything. Enigma civilian and Enigma traffic are working great for civilian town population, i've scripted some Independent, West and East forces to being created (and deleted/re-created when dead or unable to move), that use "fnc_taskPatrol" to randomly patrol the area, dont seem the most efficient, but it works (seems it still have less performance impact than the good EOS). the problem is on the sea....seems that even boats get waypoints on land, so getting stuck on shores. anyone can help me ? thanks !
  18. I am back to Arma after a long break and would like to know how to change the default enemy side with the combat patrol module. Thanks.
  19. Both Dropbear and myself (with permission from roy86) would like to announce a port of Patrol Ops 3.1 for Unsung Vietnam. AI enemy units have been changed out to VC and tests so far have been going well. Time has been restricted for work on this conversion, however so far running it on our 2 servers over the last week or so, have proven successful. We feel that the work so far is ready for release to the public so that mission makers\editors can download and edit the mission to suit their server. Over the course of the coming weeks, any bugs that arise with the missions (that are not already reported in roy86's official patrol ops 3.1) please let me know and I will see what I can do to find a fix. Unit modification I found to be quite simple (thanks to 86) who simplified the original scripts for Patrol Ops 3.1 OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN\NZ Mission Server Details Name: Patrol Ops 3.1 Unsung Server IP Details: Server Port: 2462 Teamspeak 3 Address: Vanilla Edit requires: Unsung Vietnam and CBA_A3 to function Vanilla Edit Patrol Ops 3.1 (Dropbox) <Updated 05/03/17> Modded Version requires: Unsung Vietnam, CBA_A3, ACE3, Task Force Radio, ALiVE. Modded Version of Patrol Ops 3.1 (Dropbox) CREDITS Would not be possible with out the contributions to the arma3 community from Eighty Six (roy86) Unsung Vietnam Modders And respect to those who inspired Eighty Six to make an awesome mission for the community. It wouldn't be fair on those Eighty Six credited behind his mission to not be included in this port. Patrol Ops 3.1 Mission Credits Bohemia Interactive Studios for the Arma Series, code and functions BON_Inf for Code and Inspiration from his missions and scripts KillZoneKid for Code and Inspiration from his tutorials Shuko for Code and Inspiration from his awesome Task System and Position Scripts Kegety for his spectator scripting XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination and setting such a high standard R3F for Inspiration from their Arma 2 Logistics Scripts Tonic for the Virtual Ammobox System Tajin for the Helmet Camera Scripting aeroson for his detailed loadout scripts cobra4v320 for his HALO scripting Kronzky for his string function library SaMatra for help with UI Resources Dslyecxi for his Paper doll giving insight on how to detect item types. Tankbuster for his code and Inspiration from Domination [TcB]-Psycho- for his adaptation of Bon_Inf Injury System IGI_PL for his IGILoad Logistics Scripts Language translations: EvroMalarkey, Senshi, GranolaBar, Ophelian, Rydgier, Caico1983, BIG (Armaholic) Any and All ArmA community members for support, inspiration and solutions that have helped build this BUGS Release Version .05 Currently the tasks do not start unless you skip the mission ONLY IF testing in the editor, however running on a dedicated server does not re-produce this issue. Mission Tasks are still the same as original Patrol Ops 3.1. Tasks will be edited to suit Unsung Vietnam era. Example: The UAV mission, the Downed UAV is now a chopper but the task still says UAV Dynamic Sounds are far too loud, will be changed over the coming days as noted 01/03/17
  20. Hello. This isn't my first mission that I have built so I can work my way round the editor but scripting? whole other question for me :/ I am building a training mission that has live firing ranges (if you get me) and in one of the ranges I have an AI vehicle(see fig 1) that moves around a set path (see fig 2) and I can't find a way of making the two AI respawn with the same waypoints in the vehicle so they do the same thing over again. One last thing is a small thing, I have been building a firing point here (See fig 3) and I can't find the place you lie on when your firing (see fig 4 under the person). If you could tell me the name of this so I can get it in game that would be brilliant. Sorry for the massive photos but making them smaller seemed a tab pointless. Yours sincerely Gsg Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4
  21. drunken officer

    German Police Mod

    Hello everybody. I present a german police mod. There are two kind of Cops. 1. patrol cops 2. special cops (SEK). The cars have the typical german siren sound. For the patrol cops, there are 1 Pickup and 4 Cops. For the SEK, there is one fennek and 7 cops (medic, exploive, smg, MX, sniper....) You will find them under "blufor" --> "polizei" Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yih5v5fog1jrmz4/%40DOF_Polizeimod.zip?dl=0 Requierments: nothing, just ArmA 3 Here are some pictures: http://www.pic-upload.de/gal-878983/yvfola/1.html