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  1. Winfield

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    This should be called "laws of DLC flop" you expect me to pay for a van, some clothing and other minor garbage that I can find on Armaholic?? no thanks. You should have saved the suspense and released this for Project Argo.....this DLC rubbish and Project Argo are on the same page. Arma3 and "Laws of DLC flop" is a different novel all together
  2. Winfield

    Patrol Ops 3.1 ported for CUP maps

    Progress has been slow due to work commitments etc. We do this in our spare time......currently we have the mission running on Cherno, Enemy spawn with the CUP edit of static weapons etc, however the enemy are not "picking" up that we are enemy and do not shoot back. This is a major learning curve for me as In the past I have been spoon fed the mission already ported by CPT Davo, Dash etc.....Dropbear and I have taken this on board to learn scripting and the framework on our own. We would both rather work out the issues ourselves with out having to outsource our problems for others to solve unless absolutely necessary. That's were we are at, hence the multiple PM's I am receiving to get the port out to the public. Unfortunately with CUP and PO3 porting it is a little different to unsung vietman. Again I apologise for the delay peeps
  3. Winfield

    Patrol Ops 3.1 ported for CUP maps

  4. Miss Chernarus, Takistan and the great conventional vehicles, weapons and aircraft from Arma 2, before all the new futuristic shit ruined the game? If you crave those days, you need CUP. CUP mods are being added once again to our servers, and I suggest you get the latest versions of the mod files . Patrol Ops 3.1 mission by roy86 ported to Chernarus and takistan (By Winfield and Dropbear) will soon be running on my servers. You will need the entire CUP project mods to join. By Sunday 02\04\17 AEST, Weapons, vehicles and units will be added by both Dropbear and myself to the task line up (as practice for the soon to be released Patrol Ops 4). **Public dropbox links to follow** in the next day or 2 My main aim so far was to get Chernarus working on the 3 public servers. **Links to be posted over this coming week** As with my Unsung Vietnam port of roy86's mission, I will credit all those involved tomorrow and before the release of public download links.
  5. Winfield

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Tell me what is on the "Dark side of the orange"?
  6. Winfield

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    so orange is the new black?.....I am intrigued
  7. You need pbo manager etc or something that can open the mission. Think of a .pbo file like a .zip, you need to 'unzip' .pbo mission so it extracts the 'zip' into a folder so you can edit it. That folder is then placed into the "my documents"\arma3 other profiles\*your profile*\missions directory to be edited in the editor. I might upload a vanilla edit of 3.1 Nato later, maybe as a .zip file so all you need to do is extract it into the above mentioned mydocs**** so you can edit, however when you export it in the editor, it will automatically .pbo the mission into your steamapps\common\arma3\mpmissions folder. but hey.....what would I know? I'm just a noob
  8. Good to see other people sharing their thoughts to help others with this brilliant mission that has been shared by roy86.
  9. Winfield

    please delete thread

    Are you able to provide a link to this other than the steam workshop?
  10. I can possibly spin up one for you over the weekend but I would prefer to seek Roy86's permission before I release it to you to host. I don't own any of the work portrayed in this official release, I merely cut, copy, paste and edit the work that is already released in this thread by the OP and port to other maps for myself and Dropbear to tamper with on a private server. An example is the work myself and Dropbear have done in this thread on these forums Unsung We don't own the work, merely 'borrowed' Roy86's work.
  11. Quite a few changes took place over the weekend. RUG_DSAI_TerminalDistance = -1; I added this to the mission init.sqf yet it has not changed the sound in game We played around with the information posted here but still not able to see a difference in the sounds previously reported. My first post is updated with the Australian\NZ server details which Dropbear and I are currently hosting on for testing purposes. Neither of us are on much as we work behind the scenes. However our TS details are listed on the map screen and in the 1st post.
  12. Size In Parameters section where you choose the class of player you wish to play there is an option "Disable Ambient Ground patrols" and above that is "Disable Ambient Air Patrols" Just a matter of pressing on Disable Ambient Ground Patrols.....roy86 has already built this option into Patrol Operations This param can be edited by default so it is off when the mission is running, this param does not need to be changed To do this, extract the .pbo Open the mission folder eg, <C:\blahblahblah\Patrol Ops 3.1\data folder and using notepad++ open the Params.HPP file CTRL+F param_PO3_ambientgnd and edit this line default=1; to default=0; Save and re-pbo the mission.
  13. Hi TeTeT thank you for your response. Unsung IMO is an absolute fantastic mod that you and the dev team have created for the community. Dropbear kitted out the human players such as the pilots and crewman using the arsenal system in the editor, one of the crewman or pilot m-16's may be causing it. I ported the mission into the map and honestly only Myself and Dropbear tested it together until roy86 gave his approval for a public release. We came to this conclusion as we did not want to publicly release\test any work that was not written or scripted by us but merely edited work that already in place. I will add the parameter you have put forward in your post and add it into the vanilla edit and re-upload the mission over the next day or so. Dropbear has re-edited the human players with a full kit from your Unsung mod. I missed him on TeamSpeak tonight to ask for his revision however I will ensure to update the first post with the dropbox download link tomorrow evening AEST. Any requests you put forward on this port I am most happy to change, I did not know you were part of the dev team and that changes the game altogether. My apologies if I came across blunt Regards, Winfield
  14. I moved house last week and changed my internet provider so I have been unable to reply to you until now. 'No entry '\bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.NAM_M16`. is not PO3 mission related, perhaps report this to the Unsung dev team for assessment as I am happy to deal with these kinds of errors (when joining a server) which have been around since the days of armed assault. RUG_DSAI seems to be enabled. - Yes dynamic sound is enabled. - I prefer to spend most of my time out of base on patrol completing objectives, I won't be personally making adjustments to this however as previously stated, Mission is in a state which is freely able to be edited to your server's liking, it is an early WIP which was converted 2 weeks ago. Thirdly, Patrol ops was never meant to be a one man army to complete missions solo. I will take a look at the arty class names and possibly change it and look at lowering how many spawn. I will run some tests over the coming day or 2 and report my findings. The bugged building, I can not do much with. I have not encountered the type of bugged building you are referring to. Perhaps, take a screen shot and report to the Unsung dev team and explain what is preventing you from shooting them or why there are no doors, windows etc.
  15. I can't tell if anyone has downloaded and tested this for themselves......however as previously stated, I am keen on feedback, changes etc that the community would like to see implemented in this release. More than happy to accept requests and work on requests so we can all enjoy this conversion to such an awesome mod from the people behind Unsung Vietnam as well as play such an amazing mission by roy86.